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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 14, 1972, High Point, North Carolina 4c High Point enter Rue wednesday june 14, 1972 Etc whips Knoll rest Emerywood country club opened its Community swim series tuesday night with a 296274 Victory Over Knoll rest. The results soy Medley relay i and under a i. Smith Jones Lee Grey etc2. Green Doe Brown Hodges of3. Phillips. Taylor Jay Howard of Winner s time 3 03.1. Boys Medley relay i and under a i. Sennis. Bumgarner o Brien Martin Knoll rest. Girls Medley relay i and under a i. Brooks Stackhouse b Stackhouse Farrington eco. Boys Medley relay t i to stack House. Bench no Martin Thomas Etc. Girts Medley relay 4 to a Mcdowell i. Eaton 3. Vaughn Moffett pc. Boys Medley relay la a 12 Wilson Everhart 3 Everhard Allred pc. Girts Medley relay la 4 12 a i. Overman Poynor 3. Shepard pc. Boys Medley relay 13 4 14 a i. Wilson Culler. Cox Caskey pc. Girts Medley relay 13 4 14 a i. Farrington Thomas Toncini Myatt Etc. Boys Medley relay 15-17 a i. Connor Lee. Slack. Thomas Etc. Girls Medley relay 15-17 a i. Smith Yale Eaton Wilson pc. Boys backstroke i and under a i. Sanniota pc 2. O Brien pc. Girls backstroke i and under a i. Brooks Etc 2. Everhart pc. Boys backstroke 9-10 a i. Stackhouse etc2 Cox pc. Boys backstroke 1m2 a i. Ring etc2 Allred pc. Girls backstroke 11-12 a i. Ring etc2. Allred pc. Girls backstroke 11-12 a i. Stack House etc2. Shepard pc. Boys backstroke 13-14 a i. Adams etc2. Wilson pc. Girls backstroke 13-14 i. Farrington etc2. Williams pc. Boys backstroke 15-17 a i. Weatherman pc2. Adams pc. Girls backstroke 15-17 a i. Millis etc2. Myatt Etc. Boys breaststroke 9-10 a i. Bin Clyl Bumgarner pc2. O Brien. Girls breaststroke i and under a i. Mcgee pc. 2. Link pc. Boys Grees stroke 9-10 a i. Bencini etc2. Thomas Etc. Girls breaststroke 910 a i. Mendenhall etc2. Mcdowell pc. Boys breaststroke 11-12 a i. Wilson pc. 2 Wilson acc. Girls breaststroke 11-12 a i. Overman pc. 2. Cox pc. Girls breaststroke 13-14 a i. Bencini pc co pc. Girls breast Oke 13-14 a i. Bench no Etc. 2. Thomas Etc. Boys breaststroke 14-17 a i. Thomas etc2. Slack Etc. Oys breaststroke 15-17 a i. Thomas etc2 Kounce Etc. Boys Butterfly i and under a i. Sanniota pc. 2 Bumgarner pc. Girls Butterfly i and under a i. Davis etc2. Stout Etc. Boys Butterfly 9-10 a i. Stackhouse etc2. Bencini Etc. Girls Butterfly 9-10 i. Mcdowell pc2. Mendenhall Etc. Boys Butterfly 11-12 a i. Wilson Etc. 2. Wilson pc. Girls Butterfly 11-12 a i. Shackled pc2 Overman pc. Boys Butterfly 13-14 a i. Adams etc2. Cox pc. Girls Butterfly 13-14 a i. Bencini etc2. Myatt Etc. Boys Butterfly 15-17 a i. Weatherman pc. 2, Lee pc. Girls Butterfly 15-17 a i. Myatt etc2. Koonce Etc. Boys freestyle i and under a i. Sami Ole pc2 Bumgarner pc. Girls freestyle i and under a i. Brooks etc2. Davis Etc. Boys freestyle 9-10 a i. Stackhouse etc2. Thomas Etc. Girts freestyle 9-10 i. Mcdowell pc2. Mendenhall Etc h major league leaders cougars pick up Lewis by the associated press american league batting 115 at bats -, Chi .329 Piniella pc new York a the 325. Carolina cougars picked up runs Harper bin 35 to Mike Lewis former Duke Star min. 34. From the defunct Pittsburgh runs batted , condors in the american Bas Chi 40 . Oak 35. Netball association draft tues hits Alomar Cal 64 i Day. Niella. Pc 63. Lewis 6-7, has been one of doubles Rudi Oak 14ithe Best Rebo unders in the Fisk. Bin la , Chi. La league with a 12.2 average. Patek kill Piniella kill cougars also obtained Randle Tex la. From the defunct floridians a Blalock tees off i in court today Atlanta apr Jane Blaj miss Blalock filed the suit lock goes into Federal court to j june i Only hours after she was Day in her $5 million lawsuit suspended for one year a for a against the ladies professional on inconsistent with the code Golf association. Of ethics of the Erving sues a. Squires to end pact Mckenzie Heads Philly blazers new York a Julius Erving an american basketball association player who has . District court judge signed a contract with Atlanta Charles a. Moye jr., who will of the National basketball As s so r. S to a a a Low her to compete in Lyga Virginia of the Aba events pending disposition