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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 5, 1974, High Point, North Carolina By Sylvia Rector associated pre writer Nashville. Tenn apr a year and some hard knocks later. Don Cusic is on his feet with a Job. An apart ment and food he a piecing his dream Back together. Some of his friends hang on. Diverted but not Defeated. They came with similar dreams and. They thought open eyes. Some came with degrees some with just a few cents. Moat saw hard times. A few left. There s no accurate count of How Many dreamers Drift into the music City each week. Or How Many Drift out. Hut Don and his Friend Tell a cumulative Story which has been and will be repeated innumerable times the Story of hitting town and hitting Bottom. A i still believe this town proves the american dream comes True. Cusic said. A my plans Haven t worked out like i thought they would but at least i be got a foot in the Industry and who knows what could happen he came to he a songwriter. Now working in Public relations with the country music association. He sees struggling song writers in a different Light. A i guess the things i went through Are pretty typical. Lousy one room apartments lots of nights drinking Coffee at the Burger boy because i curl int afford anything else i remember once i was thrown out of a building and when i started to leave the starter in my Van would t work. So. I slept in it. Parked on the Street right beside the binding drove the manager crazy. He used to come by and Peck on the window and ask when i was going to get the thing fixed. He remembered with a smile. A i guess Walter is one of the smart ones Cusic remarked Walter Carter came Here three years ago after the los Angeles music Industry told him hts songs were toe a country in Nashville they said his material was too pop a i got a Job As soon As i arrived. And i had enough Money to last awhile. I Don t go along with the theory you have to starve. You May starve professionally but you Don t have to starve physically. Of a Lack of Money ranks first on the list of beginners ills naivete is a close second. A we re not stupid and none of us came Here with our eyes closed but All of us got taken for a ride one Way or another. I met a Guy who convinced me he could not Only get my material published he could get it recorded it was quite a while before i realized. He was sponging off me and wasting my time a Cusic said. A believe it or not there Are a few people who la hold your material if they think you might make it that Way after someone else has invested some time in you they can sell your stuff with Little problem. A there s a million ways to get taken a Carter said. But it Usta added a about the Only Way i know to make it is to come Here. Sometimes it takes years of meeting people and knocking on just writing letters Seldom helps. Sometimes they Aren t even opened. Often they re sent to the wrong people. A we get tapes and lyrics All the time at the country music association. All we can do is Send the people a prepared handout of the most frequently asked questions about the business a said Cusic the information is easy to understand and to the Point. It contains information too Many people have had to learn the hard Way a in general publishers do not require Cash advances from composers a and some information which should be common sense like a get to know the qualified people in your area. Who May be Able to further your the most often heard cliche around music How and its environs is the a a politics but the Industry. A pcs ail pretty political a Carter said. After three years Here he a had some Luck getting material published. A first you be got to find somebody in the publishing business who la agree to take some of your songs. Then you wonder if hell promote it to the right people or even if hell promote it at All. A a you re better off if he knows the artist personally. Music writer recounts difficulties of entering the Field hut. He also needs to know the artist s producer and. If they finally try the song. They May or May not record it. Quot lots of musicians have started their own publishing companies. And they record the things they have publishing rights for instead of looking around for Good material held by someone else it Means More profits per Carter exp anted simply. Music politics is a Touchy Issue with most Industry officials. It s shrugged off As a fact of life by writers who have been in town awhile. It s a rude Awakening for the kids with big ideas and six pounds of Sheet music. The Days of the open doors Are fading too Industry officials Don t like to talk about that either. But Cliff Williamson of tree publishing co is More Blunt. A til say this much. The one thing anybody in this business hates to see is some Guy who comes in and says he has written Soo songs in hts lifetime and he wants to play them for you. A on a Busy Day. If you can find time to see the person you simply cannot listen to 500 songs the Best thing to do is pick the three Best things you pc Ever done and put them on tape a it does t have to be fancy maybe a piano or a guitar in the background would help but even that s not necessary we re looking for the guts of the material and i d be the first one to Tell anybody that it s not a matter of who you know it s How talented you Are a he said the Industry is always looking for new faces and they All Start out As he said a drive Down Broadway or music How any morning of the week is proof there s a lot of new. And often hungry faces to choose from. The rim just a uck.y7 Sale i t we re open round the 24 clock Wert there Arfien you nerd in when Youfu to a of a Vin tor a mid night snark and the refrigerator to empty done to lift. Come on Down to our Bouw. Our cupboards Ere never Bere a end our Welcome mat a always out a tor you. 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