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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 13, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Legal notices at Lions waste water prom rage to the Archdale Trinity Lions club installed a their new officers monday night. They Are 1-r f. H. Goins vice president Albion English treasurer r. P. Hughes president j. J. Warren. Secretary. R p. Plummer vice president and Vernon Jones past District Lions club governor who installed the new officers. Rte Mote by so Mdge it Eck school budgets from rage id Quality of Lake water. Carter said. A this might be the area we should said one of the steering committee members of the newly formed High Rock ant pollution committee. Another resident proposed that a Hoo Reward be offered for information leading to the apprehension of people who improperly dispose of garbage along the Lake Shore the steering committee decided to invite county health officials to next wednesdays meeting with a View toward enforcing health regulations governing garbage and waste disposal. Carter did not discount the possibility that industries contribute in Large measure to water pollution. But. He said due to a shortage of equipment and personnel his office has not yet been Able to conduct extensive inspection of Industrial discharge facilities. He Hopes to be doing this soon however. He indicated the Epa willingness to enforce requirements on industries which continue to discharge soil from rage 30 course. Price said. He said the state Law also sets out a requirement for an Angle of graded slope sufficient to allow the Earth to be contained by vegetation but not less than two to one and for a plan for ground cover Over an area not being worked the county added portion Calls for sediment basins to he located on the construction Sites in order to prevent sediment from draining off the site. The basins will act As an area to catch Runoff water when it Rains. The water will be filtered out. Leaving the sediment pollutants into bodies of water. They Haven t yet slapped any he said Quot but they Are gearing up to begin slapping some t Knuckles Quot the proposed Davie county nuclear Power Plant termed by one questioner As Quot that atomic water was one plan i which Carter turned thumbs Down Quot i personally would like to in i moratorium on All nuclear fission plants until their safety can be he said. Marti Aling of Public opinion on the Side of cleaning up the Lake was one option considered by some committee members. But Carter cautioned the group against whipping up Public emotion against a particular Industry a method he warned might backfire on them Quot Well meaning groups have sometimes blocked the solution of problems Quot Carter said once you Start that freight train of aroused Public opinion it s hard to get it he added whenever possible he said. Voluntary compliance and local solution of problems is the most satisfactory Way. The impoundment of water treatment funds by the administration is a problem that Carter feels will no longer hold up Progress. In an apparent reference to president Nixon s watergate problems he said that the Quot political environment is now right Quot for releasing remaining impounded monies most agreed As the meeting closed that the water in High Rock Lake had at least improved somewhat Over the past several years. Quot i can remember five years ago i had to Wash the Green of my legs after i came out from water one committee member said. Apportioned in three major areas current expense capital outlay and debt service these funds totalling 911.3 million will All come from county tax sources. The schools will also receive income from District taxes and from the state. The District tax rates vary according to the school system but the monies gained a for these Are generally applied to Supply additional teachers above those supplied by the state and to supplement pay for teachers Witherspoon is recommending the county provide is i million in county funds for current expenses for the 1974-1975 year an increase of la 46 per cent Over the 14. 