High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Jun 12 1974, Page 42

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 12, 1974, High Point, North Carolina A Scoli a Complete 2 vol ame act of Ike Merit Sto Deau encyclopedia to cat Fly Cameron. Gall of Ottawa Ontario. Canada for Ber oration what la a Dhole the Dhole is a dog. Hut not the sort of dog you would adopt As a pet. In Olden Days packs of fierce wolves prowled through much of North America nowadays most of those wild wolves have gone. But packs of wild wolfish holes still prowl through parts of India and other regions of Southern Asia. Though the Dhole is classed As a wild dog. He needs two More Hack Teeth to match the True members of the dog family he is called the wild dog of India though he has close Kinfolk in Malaya and Sumatra. Java and other places in Asia. He looks like a smallish Wolf with a coat of Short red hair. He has a greedy wolfish Grin and there is a cunning wolfish glint in his Eye. At the age of two. The adult Dhole is almost three feet Long plus a 14-Inch Tail. Well fed. He weighs about 40 pounds his favorite Home is a Jungle and he shares his life with a gang of perhaps 20 close relatives. They communicate by uttering yelps and Sharp whistles through most cd the year the Dhole pack hums eats and rests together. Come january a few females separate and find a Cave or ledge where they Bear their Voung in each litter there May be six pups All Blind naked and helpless for a while they feed on Mother s milk then she Leeds them partly digested meat. All Puppy dogs Are playful Tittle animals and sometimes their scuffling looks like real fighting but Dhole puppies really do fight each other for a reason their fierce scrapping is a text of strength and skill and it lasts until they Are eight months old the Winner becomes the Leader of the future pack. When this is decided the family fighting stops from then on. The other Young holes take their orders from the top dog usually the Dhole gang rests through the night. Come Early morning they Are hungry and Are ready to Start the Hunt first one. Then another and another red Hunter slips silently through the thickets. They whistle Sharp notes to keep in touch with each other and with Luck soon they sniff the scent of a Forest Deer. The the merciless Hunt begins in Earnest noses to the ground they Trail the Deer perhaps for Miles and Miles they never tire. Even though they Hunt for hours at last they come close enough to see their victim this is when the Dhole pack acts like a Well trained team usually they form a Circle to Cut off the Deer s chances of escape. Then they close in for their final Victory. Holes also attack wild pigs and sometimes a big Buffalo. Some experts claim these fierce cunning Hunters May attack a Leopard a and even take a meal away from the terrible Tiger. Most of the wild Wolf packs of North America were ousted As tile settlers moved Westward from the fast coast. Today there Are Only a few left most of them in the great lakes area of the Midwest. There is no danger of them Ever becoming As numerous and As much a menace As those wild holes dogs of India today our wolves need Protection i rom humans not humans from wolves. Andy sends a seven volume set of the chronicles of Norma to Kandy Padgham age in of old fort North Carolina for his question what is a Grille the Story of the Grille begins when Parent Salmon leave the Ocean to swim up the fresh water streams where they were born on the gravel floor of the fresh running water the female scoops out a larger hollow nest which is called a Redd. She lays perhaps 1u.u00 eggs so Andy Legal notice and the mate Salmon swims Over them to fertilize