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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 15, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Angela Davis pions rally activist setting sights on . Prison system. Los Angeles apr we have to get on our jobs again and demonstrate what the Power of the people can be a activist Angela Davis said Friday As she announced plans for a demonstration in Raleigh ., to protest a racism and political repression a miss Davis the controversial former Urcla instructor who was acquitted of murder charges from a 1970 courthouse shootout spoke at a news conference in the austere Emmanuel Church of Christ. She announced that the july 4 demonstration would be a the first major mobilisation around the question of racism for several years. A a we Are going to North Carolina to serve notice on the government. That we will not put up with the kind of repression that s being inflicted on us any miss Davis a Black said she said North Carolina has More than half the nation1 death Row prisoners. That one of them is a 50-year-old Black woman that there Are Many a political prisoners and that Quot Over 1.200 sterilisation of Young Black women have been done there in the last eight years a a we feel the necessity to go there because it s the worst place in the country a miss Davis said Clad in Blue jeans. Miss Davis a declared communist. Said she hoped at least 10.000 persons would take part in the protest a it will have an effect on repression in All areas of the country if we have a successful demonstration there a she said. A ifs important that we have As Many from California As possible because it will have a profound Impact i the government of the United states and North Carolina. They la begin to understand something of the potential of our miss Davis made the announcement on behalf of the Southern California Alliance against racist and political repression. She was joined by Nares i Mah Osei the Southern California group s executive Secretary who said the Alliance is part of a National organization. To devoting All my time to this now Quot said miss Davis who lives in Oakland. The National Alliance is a coalition of 18 regional groups across the country founded in april 1973 at a meeting in Chicago a spokesman said governor gets chairmanship Hilton head Island. . Apr gov. James Holshouser of North Carolina is the new chairman of the 14-state Southern regional education Board he was chosen Friday to succeed gov. John c. West of South Carolina president Harry Philpott of Auburn University was named vice president with state sen. W. E Snelson of Texas Secretary treasurer. Cattlemen take stand on prices South Sioux City neb. Apr hundreds of cattle feeders have pledged not to sell any Choice Grade steers weighing Over 1,200 pounds for less than 40 cents a Pound beginning sunday Midnight. The action came Friday night As More than 1,000 cattle feeders from a 10-state area tried to find a solution to declining cattle prices. A this is not Price fixing. This is not a holding action. Let s Call this Price said Clarence Vos. A Kingsley. Iowa cattle feeder. He said the action will continue for an indefinite time. Cattle feeders Are now getting 34 cents to is cents a Pound taking a loss of about 8200 per head at the Market cattlemen said. A we can t survive much Vos said. A we have to unite or we re finished at a news conference before the meeting. Glen Gregg president of the Sioux county. Iowa cattlemen s association said cattlemen Are liquidating their herds because of the Price squeeze. High Point Enterprise saturday june la 1974 amp a Longver linkup is established a the weather a phenom Penk. Cambodia apr government forces have established a beachhead near besieged Longver 25 Miles North of phenom penh in an attempt to evacuate 25,000 civilians trapped in the military Camp. The cambodian military command said a government naval unit established a base across the Toole sap River from the besieged City and that troops from Longver have made a linkup the command did not indicate the size of the naval unit or the precise nature of the linkup. Longver came under seige three months ago when a government task Force retreated to the City after being driven out of another beachhead to the South during an attempt to retake the provincial capital of Oudong the rebel troops then encircled Longver. Trapping 4.