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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 10, 1972, High Point, North Carolina 41 High Point Enterprise saturday june to 1972 . Physicians showing interest in acupuncture editor s note american physicians have begun to take a Long hard look at the chinos method of acupuncture to carry out surgery without anaesthesia. Hero is a report on the subject. By Alton Blakeslee a science editor new York a scientific Bent. Or. Chinese doctors have been saying they just done to know. For centuries the chinese have used acupuncture to treat almost every disease and sometimes for pain Relief. In All this the theory has been that the Needles and through 12 pairs of a a meridians or ducts that Lead being of to specific internal organs and Pang l. Hat the stimulation from the Man of Northville. Michigan Needles acts to restore a healthy stuck two acupuncture Needles balance of life fluids. Into his own legs and then had gut no �?omendjgns1 or Ducos a surgeon nut a Gash in his left syk w up Kest Electron. Microscopes. So Western doctors the Gash was i 4-inches Long have generally attributed rept and a half Inch deep. It took seven stitches to close. Man says he did no to feel a thing. He had Learned Acu. A a a puncture in China where you in your pain was bom. De Good effects from medical Acu Pandure to suggestion to the fact someone cares to try to acupuncture for anaesthesia chinese next Man stuck acupuncture ame a a a it a Len Needles into his wife a face just doctors began twirling the before a dentist pulled two of Needles. This appeared critical her molars. She did no to feel any in backing pain. And since pain either. Twirling the Needles Between neither had any aesthetic or thumb and forefinger for pain relieving drug before or perhaps an hour or two is a after their surgery. Nuisance Small electrical cur nor has a handful of patients real a were applied through the in . Hospitals where Anes Needles to get a similar the biologists and medical Scien continuing stimulatory effect lists Are beginning careful now a theory offering a study of this audacious idea physiological explanation for it from China that surgery can All comes from or. Man a pay be carried out without Anes Chia Trist thesia except for some slender research acupuncture Needles thinner Hospital than an Needle. Acupuncture is known to professor of psychiatry have been the Only or main Wayne state University who is director of at Northville state in Northville. Mich. Ordinary hypodermic and or. Calvin h. Ghen. Also China born adjunct assistant at in Veira list looks at picture of son Mother hears from son missing for 26 years a aesthetic a within the last two Detroit. Orlando Fla. Apr i am Everett list in Ohio and sorry but i done to even know couple moved to Orlando. What you look like a the letter the woman said she the no other information about her. Market drop attributed to Mcgovern by John Cunniff a Busine analyst new York a sen George Mcgovern is now being honoured or blamed in having a Market named after him As in the phrase a the Stock Market is suffering from Mcgovern Only very influential and powerful men or events have had markets named for them. There have been Kennedy and Johnson and Nixon markets both up and Down depending upon certain actions taken. And now the Market is stalled and the South Dakota senator is being singled out As the reason. He is accused of seeking to redistribute the wealth and Sharp speculators always have thought that was their role. A this economic proposals Are scaring the daylights out of the business and financial Community a says Newton Zinder. Analyst for . Hutton. And Robert Stovall research director at Reynolds securities says that if Mcgovern wins the democratic nomination it could keep the Dow Jones Industrial average from reaching 1,000 Points. At midweek it was under 950. But really is the senator having that kind of an Impact or is the investment Community once again seeking causes for actions it does not fully understand or for which no one answer suffices for More than six years the Market has been trying to break 1.000 and it has failed and never has Wall Street 6 Hurt slightly in 2-car wreck the new intersection at Thissell Street and Leonard Avenue recorded its first wreck thursday at 11 17 . When six persons were listed As injured. None of those injured was listed today As a patient at High Point memorial. Officers said that cars driven by Frank David Thomas 