them then the weary parents usually die after several weeks the eggs Hatch into strange Little creatures which Are called Blevins. The Blevins hide for a couple of months feeding on Yolk from Muir eggs. When they begin to look like Small fishes they Are called Salmon Fry. Through the year they journey today the sea and grow to be about five inches Long at this stage of their lives they Are called smolt next Spring they Are slim. Silvery Grey fishes of the sea. About in inches Long at this stage of their lives the teenage Salmon Are called Golse. They will continue to grow in the Ocean and at some future time they will be parents and return to their streams. Legal notices Mot acc of Kuruc my Arlo to it Are a g a a to Feu Ega he to c a or a msgr hic a Tate n he tee tuft Fth in cow Cut to 0 a c a and a Coe of i 1 Mel n in f # Ltd a a a it p Hoh cd a it he Eva let Friex on a Pufta Ltd a go a in Newt min Calm in a As Quot Jee town a 4a it Leuf vow at a Jet e<4 a x i an hymn tax w Topi a a Saab a of to a to Paa. A 0 j a cow Clim a _ Rii ft.dt.t-. By a furniture butt Ere refer to the t few ref vain him i i of Imp Hoo the Cavo. Iha Guilford count tha u nos r j lamp i 0, a. I 1 due add at f to cd 0 of in to Thoma Leggett fat a go a Cav get to he , an Wpm to Ift # a Ca Cora am Xay a a a Cairns a no Tao t tat a up it it int to a to Ira a defy god air he to Yin a of i a to. Eli at Pic a a a be of vah portent to a axe Cape to Kima a Tau la a it Atte a hit a a my i Epa Maxi to in 9&Quot# int Tex a of june tin Dorotha j Eggett. I Actu Tai Ai to c to at of tit Quai Legge it once Aveo Tao of a a a of a n c we i la i an to 114 Rottle to customs Al of Piedmont Madurai Oas company inc. Oar a g a t. Id in a Erose emf Noath is Al Ina utilities commission la m Man a1 appt tax at Paelmo to natural Ort Cor not a. Int tar Adit rvs it Otai Al Axex a notice is he away Given tax Jan i let Aee Boxt natural a. Cat tax. Lac Ami Vatca Road. Cd to no in Caranna Liln a a a we Fth to no a Ca a Nau Quot met Mem a Tatta a it it meted Cavata of fat Tati Tram in Luppi of % Adamant if Ca. Re or Hix i a t a is of my on All to xxx rata it Ned what Ane a a amt a an inftr##�j0tie< an Una wet to Apalit anon Aal Iii in to pro a it Amof g s 2 Tutti a a Para a mph a a in i i Itta Twait act in a a a p. To cry haitian Talt a a it a in to in Impi await in a Pace i Aati pm no no a no Ai i in in xxx Mia Pha at part pm Tom no i wept. Xau a to Ca Xiii Max a i Nin i tat Ixo to Man tar a a a. To a a it by Arni tat tat Whf a to a Al Maxim a a Quot Ting to. To trix a at june. Rat Piedmont natural Gas company. Inc. A j o Nipe pop Marxt Atma f�11 j sir vice into report j so vie is Dud repairs 5 instructions ii rpm Duag it Lull 23 be Ati Alf 0 the Acme a it a tata in or Sam a aah i thru in Call m2 rms in Rimini if to is in maim Ait Cam Yon pan ref e c Lmh a if int a d or it or self of a Lee calf. I services end fee pairs f n painting Sis a room Atta Raa Tanapa of of tied Penone. Can Ait. Pm Exon me in Pat Nina pro Ifil axe f a pm no any a a a o Oak Iov a Nitu an to to aeolian pay can Moshis painting Date Aida a it Paioa. a a Mii Cimpl Cau it Sih painting in of Xay pm in a. Prot a Afa Anaam. A ear War Ahmad. Era Allrn aet Call meet 13 landscaping amp Varr work and Type a a tractor atari e Iii air a a Ami Call 4ji Fin Arnold s custom hauling Loafea my to to Piara. Lax Eraca. A a i 4ji 41 Alt a do a to with Al a a Ca Takht we i a aval. Afta Arar a a a Nau apr tsp 4s4-iqts c St b tree service a Mann har a in App Warp. Caff. In. A a Ata a a Quot a apr non we a pm it re a in our mme i announce meat fishermen sink s Lake frn i Itacy a a a 3 Xix Oto a it Savi aet out w la it Nytar Arta we lips help Stop burglary