of the new York daily news rattle suit. Ported tuesday night. The 26-year-old blonde from the newspaper said a Federal witness testifies race fixing common practice Philadelphia a triples Fisk bin 4 High scoring guard in Mack Veteran Winger John Mckenzie Portsmouth n.h., charges the marshal of new York was Dre Mccraw Cle 4 Rudi Oak 4. Calvin who has been averaging win be named today As player organization with Viola d t Virginia sunni rps to in r Ort cd a ionian j v j Tion of antitrust Law. She seeks h e Visiniaz Squires Washington a a congressional committee investigating alleged mafia penetration of professional sports continues its probe today into the proposed domed stadium in Home runs-, Oak. 12 Cash det la , chill. Stolen 21.1 Points. _. Coach of the Philadelphia Blaz. Athey also obtained rights to erg new orld hockey refs d Nelson a,6 10 Redshirt at association. Bases , Santa Clara who was a pre a races at a just about every track on the East flanked by his four bodyguards Byrne said he and his friends had doped horses swindled bettors and called in muscle on bookmakers who Buffalo n.y., and the dealings pay off on the fixed of the Emprise corp. Races. The corporation recently was said he administered Tran. It Ai r quilters to most of the horses annl e no l6-j j in a race so that they would not a Jurij Quot a a Hudder run Well. Byrne said his group a interest in a Las vegas hotel than m j the hn�?zp5 a his owner Earl Foreman with miss Blalock contends he subpoena after he let the Aba and in suspension would d e p r i v e owners meeting. It did not say that trial were several men Vlf Vii it Lack in i Ilia i Cua la a am. I j. 4 a j i ii v a re ,1 54oi� i us drat Pink f1�rkla m jumped to Waker Svrko a Al re a a Jho has won which Federal court handled the by the Justice de pitch inc d decisions _ 1s yet unsigned. $38-286 thus far this year in a. ,. A a apartment As members of the Kaat min 7-1, .875 2.12 Fin from he fori Mijans the Cou f Liuding $5,400 or her second Sun a fold Lam mafia. Is. Oak. 5-1, to 2.10. S0 obtained rights to place finish last week in the Foreman was unavailable for msfzn�?�1 Jamik. Grosso and crag stared Lyga event at Sutton comment. Ait he teamed on a line with John a a i the Indiana Pace p p by Bucyk and Fred Stanfield to f8, from Pittsburgh former David h pm it Benj is win he s an by the 1969 Lyga Rookie of the son Star Bryan Adrian. As season year she is seeking damages batting 115 at bats the cougars plan to in. Larned of not less than $1 million to be Sanguines ugh .337 . Produce another new Hui is Hinnen in apparently Turnea provided by a 91 Lolich det 86. National league St .333. Bruns Morgan Bonds of 41. A Tion Billy Cunningham former Erving a High scoring Forward for the Squires in his Rookie year is barging that his agent Steve Arnold was today a hearings Are a continuation of questions which started at tuesdays session. Chuck Burr vice president of Emprise was on the witness stand in that session. Burr denied Ever telling de honorable Bowling there Are 3� million bowlers in Japan according to the u. S. National Bowling Council. In he pan to Dercia Dama a1 a Mii paper said the plus $1 million for com also an agent of the league the Cottrell promoter of Buffalo s Carolina and the Philadelphia unprotected domed stadium that Emprise a pc Dan in the Imai last week nun Ign punitive damages. The former University of could control enough votes in runs batted in Bench 76ers of the National baskets i 5 foot-9 175 the defendants Are the Massachusetts Star signed the Erie county legislature to Cin 45 Stargell. Ugh 44. Association at news Confer Mckenzie a 5-foot-u, 17a tournament Plaver a Massac Museus Star so Nea a build the stadium if do Riser h i t so Brock St 69 fences in Charlotte Anci greens of a get contract tenth Epson a Sletz of 14 Peau court has a by Kate Corners he s e m Erh it not 1971 he Lal contract. Dol bless Bonds by 14, peals court Nas Ruiea be Mua 4 Lann inn Mamoni hire mar signed a five year agreement also testifying in tuesdays with the Atlanta Hawks but hearing was Bobby Byrne who said he would not join the Aba told the committee he and his team until his obligations were associates had fixed horse fulfilled with Virginia. The at less 14 1 neat court has ruled he must goes into the Corners. He a a a v1 a i a Noxson a l a r u a h \ team Leader who became a a and tournament director Gene cotes. Of. 13. Play for the cougars the next to pleader who Becal la a Mccauliff. Phi 5 two seasons to fulfil a con Vonly a the Boston fans f t his Tolan pm 13 Fuentes triples Bowa Cardenal Chi 4 Stennett ugh tract. 