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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 10, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Monday june to 1 h0the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Page Seye the Enterprise Page of entertainment for the family by lessons in English Ross word Puzzle officer suggested use of tanks the machines known As tanks Churchill took a Strong interest Lave played a big part in the Wari in the idea and there were More i Europe. They have rolled Over Pill boxes and have brought hath to thousands of Soldi i the Story of the modern tank toes Hack to the world War. A army Man. Col k. It Winton seems to have been the just to figure out a plan. World War Type of British tank. Quot machine guns Are taking a i Rifle toll of oui troops when lev Advance said colonel swim n loan offi. Jai of Hie British Ive ziment Quot Why not bring out me kind of a Motoi cur with Mot with with Iliad like those a Holt tractor ? the official listened to the plan. Id ordered Tost to he mad that met with Little Success and e idea was dropped for a time. Ten Swinton went to the War of in London and saw Winston lurch who now holds the of a of British prime minister. Trials. Several inventors put their brains together and As a result there came into being machines which seemed to fit the needs of the War. The machines were produced secretly they were spoken of As Quot tanks in the Hope that Germany would not guess what they were to do on the Battlefield. This name has stayed with them from that time to thir. Those Pioneer tanks were 26 feet Long. Some were armed with machine guns others with Small Cannon. After 150 tanks had been made they were taken to Southern England for practice then they were transported to France with great care to keep the secret. There was a place Between two Rivers in France which was quiet at that time. The germans had a Long line of trenches and this line faced a line of Allied trenches. On a misty september morning in 1916, the germans saw Odd looking machines coming toward them. There were 32 in the attack that Day. They broke the Way for a Forward movement of foot soldiers and did other work of value in the Battle. Three Hundred germans threw up their hands and surrendered to the Crew of one of the tanks i for general interest Section of your scrapbook of you want a free copy of the leaflet entitled Quot background of european War Quot Send me a 3c stamped self addressed envelope in care of this newspaper. Ingle Kwh. Tomorrow More about tanks. A swy a i. Harrison in Hollywood new picture worries director reasonably its a women in War with cast of 175 women by Pai l Harrison \ i service staff Nerev Pondell Hollywood whenever a Ivie comes along with an bellmen or predominantly female St you can depend on hearing n Story that the gals Are a Idin. The Star m Hung to kill e ingenue a Best scenes the Ond Lead is sulking because she t had costumes and the vil Nesa is trying to Slit everybody a i oat such stories. I should add. Are morally True. That h w by John Atter a mild gent with a atty Blond wife figured he a for trouble when he had to i m Quot women in War. A die had seven principals eight players and i tit exp Ray a All men. A few gents briefly Zensky de in a few scenes in much. Beside he had five by Dresser makeup and Warrior women and a script girl Ilia greatest difficulty he rigid would he with Elsie Jani. A studio had used s lot of Erinton to get her into the Pic a. Her last movie was made 19 17. St the height of her stage Cess and just before she went France is Load of the Oversea a Atar division. Lek and Independent Slit d Bably behave like a Star and a form like a vaudeville Seene i a pelted Biti eight i i i Lober Viton then there was Wendy Barrie plaited youngster with a Flinty Lane and a lingering suspicion it her years of hard work have Lilied her to a into better than id inert Success. Miss Barrie and Janis were to split the Hilling Hora user was pretty aha y when he reduced them at luncheon. Fir Stively he held his ears and listed tor the blow off. The a actress patted miss barries id and said Quot my dear. I Hope an help to make this picture pet Bing really Good for you a holds often misused do not say Quot he is an interesting say a the is a interesting often mispronounced marital. I pronounce mar i tal both a Sas in at second a unstressed i As in i it unstressed accent first syllable. Often misspelled Crystal one i. Crystallize two los. Synonyms odium hatred contempt detestation. Word study a use a word three times and it is levs increase our vocabulary by i mastering one word each Day. Today word encroachment Entrance upon the rights or Domain of another gradual intros on. A the country had yielded to the encroachments of american Leader i How can i by Anne Ash by 0 How can i skin a fish quickly a. Cut a thin narrow strip Down the Backbone taking off the dorsal Fin. Open the lower part Halfway Down. Then slip the knife under and up through the Bony part of the Gills holding this Bony part Between thumb a d Finger and stripping the skin off towards the Tail. Repeat this process on the other Side. J How ran i clean glazed tiles which have become spotted a. Try washing them with Lemon juice. Leave this Lemon juice on for about fifteen minutes and then polish with a soft cloth. Q. How can i make a Good floor polish a. Mix equal parts of melted Candle grease and turpentine. Horizontal i president of u. A a., Franklin 13 pallid. 