27, of Greensboro and Rosa Corry White of Granby Street collided injuring both Drivers. Passengers injured in the Thomas car included Billy Joe Thomas 21, and sue Johnson he said he spent eight years failed to pm a reason who a they theorize that the Needles read. Placed in months at a few centers in this country for repair of a hernia and a recurrent dislocation of stimulate two the shoulder for a skin graft ing a Tonsillectomy and a impulses having to do Biopsy of a growth on a mans non pain 5ensations based on remarks by Robert peripheral nerves kinds of and Vera list thinking her was born nerve Only child was dead for 26 years fibres. The larger fibres carry suddenly discovered she was with both a Mother and grandmother. Was such As. A a a never i communicating with various told her husband about the son. Agencies and officials in the Jobo head of research for she was unmarried when the United states before Immi authorities finally to Gration tonsil. Likely there have been Iem ahm ,7. Cd mrs us a As Separ a a a other and perhaps numerous sinter can t san Manfred a men aug. Mid. 1944 unannounced operations. Flyers carry he san a was imprisoned by russians of pain. A second oiliness surgeons Are said to have performed 400.000 operations with acupuncture anaesthesia since 1966 in a Brand pay pulses become new application of a 5,000-year be e i h e o r y Gate is the thai the boy was one year old. A i guess you re surprised to fated her. Hoar from read the letter mrs. List said she could not in German hold Back the tears As she hand a i am your son Manfred born cd her husband the letter. A Well what in the world Are a after the bad times i went to you crying about a he asked. Just during an invasion of Germany. Jive we Foster parents. They a this is great news. In be were very Good to me but now i become a father and Amus area of the brain where told by the russians that her have it the inner longing to know father in one Day Regis son had died during her in my real mrs. List said she and Paine Webber Jackson amp Curtis the Lack of Market vigor might As easily be attributed to president Nixon. These Are his comments to his company a salesmen a i believe president Nixon will be re elected. And i believe one of his primary second term a grand objectives will be to resume the Battle against inflation. Not her having to worry any further or a q. 8�es prison ment mrs. List a then the son wrote that he was husband have taken extra jobs about re election political Konoid Art practice before just for s mat might get through Vera berth a finally emigrated now married and a father. He to raise the $1,000 fare for her Side rations the president will the the i in Quot of the at to the United states in 1955. She said his Foster parents had Given son his wife and their child to then be free of Many political medical purposes. The chinese say the surgical thalamus Gate pain Relief fails in about to per cent of cases. But the chinese Are also saying now that one single Needle properly placed in the ear or face can Block out pain arising from surgery on any part of the human body even to opening up the Skull Chest or Abdomen Man adds to All this american medical men Are reacting with statements ranging from a total rubbish to a marvelous exciting a new Era. The evidence whether either extreme must modify its View May not be Long in forthcoming a responsible anaesthesia departments of medical centers Are exploring it a says an orthopaedic surgeon who performed an unpublicized operation of shoulder repair under acupuncture. The patient was Given a mild pain relieving drug during part of the Long operation. Within two to five years research May show whether american Medicine says Bye Bye to acupuncture or whether the process proves out enough so medical authorities Start to License trained people to carry it out. Says or. Saul president of the new York state Board for Medicine. How possibly could a few Needles inserted not very deeply into the skin produce the Miracle of blocking off sensations of pain later married air Force sgt. Him his mothers name but had1 Fly to Orlando love affair with a Home. Ifs truly our House r our House. It is truly our House because it is All paid off. It is a measure of our happiness that we would not sell it for any amount. The family a wife Kelly children. Karen and Kathi a have lived in it nine years and All of them have been Good ones. You must picture a cube of sugar lying on its Side. Top it with a sort of Orange tile roof and a chinese crossbeam traversing it. Add a Lawn designed for the preservation and perpetuation of crabgrass and throw in a Semi circular driveway of Macadam. Close to the House picture Strong shrubbery with a Butch Heller haircut which grows red buds. Toss in a few Trees which become outrageously sexy in Spring and drop yellow buds on each other. Behind the House picture a screened in Patio. 