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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 7, 1974, High Point, North Carolina A a h Iff ii Rota la Tercel. Friday Jane 7, us rape charge against father is dismissed wordless talk answer re a a it Awe at Kohr to Asheboro a an upset District court judge wednesday ordered testimony in a rape trial put into printed form so the news Media a could let the Public know what is Froin on. District court judge Robert l. Warren after hearing testimony against a Randolph county Man charged with raping his minor daughter ordered the charge dismissed the dismissal came after or. Norene Parrish testified she obtained a rape warrant on Quot hearsay evidence from a person she could not remember mrs Parrish last week swore out a warrant against her husband. Lindsay Clark u. Claiming he had sexual relations with his daughter on or before aug i 1173 the Young girl in court wednesday testified her father Hod never had sexual relations with her. Her statement included the testimony that she bore a child by a person she could Only vaguely describe and whose identity she said was unknown District attorney Pierre Oldham said the child now is up for adoption judge Warren not Only ordered the court testimony be printed and released to the news Media but he asked for an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the charges made by mrs Parrish thieves steal car tape decks polio investigated illegal entries into two automobiles parked on the lot of the Colony House motor inn on National Highway wednesday one of the cars a 1973 Model contained a tape deck tapes and bathing suit All valued at pm before it was broken into listed As missing from the other vehicle a 1970 Model was a radio tape player tapes and a tape Box valued at 9222 a spokesman for High Point paper Box co. On Blair Street told police wednesday that a number of hand tools had been stolen from the Plant Over the past few Days these included two Power drills a Jig saw and a circular saw. Value of the missing tools was listed at $133. Police were told wednesday that someone had Tom up seat covers in an automobile belonging to Thomas Michaelson of Dillon Street. The vandalism occurred while the car was parked at the Fisher ferry Foster streets intersection included among the arrests by police was that of Charles Andrew Dunbar 24. Of it. 6. Thomasville on two counts of larceny one of uttering a forged Check and one malicious damage to personal property and a capias from High Point. Dunbar was taken to the county jail in Lexington Camp Ann to begin monday Camp Ann. A Day Camp for exceptional citizens of High Point and the surrounding area will operate for its ninth consecutive year beginning monday the High Point Parks and recreation department sponsored Camp located at City Lake will have its first two sessions monday june to to june 28 and july 8 to july 36 these sessions Are open to All exceptional children who Are in special education classes. Beginning july 29 and continuing until aug. 2, a session for Blind residents will be held the session for mentally retarded residents will be aug 5 thru aug 18. There is no Cost for any of the sessions supervised swimming boating arts and crafts nature study and Field tripe will be among the activities for the Camp Ann participants the Parks and recreation department will provide transportation to and from the Day Camp site from centrally located areas around the City. Transportation pickup Points will be decided after applications have been pro ceased participants in the program Are required to bring a bag lunch a swimsuit Towel and a Blanket. I a a a oui esp Revlon i of a 9 intimation of or in it uncommon la i tax Gardner la Velum Black to it. Is we in land Mark of Chow i it Nab t ii Abu 10 Ford Pron 11 you naut to a Rand h Itmann v run i of rvs i drinks i adorn 33 narrow Miff m i aia i to vol a Bio is i Comdr is mom rom re by Eves is Symbol of pc my Abl joint Fin knit Haj Velv to Rev 41 it a is in a soc Blyn manner a no in Anion Simth River ii Avon ilk tit 53 limn limb 54 a by 55 tooth ten a Brown a Hor of a Witbrot Down i Motte urn Archdale residents sign up for water f Hrut Ken a mime in of Tlam a t m in tale of Kitchen feature la a i by band it Kubi Afton a ban Tore id la tit we i 33 it time thud h Trad land is r Ira Man 41 of it Nab i hindu now 3 Garden Ameer 4 Low Annale 5 i allow a fwd beater a a a a s Iam it Ai. Ii Man or in Brief Ade it from nor 21 land Al Hammer 9 Cetin Japan but tar Pinto none i4, keratin Naud a Coil Mew fail or we t Nln Ike 2 by wow of a1 i no in i 44 a Lane am ii frown or appt 111 not 47 i ant Plant m a to ant Atar a fair in uni Rte Ity St mar la pm tit a dbl r a to a 4 5 4 f r 9 to 11 i 13 14 15 16 i 18 19 a h j ii a a ii 1 ii i _ a r h 30 31 a w a ii 34 a r _ a 1 in 38 j _ a w 40 in 41 43 44 l in 48 to Quot u 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 ii of 57 ii i Jacoby on bridal Don to care finesse works but Don Wrenn eater Rtse staff writer Archdale Twenty five people so far have paid their water connection fees to Hook onto the water distribution system which the City of Archdale will soon Start constructing mrs. Nancy Burrow City clerk said 