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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - June 12, 1974, High Point, North Carolina 1ia Hick Potat Enterprise wednesday june 121174 economics hair easy review Kissinger too business Mirror by Tom Raum associated press writer Washington a president Nixon hair is easy to Cut but Henry a Kissinger its a problem because its so curly their Barber confided first i have to Sham poo it then Cut it with scissors then i use a razor to blend the hair and the hot air Blower today and style it that gives it a curly but smooth look there look How smooth it looks in the photo graph Milton Pitts who has been clipping the presidential hair for four and a half years pointed to a photograph of Nixon with his Secretary of state i gave them both haircuts yesterday Nixon a week never any longer than 10 about 20 minutes during that time the president is quite congenial Pitts says and talks to me quite a bit but usually in generalities and Milton Pitts never about politics from his Vantage Point Pitts sees no physical change in the president despite the Rigours of his office and the troubles of his administration Ive never seen a person under tie pressure Hes under so relaxed he said i see no change in the president Pitts spends each tuesday and thursday Manning the on chair Barbershop in the White Hoyse West Wing trimming clipping and styling the hair of the president Cabinet members and top White House aides Pitts a native of Greenville so also runs a Barbershop in the Sheraton a Elton hotel a few blocks from toe White House he charges for a straight haircut and for the kind of hair styling he does on Nixon and Kissinger he is on Call at All other times if thie president suddenly decides to get a haircut Pitt said when i read about some of the people that Are in trouble Iny quite sur prised Pitts said they were All such people drought disease cause drop Harvest of wheat Falls below expectations Washington of Hoy Ash director of the of fice of management and budget says the government should review very carefully policies that require Large investments in areas such As pollution abatement this kind of spending reduces the capability of the Economy to improve the average americans con sumption of food clothing and shelter Ash said ass comment came As he predicted the rate of growth of potential output will decline in the next decade from the current 4 per cent to perhaps Little under 35 per cent among factors leading to a lower rate of growth is the fact that in the next several years there will be a Small number of Young people entering the labor Force he said after 1980 this Phenomena will be dramatically visible Ash said ass testimony came in a statement prepared for delivery today before the economic growth sub committee of the congressional joint economic committee surging credit Levels creating by John Cunniff a business analyst new York a in the years from 1967 to 1973 there occurred what often is called an explosion of credit amounting to billion and what Are the projections for the next six years somewhere around fl5 trillion this is the amount that government business and households Are expected to need if other projections Are to be fulfilled mainly those that Call for a continued expansion of the Economy and an upgrading of the Quality of life tremendous plans Are on the Agenda corporations Hope to enlarge and make their plants More productive in order to reduce the shortages of goods and they Are being compelled by Law to make their plants More ecologically acceptable and More wholesome for workers the Federal government seems Bent on providing More and More services and May be unable or unwilling to Cut its increasing demands for financing that Means All other borrowers will have stiff Competition for funds individuals and householders have Learned to rely Ort credit to finance the life styles they have been led to believe Are rightfully theirs even if they Haven the cold Cash in hand All these plans would seem reason for great excitement among financiers but the truth is they Are producing apprehension instead nobody really knows How All the Money is going to be raised speaking at a conference Board meeting few Days ago Dimitri n Balatsos economist and vice president of manufacturers Hanover Trust co listed some of the problem areas that worry some financial men profits could continue under pressure for the entire period lessening the Appeal of Stock investments High interest rates and labor costs and demands for greater social responsibility might Cut into earnings alternative to equity financing through the Stock Market is to borrow but Dur ing this period some billion of maturing Bonds must be refinanced that is old Bills must be paid before taking on new ones might fail to keep Pace with economic activity the demographic makeup of the population is charging with the 2545 year age group showing the biggest increase these Are Sion spenders they have a Low propensity to save based on current under standing of the situation severe bottlenecks seem inevitable Balatsos retains some optimism although it seems to arise More from Faith than from any evidence now available during the latter part of the Middle Ages he notes the mood was somber and people were preoccupied with death they didst know that the Renaissance was in the making could it be that a financial Renaissance is in the making we better Hope so the grand Canyon is up to one mile deep 4 to 18 Miles wide and approximately 217 Miles Long before you buy tires youll save Money by checking us first the tire Mart 124 s elms 8852944 sales service Complete tuneup part checked cleaned adjusted and lubricated As needed free pickup Only Call Pius 8858493 parts the vacuum Center 122 w Broad St u1 i Washington a drought and disease has reduced the nations expected Harvest of Winter wheat a crop which normally provides three fourths of the nations consumer bread Grain the agriculture depart ment said monday that Winter wheat prospects declined 5 per cent last month As of june 1 production for 1974 was estimated at 153 billion bushels the crop reporting Board said although it would still be a record crop the new estimate was Down 81 million bushels from the governments forecast one month earlier it Means less wheat will be on tap for is Consumers and foreign customers than thought previously decline during the month occurred in the Southern great Plains Kansas which nor Mally produces the largest Harvest was estimated at 3842 million bushels that was doen 226 million Bush Els or 6 per cent from Mays estimate the Board said Lack of moisture and disease contributed to the decline of the crop in Kansas and else where despite the drought since May the new Winter wheat estimate still could be a rec Ord up 21 per cent from 1973 output As Farmers responding to higher prices stepped up sharply the crop however is sorely needed to replenish dwindling us Stock Jules Small est in 27 years but Kansas wheat authorities say thei state crop estimate by the us a is still too High and that it is More Likely to total a Cound 300 million bushels announcement or David o Farlaw announces the new location of office the High Point Center at 1916 a Jork main spree High Point no next door to North main sir pizza near Hie intersection of Highway e684 include the Price for fatter results when you advertise in the classified ads weekend specials Good thru tues of next week All meat weiners Bacon lib in fresh sliced Bologna lunch meat chopped Ham 99 pork chops end Cut pork chops Center Cut whole hog country sausage 69 100 pure ground Bee feb Tbone round Steak full Cut i in 139 sirloin rib Steak we have milked veal veal steaks159 loin shoulder chops i29 Chuck veal patties99 Viz or whole Choice steer 85 or whole Young hog con 69 Cut and wrapped free for Freezer Call 4758773 Thomasville a l Beck sons retail and locker meats open Mon thru thurs pm Fri sat pm directions take 185 South bypassing Thomasville going toward Lexington turn left at Pilot fire department go past Pilot school and turn left onto Pilot school re travel across overhead Bridge and turn right onto Stemp building located one mile on the left fathers Day mum june 16 the guaranteed satisfaction v remember dad 4 76xf camera outfit with free extra Roll of color print film 100 polyester flare Slacks sporty styles in handsome fashion colors sizes 29 to 38 just right for dad Only values to mens fashion belts values to each sea suntan lotion 4 ounce lotion value superits 8 track stereo permanent press Short sleeve dress sport shirts perfect coordinates for our Fine polyester Slacks sizes so Lxi values to tapes j99 values to each mens stylish ties Cupon styles in assorted colors four1n hand 13 ounce hair Spray value mens coat style pyjamas sizes abcs famous name after shave 475oz old spice 4oz Hai karate values to your Choice each aim fluoride 93c each value 46 ounce toothpaste 14 ounce car Wax with applicator Power beam lantern Complete with two batteries 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