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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 6, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page eight the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of a High Point North Carolina tuesday. Iun it it 6, j939buford in ill liar Blanks my Hurt Oil ton la irs a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Thomasville defeats Landis behind Lindsey tribe drops slug est a is amp Una to Cyl amp by Turman bisher take first one on the Chin after six weeks of winning Asheboro j Imp 6, Man with a pretty Good Eye for discovering tile Good in the worst of us is Hayes Harrington but the Mecca re eagles manager credits himself with a Boner now that he has seen Tige Harris play Day in Day out for a Little Over a year. A i told Mem Here that head never be Able to hit in this Brand of Ball i did no to believe he would a Hayes recalled yesterday. He was leaning up against the Lindley Field grandstand waiting for the Bona Allens to take their second shot at his flock. A but Tige s come through As far As i can judge his Only trouble right now is in his Fielding. He can shag with any of them but he just not As smooth As he should be he looks a Little Uncertain when he goes after i looping As Mph a i can recall it Tige Graduands from High Point College with a far Flung reputation a a basketball Placer but his baseball future was t jammed with stars. He bad two Well blazed trails to follow in pro Ball those Cut by Lee Sherrill Roy Pinkston he hastened Over to Jiminy Alansr Thomasville Lair when the Trees started budding last Spring even before he got his sheepskin Al High Point. So far Hayes a right because Tige it seemed a i a Little something he did no to need or needed something he did t have the mommies derided they could struggle along with cant Pinkston Airt Arn. They said it was largely because he could play basketball that Mccrary took the Tige if it was the boy Down Here got a real bargain. A Peculiar Angle to Tige s Rise in the game Aimer double Day invented is that the fellow whose place he took in Asheboro is now playing the position he sought at Thomasville. A what happened to Huck i Barnes a i asked Hayes. A what happens to any fellow when a better Hall player a cries along a that s where Harris earns in Barnes went out after parking on the Bench for s Long part of the Cool Spring. Immiti Pizii Success runs in streaks the Buford Bona aliens yesterday afternoon slopped the six week winning Streak of Al vary a intercity leaders by virtue of a 7-0, two bit shutout. The magics cropped the liens with a 1-0 win when the georgians went marching through on their first trip through. A it to he fit first Row Bottoms shortstop. Alc Madden Pitcher Mabrey third base Clodfelter Utility second Row Briggs Pitcher Shoffner. First base Barrington manager cately or Griffin right Field Boyo Catcher Peterson Utility. Third Row. Calloway Pitcher Tov second base Brooks Pitcher Harris Center Field Newman left Field Mcintyre Pitcher Davis Pitcher Cheek first base. Canty. Mueller Star Iii rally fur Triumph Over on the other Side of the scotch Battle Between the a Bonn it aliens the a Al it racy a the old sex tars Law Avite was moaning for the deep Sofland Buford again a a everybody we a pc got s Abe said Between tears. There s nothing Hilt a Skeleton left of what we started out with two weeks ago. Meta Ling so sick in veer in got to Start a Pitcher in the Outfield. That was a a Alunans the eccentric sex dodger est Ard Harris is silk i m sick Alay Almond is Nick chief Moore is sick even our scorekeeper is sick. But Well have to manage they did All right because there was one Guy who want so in k he could t hobble out to the Mound let the have Bot two Hita. Rank Melton must hate been in terrible condition. Then that s not. Considering that my Baxter got up out of a a sick bed often enough to get three hits off my Brook. It must have been the bed that was sick. Alan Almond does no to count so Well forget that he just. Caught a a invalid Melton the whole game had 14 putouts. . Really must have been sick or Al he liked the Shade about the third base line one. He a the fellow judge Aioli was in such a Stew or three years ago when Connie alack grabbed him