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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 12, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Ii High Point Tinter prise wednesday. June 12, 1974 Soldi in Only 3 Days s ays or. W. A. Macon when he placed this Cycle mowing machine . M for formal cub tractor. Of Tad Call 431-xxxx. Ii i results puce your id today Cill 886-2177 rental mental 27. Apt. House Furo vet Rufh Dion 4 pm a it peat of Fearn. 4 Rosa 4.nut. A f in. Lite Aeder tot i em.,.,., tsar a Vii pm we a a a a a 4t<�v of. I foam. 330 orate. 4 pm. Woll neat . T Vit Rue Tommo be 4 pm. A Joe a. Pm 730 Gane ave a in. Jai Beatti it a i it. I lean a gtd a a roam. A a of a a St 3 in. I to came piece. 4 to. A 2 St. Sac Sac. A j a Hoo a has r is so he a. V is to us. Us 27. Apts houses Lofuna yawl if 4 room. Gah it a gear a tut oaf men vie Hica Arteton. 2 bedroom brie. A a a ree the Sui traditional of laity p hone 83so rental 3 r Oom Apt. New paint Gas heat near w. Green. $17.50 per Ween. 609 Langford Dallas furniture Caf 882 2654 i her Sid in h met Fen Al to umm a to 4i a i a i Mac turn. Est 3 i is Broad 4 Ream aet. .,0 >�0 Fig a j pm apr it. To Wab n Wren j Ream Apt to oar we a a Apt 4 pm Meta a arms earn pie torn to 40>c r it a a Awn i pm a Fure his Moulis a a Green. 4 Raj. So Isca i in St i Pear . A . Kid lure to a Trutt St a w me i Boom Pimm at it lt0 Parma we Tacor a pm it i a a a a a Gesn a Ca 802 Jjo i Cov Pew tar rant a a a he a no 0 Carn a or St 3334 s Boom Ouss Joi Vaeafe in to he e Vaar a a a a m to 6 room House Gas heat new paint storm windows real Good Home. $25 we 916 Grant St 6 room House new paint inside amp outside. Heat to each room. Excellent location. $35 per week 1805 Welborn. 4 room House Gas heat near bus Church a Industry. $21.50 per week. 2602 Bedford. Dallas furniture Call 882 26s4 apartment to Reny a i b Crete put St 4 pm pupa a attic Tea a a f Tami Awn ,. Was Vaju Minms a of it it to Tini we invite you to come love with us at Yori Leigh apartments beaut us i i i or 00m apartment a at v4 it a raged Felt a or Crook # apart a it and the #e#r1m#htt Tea Tufa English Tudor architect a Cut a mud Matt to pall Ca ppe ing a cold c of Orol Natino a a plan cos a abundant Cabane r. Storage a close t space oui Wagher s of i it connections in apartments a Washer of Ator tot a a. U recreation area orap Rie s it water arc a no Turco in Tufi rent resident manager 454 3616 we manage Oxford Moose apts Village \0iaabe apts Woodside Meadows apts. Oun Rovin a or apts. Rose Woog. Apts colonial Coury apts Willis a to Grimes a to. Plus hundreds of other pfc at. Jirles Cata Ais por your rental be eos ,nstl�4r rial a company a n vain St of 44 i 27. Apt. Hours Fum. 3 room apartment for rent. Heat a water furnished. It Vit lit ins. 4 i phone 8831164 thro room unfurnished Don air Apt Rit no Bra East Oman so a month. Ail 83 Hie aunt Maut _ three room Apt. Loc re at Ilia Campman St Hgt paint Las a month no cad Ana Mas a Jbf eos i to j roof opt. Ammo and carpeted. Cat a located of is Adam St apply at in Adam Ira at or con Anan tilt Tami tat to uis c. La Naten Avo. $140 a it tax Pool a it bedroom Awa in fete car Amu earn in Hove and re per afer Owala in Panr a Allyl room a Central of a Capa and d Apt a Rva or Tern nod �?