40 feet by Side glances by Gill Fox a can i go Over to jimmies i can to find enough nothing to do a 60, enclosing a swimming Pool which lights at night and four chinese gardens. There Are outdoor table and chair sets made of Metal a regulation Pool table and a half tree varnished and lying on its Side to act As a Bench. Georgeous a listen i have bought nine houses in my time and every time i walked into a new one i murmured a this is they were false loves. This one is it. Really is. Of i forgot. On the Lawn is a three tray Fountain with an imposing siamese goddess perched on top. The two car garage is gone. We asked Frank Sacchetti to Seal the front of it and fashion round chinese windows. The garage became an office lined with bookshelves. Me and my work became isolated from the rest of the House which caused my wife to break into applause. The Kitchen is done in chinese red and Gold with electric Range refrigerator red Formica counter tops and a Square opening with shutters which leads into the dining room. Food can be served through the opening. A the dining room is Small. The table can serve eight a breakfront stands behind it. Overhead Are two Large brass figured balls lined with yellow silk. These cast a soft Light Over hosts and guests. Between dining room and living room is a chinese Moon Gate. With Wood filigree in White. Gold broadloom runs through the House and when i got the Bill i Felt like running through the House. The living room is Large and has a Small Center Hall facing an Orange and Black circular i doorway. The Doorknob is in the Middle and a few caustic friends said they thought i was running a chinese Bank. In this room there is a Black lacquer bar. A soft Golden settee which runs Halfway Down one Wall and Halfway up the next. It encloses a Black ornate chinese table with tiny Black chairs underneath. There is also an ornate chinese Bench with Plush Cushion two Wing chairs which can swing in circles and a Tele vision set which is recessed in a Wall. All Walls Are off White and covered with Large chinese paintings. I think we went a step too far with this Oriental jazz. When daughter Virginia Lee sent us a German Shepherd Pup. He was named Charlie Chan. Fortunately he a Nep Otic who cannot sleep without biting his rubber ring. Whatever trauma he has he had it before he arrived. There Are three bedrooms. The Large one with the King sized bed and big color to sets belongs to Kelly and me. Okay to Kelly. There Are deep walk in and hide closets. Karen has the bedroom next in size with childhood dolls and twin Beds. The next in size was used by my father. Since he died a sign hangs on the door. It says a opium this has two pull out couches so that if you come to visit we have room. In the Back Hall there is a corridor for grocery shelves a laundry and dryer a hot water tank and a tiny room. This was originally designed As a maid s room. When we got Frank Sacche Tiiu a Bill for All the extra work we decided we did no to need a maid so Kathi uses it. There Are two Baths. One is off the living room and is decorated in Marble floor and Walls. There Are two basins for the girls who live there looking at themselves and heating curlers All Day. Our bathroom is one in Small Black and White squares on the floor and Walls. Both Baths have ornate showers an the the with chased Glass Etc. Extra door leads from master bathroom out to swimming Pool. This eliminates wet feet on the Rug. There Are a million Homes More ornate. My description tells you nothing but the mechanics of what it looks like. The place has been lived in to the fullest. It is a Young House but it has witnessed a great Deal of Contentment. On vacation restrictions imposed on him. A thus i would expect shortly after or. Nixon a re election investors would see a change in economic policy. From stimulation to restraint. Both fiscal and monetary restraint. And historically periods of economic restraint have not proven particularly bullish for the Johnson concludes that if investors come to believe that the president will remain in office and that if economic