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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 13, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Budget cuts considered police Cadet program May be in jeopardy remains of tractor following i is crash i tot Art air i dead 2 injured in crash Thomasville one Man is dead and two others Hospital ired in Community general Hospital Early today following a crash Between a passenger car and a tractor trailer Turk on 185 just South of the National Highway Cloverleaf. Positive identification of the dead Man was delayed because he reportedly had two names on his personal effects and troopers were not sure which was the Correct name. Highway patrolman Ralph Munday said the Man s name was either Robert Fulton Newton or William Ludwig Hayne of Brooksville Fla. The dead Man was an occupant of the car. Hospitalised with a broken leg was Thomas Edward Smith of Washington ga., the operator of the tractor trailer. The identity of the third person taken to the Hospital for probable admission of observation was unknown by the trooper. Munday said the third Man was physically unable to relate any details of the Art Buchwald Henry deals at supermarket Washington a the one question i keep getting asked when i m on the Road is a what kind of husband will Henry Kissinger make Quot its a hard one to answer but on the basis of Henry a recent behaviour mrs. Kissinger is going to discover that it in t easy to be married to the super negotiator of the world. This is the kind of situation that could come up. A Henry i forgot to buy bread for the smoked Salmon for our dinner party tonight. Would you go Down to the supermarket and get a couple of loaves Quot Henry replies a of course my he returns in a half hour. A what kind of bread did you want Rye or White Quot a it really does no to matter Henry. Either one will a a it a not going to be that easy. The supermarket has More White than it does Rye and therefore they have put the White bread up in the front and the Rye bread in the Back. They re demanding guarantees that i buy two loaves of White for. Every loaf of Rye. In be taken the position we should have the right to buy the Rye bread without having to Purchase the White a for heavens Sake Henry the guests Are coming in 45 minutes. Will you go Back and get the bread Quot Henry comes Back after 15 minutes. A the supermarket has agreed to sell me the Rye without having to buy the White but they raised the problem of the size of the loaf. If we get the Large loaf we get three cents off but that Means wed Only need a loaf and a half. But if we get the Small loaf wed need two and the Price would be prohibitive. What you suggest we do Quot a Henry i need bread for the dinner. We Ould you please go Back and bring some Home Quot Henry went Back to the store and returned again. A i think i be worked out a Compromise Nancy. If we get Rolls instead of bread we wont have the problem of choosing sizes. The supermarket has indicated it would consider Selling us Rolls at a special Price providing we buy a Jar of Peanut butter that they re pushing As part of a 4th of july Sale. I told them i would bring the offer Back to you and Lay it on the a a Henry i done to care if its Peanut butter or Jelly or Cream cheese As Long As you get the a they did no to raise the question of Jelly or Cream cheese but ill Tell them you a rather have that than Peanut by this time several reporters who Are standing outside the Kissinger Home surround the Secretary of state. A emr. Kissinger Quot one of the reporters asks a we understand you re trying to buy bread for your dinner tonight. Do you think you la be Able to do it a a there Are still some last minute details to be worked out Quot Henry says a but in a optimistic that there will be a but when Henry returns fron the supermarket he is glum and tells the reporters i would be less than candid if i told you that i brought Back bread. A the supermarket has raised some last minute conditions on slicing that in a not sure can be met. But after reporting to my wife i am going Back and make one More Effort to find a Compromise which both sides can live by this time the guests Are arriving and Nancy is crying. Everyone asks where Henry is and Nancy does no to have the nerve to Tell them he a still out trying to buy bread for dinner. Just As they sit Down to dinner Henry rushes in with three boxes under his . His face is flushed and he Waves them at Nancy. A bread Quot Nancy asks. A Why Krisp Quot Henry replies. A but at least its a a by gum Quot says a reporter peeking through the window a a Henry a done it copyright 1974, los Angeles times Accident. Munday gave this account of Smiths report to him on the mishap both vehicles were headed South on 1-85. The truck Driver said the first warning he had of something wrong was a reflected Glare in front him. He applied the brakes but was unable to Stop and the front of the truck struck the car which was in the Roadway evidently without lights. The trooper said both vehicles were total losses. An estimated value of the on the scene 1972 Auto was placed at is too and the truck 830,000. It was owned by Smith and leased to refrigerated transport of Atlanta a. Traffic in the southbound Lane of the interstate was slowed for a lengthy time by the mishap