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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 10, 1940, High Point, North Carolina His 11h it to i in Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point Noh ii car tins Page nine Southworth in Leader for a lot of big headaches cards drop doubleheader to giants for second straight Day by Bill White safest bet of the week i that Billy Southworth of the St. Louis cardinals will gel a hateful of headaches before he finds a handful of happiness Fin his return As a major league manager. For Billy newly appointed Vanlier of the Gas less Las House gang is leaving a Roehe Stei dub that is running away with the International league Pennant to take Over the dared whose run Juning is being done in the wrong direction. I Losi iwo perhaps he was Wise to defer ibis arrival in St Louin until after it lie w Eek end doings were Over for the card won a game the a it after Bay Blades was deposed then lapsed again with twin Shel la it King by the new York giants saturday and sunday. Yesterday s losses by 11-9 in la inning and f-4 in the Nightcap left them an Leven is games away from the league leading Cincinnati red my just one ahead of the lasting be Boston bees. The dodgers Mak lug a deeper game. This being the highest aver be bid for ill National league age Ever made in a in can i lie plat sad. Failed in a doubleheader at-1 or. Hartley stored to Point per tempt with he reds before a non game for three games against i lie Iree Ord Cincinnati crowd of 34. Baylor school Mccall Len Arch Ril Tex Carleton spun a Fine Val. Five hitter to give the Brooks a 9-1 win hut a similar Effort by Linlor Thompson and heavy hitting by Bill wether and Billy dyers gave Cincinnati the after Doe. 6-2 and left the club a Fame apart. Meanwhile the Chicago cubs Here pounding seven Boston pitchers for 27 hits and a pair of Betone 7-1 and 15-8 with most if the plaudits going to Larry Tench for his six hitter in the opener and Phil Cava ret to for our blow in Hie second g to Hugh Muleahy broke a six game Osing Streak for the Phillies by int uiting a Sev Ltd Hitt i for a 6 1 Mctory Over Pittsburgh. But the pirate bounced Back to whack Tut 13 hits off Ike Pearson and y Blanton for an 11-6 win. It i i tix i the bilk Hartley of Lii ii Point is Grant to fight for 9th title Gardner Murloy and Archie Henderson Are seeded second and third respectively Charlotte. June Pic Bryan Bitsy Grant of Atlanta. Ga., began a quest Here today for his ninth Southern singles Tennis championship against a Field that included most of he Ablest of the Region s players. The seeding in the order named Grant Gardner Mulloy of Miami fla., Archie Henderson of Chapel Hill Dick Mckee of Miami. Fla., Bill Gillespie of Miami George Cero of Miami Russell Bobbitt of Atlanta and Louis Faquin of Memphis Tenn. The Only ranking Southern players who did not enter the tournament were Frank Guernsey of Rice Institute Ernie Sutter of new Orleans and Joe Davis of Vanderbilt University. Henderson was in ranked last year because of inactivity but he has won some important matches recently and with Mulloy was considered one of the favourites to end Grants Long reign. The doubles division will be a wind open contest particularly since the decision of Sutter and Gernsey not to enter. Among the stronger pairs in this division Teddy news of interest to Farmers sheep raising is profitable Farmers Are warned to use adequate control measures co Captain of the met n Lite school j Quot ill be Henderson and basketball team for 1041. Till i Burwell of Charlotte. Monson ii scored Point in 21 games averaging 11.2 kit inter t Linson wins 13 the straight North Wilkesboro Falls 12 to 6, before crack High Point team mrs. George Andrade of new York the former Marta Barnett of Miami will defend her women s singles Crown against a Field that includes Nellie sheer of Miami Southern girls Champion and Doris Hart also of Miami. Diz scores win rung run. For Oiler advice is Given on protecting Quot this year s tobacco conditions favourable for crop against insects Irish potato growing farm Home week will draw crowd All previous attendance records expected to be broken College station Raleigh june . O. Row Ell entomologist of the n. C. State College Extension service warned Farmers today to use adequate control measures in protecting this years tobacco crop against hordes of insect enemies. One of the most persistent attackers of the crop the Flea Beetle May be controlled with a mixture of Paris Green and arsenate of Lead. One Pound of Pari Green to five pounds of arsenate of Lead is the recommended proportion. For Small of newly set plums three pounds of this mixture will treat an acre. For half grown or larger Plant four to six