restraint becomes the policy a i would expect investors to begin taking profits. Perhaps there is no one reason to explain the markets Dull performance. Maybe there Are hundreds of causes but among them there is one that can be used with certainty. The investment climate might be considered Uncertain Ana investors hate uncertainty. They prefer a sure thing and they re not getting it Ai Uver to nah Pinto across i tour by 4 capital of italia 8 South american nation 32 lifetime 13 arabian Gulf 14 greek love god 15 unit of a reluctance is temporary 18 veers 2d foundations 21 Small child 22seed appendage 24 Chow in Frisco 26 slipped 27 depot a so amatory 32 autocrat 34 related on father s Side 35 landed property 3 6-Angeles 37 son of Seth bib 39 Flower 40 hebrew measure 41 British pub brew 42 momentous 45 greek goddess 49 disown 51 Mountain in Crete 52 indigo 53 the uvula 54 corded fabric 55 medicinal Quantity 56 taverns planners to View rezoning Greensboro two requests for rezoning o f property in the Rural area of the county near High Point will come before the Guilford county planning Board 7 30 . Wednesday night. Don Setliff a representative of Francis w. White has requested rezoning of property located on the South Side of the Wiley Davis Road in Jamestown township near 1-65 from agricultural to single family residential purposes. Planning department officials said the land is expected to be used As a site for a new residential subdivision and that it is adjacent to several nearby subdivisions. In the second Case. J. C. Hardin of the Hardin Oil co., inc., has requested rezoning of land at the intersection of . 421 and Ira or. In deep River township North of High Point from residential agricultural to Light Industrial purposes in order to bring a non conforming business into line with zoning regulations. The session planned for the Guilford county a d in i n i stration building on Greene Street will also see consideration of a proposal to Amend zoning regulations governing sanitary land fills. Officials said local regulations would be removed in order to let tighter state regulations govern. Thomas both of Sunnybrook Street and Alice Mcdaniel Thomas of Greensboro. Also injured in the White vehicle was Mandell Anderson of Whiteoak Street. Rosa White was charged with failure to yield the right of Way at a flashing signal Light. Damage were estimated at $2,000 to the 1970 Model Thomas car and $1,200 to the 1968 Model White car. Gaye Howell Bizzard of brain Wood Street suffered minor injuries thursday when her car and a vehicle driven by Stewart Jackson peace 18, of route i collided on n. Centennial Avenue near mint Street. Peace was charged with following too closely. Teen Ager injured slightly Thomasville a Raleigh teen Ager was injured slightly wednesday when she was thrown from the car in which she was Riding and the vehicle a a bounced Over her the state Highway patrol reported. Jayne Morris 17. Received cuts on her arms and shoulders in the Accident which occurred shortly before noon. She told officers she would be treated later by a private physician. According to investigating patrolmen the car in which Jayne Morris was Riding driven by Daniel Fredrick Smetana 18, of Raleigh was a forced off the Road by a truck driven by Larry Richard Myers 32, of High Point. Officers said the truck was attempting a left turn when it pulled in front of the Smetana vehicle. Jayne Morris was thrown from the vehicle when the car was forced off the Highway the patrolmen said. According to witnesses the car a a bounced Over her while she was lying in the median. Myers was charged with making an unsafe movement. May building thirteen from area graduate surpasses $2 million the table 7 social insect 8 Flower part 9 goddess of discord Ion a around the world la utilizes 17 sojourns 57 abstract being 19 Rosa Colombia do we 1 ride on an of a 2 awry 3 Kinsmen 4 scolded 5 european River 6 used at 23 is borne 24 repast 29 philippine Sweet sop 31 noted by items 33 Fence Steps 38 decree 40 immature seed 41 prayer endings 42 graduate a 43 Nevada Cit 25 hence latin 44 sacred Bull 26 drama unit of Egypt 27 Auto accessory 2 words 28 wholly comb form 46 Short jacket 47 scottish Stream 48 knocks 50 Here for Greensboro a surge of residential building in Rural Guilford county sent the total value of building permits issued during May Well past the $2 million Mark. James Prillaman county inspections director issued building permits for 85 new residences having a total