575.746 applied to the same purpose in the current budget this Money is apportioned out on a per capita basis. Witherspoon has indicated the per capita amounts will increase from the 970 is figure used for the 1973-1974 budget to a new figure of 379 66 per student. Plans now Call for the county a share of capital outlay funds to remain at 93 2 million for the coming year. Besides this Money the schools have several millions of dollars available in unused Bonds the debt service fund will be increased by 10.43 per cent from 92.770.000 to a new level of 93.059.000 for the coming year in anticipation that some of the Bonds approved several years ago by voters will be sold the funds the Board of commissioners plan to apply for schools in the new year will make up 24.4 per cent of the Over All 946 2 budget being studied. Last year school funds made up about 25.6 per cent of the total budget. A considerable amount of the Money for schools however. Will come from minty tax funds. Last year about 93 8 million of the 910 5 million supplied came from taxes. The rest came rom sales taxes Revenue sharing funds balances left from the year before and from Nous revenues. The Effort to keep the taxes paid by individual property owners and by businesses in line with last year has been complicated by a state requirement that property be. Taxed at too per cent of its valuation instead of at 70 per cent As has been the practice Here in previous years to compensate for the increased valuation Factor commissioners now plan to lower the tax rate. Indications Are that the tax rate will shift from the 61 cents per 9100 valuation level under the to per cent level of assessment to about 43 cents under the plan using too per cent of value Legal notices nonce or foreclosure order not a by a tur of it pow7 a i of conto id in o c Tiffin deed of fruit Modo by Ruth v Hughes and a of Virji to v Hughes to Ernest w i Turnbull and Warr j Whiteman fruit. Data the the Day of february lift and Ratter a son i juju. Tea jul Guilford Cut Why j registry. North . Default having bad nth Dot nth Parr it it the not the Tevs cd cry the lad i do a fruit and Thund a 1906 j f William Anderson having by a substituted Ai try ii to d dad at to ult by an duty Vinar Daft a i the Oft to of the Reg Star of Octal of Guilford county North carotid and the not a of the not it a la d a he in to direr do to the a of fruit it for Cloid. A und Vii and substitute Trull a a it Ett a tort to the court a Oeor nth City of Greensboro Guilford county. North Careen at tat Timi a clock. Noon on Thunder the 10th Day of june Iff and win tat to the hug Naif add a tor Cain a following Rai Attal. Situ in mar had teen to it a of Guilford county North Carolina and teeing Mer particularly Dair it bad Ai far Mel by Ginn it at a it Wil Vtha re margin of a Tarry str to at a Eek it South or 00 Lait so to Tram the loud Hayatt Corner St it it vat in it at tar a a to to and a say Street running thence from la 1 beginning Point South Aem Lait so feet a eng in a Luthern margin of Welt Terr Street to a Dpi Thane South of to a in if to a late huh # North we Welt so feet too Italy Thane North if a cat Iso teat to so nth Sev he of wait for to Street the on to and Floe of beginning the i in i mad Subtend id by Lea and ti#-1 or Ruth mar not to of record Aga it the Vod property and an recorded Riel a Cam depot at ten Are cant s to. 1 of the punch will to it Rui it the of the 141# the i Tam Day of May. Irm j William Anderson. Substitute truce Coolidge. Andor Ion Ltd clan a att Gray at Low a of May Street f n c Mac so to a a. Laa High Point Enterprise. Thursday june 13, 1974 2d announcement services end repair i announcements i fishermen Ink a a Laks nastily stocked Prima tag Tim open i Dan a a out w laying Tow ave tot Law signs help Stop burglary going on vacation or a weekend trip let us patrol your Horny or business while you Are away. North state patrol 518 n. Hamilton phone 883-2273 13. Yijin escaping Yard work Pill dirt a gravel can Fri Jujj Bao Witcher a Lack topsoil Fin dirt gravel driveway work grading a Lendic aping a Saint in carpet to gab Dun and Antarr Mova the spot Ai they appear with Btu Lutfur pent electric shampoo a ii Huffman paint a wallpaper summer Ich Ooi program available at Pat rip private school in the area of language Art and math to a Grad i thru marring Muon i 00 to us afternoon a rate i to it j of a Tiff if of a a ocher it inter to can Missi two tasty _ 3 1,0ft a found Pound i Litten Plack a Whitebait wearing rhinestone Canari owner May dam at Wesley men a Thornt Church to Chevet or of is Mic amp a tree service Complete tree care. Shrubbery work. Boy Wood care Lawn a toasts. Lend in aping injured Phall oms 002iep Ait kind tractor wary we naut dirt i tend. Att kind Yard Wark. Roadrunner Yard work. Ill Jai of i be Way Wop a. Landis aping Rock lend Rock. Dirt. Any Type tractor work Homo or Maso dump True Bun Dover looser tar Pond Rock. Gray tot Clearing top to it i. Can Prana s dem at is my before Lam and Attar pm pop grading and Lawn mos no Law 1 a drop k or gravel Call Brenton mended All Ima Handyman trash mauled Vrab