pounds will be necessary. Due to the dense growth of tobacco and the necessity of applying the Poison to the under Side of the Leaf. The mixture is most effective v Hen dusted. This will control Horn Worms also. Common in Ems another common enemy of he tobacco trop is the Bud worm. The Best known control. Rowell said is poisoned Corn meal bait. For Large amounts one Pound of arsenate of Lead should be mixed with 50 pounds of Corn meal. For smaller amounts six heaping tablespoonfuls of the Poison to one Peck of meal is recommended. Applications which should be made Only in the morning when the tobacco buds Are open Are made every week until the to a allege Statton Raleigh Columbia. June june i a a attendance at this Lions for grow ing Irish potatoes it a a a a a a a and Home week a have been favourable for the past i Tual of final people a two and one half months reports state College will he swelled a it it h. Harris farm agent of Tyr aaa committeemen John Vav. Rell county Goodman assistant director of the the crop now moving to mar slate Extension service an Kee was carried to maturity by a nuanced today recent rain. Growers in All parts fhe three men composing hic of the county say that this years �v01,11 to Vaa committee in each of crop will be of High Quality. North Carolinas too counties will there seems to be More than i attend As Well As on r member of usual interest agent Harris said. A a a aaa township committee in in marketing a better potato. The state. This will represent an --9--attendance of approximate 1.200 men. This total added to the 1,500 farm women expected should break All previous attendance records Goodman said. The event this year the 37th to be held at state College has been scheduled for july 29. .50, 31. August i 2. Exhibits demonstrations contests recreational programs Tours and lectures on timely farm and j Home subjects have been included on the program the state College i College station Raleigh assistant Extension director said j june Elizabeth Davis of the Arcola Community in War leaders to speak ten county says that one Partick j prominent agricultural basilar Field on her farm has become Ness and political leaders will a Haven tor wandering cows and speak during the five Day Convell hogs. In a report to w. A Lee lion. A addition discussion Peri Kudzu planted in badly eroded Field Rich abundant growing Plant provides Good Hay and forage crop has hit comeback Trail in North Carolina As farm Enterprise College station Raleigh june Ion sheep raising Long recognized As a profitable farm Enterprise apparently has hit the comeback Trail in North Carolina. L. J. Case Extension animal Husbandman of n. C. State College said today. While Farmers have been await of the potentialities of sheep Ai Money makers the number of these animals has declined steadily Over a period of years. Most sheep men blame dogs for this reduced interest saying that whole flocks of sheep have been wiped out in a few hours by night prowling dogs. However Case said this condition seems to be correcting itself now. Many sections have taken drastic Steps to control the sheep killers while in others Mutual insurance against dog losses ii helping to solve the problem. Ashe county the state College n a i a 11 i a i d Uiman exl aimed. Has probably done i to j 0 i will Aiu in building j More than any other county toward reviving the sheep Industry. A Short while ago Ashe growers formed a protective association. This organization collects fees of Enterprise Bureau. Sir Walter hotel 1101,1 1,s members and in turn re Kaleigh june Ion a cattle Imbur Sei All losses caused by dogs Survey of nine Mountain counties. A the current sheep revival to be started this week by the duality has increased along with state department of agriculture i numbers. Growers Are realizing Little River Farmer gets excellent lettuce crop Breva it d. June . G. Houston of Little River has dispelled any notion that head lettuce cannot lie grown in mountainous Transylvania county says farm agent j. A. Blazoned. Although this is his first year to grow lettuce in the county Houston has produced an excellent crop of Hie iceberg variety on one fifth of an acre. He expects to Harvest 4.000 Heads in the next few Days. The plants were started in hot Beds after Christmas and were transplanted to the Garden dining the last Days of March. Cattle Survey will be made this week a greater Market for tar Heel feeder cattle should he of As much Aid to Eastern North Carolina tanners As to Extension soil conservationist of North Carolina state College technicians of the United states soil conservation service say there is a Good reason the Field is planted in Kudzu. Quot a few years ago this Field on miss Davis farm was badly eroded