which occurred at approximately 4 . For a time the Lane was blocked completely around 9 a in. While a wrecker set the ruptured trailer Back on its wheels Munday said that his investigation into the mishap was continuing. By Ray a aboard Enterprise staff writer the High Point City Council is taking a Long hard look at the police Cadet program with the View of possibly abolishing it As an austerity measure. Questioning the advisability of continuing the program was the most significant Issue raised wednesday night As councilmen agonized Over next years budget in an informal session. The Cadet program is nearing the end of four years of operation in High Point. The program was initiated originally through Model dues with joint funding by Model cities and the Law enforcement assistance administration Leaa. Model cities dropped out after the first year and since the program has been funded mostly by Leaa but also has received some state and City funds last years budget included about $50,000 from Leaa. $4 000 from the state and about $2,500 from the City. But the current budget is the last one for which Leaa and state funds Are available if the City wants to continue the program All the funds must come from local sources. Several councilmen wednesday night expressed doubts that the City can afford to continue the program on its own and asked for detailed information to justify the program to be presented at tonight s informal session slated for 7 . At the City manager s office. The objective of the Cadet program has been two fold from the Start a to provide a source of police recruits from the youth of High Point a to provide a Youthful nucleus to Deal with potential juvenile delinquents in the City. Cadets Are recruited from the City s High schools with the cooperation of Counselor and school principals. They Are permitted to enter the program after completion of High school and permitted to remain in the program until they reach their 21st birthday at which time they Are eligible to become sworn officers a total of 15 cadets have furniture class Asheboro a class in furniture refinishing will begin monday at Randolph technical Institute. The class will meet mondays 7-10 . For to weeks the course will cover removing old finishes making repairs and then putting a new finish on the furniture. Kiwanis meeting All past presidents of the High Point kiwanis club will be honoured Friday at 12 noon at the clubs weekly meeting. Eight new members also will be inducted at the meeting which will feature a musical program. Pool hours the High Point City Lake Pool this summer is open to the Public 12 noon to 6 . Monday through saturday and 1-7 . Sundays. Parks and recreation department officials also said that the Pool will be available for competitive swimming 8-11 . And 3 30 . Monday through Friday and 8-10 . Sundays. Been involved in the program during the past four years. Five of these Are still in the program. Three have completed the program and Are members of the police Force. Four dropped out of the program while still cadets and three who completed the program have left the police ranks two to continue their education and one for a higher paving Job la. W. T. Amaker. Director of the Community services inn of the police department said today loss of the program would be a a loss to the Amaker emphasized the value of the program in working in crime prevention among the City s youth a we use them to work with youth wherever there develops a High potential for youth he said a they Are used primarily in crime prevention a a in addition to the six cadets normally in the program there is one Secretary to handle the program s administration the Cost in salaries is about $40,000, operationally there v Only the Cost of operating police cars and uniforms for the cadets. Last year the operation costs were relatively High because of Purchase of a number of onetime items officials said today. Councilmen suggested wednesday night that there might be duplication by the Cadet program and the j. L.4 Fagan Academy which trains recruits for the police Force in another matter wednesday night it became apparent that the increase in electrical rates will be passed As originally suggested by the City manager Council last thursday delayed action on a 6 per cent increase in order to make some sort of adjustment in the minimum charge for electrical Power but councilman Bob Wells said that it appears almost impossible to make a special adjustment for the minimum rate without changing the whole rate Structure. As a consequence the minimum rate is going to be raised to $4. The same As the minimum charged by Duke Power co the new rates Are expected to be approved next thursday at the regular session of Council and become effective july i. Tonight a informal meeting on the budget is expected to be the last before the Public hearing on the budget at 9 30 a in next thursday at the City county building High Point Enterprise thursday afternoon june 14. 