4 Brock St 4 Tolan Cin 4. Home runs Bench Cin. 16 Stargell ugh 14 Kingman of. 14. Stolen bases Morgan. Cin 24 Brock St. 19. Pitching 5 decisions Nolan. Cin 8-1, 888. 2.18 Sutton la. 8-1, .888. 1 25 Blass ugh 7-1, .875, 2.87 j Ray Hon. 7-1. .875, 5.28. Strikeouts Carlton Phi 122 Seaver by 77. Uno fourth in Mcaa net action reckless Overall play. Last sea Erickson said miss Blalock son he scored 22 goals 47 As was fined and placed on Proba lists and spent 126 minutes in Tion May 20 when she was Dis the penalty Box As the Bruins qualified after the second round won the coveted Stanley cup. Of the Blue grass invitational Mckenzie began his nil Ca at Louisville by. Reer with Chicago in 1958-59, he said she signed a score was making the move because and moved to Detroit and later card for a 74 but should have he was unhappy with Foreman. To new York before being dealt taken a two stroke penalty for who would not give him $25,000 to Boston. J a 76. For personal debts. Lanta pact reported was Worth $2 million plus a $250,000 Bonus. The daily news said Erving Flowers for All occasion High Point loading Florist Crace Flower shop North wit on ii Wolf woo phone Tel Dois and 112.1617 Homes to sell you be got Mem we need in list them with us phone Jay Wood today Ohnson Qlson Yood realtors Telephone 885-2133 132 Church Ava. A High Point . Horn Phon 4s4 3309 i Temple bids for upset Over Asu Athens a. A four Trinity University All americans entered the third Day of i play unbeaten today in the 88th annual Mcaa Tennis championships at the University of Georgia the favored Trinity team was tied for first place with Stan i Ford after tuesdays third and fourth round play. Each team had 16 Points. Urcla was next with 13 j Quot notice we Are now open on sundays 8 till 6 Georgia and Southern califon1 Omaha neb. Apr sixth Nia had la each and North boy for Tyi m ii a i. Wii on rated Temple stands in the Way Carolina and Houston shared it Egirt Frohl Omi i. Overman of top ranked Arizona state fourth place with to Points. Pct Poynor to. Tonight As the 26th College Trinity a Dick Stockton the a ctr. My Utica. A 1 w a world s6�65 resumes play. Top seeded player had Little Turc k of a in tuesdays doubleheader in trouble disposing of George 1 boy fr4yi tis a i. Mcgee the double elimination Tournai Hardie of Southern methodist. A amp a i . Ment was washed out by rain 6-1, 6-1. Stockton meets Marcelo of a so if 151 / j l Ani Isa _. A Etc. 2 Myatt Etc it. And wet grounds. Lara of Southern California in a a fending two time Champion the fifth round today. To. Southern California. 47-13-1second seeded Eddie Dibbs of Stefi Doyle it Cnway Iro Osi a Sec meets Texas 40-9and Ari Miami Defeated Georgia a Bob boys Frost if Rouy to Zona state 63-4tangles with Tanis. 6-3, 6-4 and plays trin a gi7fr?, of cd upstart Temple 33-14 in i tvs a Paul Gerken today. Third tonight a games. Seeded Roscoe Tanner of Stan Evar tort Evor Hort. A Irod pc. I a the rain probably won t Ford a 7-5. 7-5 Winner tuesday ovens it Voctor out a Vick Quot a help any of the teams a said Over Guy Fritz of san Diego boys frosty la relay 1m4 a Wilson Arizona state coach Jom takes on Georgia a Danny cd gig re a Fri it in relay ij-i4 Brock whose club is the Only Birchmore in the fifth round. 