-000 soldiers in addition to the 25.000 civilians. The government has resupplied those at Longver by Airdrop but both food and water has been scarce. On the political front prime minister Long Borel reported no Progress in his attempt to form a new government. Long bored resigned on thursday amid dissection in his coalition Cabinet and was quickly named by president Lon nol to form a new government. In other military action the command said that fighting again flared at three Points along Highway 4 Southwest of phenom penh the Road which once was the capital s link with the deep water port of Kampong som is now largely in Khmer Rouge hands Congress from Pacha nonproliferation of nuclear weapons. In Jidida. Saudi Arabia presidential press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler responded to the congressional criticism by Assunna that any agreement signed with Egypt will have a sharply drawn thorough safeguards Ziegler also noted that any agreement for supplying . Nuclear Aid to a foreign nation must be submitted to the joint atomic Energy committee for review and in Chicago. Vice president Gerald r. Ford said that egyptian president Anwar Sadat knows that if the materials Are used for no peaceful purposes a we will Cut them off Witlin Nixon announcement that the United states will Aid Egypt in the development of nuclear Power for peaceful purposes made Friday in Cairo before his departure to saudi Arabia also provoked a critical response from the american jewish Congress. The organization said in a statement released in new York that Nixon a decision was a More Likely to endanger world peace than preserve rain expected the Trace of rain that fell across the Piedmont in the last 24 hours is not expected to be the end of umbrella weather in fact according to the National weather Bureau it is going to get Wetter before it gets otherwise. The Chance of rain will increase from 30 to 40 per cent tonight and 50 per cent sunday the partly Cloudy skies Are expected to extend through wednesday bringing chances of showers and thundershowers daily. Temperatures for the forecast North Carolina partly Cloudy with scattered showers and thundershowers through sunday. Highs today and sunday Middle 70s to Middle ads. Lows tonight in the 60s. South Carolina partly Cloudy and warm with scattered thundershowers today tonight and sunday. Daytime highs in 80s. Lows in 60s. To Koan Rod of i a in u Edt station h l or Asheville tog so 58 .15 Augusta fog 88 62 1.48 Charleston tidy 83 65 Charlotte fog 82 61 .96 Columbia p c. 92 65 .12 Greensboro fog 84 62 .35 Greenville . . 86 63 Raleigh fog 82 56 Savannah fog 87 66 .77 Wilmington p c. 81 63 .27 dam project threatens nation s oldest River Washington a the Federal Power commission has authorised a 8430 million hydroelectric project in Western Virginia and North Carolina that congressional critics claim could damage the nation s oldest River. The fac on Friday issued a 50-year-Ltcense to appalachian . To construct the proposed two dam 1.8 million kilowatt Blue Ridge Power project on the new River. The decision brought immediate criticism from rep. Wilmer Myxell r-., sponsor of a Bill aimed at blocking the project by making the River eligible for inclusion in the Federal Wiki and Scenic River system. The pc postponed the effective Date of its decision. However until Jan 2 a apparently to give Congress enough time to decide whether to act on Mizell s by. Despite its name geologists claim the new River has been flowing for 500 million years and is the oldest Stream in the Western hemisphere and the second oldest in the world after the Nile. Mite claiming the hydroelectric project will virtually destroy the new River As it now exists called the pc action an ultimatum that �?�1 deeply a the legislative process of Congress is not and should not be subject to any dictates or constraints prescribed by an Agency which is itself a creation of the i sell said he said he Hopes Congress acts a with favor and dispatch Quot on hts Bill. The Senate last month passed a similar Bill by Sens Sam j. Ervin jr., d-., and Jesse Helms. R-. A spokesman for Helms said Helms views the pc action As a a slap at Congress a a the commission s decision comes nine years after appalachian Power first filed its application for the project which it claims is necessary to meet increasing demands for electricity. Although both dams would be built in Virginia the reservoirs would extend into North Carolina. An estimated 40.000 acres would be flooded and 800 Homes evacuated As part of the project. The environmental Protection Agency has warned that construction of the project would Brin the a elimination of a free flowing River reach which has excellent Wale Quality and is of High value for recreation and other human uses a the Blue Ridge project has also been opposed by environmentalists and some officials in West Virginia which includes a segment of the northward flowing River downstream of the proposed project site. Weekend and monday will continue to be warm with highs from the Middle 70s to the Middle 80s. Winds Are expected to be Light and variable. 