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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - June 5, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randall b Terry president co publisher d a Rawley co publisher David a Rawley or vice pres mrs c h Lockwood vice pres Joseph p Rawley Gen mgr Joe Brown editor Washington merry ground White House boldly woos conservatives 4a wednesday june 5 1974 thoughts for today a generation goes and a generation comes but the Earth remains for Ever All things Are full of weariness a Man cannot utter it the Eye is not satisfied with seeing nor the ear filled with hearing Eccl your Icord the world you live in Day by Day is just about that you make it it still be no better or bigger or finer than you Are yourself Norman Vincent Peale american Clergyman White House mystery Man the sudden guilty plea of sex White the logical Assumption following that one i 1 ill in j i vol 11 by Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington White House aides have taken pains to remind members of Congress that they Are sitting on the impeachment jury and therefore that it is improper for them to discuss the Case against president Nixon it would seem to be even More improper however for Nixon As the defendant to court members of the jury yet he has taken key senators and representatives on dinner cruises Down the Potomac he has made White House planes limousines and other privileges available to them he has pampered them with sudden attention the president is even tailoring his legislative program at least in part to Appeal to the conservatives whose votes he is counting upon to keep him in office the politics of impeachment rather than the merits of the legislation now seems to determine what Bills he will support for example the president has halted the construction of a Cross Florida Barge canal to preserve the Beauty of Northern Florida Oklawaha River As recently As six weeks ago the White House reassured Florida conservationists of the presidents support but the promises were forgotten after a contingent of conservative congressmen called upon the White House to go ahead with the Barge canal the president hastily withdrew his opposition the same thing happened to a Federal land use Bill which the president had described As his number one environmental priority in his state of the Union message last january rep Morris Udall Darin working closely with the Interior department Drew up a Bill to accomplish the presidents objective but conservatives were afraid the Bill would allow the Federal government for the Sake of the environment to infringe on private ownership House Republican Leader John Rhodes and rep Sam Steiger Ariz arranged a House counsel Charles w Colson elevates him to mystery Man of the moment status he was to a great extent already that by virtue of his role or non role in the presidential tape transcripts the name of Charles Colson appears again and again in the transcripts of his private conversations released by presi Dent Nixon yet not once does he appear As a conversation participant the tapes is that the president had his reasons for not including those talks in the released transcripts the Days ahead will answer the questions of How much Colson will Tell about the things that both special prosecutor Leon Jaworski and the House judiciary committee seek to know Colson could be described As the first key White House aide to plead complicity most of the others who have admitted covered dialogues Between the president guilt were directly attached to the com 1 in f a a u Rel 41 t m q and his top aides As Well As with people in the Justice department private attorneys and others in the deah conferences Colson remains As something of an outsider he is frequent Mittee for the re election of the president not with the White House itself Colson says he agreed to plead guilty to a single count of obstructing Justice in the Case of Daniel Ellsberg the pen by referred to in a Way which leads one to Wagon papers leaker so that he would be believe that none of the others really trusted him that they didst know what he might do or say and that they actually feared him it is Safe to assume that As White House counsel he did have conversations with the president and free to Tell everything i know about the watergate and watergate related matters it could be that the whole Nixon defense could Rise or fall on what that everything is Earls pearls Earl l Butz who manages and mis manages the nations department of agriculture finally said in so Many words this week that he is a devoted believer in government of the president by the president and for the president the policies of his department Butz agreed in an interview Are designed to tip the Scales toward those congressmen and thus their constituencies who stand with president Nixon in his time of turmoil i do not go out of the Way to favor those who Are against us and i find myself playing pretty closely with some of these people namely Southern democrats and Western republicans who comprise the bulk of the conservative bloc in Congress Butz declared it should not be expect Able under the american system for a Cabinet official to be apolitical such jobs Are after All the principal spoils of Victory a presi Dent rarely goes into the enemy Camp to find manpower for his top advisory posts and