21 of those who have signed up to receive water paid the entire $80 connection fee. While four made partial payments the City Council set up a payment schedule for those people who can not pay the entire $80 fee at one time and authorised $10 minimum payments the $80 fee will be charged until oct 31 and then it will jump to $100. For those people who Walt until after construction ii completed to Bonk on the fee will be $180 mrs Burrow said a number of those who came in this week apparently expected a Long drawn out procedure but instead found it Only took a couple of minutes to make their payments and depart monday was the first Day Archdale residents could begin paying the connection fees the City is waiting final plans for a proposed $18 million water distribution system which will bring water to City residents from the Yadkin River via water lines of the Davidson water co. Council members Art urging residents to sign up for water prior to the oct. 31 Date when the fee will jump to $100 the City will run the water lines along City streets where property owners will then have the responsibility of extending the lines from that Point to their Homes or other spots they want water on May 7, City residents approved the issuing of up to $3 million to build the water system. Suspects in rape bound Over Lexington probable cause was found tuesday against two youths charged in connection with the reported May 34 rape armed robbery and kidnapping of a 2 5-year-old Lexington woman Randy Dean Cribb 18. Of Lexington and Bobby Dean Grimsley. 16. Of Welcome were bound Over on charges of felonious rape and abduction following a preliminary hearing in Davidson county District court trial for the two has been scheduled for the next session of Superior court. The defendants allegedly abducted the woman near her Home about Midnight while she was out jogging the woman told police they allegedly forced her at knife Point to take them to her residence where they raped and robbed her while driving the accused assailants in her car the victim alerted police to her plight by driving recklessly by Oswald a James Jacoby Here is another hand from the Reese Dormer Book South is in what looks like a most comfortable two heart contract but things Start out badly the opening Lead of the Queen of clubs kills off Dummy s King South ruffs the third club. Of he simply Bangs Down his Ace and King of hearts he is going to have to Lead Spades himself if this happens he will lose three Spades and one heart in addition to the two clubs the defense has already taken to the Bank a Little thought should show him a Way to be sure of his contract except against most unlikely Breaks he simply cashes one High heart. Then he leads a Diamond to Dummy s King and me Back to his Ace now he ruffs his last Diamond. Leads Dummy s Jack of hearts and lets it ride this is what might be called an Quot i done to care finesse of it losses West will South 7 4 j 7 4 3 f Jim a is a k75 West East 4 k 10 8 4 a 9 s 7.1 q7 3 a q10763 a j 85 gj94 a a to 6 3 South 0 4 q63 9 a 10 8 5 a a 9 4 a 82 both vulnerable West North East South in Pas in Fife pass pass opening Lead a either have to Lead a Spade or give Smith a Ruff and discard. Either Way South will lose two Spade tricks actually it wins now South Doken t lose a Trump trick and makes his contract in spite of the three Spade losers. Plast Iliner venture Recliner a rot to and tighten dentures a you can oat anything a Money Back Guarani r. Available at All Mann drub stores toddler struck by automobile one year old Joseph Williams or. Of w Green drive was listed in satisfactory condition today at High Point memorial Hospital after being hit wednesday evening by a car. Police said the boy wandered into the Street and was hit by a car driven by Dorothy Lee Haynes of Jamestown. The Accident occurred at 6 59 pm no charges were lodged two persons were injured in a three vehicle wreck wednesday at 7 41 on Chestnut drive at English Road. Neither was seriously injured Mary Krites Walls of Carr Street one of the Drivers was injured As was Ruth g. Froen of Chestnut a passenger in a car driven by Keith Edward Jones 16, of Chestnut. The third Driver was Nancy Young Hudspeth of Chandler Street. No charges were lodged a in to cd Western Grain fed new York strip steaming baked potato Crisp tossed salad Western bread regular Price 12.69 special 40 a riverboat 1718 n. Main St. I a l a in n n television log reruns to watch this summer by Jay Sharbutt of television writer new York a summer it when America s to View try sharply decrease this is because important matters need tending. Matters like doting tithing or a Dine ing costly hamburger to appease the gods of Barbecue. But some of us will stay by our sets. For those Hardy souls we offer an official Perket guide on what needs watching and what does no to in the approved popular category rerun division try Quot Mas a Quot Quot streets of san Quot Kojak a Quot Mary Tyler Molefe a Quot police Story Quot and maybe Quot the fugitive Quot of you Suh done to know How it ended in the approved news Public affairs category inspect "80 minutes Quot Quot afcan Shepherd s Amert can of i on anywhere and the House judiciary committee