off the Mercer Campus. Honest Abe explained that the North Carolina water Wasny to Good for Georgia digestive systems. A just take about two parts of Roanoke rapids Avater Ami mix Avell Over a Long bus ride Aud you la feel worse than a Scotchman Avith a Hango or. That s the Way we All feel today this hot weather makes us feel even worse than usual. A they avid All he Back in Hagah thursday though a Little rest comes after that. Then another two weeks trip into Alabama. Manager Abe explained that that avas the procedure through every summer. A a we re never still Long enough to feel our pulses a Little Ai object i lint might Appeal to Asl Eltoro Folk is Honcut Abe s comparison of Mccrary Aud Roanoke a rapids the two slate Semi pen Semi finalists list year. A a the Roanoke learn is Good they la get Heller hut Alc Crary has improved a lot this year has the Ihu is team we be played on this if course thai was before Melton masterpiece Ami just after the owls first two games of the year hut Abe s general conclusion was that Mccrary looked like a Good Semi pro tournament bet this year. In choosing Melton to pitch yesterday chief White was unaware that the lean Gastonia kid had done a 12-inning stretch for the Lynchburg a Trad Dock Ter rvs sunday afternoon. He played hookey from the second game with Roanoke rapids. He s a second Cousin to Cliff Melton the giant Mountaineer. Herrin halted the Hall game for a moment in the third to mooch a chaw off Harrington then proceeded to single twice thereafter. The Asheboro fans including Roscoe the grandstand Rowdy get a on deportment. A Convent Ion of mummies have been better behaved with their local heroes getting their pants whipped. Cooleemee slugs five Lexington Pitcher for hits. Bally behind Lari John on capture 17-11 decision 16 Rii v Thomasville june 6 Lindsay got off to shaky Start j against Jandi. Hut after the first i Frame. Hie dark hatred Thomasville hurler was invincible i bottled the sense attack for a 6 to 2 Victory the Sens touched Lindsay for i two runs in the first flame on Hopkins double. Barnes single Marvin Watts single hut the i Toms came right Hack with t free j runs in the fourth to grasp i Lead they never dropped. Jim Canty with a pair of singles Ted Mueller with a triple which drove Over two runs led Thomasville offence Kinsy double a single was tops for Landis. Landis Thomasville a rho a r h o a Knapp of 4 0 1 4 0 con r 3b 4 i i i i h Kins la 4 1 2 8 0 Canty of 4 12 2 0 Gonson it 4 0 0 i 0 Muel r la 4 2 i la i i by be 3b 4 i i i 3 Shealy 2b 4 i i 4 4 Jack Britton s son seeks Middle title youth who nosed into i a Aine gain to dad ill looks like Comer by in Arles Imp Kley Chicago june 6.�? a a tile son that Jack Britton never intended raising to become a fighter aspires to win the middleweight championship of the world. The youngster is Bobby Britton. 21-year-old welterweight. His dad twice won the worlds welterweight championship fought with amazing Success for 26 years which is quite a Span for such a rugged profession As boxing. Old Jack britons intention for his son we Ere the heat but the youngster decided at the tender age of 13. To fight for the fun of it just As his dad in starting a an ,.nd a fever relinquished their Lead i Alley fighter in Chicago More than five Lexington hurlers include 35 years ago. The ring career of ing manager Jim Callahan who his son started in Miami. Fla now finally came in from Center Field the Home of the Britton family a service hut Jess funnier while has dad was absent from the victim of the two run winning the City. Cooleemee june 6.�? a nine run splurge in the second inning Heie last night gae the climbing cools a decisive win Over Lexington. I loll. The tribe had gotten off to a five run Start in the opening Frame but Blackie Carters Crew rained hits All Over the Field Back on top of the Hall game hop will rally in the third was charged the loss. Panian started the game left in second Aud was followed by his successor Chei Smith. Lexington Cooleemee a rho a rho Smith a 5 2 3 4 2 gds a n a 6 2 2 i i Bogard 3b 5 2 i i 3 Waltl k c 4 2 i la 0 Luekey of 3 2 2 1 0 Carter la 3 3 2 2 0 it Watts a 4 0 i 2 0 s pm n of 4 0 i i 0 Stant n 20 5 i i 0 2 Payne of 4 2 3 1 0 Cauble 2b 4 0 0 2 3 Cox c 4 0 13 1 Carroll of 3 0 0 2 0 Hine of 3 0 0 i 0 Watkins c 3 0 0 4 0 by Russ 4 1111 Dailey p 3 0 1 0 2 Lindsay p 2 0 0 i 3 Eola 32 2 6 24 8 total t2 6 s 27 12 score by innings r Landis. 