going on vacation or a weekend trip let us petrol your Home or business while you Are away. North state patrol Sib n Hamilton phone 883-7273 in a 001 mox Awn a a a #tr0� to .001 Ai to axe a tat Lui a a Atte int Tama astr la Huffman paint a Wai Pao Stop line now a Gaug push a Par a of a a it pm a award Taw let it at a it a an fat a in to Stop Olive a Noak. Lanayae a Rel lax Arata airs at a tractor Amra. A spar new we dump att Eva Aoi. Tatar Ltd a it ton Roc. Tai . Tao it can e ran s of it a at i i 4 Eata Tam an to a a a a Eoa a Aoi no a a Awn m Alia i Stadtl tat itt Fittl he Miami Ai twi Handyman Taam hauled a a pm a. Eft to a East a Nara pen Al him j a we Lam Lana lace a Sana Fata. Of it Iran Ait or Aux Naguwa. Pm 100 i a a a a a a my tax mute a Setji a eith Jonnson g#v1 a j a he a. A 4am Cvitam to a re. A a a a a c it Tam a it it a Tana a a anti 4 Ani Sandt team Tao in i Nita. A Airt Lan Araca to at a Maia. Cancer mar la mar no can a or a Ami or. Inc. Wim a Raynor paint amp aluminium wit s Max is. Affix Al or or 1 Aiea a a Naiad team stain. Storm ooh a. Vex aah a. Aluminium Guim Rma 4ji saw _ at modelling a Aram a Athani. Or huh a car pan to work. On Atacama Atar Manix a ease Vit Fiat i a 4t$ pm Are Mam heh a lilo eat of modelling liar Aoam e in ii it. Oati Carat 1. Ca of i a hair i Era tit it Mani ail atari Auar an Moa pm cd Vii or 4jt Fml a str a p Eill to Wmk Ami eats to Nati a my inc Poona it ie4 storm pm it or 4nd window a rms same. A a a to a i i. Phons e a Iri. A we a the House doctors aaa a aaa Maxi a Caram Ai urdu my Taal a Mirean or it ease estimate phys Etc Tai to Tum Ca aluminium twixt liar in i poet a ago a Ca parti a Tinei a a Lyrin _ Nill of of Mooi Ling Ca Pant of Nama a Alai two pm a Mal or get Taw is septic tank service tatar tact be a vice ail to it frat Eon. Lanai Calixa. At a a Ai. La of ack e a Ait. N or a 41 six Neok l ivc a Attar pm Ana Laiu Aan Taliaa a a Ian Limato pack Baa Earl pea it at it Williams landscaping an trp. Ham Impi a a Camp Axtt i Themi in Ixo de Smith s Static tan same. . Ft8#-i�f>4 it Uritam a of Xix. Of # a pm i o ii Xum i am septic tanks cleaned Call Thomas Maloni w�4#%j it to a radio repair Summit of Utah Pra Oram a a at Eata sex not a Elan Eula at Attama to tar �r0�i i to a us inv a Osta la of attain tax tipi i to s so a a arts a Man it int Raitala. Call Eli Eek a re it a Alph i radio a to . Set e i naw a tox e Carf a. A. A tatar 1 to. Co in pm a he Are la remodelling amp punting a Ca gent a t i Phou trint repairing 3 l of amp found i Ana Auh a mama a Tai. Ana sex i bom a a a Zaita a Canari Oenar a claim a a a at in up Frh ensure x i Jas cml to or axes 404 lost la at Barni a a Ca. A a Cotta be Park a a pm a Lui lost Man jute a it c 0 feta put Tapa m a i Erita a Toafitu a a a cd i pm Snar hot gun Mab _ a Leo lamp contractor. Ixta a a a a Xii Taxe be Tao it of i a Hall �?�?�_.�%# cum a Jav Arataro i Quality a Matane Ere it a on pm i am a Buri Era a. Akkub a snap he n main Cam uphold Long a 91 a . Ragn Wisp. Etta rip Axt Teutul la#0 Elk a of lamp tel Eta pkg to a a be re pm to 4ts4ei4 Al Sears electric co. Of oars pc Exon is Arlo Trexler appliance service Sii to Moat Poats arc dam goad me a a a re dry. A Tea Cnoc Stem Phi aeta Savka err far molar a Nodi. Aam Mara hotpot be. A Naif Loo a Mim be install a Elf Lindae air Minim a cart Ai me Ltd to Sta air be rift Tibet i 1 do str vice. Soars e Mcl fic be Dejeo Day a at up. Heman 24 room it Board Gan Timofi tar n,.ted tearoom radiating mix. A Corvita cat it nac Droe Ava. Axex msess4 a Oom a Eoa to Par Max and Xoi Tea 41 s. Puiwah. Pm it Etc 23 Roo my a to room con of tic Man Wahta men. ant Anc. Til n Elm St a is 144. Close in room i a j an a Max. Nam