�l4k-"drama a a Teal tent beaten Atu i not malty company Ami main St. Enaa tut Par font in of it no to atm no to h e a Tim r a Quot oaf sap City 88 can i-6c c wh4n por rent j Aad Roem Quot oui feta fed a to Ampere St is a pre ?40 Good 4 pm Nee a paired. Jas a Naan turn pc Para is a Nee be do juju Homes a pint St. Duo a i pm ims a w rotary duo. 4 Fin. Till us w rotary 4 ran ii<8 m Iii snid a. Otic a. 4 room has Manor or. Tram. 4 pm to to Putnam St. Or Ama pm us Ito. 0 rotary or Dup. 4 t room i Smithdeal realtors win Man St can Sou burnished Art por rent it Cedar Jim. Tempi part atry Van 40 Aalt to j a jul Morgan Jim. Comp Bam. 40 a j a a a a unfurnished Art Ano houses a Rio Arn panted Nam Gat at of Togo monthly a in each located at us e com Marca and u�4b sear in pm full baft Good condition Mea floor. Vail St 4 a pm nov East. I i Tach j a 1 m i a 11 a 11 Merrill 11 in to a i ii hed Veteran a no Down payment a no closing costs a payments $170 month m m 1417 to Trolle six rooms excellent condition of re s a lot of Home por the Money in a Good North j. It location Many cat macs por the Price. Urr so. It. Open Mav used por 4tn bedroom Large Utility room Aho fenced Rian Varo. Disappearing stairs por attic storage Don t pail to see this bargain. Futrelle turn North Opp a Dayton realty co m Bovy Ard a at a tit a Bott to Good condition no Quot vhf or to inn is 4 tacit j ? room new a Nav. Has Bamin Gatewood id Mommy 4 pm Newt. I Bam. Train paint. Us furlough set 0 Fain j we pm trn paint twit earn Good condition 10 Tau St is soap in j in Horton realty co Joo East Watington do to Hou tor rant Whu it red room prot an electric condition. Bam Telly Ca of to worm door and i nowt 0 06 a men and a pm Law. I a ear a a Aoa or run modern 4 room apr a a. Decor and a real Naar Alma out 9 Gray von St be 43iaw most Beautiful town Howitt it a Norm Caranna total a act rec to a it car Cantril air cond it a ten no Jet on j a room a How new he pm iat in ,.ti end i Pena 4?s?s f to Nice j oar oct Boma i i Aam Yowmin rang plumbed tor Namer a red tor Dryar Carp throughout 2 1 c nor a Suo to 4 room 3-Badroom ecu a. Good location. 30a hog coca us so to 4 room Apt i Bath meat a water to a von St. To to Sac. Gap a4w> cd. New 4 i Roo in Duple town put arrangement i bedroom. A Bam laundry room. Good local ton. Too it s Elm. 101 to. Jaw Skatt. Realty co. Y / 27. Apis. Houpei afum Oakview Caon $ room Ham with Bam had Par month to of the purify do Pant Call 44 to or Mem Ona 4 room or i room or j room Apar tan tor font of Ude Street can await rent with option 1 24 Cerrate. Roam. J a dram. Fireplace sub Par month Hio Cedron. Room. i bedroom in Par month traditional realty phone do Tom residential Sun e in room us g tent car Apt Large toed room in Apt. 14 Sun a Stuart. J room wag Carpe d Art it a a. Refrigerator d rate tat in had. Us to rebel Tab am St. I pm due a apace heave. Honnen How a downtown Apt. J pm Furm had Apt. A Dol Green co. A Quot n i h Tim St. Phone to Tui e pc cutlet Horn tor rent. J Ood room j Bam Dan can deo4043 at re pm Ftp Aptt rental 29 resort c chalet moloch Beach. 4 bedroom Ocean front a Frame Ara �4ibf wee of june to a auf i to a Jam put we toll waa and Colt or. Own get Carroll at mho wee Day Chc r r Grove bedroom Caff Mac a baby bad. Can Davao the am not a a it Abw Clem a tone Motel Tai Cheater St Myrtle reach. Amp c to to poof. A a. To oth from ear a a a a far Retar Ratton Wrt a of con Obj aaa Jajo Crescent reach. Lauder apartment itch Vee a com purity Aca and a a Vul Crise it Beach duper i Brac not Aro oboe Ivy he a a cot dbmw2 after a pm or Moldens Baa a canc rata canal. A tenon ii no and f a 4 area i Aam i bedroom ail electric a c heated Carpe boat Doc a . Sun dec and two porch Mur Lono Beach Nouty bedroom. J bom w Chewer carpeted a a Cand. Total elect a a then Tbs to Ocean twee b nicety in baby bed a i chair Gat Grill at about our banus fan wee in a Dessy fit room Tea he we a heat. T Bath Good neighbourhood Modem car a Enca ready to May a who ii sus a enmity and Lacu Fify Cai Max Lono Beach on canal 4 j Bam cottage to preened touches i blocs in Ocean ranted jury am be a bad Vij o ase j?4j por lease one bedroom and aft Coney Godf ment on n a it a St for tatted Par ton meat water Tow a ref Ger far secure location on bu1-ne w i amp to. Of in runs Church ave