work painting repair won Nim j p Welch i a Dicang so drop gravel or Cut Tram he Ltd Meg firewood Lenoir is for or is Dos i lost mate oat nth to Oakview a can by Ftp my Legal notices notice of Public cab no notice it Narabe Given that a Guilford county Board at adjustment win hold a Public hearing to Ida june ii. It at w p in in in no w gut Nord county c our Tho county commit Toner 1 Boom p a Plata Lay. Gro Niborg North co a it it nip Reg weit for variance Tath Guilford county lowing ordinance All c pliant will tee Given in Opportunity to tee heard at the Public hearing the variance vaguest a Seif teed the a a a i David p Oxnard request a a Anc. Tama acc Lory me Pray non of me Guilford county zoning ordinal a tap rim the traction of a barn1 approximately so feat in front of Tho front building tin of the principal residence the proposed barn would i a Eppro Moiety i of net Tram Lek Brand Road to me agricultural distract Thi property j it located to county toy map acl t i xxx Block fit. Parcel i and county to map acl pm Block m Perce a in canker Grove nation conflict Ion company. I Thomas a Nexion. Agent a Guet a variance Tath tide Verdi Ragi Manf of la Guilford county zoning ordinance to permit a dwelling already constructed to Romain i be from the a property line rather Man a Maut to tee it in a Psi a Nti i District the property it local on in Corner of Burnette drive and Bartlett , Burnett Are. Section i 0 lot county to map acl i rift Block Tai in Sumner town into 3 Pilot lift in Luranc company. C a Andrew. Or. Agent a guat a vat Anc Tama area provident of the Guilford county zoning Ord Nance to permit the traction of two identification a mown on pm with in to it i of the copy o to Square teat on each the mailman i i ii quor a the. Property is located m the my District in the my Point to county to map acl h Aba Block map it i infrwndh.ptownm>0 a Renat Mumei it Quail a Var it Anc to in an # 0# provision of la Guilford county zoning ordinance to Par Mil a Moo a Horn hib located on 0 temporary oat in the a t agricultural of met Whit hit residence la under construction the lot in an Width do not conform. Thi property it located in Tho Conrad Church Road. County to map acl pm Block Mie. Port of parc la. Plat Book Peg tar. Lot 7 in Sumner township Jama pct 1 Lemon Secretary Guilford county boor of a dwt int mi/14 notice of service of process eve publication in the general court Justice strict court division North Carolina Guilford county Willie Boulware plaintiff of j notre it meatier of Znoj Tong Mij Ca on Mal Helen Boulware defendant to Helen Boulware to notre mat a pleading a rat of against you a oar triad on thai pm Day of june. Itta an to it in o1 service of process by pub commenced on a urn Day of a t Nan tur of the i of being sought i at follow an absolute divorce ground it on or continuance separation Vou a requires to make defense to Wen pleading it Tater in the lath Day in july Yipu an upon you to our to do so the party to it Ngi service against Yow win apply Tama court for in sought this Tim Day of june it John w Langford f attorney to i Inith to East Washington drive High paint. North Carolin a 1j Jet advertisement por bios a own of Jamestown. North Carolina seated teds will Tea received by the Lawn at Jamestown. Norm cars a until i up p m tuesday jut to Itta at which Tim Quot a win be opened and read tor in furnishing of to following on i ouse powered Tow Cantar of Gravity tractor on la ouse att purpose tractor on i11 gasoline powered an purpose tractor proposals must Evn red a Obden tractors net to be opened until j bpm tuesday Jue to. A Quot ads must a on forms furnished by the town of Jamestown. N c Cash. By Benar Ctet Ifie Chack on 0 bans insured a a Federal Deposit insurance corporation made a Al to to town at Jamestown no in the amount a a s per cont at in ads must accompany 11 proposals to guarantee compliance with int provisions Etma proposal the right a reserved to rated any or Ait Bdl and to acts such c a As May. M in Lodgment of the Council of the town of Jamestown Servos its bait interest the town reserves me right to Rotam ads tor a period of thirty Day Nom int receipt of such ads it is requested to i quotations be Given in an items listed pacification an proposal forms May a secured from in town of lice Thomas c notice of Sale of Lano Noeth Carolina Gui Leoro county under Ano eve virtue of the Power of Salk contained n a certain deed at tru reverted by Oliver out cd an w a a Robbie Black Quick de the Lim my of or a by irm an recorded in Roo Jim Page j. It non office of Ragister of deeds of Guilford county Norm certain