a stated. A it would not produce sufficient yields of crops to justify cultivation. Miss Davis read about a Plant that was the Merit of producing a better Grade Anima for the Market since a t o is topped. One pts k or a a j doing wonders to reclaim badly Pound of the. Pour not bait a of d d Albania and ult. Relent for one application per1 ods will be held during which Farmers and farm women will he Given an Opportunity to ask questions and express themselves on a multitude of topics. The delegates will be housed in stale College dormitories and Moats May be obtained in the College cafeteria. Any overflow will be accommodated in Meredith College dormitories. For Cut Worms the following by Hoh Mccall acre. A Small Pinch of the bait Tulsa june pm they i8 dropped in each Bud a a to relm Nataa gave old i Dean an old Fash for cot Worms the North Wilkesboro june Joned Homecoming to the Texas bad a Given Good results wheat of hash Point Van fun Quot it a a a a fan. I Brail. ,0 Pound., Jurta rms. A Story Hook finish. He scored i one Pound and enough water to the winning the mixture. Calcium and the one time fire Baller coaxed Lead arsenate fail to give Good reins lame right Ann with Sid Wise suit in controlling Cut Worms and pitching yesterday but he batted Straightaway in the Pinch to lick the fort Worth cats 5 to 4. 10 its Victory string to 13 in a Row by blasting North Wilkesboro. 12 to 6. With Boh Parker a two Home runs leading the Way. J Burke Koontz and left Rhyne american league wean t a to hanged out round trippers Nile As Active. I he Best of four while Taylor hit one for the losers. Ame was the new Ork Yankees. Diamont got the most hits for tarring 4-3 Victory Over the t lev winners knocking out three and indians. The yanks got Only Bowie to hits off lefty Al Smith who manager c c. Sebastian said Tad beaten them twice but three his North Wilkesboro team ire homers by babe Dahlgren. Ent t a fourth Annua be Dimaggio and George Selkirk North Carolina Semi pro baseball hat accounted for All the Yankees tournament in High Point Start coring. The loss kept the tribe i inst june 22 rom taking first place from Bo-1 yf1p Box on. Whose game with Detroit was Tomlinson Sori Wilkesboro aloud out. Hoit.3b 2 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 2 0 0s innings for the first time allow the Washington senators lost a p>r.2b 4 3 2 5 4 0 dula.22 3 2 t i 2 0 i ing six hits including two Home Eart breaker when they scored 3 1 2 0 2 0 5 0 0 5 1 0 runs. Bree run to Ile the White sox j a j ? j j i ? ? j n j 2 1 a How does your Arm feel a nov to lose in the eleventh. �-3 j a Tom 511130 Mead of 400300 we a the question. In the Only doubleheader the n serf 300100 Jones 3b 4001 1 ii pretty Good said Dean. A it t. Limits Browns hammered and a to if 321200 Asp in 3 1 in 0 0 Kot a Little tired hut it Felt All tune red the athletics into the Ditc 433410 w a a in 4 0 2 2 0 0 right for six or seven innings ague cellar. They won the Strati clar.3b 311100 j his pitches weren to those of his ame 8-7 on a tenth inning four to 0 2 0 0 heyday hut neither were they Agger by Walter Judnich and the a a nothing Halls he showed More cond 4-2 on homers by Roy Cul. A a j�27i two oilers were out and the score was tied when Jerome Herman singled in the ninth inning. Two successive errors moved him Home and he won for the stomping. Cheering crowd of about 7,-500. It was hot and at irk y. Tie kind of weather Diz Hopes will cure his Wing and his major league lapse he Sid armed a full nine or Southeastern states although it was not widely used for this purpose in North Carolina. A a Kudzu was the Plant and it is what some folks Call a climbing or a Telephone it not Only has great value in controlling soil erosion but it is a Fine Hay and forage miss Davis planted 500 Kudzu should not be used. The bait j plants on her badly eroded Field hould he broadcast in the Fields j she obtained the plants from Ala potato disease at minimum in state wide usage of certified seed Stock is noted in Eastern counties j those of the Western Section in i t Cums Are proportionately High which the Survey will be made or it i Paul l. Fletcher livestock mar a i hat sheep Are profitable is i kiting specialist of the depart j affirmed by farm records from All Mont said today. J parts of North Carolina that the Survey will seek to build showed a Gross income per Ewe of a greater Market for tar Heel i tween nine and ten Dollar last feeder cattle and will include list Eai Quot bile the sheep population Ling of the number Aud kind Otis entered in Western counties t animals available for Sale. Fletch reports from the coastal Plains in Jer Aid dictate grower there received it will be the second such sur Nore net profit from their animal j vey and bulletin attempted by the a Mountain grower. I department and of its expected in the late afternoon at the rate of 15 to 20 pounds to the acre. Chickens should be kept out of poisoned Fields pro pointers try Art Krenk Nea service Golf writer Oryille White Trie to think of two things while swinging the club to Start slowly in a rhythmic manner and keep the eyes on the Hail. A nine and Johnny Berardino. Industrial in ourth round Oakdale tries to get Back into winning ways to 40 12 12 27 too total score by Liming a Tomlinson. Oso 204 too -12 North Wilkesboro 102 021 too 6 summary a Home runs Koontz j Parker 2. Rhine. Taylor. Two Baer hit i Diamont react 2, Rhodes. Wendland. 