value of $2,031,725. The total value of building permits issued during the month reached $2,497,705, according to Prillaman a monthly report. The inspections department issued 31 permits Worth $165,-805 for non residential structures. These included an $80-000 Wood products manufacturing Plant and a $20,000 service station. In other activities the inspections department issued 36 permits Worth $71,247 for additions o repairs at residences and two permits valued at $9,200 for additions or repairs at non residential structures. It issued permits for location of 25 Mobile Homes and it also issued 22 Mobile Home occupancy permits. Four permits involving locations of tanks and pumps valued at $216,400 were also approved. \ i j i re a 6 7 8 9 16 la 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 wow 21 23 24 25 f a 2? 28 29 33 34 36 a 37 38 40 41 42 43 44 46 47 48 48 50 51 52 53 54 55 66 57 to Susan Sparks on Dean s list Salisbury Susan Gayle Sparks daughter of or. And mrs. Warren a. Sparks of 3j39 Longview or. In High Point has been named to the Deans list for the Spring Quarter at Catawba College Here. Legal notices Notick to creditors having qualified As Enactor of the estate of c. Warren Perry deceased Tate of Guilford county North Cero line this is to notify All Persona firms and corporations having claims against Laid estate to present them to the undersigned at 200 North main Street. High Point North Carolina on or before the 30th Day of november 1972, or this notice Wilt a pleaded in bar of their recovery. All Parsons firms and corporations indebted to said estate will please make immediate payment to the undersigned this the 23rd Day of May 1972. Wachovia Sank Ano Trust company . Executor of the estate of c. Warren Perry s-27, 6-3. 4-10 and 4-17 Roberson Haworth i Reese attorneys Greensboro thirteen High Point area residents were awarded degrees during commencement exercises at Guilford College Here. High Point graduates include John Andrew Beck . In political science sue Lynn Clontz a a in sociology Jane Maria Craven b s. In psychology Cathy Jane Frazier . In elementary education Michael Colon Hurley b s. In management Rachael Taylor Phillipss . I n elementary education William Jeffery Sherman . In English Harold Dean Shieves a in religion George Talmadge Leverett a. In Law enforcement Steele Thomas Myers a a. In Law enforcement Ann Edgerton Whitley . With honors in French Sarah Ann Haworth b s. With honors in mathematics and Vicki Ann Brown . With High honors and departmental honors in English. Also graduating were James Edward Harris of Trinity. B s. In mathematics and James Dawson Hudson of Thomasville. B s. In management. Resolution be it resolved by the City Council of the City of High Point in regular meeting duly into filed on the Lith Day of May 1972. At i 30 o clock a. Rn., in the Council chamber of Tho City county building. High Point North Carolina whereas the City Council hat Bam Rou it a to clo a portion of Logan Straat right of Way a cab daa toll Logan Straat beginning at a Point said Point boing is in Mort or Tau Outh of the to Thorn right it Way in of Pinch a Anu and doing on Tho Eastern right of Way of Logan Straat Thane following a curve with a radio of a 41 Taal Tor a do Tanc of 209 24 to a Point Thane following a curve with a radio of text far a do Tanca of 170 49 to a Point Banc n7s digs j7 00"w for a Distant of v u to a Point Thane Nii Dag Raat 49 to e Tor a diet no of 390 More or iou to Tho Point and proc of beginning. The Abov de scribed area being right of Way East of a a Quot Logan Straat unpaved to right it Way Quot at shown on the plat of the progeny of j. B Whit recorded at the Guyford county Register of dead in plat soak 4i, Peg 91. Whereas . 140a-299 Ragu Lrae the Council to first adopt a Resolution doctoring it intent to Clos the Straat and calling a Public hearing Ort Tho question now therefore be it resolved that the Council doctor a intent to Clote the Straat above described and Tats the 12th Day of june 192, at 9 30 o clock a. Int the data for the Public hearing before the Council it Tho City of High Point in the Council chamber of the cloy county building. High Point. North Carolina in the a Tong of said a riot. Parsons withing to a Haar either Tor or Aga mat the said Latrett doting a asked to a peasant for Tho has ing. By order of the City Council Tatj 19th Day of May 1972. Catherine w. Harrington City Clark j 20 2 7 4-3. To

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