bid Alia of pm roam xxx a Cape Eata. A Momma Oxx. To to a Plaxa per myth. Oar Kif it Etc eur Nash to a to Oigt St eos Emp Lovio lao phone em40m roamed my a and a Ca is 4tt a Oom to rent by a Varna. Madr mkt a War Attar t to pm in Tanii Quot sos Utla in a by a earns tar i. Max Are my. Star Dae Maex a Aca a of m p a i Xam t3#i��Max corp. Itt n mom St. To Jet i re Mux is a Ooms Torr Xona dire no. Any it pm i a Oom to settled lady with Kitchen privileges. Phone it ital j roam no to turn Apt pm Pix. On Small child a Ort a linking. We it t a j roam Aab a to n a Oad. Mim upits private by no ups Iii fun no shoo i roam a upstairs of Ham Pam 146 Ixa fix a it a in a in exp dram pm Ems t High Point Enterprise wednesday june 12, 1974 17c advertisers requested to Hedv first appearance of for corrections. The enter a prise will be Rete is Blei for Only one co reject jew Cwb i Hextell 27. A pts. H outlet a 1 i Fern a tax a 1 room naut Eca. Pix Cuta Oriel sue Par in xxx and Aue St Unity it Point Cau in jaw Jive Che it nut prick 4 tax Dup a lilt fee in hmm a. Xvi sus yes Tojo e Ava a saw a 4 no a car Pax a ta&Quot.9. A Ca-1c4 i in a re Paa him 41j card of 4 its a cd Amic a to. Pad to Brick a de Sod "00 s eith re sex . In Al a to Eainar data Coxx. Paved drive a. Sus v a a a it. 4 a a room a by i it a re 9 Lam of or. Tea a Ici a Anda tax. I a a a a mad tax. Tut paned r Mese Ica a a Broad. 4i## it to a a Quot a # e r Iii Joes Cebu 4 to to to. Arock. 9x1 Lun of. New a Cann. Sti Joju s Craw St 4 t4#n a Imp my paved i or. To is to a tata i-11, 4 amt a a to. Oft Ace Panal a a Taix pain paved do a Taio Jas of lits 4 Rev a full a to a a heir Carr. Sat is Joa Siam a six Rev a a to. Lust mimed .1. A sum a tax. 4rm�. A a. Tav i i my. A ram my. Max. I us to j 4 tat. Aam. Prick paved do it to very coax a its mar x. 4 r to i a iese 14 can Der i q Rob lust paned my c a Pat waa 4 Ann. St is Hor Park Tret he t it a it Ami Bax or Cid. Pard do a a. Ifs realty company to n main St. Pm. Tel a lines is words a a Ica 0# acc Wark. Ache Axy pm two Day am. Put cd cd Eita i a up at. A a smell w Haas. Cen a Yttre 4tsema Wall Fet # taxi oui eat vary to say. H jux pent. Ieve a Etc k a a or Wark. All Kines Arlt a it stays under Pennine leu oat a a Tara Nikiaa put a Aram t a Erat a Meta mgt fat a a it 4ejs Carpente. Raat Ixta tata hip meal mkni4 tat axed Wark Peon m. All a or pm Quality re up a Tim a Gua and Aad a Rte Mit a Aaan Mam i a pick up a a tar a it mgt a cup Holst ring discount a Matar Al. Lurt vix your Awn Bra a Elt Mema soul a fun Quality Etc is lost mom Macx Wund to Oak my area Ca Quot a it to St Chama Avtar a cd re Naso calf 4s wit a pm Al j a re a a tor Carrat a a mat tax to add let 0 a a dts a a go Dae it Ava on rat a not exam taut a exam Tram or Man Rexa it a i St of so Narhi r Attal 1 rat Kari a Ca Las in Vicinity a St Nae me via a and Suh Tai in pack #19x1 19 in Lea Sui notice to creditors North Carolina Guilford count the undersigned paving Dua f a a Admix it itry to it to t in in a Thomas j bosom be. Duca std Itta at Guilford county no to Carolina Lxi is to Nota Aap Sam. L imy a corporation ave to claims against a d As tat he Prasay Mam to tat to a a in aet a of a to a it a Day of oar. Iaia or a att will a i it a Arad in Par Al Roc ova i persons firms a corp # at Ani Maastad to so a say a Picas Quot i a pay Maxi in int a Ltd i gnat to to to i to a Al a Eti Thomas j Jordan or and Xix itt air Etma e stat is Thomas j Jordan or. Ltd co Joo scientific Silt at High pc Ixl. N c if us h a Tow t h Riggs. Kuhn Ano Haworth Atte it Cyl p o be too paint. N c. J tie i Sti. The a Ella i personals marriage a Feng Amarls Camtam a a j a s. Earn to pm Mandan a a Friday can la appointment