1974 Section d school budgets to be examined by commission mall Moo Zak the scene is Westchester mall. Contrary to possible suspicion though the retail Mecca has not been converted into a stockyard. Bossie Here is at the mall temporarily for display purposes. She a part of an american Dairy Assn. Exhibit showing the Steps required before the homogenized pasteurized and fortified product on the breakfast table every morning goes into the Carton. So mfg a a i to cleaning up High Rock Lake waste water disposal is key by Lee Mortimer Enterprise staff writer Lexington the key to cleaning up water in High Rock Lake is proper disposal of waste water an official of the environmental Protection Agency wednesday night told a group of Davidson county residents concerned Over the High degree of pollution present in the Lake. The meeting was called by the residents to discuss ways of combating the pollution problem at the Lake. Bob Carter director of the Epars regional office of water and air resources in Winston Salem explained to the group meeting at Catherine a sewing shop South of Lexington what his soil erosion plan gets initial of Greensboro a proposed soil erosion control program wednesday Drew the unanimous support of the Guilford county planning Board. The measure a which is similar to ordinances now being prepared by High Point and Greensboro a will now go to the Board of county commissioners for study and for hearings. Board members attending a regular meeting at the courthouse Here approved a recommendation that the Board of commissioners Okay the ordinance which is principally aimed at controlling erosion on construction Sites. Charles Price acting planning director said the county a soil erosion control plan is expected to be very much like those now in various stages of adoption by the two cities. He said this would make it possible for developers to meet similar requirements throughout the entire county. The three ordinances Price said Are expected to be almost identical except for portions dealing with administrative procedures. Price said the ordinance carries four major elements three under a state Law and one added by the county. The state Law Calls for a Buffer zone to be established where construction is next to a Lake or a natural water be soil on 3d office is doing to improve water Quality in the regions 14-county area. In citing the need for making sure waste water is properly treated. Carter commended the two Lexington City waste water treatment plants As a the Best in be at a previous meeting much of the ire of High Rock residents and sportsmen had been directed against the pig Plant near Lexington which was accused of discharging a Large portion of the pollutants into the Lake. Carter explained that individuals might be As guilty if not More so than the industries for polluting the water. He singled out inadequate septic tanks along the Lake Shore As one of the worst contributors to contamination of the water. Blood types Are needed High Point red Cross officials today said there is a special need for of negative and a negative blood at the Bloodmobile to be held Here Friday. The Bloodmobile will be at the Alderman co. On Francis Street from to . Until 3 30 . A faulty septic tank often consisting of no More than a 50-gallon drum with Sand in it he explained allows contaminants to a get into the water table and Migrate into the outhouses Are also highly detrimental to the see Wasti on 3d by Jim Hawkins Enterprise staff writer Greensboro the Guilford county Board of commissioners will consider the vital Issue of local funds for the three school systems operating in the county tonight during a hearing on the proposed budget for 1974-75. The preliminary spending plan outlined by county manager John Witherspoon provides $11,359,000 for the three systems an increase of $813,300 Over the $10,545,700 provided at this time last year. In addition commissioners will also consider the crucial Issue of tax rates to be assigned each of the three systems for local supplementary funds. This Issue comes against the background of an Effort by the commissioners to keep taxes at their present level and at a time when officials in two of the school systems Are advocating an increase in taxes the hearing at 7 30 . In the new courthouse is expected to have off teals of the High Point Guilford county and Greensboro systems present their budget needs for the coming year in an Effort to explain the necessity for increases. Tonight shearing will be the final unit in a series of three. Earlier commissioners discussed general fund plans and on tuesday they met with representatives of the health and social services units Witherspoon is expected to present the Overall budget officially monday. The county s portion of Money for the schools will be see school on 3d miss Randolph wins in Talent Robin Allred plays winning selection Charlotte a miss Gastonia won the swimsuit Competition and miss Randolph county won in Talent wednesday in the second night of preliminary judging in the miss North Carolina pageant. Miss Gastonia Teresa Al ledge is 5-6 118 pounds and 34-24-35. She is a 19-year-old student at Gaston College miss Randolph county 21-year-old Robyn Lisbeth Allred of Randleman played a Brahms rhapsody on the piano. Both contestants have Brown hair and Brown eyes. Miss North Carolina will be chosen saturday night from the 59 contestants. She will enter the miss America contest in Atlantic City n j. In Early september. Opening night winners tuesday were miss Goldsboro Karen Lou Wilson in swimsuit and miss Sanford Joan Stoltz in Talent

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