yet the american system of fair play depends on evenhanded administration of National affairs we can no More have the department of agriculture playing sectional Roulette than we can to have the internal Revenue service base its investigations on a presidential enemies list Agnes Crowder Finch in any setting anywhere Agnes Crowder Finch would have been a Star her unflagging Energy and a charming ability to communicate with people of every estate combined with a rare personal Charm made her one of a kind from the n c symphony and state Art societies to the fledgling Myca and the Public Library in her Home town of Thomasville she gave of herself As few Are willing to do she was not the kind to projecting the news Send a Check instead she took it in person and then pitched in wherever the need existed with the kind of personal Devotion that brings out the Best in others she roamed far and wide yet maintained a Devotion to her City of Thomasville where her ebullient Good humor and Active interest in efforts toward a better Quality of life will Long be Felt land use and misuse a conference on land use litigation will be held Friday and saturday in Chicago sponsored by the Urban land Institute the american Law Institute and the american bar association in a forthcoming novel set in the not so Distant future John Hersey describes a citizen waiting in an endless line in order to petition his government for More open space in that densely overpopulated world each person is allowed Only eight feet by twelve feet of living space and there is a Rumor that the authorities Are about to reduce everyone share across the Street jerseys citizen reflects i can see the upper part of the Wall enclosing the Green the Public is not admitted inside the Wall the Green Green space a museum of openness the lines of citizens waiting on pavements to get to the windows in that Wall just to gaze at the emptiness within Are the longest in the whole City in 1974 it requires a fanciful leap of the imagination to envision the Day when open Parks and Green forests will be sealed off from the Public but the fact that it can be foreseen at All is a comment on the growing concern Over our society use of land and space land use planning has become a key phrase in today environmental lexicon but the using still precedes the planning most of the time granted the pressures of population growth and housing requirements Are enormous according to a 1972 Senate report by the year 2000 the nation must build again All that it has built before As Many Homes schools and hospitals in the next three decades As have been built in the past three centuries such monumental growth trends have met with determined resistance in some states and communities which have begun to question the benefits of unlimited development land use Laws have been enacted in Vermont Maine Colorado Florida and Hawaii and Many other states Are considering similar legislation but most experts agree that a Strong Federal land use Bill is the Only Way to bring order to the Hodgepodge of zoning regulations sewer moratoriums and population limitations which Are springing up nationwide the Senate in 1972 passed a Bill to provide Federal Grants and technical Aid to help states develop land use programs for areas of critical environmental concern important facilities regionally beneficial projects and Large scale developments the House version was bogged Down for months by committee controversies and parliamentary Maneu Werings but is now slated for a House vote sometime in june opponents of the measure argue that it is the first step toward Federal zoning and would deprive private property owners of the traditional right to use their land As they please they say the Bill unduly emphasizes the natural environment and neglects economic and social considerations furthermore they contend that a Federal land use Law will deluge the courts with a steady Stream of lawsuits and counter suits by environmental groups and building firms fighting to determine How land shall be used rep Sam Steiger Ariz asserts that parts of the House Bill invite litigation on every line indeed the courts Are where the crunch will come in the land use Battle recent evidence indicates that litigation is rapidly becoming a decisive Factor in land use development says Syd Kasper of the Urban land Institute for environmentalists developers and their attorneys going to court still beats standing in line but lady the labor department said prices have gone Down a percentage a word edgewise private visit with the president and him to abandon the Udall Bill although the Bill simply codified his own proposals accepted the suggestion of the two powerful conservatives Steiger helpfully provided a weakened substitute Bill which the president quickly endorsed this killed the Udall Bill it was a victim snorted Udall of watergate politics agreed a staff member privy to the backstage mane vering this was clearly a Case of Nixon trying to Shore up his conservative the president has also shifted his stand against other consumer environmental and social programs which the conservatives despise and he has showered them with other White House blessings when sen John Sparkman Daia called from Paris to complain about a second rate air Force plane that had been provided to Fly a congressional contingent Home from Europe the