default noting been Mode in the payment a the indebtedness Mer by secured a demand haying bean mad tor payment a Trust a to sen to in highest bidder to Cam at my East Dee a it in county courthouse p aia la i Entrance in Greensboro Norm carotene at 1 00 0 ewes noon a monday. June i the 114 the allowing de in teed proper located in in county at Guilford. A in Pant township Norm carotid being lots nos six tit a seven it at Are a upon a map of a muted a it a a known a Garden Street pars As Survey an plan by William a Freeman be in june i Ria map recorded in in Beati of deed off or Guilford county in map Boe id. Page Sini which a up it of % hereby made tar a mar particular description b Der will be required to depot to Quot of in or Thom m by an in an the balance of the e a properly to a ted to Price deed of Trust of record and so a Sublett to any Athar Lien of Accad Ais said tubed q unpaid and Valorme takes a Benefit assessments it any. The Martn Day it May. Tori Ben l Herman. Trustee i i i x. F 11 i lost Larga Gray to Wear no whist Caner Wiley Park area Pasa tat lost Lea her. Guitar shaped ring a Kays. Friday ate a do s area. N a St. Reward cd Atomi Reith Johnson Grad no a hauling Alf abm custom Load Wark b had grading custom hauling san oct grasp a dirt _ Vanoy Loam top Sal no tut dirt. Sandrock. Gravel a Mason Contra or fat a san can Larry in him or inc All Vaia topsoil amp fill dirt for Sale cat Ait May a a j pm lest mat it Ems a cat or Oakdale to Cotton min in Jamas tawn Reward of re can Ike a triad tree service am Type tree work landscaping dirt. Gravel Sant frack erg a in ured Alt a Ftp Reward tor Correct tor a Hen Reding in me finding of a Golden rear War dog a Choker he a Mcneil it a tag my if i an Chain Tram or siamese cat last in Vicinity at parliaments Wear Gliwa a i ran Rabas tog stitches in Back run leg Reward in be ass 4 Persona i a of live r Atter pm an saturdays Topsail a Rad san a landscaping a Backhoe Wark phone at in in tour 5 a a custom hauling loader wary Sandrock. Gravel b topsoil re Alt at of Atter pm 14 amp painting dial a message my aft _ i win no longer be responsible far debt i neut re by a a on but myself As of Jim 1 tilt Clifford j Milan Aba carpentry a gang Aru not own a Kern Carpenter Wark. Marriage arrangement Complete j or Lorn to i p in monday thru Friday can tar Hope moment my Java c. C Hughes oat Las new Ruttura Babby lab put contractor inky or a e Tnp tar painting a Tab Tea Large or Small an in a first class a guaranteed Fry estimate. Re Aji Raja a Brick or by Oak Wark add on under in eng. Bun Delions. Build chimneys a a places also Small rpm it a Oft Cam anytime 4tye? we it tee out s Lastnic Tioff a electricians it if you plan to secure a journeymen s card or a ctr a i contractor Lions her i hip tar you a National Saki Rte cod school this school nil leg n june to. I pm a win an in Tim tor in lop a a am for into mat of As on it me contractors in your a to mat attended or your toe inspector or com a regt trailer a la v pm. Tov Milf lev or come Early an monday but fit or. Coma Early on monday nigh june i a limited number can Tea enrol Tad there Witt be a a a school House s located of Highway of South of Salisbury near the patrol station to of rag so to mayor Charta p Turner town manager notice to or Boitos North Carol a Guilford county to in s Gnys hang Quail Adas administer matrix t # of to a state at a it by o Clark let at Guilford county St a of Norm is Koine my i to Norty att persons firms an Corpora on having c Aqa a a d ask a a in pres. The a Thund a sign of an a before in Jura Day a ode Amper fit or notice Wilt be pleaded n bar a met recovery Ai Parsons to it pm and corporations Dee Edo a c estate a it cheese make Immelt a payment Tatna under sign than in Day of May Uta Mary Eti Fearn Clark Joyce. Adif it so St air a a. Cut la estate of Daisy o dark a a h merest Point Norm Carolina Itic Sprinkle Hottie to a Stackhouse tor perpetual building High Point Norm Ca Otma May to i june a to iou fat a lot of Reader Alp for Jennies us in you Lite a a Alai id and Brick a Block work. All kinds tor chimneys Dunbar p iring Ouda is. Sagging hours put a dram to a ret is imn As. Amb or avidin Carpe try work remodelling repairs in painting far name a business for Call at ism carpentry beaten Pete we a wort phone Etter pm roofing siding prop Carpenter work roam add ten remodelling panelling a Cabman contract Paw tag fret estimates Alt ism Carpenter Wark 30 years per enc doors windows room add tons panelling ate Larry Proctor a sin or line careers men women i in of the Good Ute As an Airt be travel t careerist goad pay and