tilt 21 Mobile Homes a Sykes j Bor mob-1# Nome Mea a a non i tent a wont in. He do pot. Be rioted in cup 4ji jt73 Moorin air cond t in in hound or it est Beath tact on Norm Brytte Boaen saw 31. Commercial Propern 734 South mom Archd id of. A rated a att Ca Paca has a at to. Is n Streat a Ahn Tare a to 0 of utilities in. A i an iter Tai Tarica in parsing is a Conrad realtors us n mammon Strep Ammi of Auty shop or similar Good but not location. Air cond to an no parsing in and Cau do �1a or Church St Small co with a air Condit an no a water is Ivy a i sin to. n main St Atwo he a i lab for Ida real i St of a for Sab 34. Residential Homes 34. Residential Homes Tex Eastchester i foam Hoe. Iet #"�?��?�00. Cna a Law fer or a try wean a lower. Nitty car rated a Dan a a in bees ready for occupancy. Ana wan Call As jux it Adom a near Trudan Schwa a a Archd in yes it garage with ame. Famed a Bac Yard a Awn payment to vasty Ameen Wade Law George Clements realtors at uni of Obi 4 room Houta i Are Tang near a an Jay school Roo no. Iut p#ihte4l awed Root lit Aas to a Jum commercial probe of or 0aen. Nad id a a Sprod a a to a macs in in Sis Obi Lafin Cammor a i git mba Mam a it or nine St. No tints a a we Raam mauve jul f in or. Nutt to fenced m corp Mead air a pm a Awn payment pm App a Tai ear a appoint mgt phone As j to for lease it Riepl pm it to rat int area ate Ampf Hsipi an Donnna in Hod pots Rig Ara Abs Ca or data i and a a a a it a is a t a. Al Vitok Tai Church a Bah of of mortgage on now i j bom Cprek a Cantrail a a. i pm a Aga an wooded m at a a Coveny or. In Coveny pm pm a iwo n coff do tor a i Toga Jam Fawn up a phone for opium Mont of in 4 pm. 24 to available August it Tau owner in bed Chapel re Colony port sub a # a in. J#�?#�t9wn j bad com. Carpeted Tantra. In Job payment we a Par month cup for ism atm it. Zewri Foa Sale 4 roam howl no Bam a fealty a fed air a feb 2 Beautiful to it cd Bac Ana Are no a Tui vary rat Tanana vacant of owner tan a e a Industrial Eulo no. Ama t wad a a Doc Cuca Bau a no imag garb a Are malt it Ltd mph try tut Arast a anytime Myrtle reach a Ever a a targe Apt Atta roam cacti tent toe at a c a to or ape mom a a. Am n of a Phon a a it Myrtle Beach a Barm cd a a a a cond Seth Arp Boca Tram Ocean. A Avail aug a Spuda i Tai Large office space a a re fan Bor Rdna re a few nowbut Long Caapi Teo conveniently v of ate d i a to ate Pmj Tim Moss 4spjt1 31 hinted to rent in c Olmem property i bedroom Moo a hemp. All Utility do drop of Roqu rate in ear Waon pm. A to j bedroom trailer m rom or c Arn can Asah or Ith a Ca or i Sim i sch two bedroom May Hema tar rant no a allow Canji ave of pm rant j bedroom to a Tom to Cwa her War a coup Amy. Napa Shew a or not g a tar no raw re in a a attractive mob hem Utility in had i Oie m uhf 0 h go to of it a a a or Ca i a Natl g of o Beautiful Lakeside Morfe Horn Paca wet a in porn pm Atter pm aug extra Nice air cond. Mobile hemp carpet a Wah a Cowen Only Aumon a a Nom court. Xuy n Man dab Xuy no sunday can for rent Archdale clean j bedroom fro i fee. No children no ca1 Nancy in Ltd 401 Xuy tax c groan. Retail add Inglef Eftick a Rai ii fix Tryon of Umi a n floor Torino Grad. Nych aval Load As n Ca Fenn 01 ism f he mph apace co Neffe tiber or Nav Rod Numa Oral Road Nguu Jio inn St hip n. A Annew a mfg. truce feed Feado he Csc Ulmor Hydu. In 4 h woo his d6� net a it a tip us be. A a air j Cand on no to trip. Saja n a a first us on bldg so 14 h i we a of a apace Mai i an tor Al Urr up to nod i r a k u i n St to a <47 want0 to rent i a i bedroom How to tah it a Gobo Rhamad Call a Day Attar i pm. May j anytime sat a sunday a Tai Citara for air 32 retort Beel Mountain lot Koan act Saab oar a Man Tai of i fer a p it come one. Come All priced reduced $1000. This properly is located of 615 Paramount Street runs off Hickory Chapel Road Good residential area four room Brick Home Pius Utility room full Bath and plumbing for Washer dryer. Only 3v years old. Terms available. Please Don t Call to late Harmon realty 207 w. High St. High Point no 882-3665 res. 888 9901 Large ten in new Para Clote in Atwood motile Horn of 4? Nett 4?