new Jam c c hug tat Oai is Fux to a Carpenter nor a Mux Adt tons i a Itaf. Panting a tap Xais Cox Al paint he Fra ast Sams i tue re upholstering sex style Mam it a s at Pitun a fur is your own Gap am % up ohm. I Jeu Carpenter wart. Be Yta so Kpa acc dears a a Laws. Roam add tans Pant xxx. A la Proctor. We Jar carpentry Wark ramada ipg. A Aca to an painting to tax a a Nan a As imams can 4ts�sje Concrete or be s. Pat of. A it i att a prick Wark to rears a mph be a pm a not to Duara taa to save you Creek in Tok levs furniture. A a area As it Mats pick up a am vary to Sec on Al Sampus a Jue a memo is books eel nil do or the Taal to use Oor Ano of tames. Phone i 462 23 miscellaneous furnished i room Apt upstairs of Meta Atta. Att Twat so alack English re id week a Matajzl House far text sits a a. Ona a do oem sol Jean to so. Can i Between ice i jct is a Tabard 4 a. Apt us nary i in Tes it Tao a i pm. Apt. Sij by b Grace map Sjo every j Nae it j to Apt Tow a Rig turn. -.,# t0 is St to i a a Eft Kara it to. Dup. Ski a ii a a. Us Security. 1 a f1 a j Taco a howl m Mern to r far a. J my aet. Lie a a Cigar air lure Istad. Recently panted. St Mam Rry a of hey co. A a my is. Mme in arc Ca Xor tiv lure Issaa of pm Apar Maxl no la Ruttur can Caa is two not a turn mid by Toem. Apartment married to up atty be can Dufex. A put Ca Quot tel la one Moa a to Asci Olive oct 0# rant fun Xis Adl Coupon ext. A Ca our of Striet Ca Quot Wium 4 Eavy to Quot a i map. A hey Treacil j re a Quot a a Campati of Ptah. To s e in j am Nous. Jot 1 e Lear Egton j pm. Duple a 4 c for Tori 4 pm Nous. Job a taa Bwl 4 a aet tip y m Elm j pm Duple. Soa Ray Jam ourm. To t a ate j pm wont us a cd Quot Tab Dice. I my Dowse. J pm Dup a room to rent Wax to Ltd adds Sut oar to or Terra up Al pc Quot tan Cees i Suffa Quot eur pmc0 a a a Felt a e c Don Rickert Pant contractor i tax a air a Noma Camm Cut at. It dust Tai Faa As Matts it Haj alterations a Rapai of a Norme Ait Atta a Cam Bartoe at j p m. Announcing 27 4 roam Apt a Okay coax Ceramic til Bam a Mew newly Dana. Nei a Vitae o St pm my1 be t Fie dream a. Hii trait Manor. Rant my Van a Zaat. Water Dix Weixer. Ret Taer Atar. Slav a Cono Ien no unit a carpet Sui kit Starling. J atar00mv. A so Wasmar. Gas a Creed at. Sos a an Tryon. S mss Jab Sti n Mam 111 Hoskins. Us a text 4hm a use a so a it a i 4 pm Nous. J map. A in Mere. 3 a a. 31 0 pc that it 4 to nows Quot Eju to Casa Quot duplex spa a Jav j pm Apt. Oakwood court. 3 in turn. Set Amas �4 re duper. Ira germ on. 3 pm dip tax Ato came term Jue i Saj Saj pm Dup. Jao Pollack Lur. Is Abt in Duce excess Wax Pieta late a get Wax of a dial capsule at Manx 0# vet easter j paint contractor f a estimates ask to Jot. My Jen houses a or t Able Sti am cleaner. R Law nos tor data god l auit Donars a a cum it go a in j pm it a it ars t on t carts ate C�&Quoteee-s4u a War in mail j pm. Us fireplaces taa Tad seats eur a sax of Tims a a suits tap Van individual must aaes acpt mad a Aan la Asia it a is pm mses Jata to of Yrau gtd no Tira Tacas. Ca Quot 4tpa3u in sets a tax Par a is Nam antique woo Urx Itu a rec Rte a Ltd re Nax a j it a at Acmar Tanap. A i pita up a Del Arp a 4t�aj� 3 instructions electricians / j notice of foreclosure unde Ana a virtue exe Pewe a sea can Tain n a Cartan data it Trust mama a stay nay Weed t Nomas a tax to Cataen n Nomas to f # nest to Turnbull Ana Georg i to men. . Dated Maju Day 0 Decatta Ete and rec or dad in Tom 24ie, Page Iee. Guu Ord cd air up Gist. North Che it a oat Ault Xang Alan made in to payment 01 a a Nota meteor secured Ayta a a mad 0 Trust and in Nae to glad j to Hiam Anderson having out Suasti und As Thusn in a 0 deed at Trust by a instrument duly recorded