1 Tnomas Myatt Banconi. Farrington unbeaten in the Field now Down it Etc to four boys Froos Tyla relay 15-17 a to Ioury Weatherman Cox Wassarman my Gat. Girls ratify la rally 15-17 a Millis Myatt. Konca Rothrock Etc. Trinity food store service across from Trinity school a a. Scotchman s paradises phone up Reserve the rights to 431-2889 Solomon s net game is his own Davidson a p a fourteen year old Mark Solomon of Silver Spring my who comes from a Tennis family says a i think my father is More interested in my Little Sisters Tennis than mine a the wants one boy and one girl to be Good. He a leaving my game up to the other boy is 10th ranked Harold Solomon who recently dropped out of Rice University to join the u. S. Davis cup team. Mark is not doing too badly on his own. He won a third round match tuesday in the age 14 and under division of the 40th annual Southern Junior and boys Tennis championships at Davidson College. He Defeated Matt Mcdonald Charlotte n. C., 6-4, 6-2. Unseeded Merk vines Richmond va., provided first major upset defeating top seeded Drew Schillinglaw of Nashville tenn., in a third round match of the 16 and under division. The score was 2-6. 7-6, 6-2. The other top seeds advanced. In the 18-year-old division Gar Dunn of Nashville. Term Defeated de Staren of Hinsdale 111. 6-2, 6-1. Juan Farrow of St. Louis continued As the favorite in the 14-year-Oid group with a 6-2, 6-1 win Over Chris of Neill of Baya Man puerto Rico in the third round. In the 12-year-old Bobby Mounger of miss., breezed Over Gruhler of Charlotte 64. 6-0. To the to and under bracket Ken Flach of St. Louis won 6-1, 6-1, from Jon Trull of Charlotte. Raz Reid the no. To seed went Down to Chico Hagey of the tournament could end Stanford 6-3, 4-6. 6-3. Reid was thursday if Arizona state re the Only seeded player to be Mains unbeaten but would sex knocked out tuesday tend to Friday weather per following North Carolina and mitting if the Sun devils lose. Houston in team standings were Arizona and Miami with 9 each Rice and Southern meth a Xii St at 8, and Oklahoma. Pennsylvania and san Diego with 7 apiece. Thirty one other teams had from one to six Points. Tender beef Tbone sirloin steaks. Two sophomores Pace Cha play Salisbury apr two High of of the Gaille pacing College Golf Williamstown. Mass apr Rick Gaille. The 1970 runner up and a two time All american held a one stroke advantage and his leu at new Orleans team nursed a slim Lead today entering the second round of the 72-Hole Mcaa division Golf Champion sch la up Hombres Chip Beck so mpg v of Fayetteville and Jack Wal Gallo now a senior fired a lers Florence s. C., Lead the one under Par 71 at the 6,555 Way into match play today in Yard laconic Golf club tues the Carolinas Golf association Day and leu new Orleans had Junior championship. A Low score of 299 in taking Al and Walters both 15, five stroke Lead in defense of fired one Over Par 72s tuesday the team title. In the 6.400 Yard Salisbury Sophomore Stan Stopa the country club Coure. Beck won defending Champion give the qualifying medal with a Par Gaille and teammates plenty of on the first playoff Hole help although taking a 76. The top 32 scorers from the Jim Hildebrand at Ashland Field of 179 entered the match Ohio. Was second after the play Competition. Beck will opening round firing a to. Paul meet Ben Skinner of Wilson to Abbey of Wooster was third Day and Walters will take on with 72, followed by Bill Shea Charlottes Robert Wansker. Of Babson and Vince Zachetti of last years Winner. Ken Dye Slippery Rock another stroke of Fayetteville has turned 18 is no longer eligible. Full gut round Midrib steaks. 4 compare our prices you la see Savins you la set whole Kesh Kiu. Fryers it q less with thighs 2.99 breast 3.99 Cook out special lean tender Chuck steaks. All pork Randolph special sausage compare you la see your savings Nice Ole time fat r Back meat 5 10ib.�3� division Jackson. David do you suffer from arthritis rheumatism aching Back tension headaches muscular fatigue a tired feet sleepless nights than try a Whirlpool both in your own Homo now at a Price everyone can afford 294-5269 e l. Chick Whitley distr. 1902 s Chapman St. Greensboro . Check oni or More arn., an Quot. Tar in hts thu Quot Narn n Tat it is flu j. Fro literature a Prue cd rant i d fro Homo trial _ buy i Nam i i add a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a phone a a a a a i City zip. Hamburger. Half gallon Carton Sweet milk 49 pc 8-pack-16 of. R. Cola Ole time hmm Stew 39 it la look at this saving tender sliced beef liver 4 29 la big i h la. Size oven fresh bread 25 pc 18-oz. Box Kelloggs Corn flakes 39 4 22-oz. Teize fantasy Spray cleaner with Youk �90.00 of Moue food a a de a 5 is sugar limit i i a 25 pc

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