White House hastily dispatched vice president Gerald Fords plane across the Atlantic to pick up the Sparkman group another time the president gave and sen James Allen r Ala a lift Home from Alabama and provided them with limousines at the Airport and vice president Ford gave sen Hiram Fong Hawaii a ride to Hawaii last month few members of Congress used to get in to see the president when the German Shepherd dogs h r Haldeman and John Ehrlichman were guarding the door liberals Are still excluded except on ceremonial occasions for example sen Walter Mondale Minn Hast been inside the White House since the late president Lyndon Johnson occupied the place and sen George Mcgovern did even get an official list of Cabinet members from the White House for an inquiring student but the doors have been thrown open to the conservatives such As sen Strom Thurmond rec Robert Dole kans Pete v Domenici in mex James Eastland miss arid Walter Huddleston d by whose names Are on a list of 34 to 39 hardcore conservatives whose vote the president needs to save himself from removal sen Wallace Bennett r Utah and Russell Long do la were invited to a private breakfast ostensibly to discuss Trade with the president a couple of weeks ago earlier the president played the piano at a birthday party for Bennett and Long was granted a 90 minute audience with the president sen Jame Buckley the new York conservative had dinner at the White House 10 Days before he asked Nixon to resign he Hast been invited Back sen Ted Stevens r Alaska admitted to us that his requests were put on the Back Burner in the Haldeman Ehrlichman Days but this year things have opened up he said and White House aides Are More receptive to any inquiries a spokesman for conservative sen j Bennett Johnson la put it even More candidly the White House is wooing Johnson Nixon has been doing favors for Southern senators for anyone who a swing vote on impeachment footnote a White House spokesman denied that the presidents environmental shift had anything to do with impeachment politics the president simply is trying to safeguard the environment and at the same time to provide an adequate Energy Supply said the spokesman he claimed that the president accepted the substitute land use Bill because it was a better Bill Ireland no solution just an outcome by John p Roche King features Syndicate what is there to do about Ireland but weep the Ulster protestants have just slammed the door on the most hopeful attempt at Compromise in half a Century a provincial government consisting of protestants and catholics alike this puts the bloody shambles Back on the British Doorstep with a return to direct Rule As the Only feasible policy and it also unleashes All the thugs protestant and Catholic alike to Plant their landmines mail their letter bombs and conduct their executions like a More Complex version of Hamlet we Are watching a play within a play the Hartline Ulster men Are forcing their Les militant co religionists to ban any participation by catholics in provincial Rule the gunmen of the Irish Republican army and its various splinters Are trying similarly to polarize the Catholic population and convince the British that any attempt to maintain protestant Rule will Lead to a Vietnam an endless guerrilla engagement in which Britain itself will be subjected to Urban terror while on the wider stage the sensible men who run the Irish Republic and Britain Are desperately searching for a Middle ground or More properly another Middle ground the first attempt at protestant Catholic Compromise was formulated by prime minister David Lloyd George in 1921 merry ground indeed when one reads an account of Lloyd Georges problems he has the eerie feeling that history is a merry ground his Secretary noted in her diary for nov 91921 the note is being sent to the Ulster people who Are coming to London today Lloyd George thinks that their resistance is hardening but this makes him All the More pugnacious and determined to get a settlement in spite of Ulster if he can he says he is inclined to try 4 get the Sis sinn seiners to accept Ulster attitude of remaining separate then Point out to Ulster diehards that they Are not entitled to the lower taxation which Southern Ireland will obtain elsewhere she noted Lloyd Georges rational optimism that presbyterians would be great hardliners until they realized it would Cost them Money Lloyd George did get an agreement of sorts with the Irish republicans one which hedged on the status of Ulster and the rational irishman Michael Collins the towering figure in the Irish rebellion said As he signed it i have just signed my death warrant then As National whirligig now there was no room for rational men and shortly the former comrades of the Ira were bitterly divided Between Collins and de Valera who denounced the arrangement As a a new civil War broke out in the South More ferocious if anything than the earlier struggles with the Black and tans the British Collins met his predicted Fate in an ambush in county Cork butchers Bill when the troubles were Over it was hard to see what had been accomplished Ulster was still there and de Valera had nothing to show for his hawkish posture except an appalling butchers Bill carrying the names of Many dedicated old patriots Only Sean Ocasey has Ever caught the full essence of this tragedy and for years