14 Constellation. 15 molten Rock. 16 dress trimming. 17 charts. 19 threefold. 21 Wood sorrel. 22 ringlets. 24 fuss. 25 go on music 26 pronoun. 27 court abbr 29 printers measure. 30 puffs up. Answer to previous Puzzle . I s to Psi 44 rebel. 46 to ordain. 51 common verb. 52 dress Fastener. 32 Mohammedan 54 up Golf Nymph. Term. 34 anxiety. 55 inspired 35 work of skill. Reverence. 36 idea. 38 mourning Virgin. 40 Mystic syllable. 41 insects egg 42 3.1416 43 and. 56 god of love. 58 soft Broom. 59 to obey. 60 he was a a to the bar and practice Law 61 president appointed him assistant Secretary of Navy. Vertical 2 like an epic. 3 mongolian Monk. 4 High Mountain. 5 Northeast abbr. 6 respiratory sound. 7 English coins. 8 horse food. 9 Ell. To dyeing Cistern. 11 tropical Herb. 12 pantry. 16 he was of new York state pm. 17 gave. 18 Southeast abbr20 he was twice and elected president of u. S. A. 22 resembling a beast. 23 silk yarn. 26 spot. 28 japanese Gateway. 31 to perform. 33 Indian. 37 augured. 39 Mollusk. 45 yeast 47 any. 48 stepped upon. 49 Little Devil 50 new York abbr51 Barley spikelets. 53 Taro paste. 55 to be sick. 57 Street abbr. 59 musical note one mile Dows at the Bottom of Grano Canyon the Trees Are Green to Flowers Bloom while Snow storks rage overhead vim i9�f Aff a to it 9 in miss Janis new Fervour. If you or she has had a squeaks with death h and credits god from it in a Breezy ably devout Atti Hun a a the Bossy gets her guidance and quart Era. Vital mass Janis Aud i Little More about it. Rowed time with the c Hack apparently by Peu action of provider Tress decided shed up train aug years and j her appearance there them in a the Boss s a a Bossy tells Hur How to Ait Auer was alarmed lug on Bor lock turned special dts eth e and he r re a gang tro m he a i lot of a Ervun when miss i modern etiquette by Rohlk i a Lee a does one extend felicitations to a bridegroom or congratulations i a these words Are syn Ono i Mous. Felicitated is the More formal term congratulate commonly implies a heartier Aud More i genuine expression of sympathetic Joy. Q. When a Man is guest of j Honor at a dinner party and is seated Between his hostess and the girl he to escorting to which would Tell her when a scene was is he expected to pay More at right or wrong. He doubts that he tent on was granted divine guidance for a. Neither. He should Divide j tile occasion hut whatever the a attention As equally As Possi reason he had no arguments with i q. Are calling cards used for Lea and luncheon invitations a. Yes sometimes. Pm vet Janis assured him that a the to a i charges. The former stage Star. She turned out to he a Good sport too refused a double in action scenes where she had to struggle through Shell holes and time her Progress with explosions from buried great Britain and Ireland have four telephones to every too persons or a total of 1,996,897 instruments. T to a serial Story an Eye for a Gal by Harry Harrison Kroll Coey night. I Tao aka gravies inc it a. Run a a Sass a. Mckenney on Bridge obligatory finesse traps opponents saves a contract by we. P. Mckenney americans card authority Wendy Barrie. Spirited youngster with a Flinty Tonjua. Miss Barrie gulped did a Dot take and said Quot thank got along Fine. Besides worrying that Over play scenes and argue rehearsals the director was male they shed about some flapper Fanny by Sylvia Coe ins sync St Avci sue. T. Is sic. A s sat err a a 4 t Law let s pretend we re just ourselves for a change a i St of i ii i Kai Terk Kussy Mcafee a went to College to plat baseball get an education Aud Settle a feud. Jidy Tulli Yak daughter of Lincoln colleges president. Ii inn til Sii Al Dek a Lilly Lilly girl who followed Lions to Cid lege. Yesterday Steve Hogg tells Lions that the to livers Drew lot a to decide who was to kill Jan Mcafee and sock Hoilier Mil chosen. He insists lie has proof hut Kossy is Union x hued. To is puzzled too As to How Hogg got control of land that should have been Kossyk a. Walking in the darkness Hussy meets Hannah. Chapter Vii though Bossy Mcafee said the j words under his breath Hannah hurrying along the path through it the sunlight had not heard or seen him. She must have known i Rosiy was