in to office Al to Register Al dads of Guilford county North Carolina and the Holder cd the Nona Hunting cd i having Date ted that the deed of Trust be Tore Tosao int undersigned Suasti Tun trustee Wilt Otter tor Val at the courthouse door in the City of Greensboro Guil Aro county Norm Carolin # twelve la to 0 oat noon. Of Tad newday he lath Day it june iet4 and Wilt sail to the High Bedoe tor Calk to tot Low my rapt estate % Theta or nigh Point township of gusto d county North Carolina end Oemig More a a Ticulka to described As tot tows beginning at a Iron stake of to tests Ltd of Norm can non Ai vae a d Iron stake be my located to tee from a Northwest infer Section of North Centennial Street and Conrad Avenue running thence North 12 degrees of mmunts test its a feet to an Iron s Ake running thence North Vej degrees to minutes East to feet to an Iron stake run no South to degrees to a nutes last its tee to an Iron slake on the test tide of North Centennial it aet running i Baru r South 03 degree to a mans test 74 tee along Norm Centennial Street to to Point and place ont beginning and be by a part of lot no 4 of revision no j division no i or a b Conrad s property of Northwood acres according Lotta plat thereof which is duly recorded to i Book i at Page 42 in the Oft ice of the Reg Ster of deeds of Guilford county North Carolina and being described according to a Survey prepared by gee b Dean civil Engineer dated de be m Der la 170 this Tai is made sublet to to a Quot lavas end prior Lions or encumbrances of record against the said property and an recorded releases a Cash Deposit of tan be cent it 10% of a he Purchase Price will be required at the time of the sate this u h Day of May 197 j William Anderson substitute trustee Coolidge Anderson and Clarke attorneys at Law too Hay Street Fayetteville n c Ihm 4 to a 4 5, 12 it you pm to Mure a journeymen i cd or a dec rec of contractors a Cense Kart is help to you a net of Ewe re Coo school this so heat wit a pm ism it. I pm a will Ana in time Tath jape am for map Nat Ekas Anat a cent actors in your area the attended a your toe Ai inspect or. Yeti crag treys Atte j pm. To Esi hts or. Cam Early on mun4#v. Est Ai by or. Same Early on Mostaa night a a �7 a number can a enrol in Tare win 0 a tee venue Neuse is to Catota on rum a Yourn at Jai Itaf. Near me Pat at a fax a a for lowest prices All types hem Tings i k la Quot Bej do j a a a in a it a men to. Be panelling a All types carpet War Gutter work inst Quot via a. In a ga1 Vax it red Pax Edar paint Gap a tel be or 474 go t ter cleaning Serene cd cwt nod. Warned a Down spoon Cro nod a Call checked can dim Ben Vox. With Atter 4pm guttering Industrial residential Ca Quot 411 Jim 4ji 41a or we Vrej Home building remodelling add Tony a Chen Cee Tats. Tops Bothy roofing turn Ture Yho Roomy j j tar be Leek a v a Eek a Jim Vik i inf i Kef is men Rover Fen us me goad Lite As an airline travel careerist Good a end up a adv each Emil galore j re travel pastes or a Scaunas to Tun spots at me Worth Moat Matt rat Peota every Day to ining in a Quot int ground positions. Pm came Axt is it since vet to but approved for veterans for Tate adding Story we a Matiga sex sen us your Nam end phone Nom Are to Universal airline school. By g ii to Cera a the High Point Enterprise h in paint no 2726 Horn it ice us i Xit fiend Hajdu drive or car travel almost free Phit Adeph a tot Angeles Palm springy Kansas City. Boston Raic go san Diego new York. St Lewis. Cd a Quot Ano san Antonio and Man other cities 883-7532 Auto drive Way Elk glad land farms Angus dispersal Friday june 14, 1974 Lexington n c. At the farm located of Hwy. 150, South of on neck Road farm machinery