1 double Playa Holt to Parker to Brinkley. Koontz to Parker to Brinkley i struck out by Rhyne 4 by Rhode 2 i by Wendland 3. Hit off Rhyne. 9 in j 9 off Rhodes 6 in 2 off Wendland. J s in 7 winning Pitcher Rhyne. Loam i Pitcher Rhode Umpire Wendland and Hoyle time of game. 2 Houri. 30 minute a a that part 18 inches before the Hall is struck is the most import Speed than had been expected j taut phase of the edged the Corners inside and says and kept Good control All the the Greensboro Way. His Only walk was inter-1 professional National. He struck out four. Diz indicated he thought the sidearm throwing would do one he perfected it. This was Only his second nine innings this season and his first too per cent Side winding. More about Lexington Ltd a a Fin lied from Paffor eight at the Halfway Mark of their Kason the six teams of the in in important hearing on the stand jus trial league swing into their ing is the Adams Millis Tomlin Nurith round of to season in on a lie. Ollege Al ably. Leek with several important con dam Millis won two and lost one is one of the tallest players of the a Sis slated Iasi week in league Competition Loop hut he lose to time in mov the Oakdale nine losers in while Tomlinson has a Long ten ing around in his hot Joiner Atair last two games attempt a Oiga Ine winning at leak to defend in it Back in the thick of lie fight this contest r first place by meeting the the schedule for the week Strong Triangle team wednesday j tuesday Tomlinson is. To the College. Several additions at he Coli. A the Triangle squad lately have. Wednesday Triangle is. Oak strength eyed the outfit. The show Dale at the College in of the team in recent tri-clt5 thursday Adam militia is Hague games is an indication of Melrose at the College in improvement of the Chih. Oak a Friday Adams Mulli is. Town Lof last i a club composed of Power Huson at the College Triangle staff litters will he no easy pickings i Marsh Ai Marsh or the coming Triangle earn. Saturday Melrose is. Oakdale another game which will have at the College. Batna. The report of the s. C. S. Technicians to Leo says that the ground is now completely covered jew Are at a mini with the Kudzu plants erosion it num in North Carolina Irish to has been stopped and the growth Ato Fields this year Howard in is High enough for grazing. Garris. Extension Plant Patho the report quoted miss Davis Logist of North Trolina state i. Follows a a whenever a neighbor College reported today upon re Hood Row or hog strays off the turn from a trip through the priv Fatu ners know just where to look Cipal potato growing counties of for the animal a a in my Kudzu be East he noted a wide Tirane i advantages to Eastern As Well As Western North Carolina Farmers j Fletcher said a the cattle bulletin has brought about a closer relationship be tween Farmers of Eastern and Western North Carolina. Hereto j fore Many Farmers in the East were sending to Texas and other a Western and mid West states for their animals but a goodly num a her Aie now trading with their College station. Raleigh 1 own Western North Carolina control Blue Mold in tobacco Beds average Cost of treating too Yards of Plant bed was s2.97 Trenton. June tobacco Beds in Jones county which were a there is no practical reason i treated with Why Eastern Farmers should not to control Blue Mold yielded eight take advantage of the Compart times As Many plants and enabled Lively Low transportation costs he banners to pull plants hit average tween the Keetion. Another Tea-1 of 12 Days earlier than from uncool and a Good economic one for treated diseased Beds. Floyd f. Buying feeder Calli from out of Hendrix county farm agent of the we hic in a auntie is the fact that state College Extension service Patch. Livestock to it i certified a Ppd Stock which he these animals gain approximately1 announced today. He based his by the Rich abundant grooving credited with the decrease in Dis too pounds More per season than1 statement on a summary of in Plant this should be a tip for i East j Stock received from most Western Blue Nufeld