s impeach men i probe if it Ever goes piddle anywhere. In the approved sports category just two a Hows Are suggested any Abc covered Auto race and any baseball game covered jus by abcs Tony Kubek and Joe Garagiola in the approved Public to entertainment category rerun division try Quot upstairs. Downstairs Quot Quot War and peace Quot the Quot lord Peter wlm Tey series and a Heck go to Landen and Cut out the middleman. On the disapproved list in the enough already category. Is Golf too much whirring going on there summer football have they no mercy1 and Rock concerts no they have no merry this summer s disapproved list already is a massive array of titles ranging from a Tome Quot a reluctant Choice since i greatly admired the show where he disguised himself As an adding machine ran a total and found he did t amount to much to Quot the but we add two More shows Quot All in the family Quot and Sanford and son. Quot to the list on grounds Carroll o Tofu if and Redd Foxx hive become grouches nothing makes a Man so Cross As Success. We Realise the official pocket guide for summer viewing does t contain much but neither does the set. You might see what on radio a or hear. Of you re a Purist a during the really dog nights 8 tit 5s.mfsafe r is f wmj9.44400 3 nun Harte Quot Iii <�3> in tie . It news whether sports 3 news it whats new it Abc news it eyewitness Newt i Lei 6 0 clock news fit Newt �34 . 3 news Al zoom g anything you pm do a life i is Abc news Tim . Is beat the clock 3 lbs news 11 your future f a f it truth or Corr it to twi the truth is whig s my line to in . Is wild world of animals 3 Ollie i girls f 4 no. I ample it Lassie it Sanford and son it in 4 is to Tou the truth i . Is movie f i Washington week it the a adv Bunch is Hee How f in f is Sanford and son Mitt . It no tvs week it is my Man fit Brian Keith weekend weather forecast Frank Deal Tell All eyewitness news at 5 30 amp 11 00 f is Hollywood squares Bitt . F4 Hooray for Hollywood it flt Fly movie list . It the Odd couple i Bitt p. M. It Tom Pilitt . Is is news it Newt it flt Fly Newt weather sports la Tab . Is is movie it Abc entertainment s f it f is tonight ugh pts i saturday get . I by . It feb f it Inch High Sims children a film it a Mer lean bandstand a tat . Bibb . It wrestling a fit now sift my sen rate Martian its . 8 Lassie be resells rangers is Black on White 7 40 . It it f of Sigmund and. Is vision on Stan . Feb Lassie 8 car and track fit insight ism . 3 Mayberry f is Arthur Smith 8 3 j e. Unie a soul train i so Goober Smit is baseball 7 3# . It it of of Pink Panther Silt . F 2 f 3 Bailey s comets s movie 81 Cap Noah Hibb . 1 Nashville music it Stop. Look listen she Speed Buffy fit Budville a the Brady kids 3ibn . Is circus a ism u Star trek 3 Porter Wagoner it wrestling 8 04 . 11 sob . 3 30 . 12 f 3 hair Bear Bunch f 2 3 jus a the pussycats 3 wrestling it bugs Bunny 8 Mission magic f4 Batman 4 to Bush Cassidy a i by . F it vision on 12 scrunch she gob fit Budville is Esse a roller Derby 8 30 . 2 3 pebbles a bamm 3144 . 2 f 3 Sabrina bamm 8 3 Balmont stakes is Yogi s gang s superstar it wide world sports Ltd 14 f 13 Adams family 4 Wally s workshop it eyewitness report 14 12 jasons fit Golf 4 44 . Is other people. F 2 f 3 Scrooby Doo ll�34 . F 8 super friends 2 3 fat Albert sift . It 14 12 emergency it movie a survival plus fit is a is untamed world i capsule views of today s evening programs j i . I movies Quot sidekicks a the first part of a double Bill presentation stars Lou Gossett and Larry ragman in the Story of a Black Man posing As a Quot slave Quot and his White buddy who repeatedly Quot Sells him and then steals him Back. The second part is Quot crime club Quot with Lloyd Bridges starring in a detective drama. I a the Brady Bunch the Driver s seat Quot Marcia bets Greg that she will score higher than him on the Drivers test when she goes for her License. Is Sanford it son Quot Grady. Star Fred talks Lamont into letting his Friend Grady be a Boarder in their Home. 8 30 . I the $6 million Man a a eyewitness to murder. Steve austins bionic vision spots the face of a sniper in his attempt on a special prosecutors life. Guest stars Are Gary Lockwood and William Schallert. I pm. 13 movie Quot the Anderson tapes a with seen Connery and Dyan Cannon. Dudte Anderson lays the plans for the execution of a daring robbery with the help of a Syndicate boss., All of which is by recorded by electronic Gnu a. Planted by various few enforcement agent. J971 8 36 pm 8 the Odd co i be Quot vocal girl makes Ope no Star Marilyn Home guest stars As a shy Singer who is a a discovered by Felix and depends on Oscar for moral support. 18 . 8 Toma "50 per cent of Toma obtains information from women victims of an attacker whose trademark is a grotesque ski mask. 11 30 . 3 late movie Quot Moon Zero Starr ing James Olson and Catherine von Schell. Years in the future in a thriving Community on the Moon a space hero is forced into a Mission which could gain him control of the Moons entire surface. 8 wide world of entertainment Quot in California Jam Rock festival featuring Emerson Lake and Palmer. Read the Enterprise classified ads

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