tuning Home for a visit and had arranged to follow almost immediately. It was egotistical to think this but surely so i went to All the because she hoped to revive their love Ity returning to the Keene where it had grown into being. Then she taught sight of Nia Cark shape by the Fence missed a step and stifled a cry. Quot Rossy Quot she cried knowing him almost instantly. Quot How come you re Here Quot he demanded and in spite of himself he was rough with her. She came up and faced him Quot none of your business but if you thin i followed you you re of your Macip a Quot that done to leave much of anybody but Cousin she was defiant. Quot Well a pow it was Steve what would you try to do about that a a he replied. Quot you think of maw and Paw and my folks would you a a Trace of bitterness came into her voice. A to not like you a blood for me is thicker than water a Quot what do you mean by that track a he wanted to know. Quot you re one of these Here College students that when they look at. A a cos they be got to have teacher say. Quot themes a a cos so 1 11 play Leader and Tell you. I came Homo because i knew you a he teeing Steve Hogg and he would be telling you about or. Toll Ivar and How your Pappy was killed that time. And i knew you d not believe it. Because in no time at All they had you wrapped around their Little fingers Down there at the school. A nah i know i Haven t been watching you. Bul in be seen just the same so you would Tell Steve he Tai a liar and you a go against a tree laughing harshly. Hack and Lap up what they fed you and that would he the end of a second hand Job of doing the right thing. Well All i got to say to you. Hoagy la now you know. I Hope you re we a for a moment Rossy breathed heavily saying nothing. Quot i told Steve he wan a liar All right. Well. I Haven t heard anything yet to make me change my mind about Quot i reckon you believe i any a word i said a Quot you rout say it and let me see if its a word that my judg i meat told me could be that made her self. Steve Hogg put her up to it now he was trying to prove something on or. Tollivar trying to j auxiliary get Hussy involved in a killing scrape. For family Honor. For the Sake of an oath made when Rossy was just a child to get his Eye for Quot Well i reckon that ii make a Good boy out of you now what you aim to do about it a Quot looks like i be got to kill me a Man in her temper she was panting. Quot of theres a speck of manhood in Pye a j. On fee most powerful you. That a about All that s left argument of All the alleged Acci for a moment they stood there dental murder of his father with a sense of embarrassment., Bossy leaped erect with gleam Hossy wanted to escape Sud did no Eyet began to Pant his not know How to manage it. He of re Clint Hod. Quot in be got to realized that she too. Wanted to find out something i be got to get away and was waiting some get Reav from Here a kind of consent from him. It he turned uncertainly Aud be dawned upon him All at once Thatje a a run toward the dim path she w As not really on her Way to j which went Dow n the Side of the Hunting was Cousin Steve Hogg i gifted a Chimney Cliff let himself whom she must have expected through a deep Gorge in Limestone. Along the Trail. Bossy Rose. Quot i had started along this Way to see a Feller Quot he mumbled. Quot i thought you was going to my Quot no. Sam Quot Well in Quot a ill be seeing you. He said the Village and went straight Sud moved quickly away in the Jese leverages Cabin. It a darkness. She could go w Here she would for All of him. A see when he came out at the Summit of the Ridge he was in a Region where someone had been Tim once More was in easy ground. It took him but five or six minutes to get to the Bottom of the Mountain into the loud that went along the base toward a Little Hamlet a mile Down the Valley. Still running Bossy came into for of logs and lost in Garden and Yard Trees. Rossy beat on Hie door. Quot come a called a cracked voice Bossy went f i. Uncle Jesse was a smallish Man. And his years White upon his thatch had never Bering. The Cutter was hewing mattered to any one. And almost second growth Hickory for Holts everybody in Helix a damnation and handle lengths. The bolts had made Good use of his Wisdom. Visit him their meeting Here had Mountain. Lie scrambled and Bossy that she had really followed be it n at Tolu a a Surprise to her As rolled part Way. Leaped up again him lest he and Steve have Trou i a she was and started Down the slope. Id Hie a fall right a she cried. A then Here s the word. What Steve was telling you about the to livers having a meeting one night just before that fourth of july game was so. They had such a meeting and sock Tolliver or. Tollivar to you was there and they drawer lots and sock got the Call i to kill your Pappy. You see it was Steve himself that seen