$-Jttc a Mobile Home spaces for rent Southeast of Archdale for information Call 4 ?7t Mobile Hove spaces in Rati seed Vaovai t pm 43 aia its no 4ts-3am Mobil homa spec for rent. I from the City to met. Located on Norm a Quot do jct co w Horne spec for rent smell porn to a month Trinity. Pm 4ji do or 431-4x8 n cd on bedroom Kroner tor rant in Werc no co cafe Call a3 i in s a n Tus 4 to Twat. C Ibi a 4jj 4 it. Of it space. Tis a Ward. 41 to 4 a. I Load no we Park w cd pm s a n 2s?4 4 h. Haf. A snore Oman soft jul Ltd Bel Load d pock beefed Timo ism pot of. A400 4 it turn fared Hafed 3 to Yea taut feeding i Holly ill 0634 i. Prs tired a he a am uis Dorn. Usa 4 it True feat Fead no reefed. Sha a a ingot a a i Usa 4 it War now a Only. to no att 361 s Mam Camm Rcd Ai Sec 313 n a St a to 4 it Gath a wafer Sis 141 s Man approx to 4 n Uso Randolph county Foo rent Larga mob homa Fen. Ait Tuii Iet underground Aii Iii 1.1 x a m pm aet cauda Misc a Mimm office space m a Ftp Ona two a Ihra room lao n Man is. Can a3 it we River front Home Sites up tot acres to oreo tracts financing available Caf a see Whartan George Clements realtors 431 tut Day a he night 33 urd for said i acres 3 bedroom Anc designed far Abr warn Quot is Are ten add a s Ifni barn owner or a Tail rimmed me cat a George Clements realtors 4310131 Oay 431-1096 night so acres and artha Geed mgr near hip Awoki Church and an Ora air erf fac no per a Road a non a i 34.-7 Pant. N c i acres Woodland Willow Cree ame All on Moca Road. I from Ledford sc�d0 Tux United farm Agency Utar a Munro Ric fed i or per try Way Oro payed Road ser and wafer men a a Abe urn Frei few. Large farm com i of War of Wilton county with or 4w pm Ewt Ang fee tax Parr x Cath Down and owner will pm no Betanc e yet sent tor Way Mary sue ii realty or Budh in to of. Space in Small get Par older coup Only do a can ail Aita trailer for rent no Over on Chil can of 4441 office space downtown old Enterprise building. J floor with and Apar a. A near to a dual off or a a s floor 1 Par month end up Tillson 4 associates inc Ca Nav 303 Cuevo d pm a3 ii trailer for rant in Trinity area an lot no of a neg morn without six with a Timite Coupe or Solo Baron so Security of Motif req red cad All a Fifer pm prime commercial location n Man is but a fee on Idu Voll modern a c Parang off fro e Raar vary Aav Naoe ease 7u n. Main. 8x0 Par to Nice room bout beaut m pen fed Waits carnal. Iii oath. Ca Quot lbs sri two bedroom no grinning or a Couplet Only. Paai Mai luxury amp location i ?.int i 2 a 3 bedroom townhouses shag carpeting amp complementary lined drapes throughout abundant closet amp outside storage space deluxe appliances Washer dryer connections private patios clubhouse with recreational facilities Pool with full time lifeguard fully. Equipped tot Woodlake Telephone resident manager 869-5012 Johnson Street Extension and Lake Crest ave. Loncio Derry estates i away from it All. Close to it All Only 7 minutes from downtown one two bedroom Garden apartment and three bedroom townhouse quietly nettled in High Point s Western Woode. City Convent tree a country living it Londonderry estate truly a natural place to live. Turn on Westover of North main. And breathe a Little. / i i _ c j n p Lurf War l., Craven i Johnsof 4 pol lock inc. Til nop the main realtors Phon ms-i4bt resident manager 883-7916 Model apartment open 2-6 pm i i. 2 amp 3 bedroom Garden apartments Whirlpool appliances in decorator colors dishwasher