3-Day forecast South Carolina extended Outlook monday through wednesday scattered thundershowers each Day. Lows in the 60s highs in the 80s North Carolina extended Outlook monday through wednesday Chance of showers or thundershowers each Day. Highs generally upper 70s and Low 80s lows 50s mountains and mid 60s elsewhere. Temperatures by the associated Prest to your Good health a strange thing about warts by George c. Thomson my. Dear or. Thosteson my Little girl has warts on her hands and face and they keep appearing. Is there a treatment other than burning them off she has so Many that a doctor said he would have to put her under an aesthetic to remove them. But what if they keep coming Back a mrs. D. D. Most treatment of warts involves removal by electrocautery or applying an acid to the warts but warts Are caused by a particular virus for which we have no preventive medication. So warts can come Back after removal. Especially in children. But there a a very curious thing about warts. For some strange reason suggestion very often works a again especially in children. I Don t know Why Call it a manifestation of psychosomatic reaction if you wish but putting a name on it does no to explain it. Anyway touching the warts with some unusual objects seem to have a Happy effect. I have for example seen it work by rubbing warts at the same time each Day with a shiny Quarter. And the warts vanished. No doubt almost anything else could be used just As Well. Including the stump water and dead cat. Or whatever it was the Huckleberry finn used in Mark Twain s Story. Confessing As i do that i done to know the reason id still suggest trying such a simple method before subjecting your Little girl to More drastic procedures. Dear or. Thosteson i am planning a face lift this year and have consulted two Well known plastic surgeons. One says he does a face lift in his office equipped like an operating room and does the operation the first thing in the morning under total anaesthesia the patient going Home late in the afternoon. The second doctor does it in the Hospital under local aesthetic and requires that his patients stay in the Hospital three or four Days. The fees Are about the same but with the second doctor i would have the added Cost of the Hospital. I would feel safer with a local aesthetic but i am afraid to be a a awake during the surgery. I am almost sorry i asked two opinions because now i am so confused. I Hope you can help me make up mind. A mrs. J. H. Done to know that i can give you a valid answer. Many qualified plastic surgeons have equipment and facilities in their offices other prefer Hospital facilities a and perhaps want to make sure a patient remains quiet for a few Days until Healing is Well begun your question would depend in part on How extensive your operation will be. But for a suggestion Why not ask your family physician who quite Likely has a professionals View of How successful the contrasting methods Are under the conditions As they exist there. Dear or Thosteson for months now every night when i go to sleep my Mouth and Tongue go dry i take a drink of water but in a few minutes it goes dry again. I am 72. It goes dry when i sleep on my Back but not when i lie on my Side. What causes this up. Best guess from the clues you give me is that when you lie on your Back your Mouth is Likely to pop open a but not so Likely when you lie on a clip and save a 889-7867 to report All drug pushers Call Day or night. A report any acts to help identify a Pusher. You Don t have to identify yourself and Calls cannot be traced kill re a i to a a i of Avail / in Ila ii la 4 gardeners favor tomatoes most by John d. Carroll of the vegetable gifts from the old world to the new world none took As Long to be appreciated As the Tomato centuries old in use in South America and Mexico recorded As being cultivated in France. Spain and Italy in 1544, tomatoes were grown Only As a curiosity in a Century later in pioneering America Only a few Brave would ventured to eat the fruit. New englander in Salem in 1802 would t Ever taste them by 1835 Thev we e recognized As a useful article of diet that should be found on everyman s table tomatoes Are the favorite vegetable of most gardeners today and would be the first selection if Only one vegetable could be grown the tomatoes that Are enjoyed most Are usually the first fruit of the season and the last Harvest just before the Frost kills the plants in the fall some gardeners who planted Early and used Early varieties Are already enjoying their first tomatoes Quot also by of this season. Growing Quot tomatoes that fruit this Early i can involve quite a lot of Effort and expense growing some for a Lait Harvest can be much easter. Tomato seed can be planted outside now to produce plants for transplanting later this month just work some Garden fertilizer about one half cup per Square Yard i into the soil in an unused Comer of your Garden sow the seed evenly and sparingly cover very lightly to is Inch. Firm the seed bed by tamping and then put a protective Barrier about the bed so it will not be damaged by people or animals. If the soil is dry. You can hasten seed germination by watering the bed gently. To prevent washing the seed out of place you can cover the soil with Burlap before applying the water. The Burlap should be removed after the initial watering a mulch of Pine Straw sawdust or Grain