200 too 000 -2 Thomasville. Too 310 020 -8 Korora caul. Ganev runs batted in b Barnes. M Watts. Mueller 2 Cox Connor Shealy. Hackman. Two base hit Hopkins. Shealy. Three base hit Mueller. Sacrifices Lindsay left on bases lands 3 Thomasville 3. Strikeouts. Daney 4 Lindsay 4 winning Pitcher Lindsay. Losing Pruner. Ganev umpires Ingram Rene Hardt. Time. 1 25. Ragged Fielding whips Towe Kannapolis. Clyde Teague hurled six hit Lull brie monday night As the Mooresville moors took la measure of the towers 6 to 3. Jimmie White also hurled Superb Ball up to the eight innings hut weakened a that Point. The Tow Elers had Given White miserable support in the Field up to the time of his exit the Tow Elers had a Field night in the matter of errors contributing six miscues tossing in a couple of Fine examples of Loose Fielding that does not show up in the Box score. Danny amiral brightened up Kannapolis Hopes put the c i h n cf.p5 j 2 i 2 wait 3b 4 2 2 0 i Glover la 3 i i 8 0 Natlo of 4 i 2 2 0 Rons of 5 0 0 0 0 q Var k la 4 i 0 too pleated c 10 12 0 Fowler 2b 5 i 2 0 3 Pantan p i 0 0 0 0 Burn p 0 0 0 0 a Rceder p 0 0 0 0 0 $ sol to Smith p 0 0 0 0 0 John n Pirn r 3 110 0 Motley Miller c 3 117 1 p 1110 1 p 3 i 0 0 i p i i i 0 0 total 39 la 13 24 to total score by inning Lexington. Cooleemee 40 17 16 27 7 r 505 Ooi too ii 092 121 02x�?17 error hogged. Glover Plummer. Run batted in Stanton 2. Callahan 2, Glover. To. Huratio season card Erman 3, Carter 3, Payne 6, Miller j Smith Whitlock two base hit Cal a Lihan. Pleated Natlo. Payne Glover 1 Juskey. Fowler Harderman three base i hit Callahan. We tuck Fowler. Stollen bases Juskey. Hnatio 3, Payne i Whitlock Fowler. Left on bases Cool j 9, Lexington 9 Bose on balls Burn 1 i. So a Volt i Johnson 4. Motley i panian 2. Reefer i Smith i Callahan i a strikeout season i. Johnson 4, Motley 3. Panian 2. Glover i Callahan 3. Winning Pitcher John on inking Pitcher Plummer. Umpire. Ridenhour Clummer. Time 2 35. Young Britton a presented before a critical crowd of his dads admirers at the Marigold Garden list night dropped a close ten a round decision to Milt Aron fight i Long son of a Dubuque la., rabbi. Young Britton was floored by a right hand smash to the Chin in the second round for a count of nine but gamely got up just Ashi father had done Many a time carried the fight to his opponent won the Praise of the crowd the old timers nodded their Heads declaring the youngster has All of Hiatt 7 in his dad s famous fighting skill his j Craft left hand his ability to Roll i with punches the All important courage. Old Jack teaching i son the tricks of the game. Does t boast that he will become a great fighter but he has Hopes. He save the youngster is a fairly Good punch or. A capable Boxer is game to t he Core. A the boy likes the sport i that s the Only reason i in hacking him the elder Britton said Quot he has had about 70 bouts since lie turned professional three years ago. I believe he is Hie youngest boy in the game to Start boxing. He was just 1wo months past 13when some of the boys Down in j Miami learning that he was my j son. Induced him to Box a four j Rounder. I made Chiin quit when i found it out but he was soon to it again stronger than Melrose trips up Marsh 6-4 Towson hurl six hit Ball. Collect a double two singles Melrose took another step in the Industrial league ladder yesterday afternoon when their Star hurler Woody Crowson let Marsh furniture Down with six hits for a j 6-4 Victory. Five errors threatened to throw the game hut Towson survived even though he committed two j miscues himself besides his hurling achievement the lanky Melrose chunked blasted out a double i two singles for hitting honors. Haney collected two hits led marshes attack. Melrose Marsh a r h e a Miller a 5 6 0 3 3 hark t 2b 3 1 2 3 2 Hoover e 4 i i 3 0 Crowson p 5 i 3 i 8 Myrtey 2b 5 i 0 i 3 Cooke is 4 0 1 2 7 eve it la 5 0 0 to 3 Frye e 4 0 1 4 0 White of 4 110 0 Weston 3b 4 0 0 i 3 Haney 3b 4 i 2 2 i Aycock la 4 i i 13 0 Ort in of 4 0 0 2 3 purr of 4 0 0 0 0 Brook of 4 c i i c Robbins of 3 2 i i 0 Bldr be p 0 0 0 0 i Hatchet of 4 i 2 i 0 Hiatt p 3123 Melton whiffs /x/0 immediate 13 Only one successor for gets to third Sermon four of Buford run i a earned in 70 revenge beating by Furman bisher Asheboro i Tine 6.