it and overheard the whole thing a Quot Steve Quot Bossy said in a Dull j voice too dazed for a moment to t believe the girl who was telling i him. She knew she had him going j and her laugh was a sound of j Triumph Quot a right now i reckon 5 you la Call us All liars a a but How do you know it was i Steve a Quot Well since you called him a a liar i reckon you wont believe j me w Hen i Only Tell you w hat he 1 told me. In a going Back on my word never to Tell it. But maybe j the lord will forgive me. Ifs in a Good cause if there Ever was 1 one. Quot that night Steve was Fol Lertg one of the to livers. He had a gun and he aimed to kill him a i Man. He first Man. But instead of ambushing him he just f o i lured and came to the House i where they were a1 meeting and he got in the Chimney tor Nee and listened through a Hole i in the thinking. He seen it All every hit and heard the whole plan. Quot sock looked like a ghost. Steve i said. He had t been in the i mountains since a boy he did no to i know much about our ways. He did t seem to know what to do. From Memphis i took a planet to St. Louis where i had the pleasure of giving a talk to one i of mrs. A n. Carlson a classes. More than 26.000 persons took a contract Bridge lessons last year from mrs Carlson who was formerly president of the greater St. Icouls Bridge association. She is now Busy organizing a women a which at the present time has nearly 200 members. In today a hand mrs. Carlson i gives an example of the obligatory finesse. The opening heart Lead was allowed to hold mrs. Carlson South won the second heart Lead with the Ace and then ran All of the clubs. On the two Long clubs West discarded a Diamond and a Spade East two Spades and a Diamond mrs. Carlson s next play w As a j Small Diamond to the King West playing Low and a Diamond was returned from Dummy. East split his honors hut mrs. Carlson refused to cover taking the obligatory finesse and of course West had to win with the Ace. 4aq97 a to 4 3 a k 98 a j 108 a j 5 4 a q j 9 5 a a 6 5 a 6 53 n w e s dealer a k to 6 j a k 8 7 a j 104 2 a 9 2 a 82 a a 6 2 a q73 a a kq7 4 duplicate neither Vul. South West North East i a pass i a pass i n. T. Pass 2 n. T. Pass 3 n. To pass pass pass opening a q ii mrs. Carlson made five clubs two diamonds a Spade and a heart. There is an interesting Angle to this hand that you can try. Of West had failed to discard a Diamond. The hand could still he thus made with a different line of play. Side were stacked n a symmetrical pile and the handle stuff was gone. Sold Likely. Bossy struck a match and looked Hack of the log and among the cuts rolled away and upended. He found a Cross Cut saw an a. And riving tools. He examined them by another match and was not surprised to discover a crude picture of a hog Cut into handles or even into Metal by a device j that he knew belonged to Steve. Steve Hogg was getting out Timber fast from the looks of tree tops and shavings and stumps. A making things Fly. Making Hay and profited by it or failed to make use of it and had suffered in consequence. Quot Way Howdy bub that you Bossy Mcafee a a Quot its me judge. I come to ask you something. Sometime in be got to know or find out Quot set. What you want to know a Quot Well i want to know something about How come Steve Hogg who s my Cousin has All the old land up on wild cat Hidge when there was a time it belonged to my father. What i want to know is How did it happen after daddy was killed that this land and Tim aun shines Quot Bossy i Ber All turned up in the Possession of my Cousin How did my father lose it when did he sell it if he just what is Hack Quot in be just come from the Ridge and somebody s timbering out a 11j the first class stuff All the prime j while the thought. X there were a million stars out from this High Vantage. Bossy sat i sold it at All Down again running his fingers j of All this through his hair. He began to get excited. Hogg was in too big a hurry about Selling off this Limber. He had been too anxious to Hickory and Poplar and White know ing sock was to pitch that i follow Rossy Down to Lincoln a Oak. And i know who it is. Its game they told him to bean your j College Check up w Ith him there i Steve. Pappy and make it seem like att make a full report to Hannah j Quot Well How come done to you Accident. And thai was what he anyway Why had Hannah reckon thai might he mine after done and that was the Way of trailed him so quickly All on All there a something stinking Bossy a account All because of up the Creek and i come to you to Bossy Sank Down on a stump love find out what it Doss by and Hannah leaned Quot rats a Rossy scoffed to him to be t on turned a a it a Lassie anti her new pups or. Emerson i thought maybe you a like to put something in the paper besides War and v

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