control demonstrations livestock Farmer looking for a a a virus diseases such As mosaic states a conducted by Farmers of the coun occasionally a my hand action o is too fast. The of Elu head then beats the hands Orville White to the Ball. The result is a White taught Clayton Heafner the big Blond who attracted attention on the Winter circuit. Ii tuesday and wednesday Only p Bacon Rind off 2 l is. 2 9c 5 i Bologna 2 lbs. 2 3c j Chicken loaf la. 2 5c 5 j boiled Ham sliced pm a 9 9c� j pork chops la. 16 or i 2l h j food Stamps accepted Here tor regulation v 4 surplus foods a United Market 4 206 North main phone 2900 9 i aaa Hon doing w Ell on the Block at Saginaw. Mich Marsh Gao of the Michigan state league is gum Juskey. Big outfielder who played with Lexington last year. Flaying Good Ball for the Michigan club is Severn Wright and Ray Ross members season s Indian Mound Jim Hamblin. Ball pasting first Sacker for Salisbury last year has been sent to Greenwood of the Cotton states league. ,. George Silvey first Basing manager of the Shelby entry to this league two reasons bask. Is hitting .385 with Springfield in the Western association. ,. Pitching great Ball for Statesville in the tar Heel league is Price Furger son former Catawba College Star. Furgerson was sought by several teams in this Loop before he signed with the tar Heel club. During the past week of play Mike schemer the Bent shoulder first baseman for Salisbury took the league baiting leadership away from Veteran Elmont Baker of Concord. The giant Rookie is now pasting the horse hide to a tune of .110. Baker is hitting .398 to hold second place in the Loop. Other hitters in the a big ten Are Norman Small of Moores Ville. Who is hitting .376 Goose Helms of Lexington .358 Melvin Drye Thomasville .356 George jog Don Mooresville .346 Charles Whitaker Lexington .336 a a Rabbit Leary Thomasville .3 26 Henry Kasey. Thomasville. .315 and Henry wether be. Salisbury. .315. Whitaker Easley and weather Hee Are the new players to Advance into the Rac lefty Robinson still continues to Lead league pitchers hut John Berry of Concord and Ray Lindsay of Thomasville Are close behind. Schemer Coatis in the most hits with 50, while Baker is tied with Haack of Landis and Drye of Thomasville for leadership in doubles Anc Barnes of Landis and Easley for the triples Lead. Pow sic a humic 0 and a a up Tab. A it is glued Osi Tab Ball a Ortlip Good Hay and forage crop. A a care must be Given to fertilizer placement Windsor Lune to c h Jones a tenant Farmer of Powellsville in Bertie county has a definite demonstration of the effect of planting Cotton too near High analysis fertilizer reports b. K. Grant farm agent of the state College Extension service. He used 400 pounds per acre of a 4-10-6 fertilizer under part of his Cotton and a 3-8-3 under the remainder. Where the 3-8-3 was used he has a fair stand hut where the 4-10-6 was used a poor stand his resulted. This indicates. Agent Grant said that careful attention must he Given to fertilizer placement when the higher analysis mixtures Are used. The Young Cotton seedlings Are easily injured by such fertilizer when too close or under certain conditions of soil moisture. Leaf Roll mid rugose Are not in the bulletin of results from j to this year serious this Garris de the Survey a new Section will be Rowan Farmers careful in buying Herd sires Salisbury june to a Rowan cranium crackers a Little Globe trotting get out your Globe or map of the world if you can to answer these questions. You should know several of hem. J. What Well known Canadian River bears the name of a British statesman now in office 2. What state in the United states touches Only one other state 3. What two cities of the same Nam in widely separated countries Are famous for their Iron works 4. Where is the longest canal 5. What is the Date of the Vernal Equinox in the Northern hemisphere of the autumnal Equinox of the summer solstice of the Winier solstice.? answer on clarified Page. A not alarming Raleigh. June it pm Hospital attendants reported last night that the condition of Revenue commissioner a. J. Maxwell who suffered a stroke of paralysis during the recent gubernatorial in Brood m a Kwh bred Troy june a total of 16 Brood mates in Montgomery county Hae been bred to a Jack purchased by w. E. Watkins last March reports w. Ii Pruden assistant farm agent of the state College Extension service. That Farmers Are Well pleased with this service is indicated by their intention to have More 01 i their males bred to his sire. A Colt a year from every Mare apparently is the Gobi of some farm j Era. Agent Pruden said. Aimed. A one Field was found where an estimated to per cent i of Leaf Roll infected plants was present and in Only s few