�?six weeks is a Long time for any baseball team to go undefeated or. Jinx aided abetted by a lean Windmill Pitcher named Frank Melton the Buford Gabona Allens saw to it yesterday that the Mccrary eagles Streak stopped right where it was Ami cropped the flocks wings with a revengeful 7-0 shutout at Lindley Field Here. For five Jennings Melton a strapping fellow who could t stand upright in a Street car flirted with the lady who guards the Hall of Fame but Guy Bottoms finally caught up with his delivery clouded a Long drive Over Stowe s head in left Field in the fifth ended the witless Streak with a double. The Eagle Short fielder took third when Mabrey fouled along the right Field line to Andy Johnson that was farther than any other Eagle flew the rest of the afternoon. I ii i by he v St by k in a n to Mabrey singled with one away in the ninth but died a natural death on first. Those were the Only two hits Mccrary could Muster off the offerings of Melton a Gastonia boy two year ago a prize St. Louis card farmhand at i five Asheville. He wind milled 13 macs him out on strikes walked Only two allowed Only two men to get As far As second As he pinned the first shutout on the eagles in their own Ballard since the Early beginning of big Semi pro Battles Here. I led the batsmen with de Brooks who shutout Abe each. White his Semi pro Crew 4 to j Durham s hits came Raleigh june h. It it a h a. Fisher chairman of then c. State College athletic Council said today no immediate Steps would lie taken to find a successor to or. R. R. Sermon basketball rack coach. Sermon announced yesterday he would serve Only one More year at no state College an a than would return to the practice of his profession he is an Osteopath. Ile has been connected with the colleges athletic department 13 years. Bees find wings again soar High Chak Lotte. June 6. A of that noise echoing around the Piedmont league today was the buzzing of the Charlotte hornets celebrating last night s 20 to i Victory Over Richmond. The season s Hest margin failed to help the bees in their drive to overtake Asheville s league leaders. The tourists won 6 to 3 from Winston Salem. Durham trounced Portsmouth i to 3 Norfolk s tars pounded out a 13 to 4 decision Over Rocky mount. Roberto Ortiz the cuban sent Down by Washington held Richmond Colts to six hits fanned my knocked out four hits of in the Charlotte Triumph George Turbeville of Asheville let Winston s twins Down with five hits As his teammates socked opposition twirling for 14 safeties in racking up a win Over the cell arites. Wein Richards three hits at a ppr totals 35 6 la 27 8 totals score by Inlings 38 4 6 24 12 r Marsh. Too 103 too a Melrose. 120 200 dx�?6 errors Hackett. Crowson 2. Weston 2, Robbins. Miller Everhart Hiatt Home runs Aycock two base hits Crowson. Frye Cooke Hatchett. Double Playa Cooke. Hackett Aycock base on balls off Crowson 2, off Eldridge i. Off Hiatt 2. Struck out. By Crowson 4. By Hiatt 2. Hiu off Eldridge 4 in i wild pitch Hiatt. Passed bail Hoover. Letting Pitcher Hiatt. Umpire Yow Thomas. Time of game 2 of attendance too. Unknown bears net Hopes of Hungary Tun moments the bulls coasted in behind the seven hit flinging of he to slow Portsmouth a March toward the league Pinnacle. Morris. Durham infielder hit two doubles two single to Lead the attack on Hayser Fishman Norfolk collected is Hita in drubbing Rocky mount Murphy new Center fielder got five of them. Hit Emith Derry produced five runs for the Winner with a Homer two singles. Flair Adair of the losers connected for four hits each. Though he allowed 13 hits Hruska of Norfolk was Strong in the pinches. The same teams meet again today. 