rapid advancement excite Mem Gaibort free naval passes or discounts to Tun spots of in world meat wonderful people ovary Day. Training in different ground i positions. P act ant assistance i available approved for veterans for marvelling Story with a oblige in. Sand us your Nam an phone to Universal airline school. Boa g ii a car at the High paint1 inter prise High Pom no j 200 Home Attice in Miens. Florida certified teacher wishes to Tutor i in her Nom grades j mrm to Cabb Concrete drives patios walks att a Brick work m years Combine a a Perenc we guarantee to save you Money Celt Mivi Don Rickert. Paint contractor Interior a hem commercial Industry free estimates m3 11 or easter s paint contractor f re estimates ask to Joe Mimir fireplaces we n far tres in with to or # building i to let Les can Umb a certificate Public school a or Fem teacher Wilt Tutor grades Ai my Horn or yours phone a Zajm for lowest prices Ait types Nom improvement a painting panelling a in types carpentry Wark can Ibi Aten Gutter cleaning co it Canad. Waihee a downspouts Cia Aneo a checked can Cav ii sense 431 Nix pad Ite Winn Liam no pm mpsjr3 Atter 4pm Gutter work install cies repair. Galvanic. Pointed or grip a a bub or at 7 travel Opportuna flirt guttering. Industrial residential Call Aii 3mr Aji Aiea or an in wholesale tire co. Wholesale tire co. Drive our car travel almost free Philadelphia. Los Angeles. Palm Springs. Kansas City. Boston. A gov sen Diego new York St. Louis Caviteno san Antonio Ano Many other cities 883-7532 Home building ramada King additions Kitchen cabinets tops. Bam. Rooting painting furniture mow j j while. Re ado Mike be Sam Home improvement guaranteed to please room addition s. Patios pane Ell types of Home remodelling Day a saw night bus Rosa Bob royals High performance Mach sixty or Mach seventy a o Viu v a one w h Auto or a a Way Lei Westchester services and repairs House painting inside a out reasonable rates Call after s i Ieese minish aluminium and heating co 13 landscaping amp Yard urk Al up i Lumi Quot us All mfg amp of ii a adv tit. To Lam Williams landscaping any Type haul a nor of k a gravel. Call Prentiss Williams 4ts-i40t Awn figs. Carports Patio covers storm windows air conditioners insulation reasonable prices. Try a a time to pm Asoka. Index us your Choice no Trade in needed u h. 3 i i i r e a to $2 21 to s3 36 on site White letter 60 or 70 series a these sues e-70�14 b 60x13 f-70l� c-60il4 c-70�14 l-60xl4 h-70�14 f-60il5 f 70x15 a soils c-70xl5 1-60x15 h-70xl5 Kely Wanatee a Ewe Kkt 4 wee to Artw Les Joist Alkalies. Aati Guet. Apts., houses of of kit a a. Apts., muses Huntur Shez. Aut liens Menerei. 44 i Azas 41 74 77 is Tatum tiaras. S Latar Oace a jewelry amelet49 mounted and balance free wholesale tire 1003 1005 East Green drive phone 883-6814 aet accessories 49 Awe men Beal stat#40 aet lamas. 94 auf r#p#ir91 at a a Bill a far Sal too Automo Ilet wanted. 92 bookkeeping Tex in bldg material supplies is Buti Iasi opportunitiesb4 Ameros jaw Olry 49 c#�np#rs-tri1#rt 99 card of thanks. 2 cometary Fute. 37 cum car 7b cubical my want eds lathing .47 Emmerthal property Bent. 30 Effii Merciai property sole. 39 Consul fonts b3 Ferm Gerden equipment a feeds Duwors seeds s4 feed. .41 furniture help wanted. By garage soles.s3 Garden farm equipment 4b help wanted administrative by help wanted cleric lbs help wanted furniture. By help sealed hosiery by help help sealed technical b9 help wooled miscellaneous. 72 help we Tad prefer signal .,., 73 Hemes far Sale. 34 hosiery help sealed .b7 household trite Hungt .44 houses apts furnished. 2b houses apts. Unfurnished. 27 jabs wanted. Land far sate. Leads Cepiel Yard Wark last i found. Iete beside Hill. Miscellaneous help sealed Mobile Hemes spate beat. Mobile Homes spaces sole Money in Leo. Mortgage Loas la 33 13 3 35 72 28 so b7 is m#tercycl#t-sc##f#rt98 musical equipment so pet#tuif-bem#delu�f14 pert. 4 Pete livestock. 79 pot supplies by poultry a professional help wanted. 73 property wanted. 41 bodies to Bop air. 1b badges to Salas so be a estate investments so Bead Ling pointing14 Bosi Dattal lots Sauss residential Homos sol. 34 resort rom. 29 Boson Solo .32 room a Board .24 rooms rent 2s soles Holp wanted. By seeds auwers s4 septic Lank service is sewing Moch Moss sporting goodss2 Tai bookkeeping in technic Holp wanted. By travel opportunities. J trucks amp campers.99 to Bodio Saless up Lster inf repairing 17 wanted in buy is wonted to Bent 31 yer Dewerk Landt Caping 13 to place an and Call to 13 4 wholesale tire tire co. 885-2177

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