his plays were banned by Dublin now the British who Are confronted with the real necessity for declaring martial Law in Ulster while they Cope simultaneously with Ira terror tactics in London and other cities have to try to come up with something new a rational possibility would be a simple population Transfer of the catholics in Ulster to the Republic it would in the Long run certainly Cost less than maintaining a state of siege in the six Northern counties but reason has to be downplayed an Irish prime minister who agreed to this symbolic abandonment of the dream of a United Ireland a dream that in fact has Little Appeal today to the average irishman would like big Mick Collins be inviting an Ira Bullet perhaps this is one of those Baleful historical situations in which All one can do is weep in which there is no solution Only an outcome democratic rifts Point to 76 disaster by Ernest Cuneo North american newspaper Alliance Washington despite the valiant efforts of chairman Robert Strauss the widening splits in the democratic nomination in 1976 is Worth a great Deal More than it was in 1968 or 1972 indeed some of the most sophisticated and therefore normally cautious democratic pros exhibit conversational willingness to Wager Large sums that democratic nomination in 1976 is equivalent to election this is tantamount to holding that even a third democratic nominating convention As loaded ludicrous and laughable As the past two defeat the democrats in 1976 this is utter nonsense and All but mathematically provable As such thus gov George Wallace in a projection could easily have polled 18 million votes in 1972 when gov Wallace remained in the democratic party however his followers simply bolted to the support of Republican Richard Nixon to that the followers would not Bolt again to a Republican ticket headed by Gerald Ford from a democratic ticket headed by sen Edward m Kennedy is not realistic thinking by the democrats gov Wallace appears to be even stronger in 1974 than he was in 1968 and 1972 not the least part of his impressive showing in the Alabama elections was the 25 per cent he from the Black citizens this undiminished political strength of gov Wallace was tacitly recognized by both president Nixon and sen Kennedy when they journeyed to his state to pay their political respects though not quite their ideological homage to the Alabama governor from this it was assumed by the democratic professionals that Ted Kennedy was seeking an Alliance this View was More or less based on the hard practicalities of politics by this Talleyrand doctrine of expediency since Paris was Worth a mass to the bourbons gov Wallace and the Southern conservatives were Worth an amnesty and a dispensation to the Kennedy forces this surmise proved premature sen Kennedy has indicated that he would find any combination with Wallace head of the democratic ticket unacceptable even though it was the Choice of the democratic convention sen Henry Jackson by contrast has stated that he will abide by the decisions of the democratic convention including the presence of Wallace on a National ticket but for Bob Strauss to believe that he can actually harness the support of wallaces supporters and those of Sens Mcgovern and Kennedy to the same bandwagon approaches the fatuous moreover in attempting to Force the democratic troika in the Southern right the ethnic and labor Center and the left into a winning team Strauss has attempted some daring roman Riding so dangerous in fact that he May be Riding for a fall thus George Meany is deeply miffed and has manifested his displeasure through Al Barker his political bursar and perhaps the most potent political figure on the Hill for All practical purposes Barkan has broken off diplomatic relations with Strauss according to Rumor they Haven spoken in some time and they May not be on speaking terms it has been made Clear that the reason is that the Al Cio feels that Strauss has gone too far left in order to preserve Harmony since Harmony in the democratic party is a harsh joke without the Active support of organized labor the Barkan Strauss discord is by Way of Strong evidence that Bob Strauss May be falling fatally Short of his objectives but it is ridiculous to the Point of intellectual dishonesty to hold that a John Galbraith and a scoop Jackson can March under the same ideological Banner actually Galbraith and the far left committed the unpardonable sin of trying to defeat Jackson for the Senate nomination and suffered a record breaking pounding even for outsiders in the Evergreen state if one considers the divergent philosophies let alone political views of such opposites As sen Jim Eastland of Mississippi and rep Bella Abzug of new York of mayor Richard Daley of Chicago and sex mayor John v Lindsay of new York City of sen John Tunney of California and sen James Allen of Alabama of sen John Mcclellan of Arkansas and rep Shirley Chisholm of new York it follows that this describes the schizophrenia of the democratic party far More than it outlines a common Basic foundation while chairman Strauss it rits a certain acclaim for assuming the herculean task of uniting these divergent forces no convincing Case has been made that a party so badly and in reconcilable split within itself is mandated by destiny to unite the nation

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