Fields i was serious infection of Black leg continuing the Extension pm Tutura Aud Yancey. said a it May lie of inter a i est to our growers that a very limited amount of virus disease on potatoes planted from seed secured in the United states was observed. On the other hand disease was prevalent in numerous Fields planted with seed potatoes from Canada and other Points outside the United states Quot Garriss said that the use of certified seed apparently has prevented an outbreak of the new Irish potato disease bacterial ring rot. This disease which has virtually destroyed the crop in several Stales comes in on the seed and does not live Over in the soil. 1 however the slate College Man said that some grower Are confusing Southern bacterial Wilt with the new disease. A they Are very similar and positive identification of the particular Wilt disease can be made Only after a Laboratory test. The Southern bacterial Wilt is caused by the same germ which causes Granville Wilt of tobacco and it lives in the soil. Several of our it counties have this soil infestation Aud growers should not condemn their seed without positive identification of the Garriss concluded. Hendrix said that the average added on marketing costs and Cost of treating 1u0 aids of Plant Norma seasonal variations in bed wag $2.97, but where the p. Price. Cattle will be listed in vile by b treatment was used. Farmers obtained enough plants to set Ebony Ashe Avery Buncombe nearly two acres More of tobacco Haywood Madison Mitchell a in in Field. Demonstrations the demonstrations were conducted by the following Farmers r. I. Fordham of Kinston route 5 c. M. Bynum of Maysville w. A Bender of Pollocksville and county Farmers Are beginning to j h. M. Mallard w. N. Gilbert and buy Herd sires with known pro j a. It Gray All of Trenton Dufton bark of their Pedigree. The summary showed that these affording to w. N Wood farm banners averaged pulling their Arient of the state College eaten first plants from treated Beds on Aion service. By 2, whereas the first pulling i iat week. C l. Hipp. Salis from untreated Beds was on May Bury route i. And m. L Hoffner in ai�?z0 Hendrix stated the first nit. I Ila Hought two outstanding pulling from treated Beds yielded Young Guernsey hulls from hts Noush healthy Plant to set an Klondike farms Bot h were sires near Elkin. By Argenta average of 27.8 acres in he Field whereas the first pulling from unix Elk i. And the dams were treated yielded Only enough a Hughie and granddaughter of. Plants to set 5 8. Foremost Gay lad the total acreage set from during the past three months j220 Yard of treated a was seven High Type Young Guernsey hulls have Lieen placed in the county. Reports front county agents indie ate that the pre Square mop Tours contests games group Ping method of controlling Early singing Square dancing and Boll Weevils will he popular other Light features will enliven throughout the Cotton growing this year s farm and Home week Section of North Carolina this to he held at state College july year. Say j. O. Rowell of state 29-August 2. I College. 78.5 acres from 4,660 acres of untreated bed 20.6 acres. _ the Cost of the treatment was due thousand or More farm figured on the basis of is cent Box and girls Hie expected Foi up Pound for Paradich Rooben the annual 4 to Short course Ltd a a in one third of the Cost or which will he held at stale col the heavy Canvas covers for the loge. July 22-26, says l. R. Hat Beds which will last at least three Rill state 4-h club Leader. Seasons. I a it w. Graeber slate College planting the new Peanut crop ext onion service forester Sug is now about Over in North Caro a a to thai growers talk with their line with the growing crop coming i county agents about desirable i along Well reports b. Troy Fergus species before placing orders for non District agent of the state Trees. I College Extension service. Sheep men should drench their lambs at least once a month to control internal parasites advises l. I Case Extension animal Husbandman of stale College. Poultry should be Kepi out of tobacco Fields which have been poisoned to control insects says \ of Parrish Extension poultry Man of state College. British soldiers Back from Quot hell on Earth in Flanders crowing every available Inch of deck British troops still in full fighting kit Are pictured Back in England from Pps hell on Earth Campaign in which he ran third in Flanders. Many military experts Call British evacuation of 335,000 Allied troops from Dunkirk under constant Hail of bombs from was Quot not alarming Quot they it Aid he was getting along a fairly Well. A Xis most amazing Retreat ii history. Photo rushed to new York by Clipper plane

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