disposal self cleaning oven amp Frost free refrigerator spacious walk in closets shag carpeting amp complementary lined drapes sky lights clubhouse with Pool amp lighted Tennis courts resident manager Security guard a social director Telephone resident manager885-0311suffolk dr., just off deep River re. The Cloine 3 i 2 amp 3 bedroom Garden apartments shag carpeting amp complementary lined drapes throughout Whirlpool appliances in decorator colors i Washer dryer connections / economical Gas heat and Central air conditioning swimming Pool amp lifeguard i clubhouse amp social director i patios amp Sundecks with Al outside storage 1 fully 7 equipped tot lots i separate dining area Telephone resident manager 885-1117 deep Foxfire apartments the Ervin company to equal housing Opportunity 9 20 4 31 resident i Home 833 to Home a Tui quote 7 be drop newly cab few Mug Feu if a 4-Tweth mom not it. Tarp of a 4ni a be layer Good fee of can for Appe of Jai offer f m owner do you a Rota Gorge great net. Ceca free Awa fat How about a fe<4 m re it a. Carport a Wiki of you to a a Ava rag Beo Oom tat or Ca r Anc Mer in mpg a Quot in few Tafft can do a m an pc mtg Nehf no to a feta Ai us Gemra. Avo pm twin m soul every Bouta be it abbe far on Ana Cor Quot a Quot Erial it pc Lent Bowlin location in Mig porn Ideal for Rop Ort Ca an tug Vaeafe act phone 34trim o 24 41 id. Or reply to p o v-3 at in Finfer Price owner or. In War Loath a a fed of a Homow Are Woojoo tat in tax we the a a us few $ tafe lean Arph a34hi i Roth Ferno far Appo new few can afo owner Allyn in loan i barroom a oath Carpe in it it replace fenced arg pm am a space Tuitasi tor a ii Buna or Arcade Bigg. In n main Ino floor. A or 8b3 cj33 4dt a the Antu a to your buying telling or trading problem owner room one. 11 Fec Tryc a feat pump at Condit Toad. I full Ceramic Beta pan tag Gen with i restate intercom Central pc. Forge 01-0. Jou to Carport. Jam How so Hod a Tinei 87100 Joi Valley or 47x73 Cedarwood country Home i bedroom Brick ranch j Baths. Basement game Boom 4 work room Rig car Poe t. Porch. Laundry. Office Beautiful lot Oil a son realty 484 i4si we have a client who wants a Home in old Emery Wood. The Home should Hove three or four bedrooms with a formal dining room and two full Baths. Price Range s4s.000 to 550,000. Of you Hove property like this we would like to show it to our Prospect. Mendenhall Moore 201 Church ave. Dial 883-1456 4 13 4 a quiet suburban atmosphere wit convenience in mind �?�2 4 3 bedroom townhouse apartment i bedroom Garden apartment color Foord mated be appliances Frest Frap refrigerator even dishwasher disposal Wall to Wall carpeting Large closet a storage spaces Washer dryer connections in each apartment laundry facilities private enclosed patios Large clubhouse 4 Pool lighted Tennis court 4 basketball courts 24-Haur maintenance service 4 Security service Joy Orea for children phone 869 421? a Katy Yarbrough resident mgr weekday 10 6 a weekend 16 North Point ave behind k Mart Gilwood North apartments. 4 in 4 0revert &6undrzdq&bstchcstcr a Kip rat it a think of living on on Grond mansion converted into on elaborate clubhouse with a formal reception area a Bor gaming Ond . Areas Sauna and a work out room. In the courtyard surrounded towering Pines and magnolias a Tennis court Ond Pool. Beautiful 1-2 amp 3 bedroom apartments available now. Some units Hove 2500 so. It ask any Long time resident of High Point. Westchester key is the Quot right area come out and see Osew cecum Neq amp is Cussler Corner Westchester or. Amp West Lexing 886-4539 painting Courtesy of h a Fine arts Guild Don t panic 73/4% interest nov veterans amp veterans fielder Cost new Homes priced from mid 20�?Ts open 10 30-7 00 monday saturday 1-7 00 sunday direct a turn Norm of be Scheifer