sell of to am cattle sell of la am Shung 11j let a 3 emus 9ft Register id females 13 commercials cows with Calv Evand reared or close to calving a red and open heifers. Sale managed by North Carolina Angus association a comp my Init a it y Given Baia no Eif is 4010 a Jee 47e5 i 8 4 Home improvement guaranteed to please Roc is aaa Tuny patios Patang at types of Nom Rem Taft no Damom mks a but royals. Ling. A i is Ijaz Brick Wark found at ony Arck aet Khz. Sidewalks Anta also repair Wark Caner patios Ana driveways ail Wark i ewer ameed cd Aav pm custom Madi draperies Many Rev Vamp it to choose Tram Eek. 2�2t free junk car pick up services. Guirland Auto Salvage. Pm 4317275 or 431-5235 Garden plots to Quot or cd Quot and. Also n s to Anno. S Yoav far Evl my m3 Tea or of it Hammett electric my qty anytime _ horse stalls for rent horses boarded plenty of r a no roam a pastor the oaf stables phone "4-4534 apartments 718 Chestnut 4 pm do ant in Jha Ned. 4 pm. Dupe and Iem Maryann 4 pm Youpei to. Itma so Cfaft 4 tit of Pikao. Commercial 461 to Grimes. Sus. Bill Hylton realtor aos n main St non m2 of Quot it e Yff tint. 4 pm Apt. Sac Ieta tall v 4 pm Kep a 8 by 4 to Apt. Sjo 46 tan term Apt .s4b i iji4 f it sough pm. I mfg St to ii 4 to Apt. Saj i 707 take j to Apt to e adapt Tensity clean i Gate Vood j pm Apt .475 i 56j peat att. 4 pm Apt. Ste 40b Jwana a 4 pm now. 4100 Atea my 4 pm Duplak. 444 Quot a hot i by j pm Apt 455 am c Heap tout 3 pm Apt.44ft Iff Lual housing Opportunity m my n we House painting inside i out reasonable rates Call after i m2 >4 minish aluminium Ano heating co. All types aluminium siding Gutta no. Carport Patio c0vry storm a it news a aeon air Conditi onary Insulat an reasonable prices tree eve Timat of 454 204s mom e r v a to n i no e improvement a Ngy Pat of Carport Gutter in a a opting. A a Tang. Siding storm w idols a pc a Mobile Home award a. Room additions Concrete work. Tark guaranteed a s4y7 or 4j1 w2 need Wack or Brick worn Dun fait a carpentry work done now Quot Ca Quot Morris masonry 475 3477 a Quot rpm a a a outside House painting roofing a House repair. Call h g Mabe Moje a a junk car removal free at in re Ca Quot Brown 454 lilt or 4sai40i any Tea special Sehi ices Woodlawn Baptist Church Hui George reason june 13, i i is 7 30 nightly suit due 11 . Moving 4 storage Lovi rates insured Call m a moving let us to your furniture into your new House or Epa then Lecel or Long Ca Quot tor a tree moving kit. Grant or Mayflower my Osi Quality Brick and Block Staerk phone ib2 eem Tai Quot assemble a Quot Tes a i Dongs ate fair pried Good work. Ca Quot Atter i pm 431-244. 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Someone is going to be the Winner it might As Well be you listen to this Sti 500 Down and assume present loan with monthly payments of 3187 including taxes and insurance 2ood North location six room Brick with Carport on a Large lot of too x 200 loan Assi option a a loan Assumption a Fok a family poll of fun Quot we Oiler tor Sale this Lovely six room Brick Rand with double Carport and paved drive outside the City in Oak View us tales at 3511 la i half you will find your dream come True a solid As 4 our a Quot and designed to please one and All mom will surely love this Large four bedroom split level located on a Beautiful too x 200 lot in Oak View states the owners Are being transferred out it town and unfortunately can i take their gorgeous House with them their loss May be your gain Call us today. Owner will consider 2nd mortgage a for tre finest in real estate Quot Call Dick morf.88s-927s Moo Stewart my Ihm i Fri i to Clark my my interested 2404 n. 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