0, in their first meeting two week ago fared right common until Bottoms let the Bottom drop out with an error on Jack Shipley a grounder in the fifth with two away. Three unearned runs then trickled across after Shipley stole second Herrin singled him Home j stole second Baxter singled to Center both tallied when Stowe sent a one timer to right Cheek messed up Griffin s throw in. A Vot satisfied they might a Well have zipped up the Bali game then hut Herrin Wasny to satisfied singled again in the seventh Baxter followed suit right behind him. A double steal cropped up Herrin took third but Cox failed to cover second on Hayes Harrington a throw the Buford third Sacker came Home. Little Jack Shipley started it All Over again As a parting shot in the ninth with a single. He robbed news Vork june 6. Pm second of All but the rubber strap Jdick i Mosev s reputation a a devastating puncher was credited today with saving him $3,000. Dempsey was sued for that amount by Charles Mcfarland 135-Pound Boot Lack who contended Hie former heavyweight Champ slugged him in a Barber shop. A Elf i had socked this Little Guy he lie Here to Tell this Dempsey told the jury which promptly returned a verdict in jacks favor. Dempsey a rep station As puncher saves him s3, Herrin walked behind him Baxter lured them both Home with a double scored himself when Stowe crashed out a double. Only three of the Bona Allen runs were earned but the Rackers kept pecking away at Brooks delivery hits came to a More steady barrage As the Liberty right hander weakened in the closing innings Long John Hites the dist chief of Melton s achievements aside from his two hitter was the i feat of striking out Long John Mciva test. June 6 up a a Griffin three out of four trills to lad who made his first Racquet plate. Cox. Bottoms Check from a Hall of twine an us l Harrington All went Down the wooden Box is carrying the Tennis whiff route twice apiece Hopes of Hungary to Wimbledon Baxter s two singles Aud on seven hits Salisbury. June 6 a the giants eked out a 2 to 0 Victory Over Concord in a pitchers Battle Between Reed do Amico. Barkers walk Jackson a triple a Wun gave the Lucke men a run in the Tow Elers Back in the Ball game it it econ j Anuj Helms double belting a Homer Over the lest Field single added a Salisbury Fence in the fifth Atter Burns had non in the a hard. Walked with two Down. Amaral Concord Salisbury led both clubs at Bat with a Homer a r h o a a rho double single for four times Mauney of 4 o 2 0 0 Helms of 4 i i o c Reed stars wears Graham selected As flashes Here a the record Buster your fast says Quot a dim tip but they a "5&Quot every time Muriel senators Cigar Carter Colton Cigar co., High Point amp Charlotte n. C. At Bat. Mooresville Kannapolis a rho a rho r pm Etc a 2b 6 2 i 2 6 Rye no a 2b 4 0 0 5 c awing As 4 i i 3 5 Burns 3b 3 i 0 0 3 Carrier 2b 4 0 0 14 i Ama l of 4 10 3 0 i Jordan of 3 0 i i i Ben t of 4 0 0 4 0 White 3b 3 0 i 0 i swed la 3 0 0 6 0 Blair of 3 0 0 2 0 c 4 i i 6 0 Plack of 5 110 0 Easley is 3 0 2 2 4 Hick c 4 1 2 5 0 Lacy of 4 0 0 2 0 Teague p 5 1 2 0 2 j White p 3 0 0 i 3 Jones p 0 0 0 1 0 totals 37 6 9 27 15 totals 32 3 6 27 10 score by innings r Mooresville too 020 040 to Kannapolis. Too 021 000�?3 errors Carrier 2. Reynolds Burns. Swed 2. Easley Lacy. Runs batted in b. White Amaral 2. Teague Lawing 2, Jordan. Two base hits Amaral Jor Ida. Wilson. Black. Home runs Maist stolen bases Templeton 2, Wilson. Easley Reynolds. Sacrifices Templeton b. White 2. Double Playa White j to swed Carrier to Templeton left on bases Kannapolis to Mooresville 13. Rates on Halls White 6. Teague 5, Jones i. Strikeout Whit 4 Teague 5 Jon i Hitt off White 8 in 7 1-3 inning Jones i in i 2-3. Wile pitches Whitt. Losing Pitcher Saab 2b 4 0 113 Jarvis is 2 0 10 1 of a Ger a of 3 0 1 3 0 Orch 3b 4 0 12 2 Baker 3b 4 0 0 0 2 Luckey c 31170 Roth la 4 0 1 9 0 he Man la 3 0 0 12 i Harris of 4 0 1 0 0 Barker of 3 i 0 2 0 Bai nes is 4 0 0 2 2 Jack n of 2 0 i 3 0 pare c 4 0 0 9 1 Dak 2b 2 0 0 0 2 d Amoco p 4 0 i 0 3 Reed p 3 0 0 1 3 total 35 0 7 24 11 totals 26 2 5 27 9 score by innings r Concord. Too too 000�?0 Salisbury Oil too oox�?2 errors Damico Jarvis runs batted in Jackson Branch two base hits Helm. Do Amico Roth. Harris Saab the re Bare hits Jackson. Stolen bases Luckey. Soc rifles Jarvis. Double play. Barnes to Saab to Roth. Left on a a Concord 9 Salisbury 7. Bases on balls of Reed i off d Amico 6. Strikeouts. Reid 6. D Amico 8 umpires Connor Bohr time 2 of. Wrestling ii a it by the associated press Portland me., a Bull mar tip. Trenton n j., Defeated Man Mountain Jacobs California two of three Falls. White. Umpire. Time 