Straw can be used to hold moisture and prevent erosion of your Garden soil is Tike mine you will need to control weeds and grasses in your bed an easy control for most of these pests can be obtained by spraying or or inching the bed with a reemergence herbicide. Dart a i of dish Enaid can be applied to the seed bed just after seeding and before the watering is done since about one half Inch of irrigation or rainfall is needed to properly activate these chemicals. These same herbicides can used in the Garden later until Lay by time for Weed control a list of other recommended vegetable herbicides is available at the county agricultural Center. Marlon. Mana Al and Mala Ucie Are Good Ute verities with resistance to late season foliage diseases. Better boy is a variety with resistance to nematodes and should be used where these Are a problem. Several gardeners Are growing tomatoes in Bushel baskets and other Large containers because of space problems. Having late maturing Tomato plants in Romainer that Are movable can be very useful. The fruiting ran be continued after killing Frost by moving the plants into a protected area before float comes in the fall. Prevention of foliage diseases such As late blight Gray Leaf spot and Gray Leaf Mold is very important if your plants Are to Bear until Frost. Using resistant varieties and regular application of fungicides like a neb. and Dyrene Are the Best methods of prevention avoiding the Blossom end rot disorder is another subject of interest to Tomato growers saturday seafood Platter a shrimp a oysters a hound a Pirch a Trout a Crai we Cal Vomm a a 1711 North main St. Television log 2 w 2 h Imi. Ltd in it a born a i la Mac i . Is hmm har Lalif today . 2 3 news Bis news it Porter Wagoner your Side when you were younger and your glands More vigorous you May Well have produced enough saliva so you did no to notice any dryness. But now you do. Of lying on your Side prevents the trouble then my advice is to sleep on your Side. is a bulge in the digestive tract. To learn More about it write for or. Thosteson s Booklet a a done to let diverticulosis throw you a a care of the High Point Enterprise. Enclose a Long self addressed stamped envelope and 25 cents. Flowers for All occasions High Point loading flan Grace Flower shop Martic Diann ii Watt phone tio Soos and �?��?�11617 Hayble s Hueth of High Point Alyou can eat fillet of flounder $1.99 Ait order served with oar own Hugh poppies French Frt of and Colo Slaw children under 12 a flounder plate free ask about our Complete by ome no 1 31 pm. 3 3 news a Reasoner report b Arthur Smith to news 13 Sci i flicks Tiki pm. 3 Hee Haw 3 Tommy Fille b b Lawrence Welk in Watt till your. 7 3b pm. 3 Hollywood squares in sports highlights h to . 3 3 All in the family a Partridge family a mib 12 emergency 1 30 . 3 3 Mash b movie Channel 8 news is on the move beginning monday june 17th watch eyewitness news at 6 00 pm b of . 3 3 miss North Carolina a mib 13 movie a 3b . In Lei . I Owen Marshall i l of . 3 3 news a news 11 30 . 3 3 movie a in session to l3 news ugh pts capsule views of today s evening programs Mem fish House a Smi i mn4ta a xxx com a hos ast of Kington a Vin it col i Tif via of shopping Cinter �?��?�3-0513 a a a 8 . 2 All in the family a ifs not the fuel shortage that a causing the Chilly atmosphere in Mike and Gloria s room. 8 the Partridge family with guest Star George Chakiris. Danny and Keith follow their Mother when she goes out on a Date with her High school sweetheart now a dashing Navy Captain. 12 emergency in a understanding a the paramedics Rescue a horse from a burning barn 8 30 . 2 Mash the 4077th compound takes on a festive air As Hawkeye trapper and friends gather for their daily betting Pool on How far off five of clock Charlie is during his air raid on their ammunition dump. 8 suspense movie a trouble comes to town Quot with Lloyd Bridgers Pat Hingle ban Rhodes and Janet Mclachlan. A Black youth from Chicago arrives in a Small Southern town expecting the White sheriff to keep a Long time Promise of a a adopting him a situation that threatens to blow the lid of the Community a racial Tranquility. 9 . 2 miss North Carolina pageant live from Charlotte. 12 a movie a How to succeed in business without really with Robert Morse Michele Lee and Rudy Vallee. A Man climbs to the top of the executive turning human nature to his own ends. To . 8 Owen Marshall Quot snatches of a crazy song a with guest stars Madlyn Rhue and Marlette Hartley. Marshall handles the suit of a Young widow whose husband was driven to suicide by a psychiatrists report being submitted to his employer. 11 30 . 2 late movie a a matter of innocence a with Hayley Mills As a Plain Young girl who accompanies her aunt to Singapore where a eurasian Gigolo helps her to transform herself into a Lovely Young woman. 8 a in session a Phil Everly hosts this program in wich singing stars Are interviewed. 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