Hwy a offt it do a Mise in f Feig it re to Entrance on Fen Attar Crom a0 Call 869-5682 anytime to emm1 to Felag Oppus minutia for Sale owner c Callant Cor Feitsen pc Tau s Ream name a brie. Bac roam carpet it Bam forced air Nee. It Tenn Tnp ran Range Washer 4 of connect on Large landscaped tat a to i a Fence w Bac Pamo d a a pm tawn school a strict Geed lean Assumption payments six month to Civ gang to 4 insurance cad do six hic Aery print hip Campf Afefy f fee one prey beat Padl a Topi few a a of Dierx sex i4feer. Few Ifft a Quot a Bam aah a up fax Trapf a i to cad xxx Sauerer a a or Nam Quot Rbar a a feta v a a f Hamm Palfe am a Prepra Ceu e to be a new. I Aam i tuba of Jefe of Fri inc ii #. 8 six a a a new to Fern proc a from twi re Bay cafe be a a pea Affef eau Quot Fry Kufen to fact few a Acret Fri an 1 be Quot pier to no Nch Yfe a Primacy Oner xxi i x. cad ten Bledsoe Reil estate amp constr Chon co. Riff Ftp 4 1 Tiff a re id prom Wayne i it kit to re Dow Durnay Dow of pro w w haute far say h a Arm a pm and in Carper 4 a fed or Felse t Rad Tux a attorn Fern m 3 fee Cen to Alt ifs 8% interest Kite Only pc Down and no eloping Cost for a Eastchester s j 2. And 3 bedrooms a olympic style Pool a fully equipped club House a no mowing Rno Upkeep worries Homes from $17,950 to $26,950 Purru he Mode a reef s mob open today 4 to 7 . Above 1% interest rate available for a limited time Only act now Jacl Sarsfi. F i f n x i nn4 in no i k k. Inc ski h Man Sirc Al tors bul4b� Jami Stow sect feta new tit mar Type no j Aap roam 3 life x bin to , form. Dot and foam. a garage pay at of a . Tar wadded to Icca fed 4c? a a Tjw cd is. Secrest 0#fe��pm#nt cad at 840 soc cup own tag Ca. Ill 3sal an a front. 4 of i a Bam Tarp fenced irs. Car part butt wet fee a to Wimpffen cup ibid is for Sale cattle farm x pc land. Afer j Joo it of pared rued frontage Large Nom completely restored 3 tem. County wafer Stream time mostly fenced in Gre a tor Cattie Man South of to Marti once in a life time buy can tor is some. Wade Hughes realtor 47441 or 4704j8 Wood Shore Cove subdivision on the shores of the new City Lake a fregant Tok Story Home w to j vib Bam s bedroom ,.y Boom a to f to a formal o no roam. Larga rec eat on roam a to f it Pic a not 3 nog As duo out to conc re pm. Woodson dec Ohff eth 3car garage and storage in sesame a the. In in and lot Bac up to new of hoi too Caff be snout Tea t t i also be 1 Ippu of in Efery aspect a Good j a mitral loan can at assumed Call we por an appointment to see it. Woody shores Cove subdivision on the shores of the new City Lake 3203 Covedale St int big Beautiful dutch colonial Homs. It is aim Camp att Larga elegant family room w in a mad ceding an am fireplace. Formal Hong in Antr Anca Feyer Bain and 4 bedroom matter it Tom a i or a j room to a an to an Law dam of closet Thi Tine Nomen a Eryth no ready for occupancy in lust inrae woe a Contact us now you ii be pee wed w to what you tee. A Malpass for Safe of owner custom built brie Home on i lot i room. J Bath Pouafe garage j104 forr Tyi a or Iii Roc Tpring we abeam Mai Paw Roy Hauser Ray me pest Batty Lebrun Iro i for Sale Emerywood estates High Point s finest Large tract of four and half acres. Water Ond sewer available. Davidson country taxes Only. Call us. Til. Sss-42ll 310 w. Brood ave. Enjoy the Best of both work in High Point live in greensboro1 vibe Haven 0n 15 menu is away 299�?3580 apartments an entire Community of 1-Badroom Par Dan apartments 2 and 3 bedroom townhouse apartments a Community clubhouse a poof lighted tannic courts All modern luxuries located in a prestige neighbourhood of Greensboro. 727 Greenhaven or. At interchange of Rehobeth Church re. And interstate 86. Take exit 123. a m. 6 p sunday i . 6

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