3.29. Hodge mouse next victim wednesday Nite Greensboro june 6�?after bickering with several top notch wrestlers local promoters have signed Roy Graham one of the roughest toughest grapplers in the game in an Effort to put a Stop to the winning ways of the purple Flash. Graham has been selected for the flashes opponent in the main event Battle of promoter Jim Crockett a wrestling program at the sport Rena xxx Ednes Day night. The mystery of the True identity of the purple Flash remains unsolved Here. Since making his debut Here quite a number weeks ago. The Flash has never been pinned twice in a two out of three Falls bout his purple Hood will automatically be lifted from his face when he is pinned twice Aud Hie fans Are clamouring for someone to beat the Flash. In addition to this main event a a Brawl a a couple of other rough Tumble lists will be on the nights program. In the semifinal bout. A one fall. 45-minutes time limit scrap Jack a a blackjacks Hader faces Pete Peterson while in the night s opener a one fall 30-minutes time limit setto. Billy Bart Ash w ill go up against Tommy o Toole inefficient operation of any one i set of automobile Brake shoes cause undue Wear on the other j three which must then Bear the whole Load of braking. This summer. He s a rank newcomer a this 19-year-old Joseph Asmoth a a too much he expected of him when lie faces the worlds great stars on English turf. But next year ,. Well you can take the word of the old Tennis musketeer Henri Coe he to that a a Josie boy will clash his Way into the International first ten. Corbet who used to Battle for the Davis cup under the Tricolour of France has been clucking like a Hen with one Chick Ever since he discovered Asboth a few months ago. A Josie boy was just a government clerk at $5 a week but last year he had won the Budapest singles title whenever he had a Chance to practice there was a fiery zip to his service machine precision to his volleys. Cochet took him under his coaching Wing he gave him a Chance on Hungary a 1939 Davis cup team. Asboth made Good. Little succeeds Laird at Davidson double was tops for the Shoemaker s hitters. At the Field Andy Johnson voted the most valuable player in the Semi pro tournament at Wichita last year turned in two gems running catches of foul flies taken Over his shoulder in the right Field sector. Bona Alif n Mccrary Shipley 2b 5 2 i i 3 Cox 2b 4 0 6 3 4 Herrin 3b 4 3 2 0 0 Bot mass 4 0 i i 7 Baxter of 4 2 3 0 0 Mab a 3b 4 0 i 0 3 Stowe of 4 0 2 0 0 Ham of 3 0 0 1 0 Munns of 4 0 0 3 0 Griffin of 4 0 0 0 0 Johmson la 5 6 2 7 0 new n of 3 0 0 3 0 Tarter a 4 0 12 1 Cheek la 3 0 0 16 0 Almond c 4 0 0 14 1 Hart n c 2 0 0 3 0 Melton p 4 0 0 0 0 Brooks p 3 0 0 0 2 totals 38 7 la 27 5 totals 30 0 2 27 16 score by innings r Bona Allen. Too 030 103�?7 Mccrary. Too too too o errors Shipley. Johnson Bottom Cheek. Cox. Runs batted in Herrin. Stowe 2. Baster 2. Two base hits Bottoms. Baxter Stowe. Stolen bases Shipley 2, Herrin. Double plays Bottoms to Cox to Cheek Tarter to shop Aley to Johnson. Left on bases Bona Allen 4 Mccrary 5. Base on balls of i Melton 2 off Brooks 4. Struck out. By Melton 13 Brooks 2. Passed balls Harrington. Almond. Umpires Benjamin Morris. Time of game 2 05. Athletics Yankees get Duke s Tipton Bergman Durh am. J Lim Davidson june 6. A cd a Crowell Little former University of North Carolina quarterback i Jor league baseball will coach freshman football at signed Davidson College this fall. Announcement of Little a appointment was made yesterday by athletic director Norman Shepard. Shepard said Little would coach freshman football basketball. Little a lathe of Asheville coached King Mountain High school team this year. He will succeed Flake Laird Here Laird recently joined the y. F. I. Coaching staff. A cup a Maili a have up two Duke University it a i a i Eft fielder Erie Tipton shortstop Russell Bergman. Tipton will go to the Philadelphia athletic Bergman to the new York Yankee. Bott. A my received their diplomas yesterday will report to the respective clubs immediately. It a understood that it was agreed in Tipton contract that he would not he Farmed out this season. Bergman Likely will be sent to some Yankee Faun. 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