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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 5, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Chair City summer readers make opponent play your suit by Oswald 4k James Jacoby a Florida Reader asks. How should i have played the diamonds a i did Lead toward Dummy s Queen Only to have East take the trick with the King and Lead the suit Back to give his partner a trick with the Jack. My partner Points out that if i had simply stripped the hand of other suits i could have let West hold the first trick with the seven and made my contract a the answer to our Reader s North $ 4 k 10741 10 4 a Psi a ass Yacoby on bring question is that while the play suggested by his partner would have worked this time it was both unnatural and unnecessary. The Way for South to play the diamonds was to make an opponent Lead them for him. After ruffing the second heart South had an automatic Way to make his contract. He should draw Trumps one Lead would be enough then play Ace King and another club it would t matter which opponent led the Diamond or where the King and Jack were located South would simply play Low from whichever hand had to play first and be sure of two tricks in the suit. Suppose the defender refused to Lead a Diamond he would have to Lead a club or heart. South would Ruff in it me hand and discard a Diamond from the other to wind up losing just one Diamond trick. Oily origin anti macassar was the name Given to the protective covering thrown Over the Hack of a chair or the head of a sofa named after macassar a hair Oil in general use in the 19th Century _ sixth graders of mrs. Paul Cravens language and arts classes at main Street school in Thomasville listen As mrs. Cheryl Eddinger director of children s services explains the Thomasville Public Library s vacation Reading program. Registration for the Jaycee sponsored program began monday. Participation is open to Ait chair City boys and girls in the fourth through eighth grades. Film programs will be shown on thursday and saturday afternoon As part of the summer activity. West 4 3 a kqji3 a j97 a j952 East 41 v ams a k 8 43 a ii 107 to your Good health what a Hoitt a bad taste in the Mouth by George c Thomson. My. Dear or. Thosteson i have never seen in your column any explanation for a had taste in the Mouth or Throat during the night or Early morning i know this occurs from drinking but my wife is not a Danker and have not had any liquor for 35 years. She is 73 and i am 77. A Rich dessert causes both of us to have this trouble. Sometimes the taste is so Strong there is a stinging sensation in the Throat. A Glass or two of water during the night gives Relief sometimes Complete. A w. R. A. Some abnormalities of taste Are not unusual at your age and it is not unusual either for Sweet foods and items like milk and ice Cream to leave an after taste for some folks. It is significant that you get Relief from a Glass of water and that May be one clue to your discomfort. While there can he changes in our a tasting surfaces Quot As the years go by. There is also the consideration that our bodily functions slow Down generally. The surfaces of our Mouths and adjacent tissues Are not As physically Active and no longer Carn away As rapidly any Little particles of food which have lodged on them remnants of these parolees can give you that dark Brown so get rid of them dental floss to clean Between Teeth As Well As the Toothbrush at night can help a lot. Of you use dentures clean them Well at night. Remember As Well the Tongue s surface is made of countless tiny crevices in which food particles can Lurk but scraping your Tongue with the Toothbrush will remove Many of them. Another Factor which May or May not apply to you is Mouth breathing. That will dry out the membranes naturally. When they Are dry food particles just stay where they Are. They Only move along when they Are on a moist surface. Keeping a Glass of water on the night stand so you can take a sip when you Rouse now and then should help. Dear or. Thosteson i was Laking the Pill for four months and stopped. I am not pregnant after to More months. Should t i be my husband had a double hernia about five years ago. Could he be sterile we be both afraid to go to the doctor to find out what a wrong can you help us a mrs. B. N. Nature does t necessarily arrange a pregnancy at the drop of a hat. Or should i say at the dropping of the Pill so nothing May be the matter. The double hernia would t cause sterility a but if you Are afraid to go to a doctor for some tests there a not much More i can say to help you. Dear or. Thosteson would an infant pick up germs by people kissing him on the Mouth a a. C. V. He could a which is Why i am thoroughly opposed to kissing babies on the Mouth. But not opposed to kissing babies. The Hest place is on the neck. Back of the neck. Dear or. Thosteson i read your article about the reaction which occurs from the overuse of nose drops or sprays to relieve nasal congestion. I have Cut Down on the use of drops and sprays and the results certainly confirm what you say. Would the same apply to the use of menthol crystals in a Basin of steaming water g. D t. Houth Ltd 4 aqj96s 9? a Aloe a a43 East West vulnerable Hail North la<4 South no the menthol steam won t cause that Quot rebound Pas 24 paso pass effect Quot you get from too much use of nose drops opening Lead to la pass 44 pass electronic fever thermometer reads temperatures in 30 seconds Rood a in 30 words Ihm imn my who e a Molm in git a Wood it 3 5 moan am sumo it Yew do 0 a to my tin Ood 001 Tho danger of Kivi thermos Ottri. Actu Acy and to Latapy hoi won Proton one toughen tenting ground it hospitals. It proved to be do Obi Ood m crw Rrt a a de doctors Koe Pend of $100 for in Type of Electron thermometer. Am therm n your tor Only 119.45. Am therm n my portable. Use regular 9 of Battery. Temperature Reading ii 90-106 fahrenheit in Tony calibration Dot guarantee accuracy a nah us a ? f. N?3 114 Mitt Oral probe n?3 to a it the rectal probe n23 117 Soo Dap table me it to probe coven $5.73 Mclarty drug co. 128 Church Avenue pm. 883-1431 pick up savings on the quicker picker upper. High Point Enterprise wednesday. June a 1974 i7a save two ways on Domino sugar. Take this Coupon to the store then take $1.25 Worth of car winds coupons right off the bag. To get your car winds coupons buy a specially marked 5-lb. Sunny yellow bag of Domino sugar. A Boc admission reduction Coupon is right on the bag and so is a second Coupon Worth 75c use it to Park absolutely free or use it to get colourful maps of Caro winds the magical fun filled entertainment Center your whole family will enjoy. Store Coupon. Save Ioc on5lbs.of Domino sugar lbs $uc5ap in a a of same grocer As our agent re deem this Coupon Lor Ioc on the Purchase pric oof one 5-lb. Bago Domino sugar. Mail to a Star corp. P o. Box 29. Philadelphia. 19105 we will then pay you Ioc plus 3c _ handling this offer void in any state or i locality where taxed prohibited or restricted by Law Cash value i/20 cent. Fraud i clause any other application of this i Coupon constitutes Traud. Invoices proving _ purchases within 90 Days of sufficient Stock i to cover coupons presented tor redemption a must be made available upon request. G this Coupon Good for one Purchase Only. Sales tax to be paid by consumer. _ offer expires november 30,1974. Cm046 6007 f6mj marts tax Star Bounty the fastest absorbing paper Towel you can buy. Cut along dotted line take this Coupon to your store save Ioc when you buy 2 jumbo packages or 2 two Roll packages m in Imp Dupon Good Only on Bounty. Any Dimer use constitutes fraud limit one Coupon Pei Purchase. I �?�0 i Yow of eco cd Oart in info Mem a a 4 ref to. To to a a a a i of #4 my to Vos a fee goods Omi 3 to a them tit be my id it a a to a a. Rico Coupon of Par by Emu two twi ccw�0 Bobba it to Otain a Mutl Styfs Imai in Bitumen of Imam to it 145 of a a Dpi my Popo Onod. It it of a ome be. A it a a a a a a a a a #4 of of b���4� to mum of to Mats in Tom a it in Ney a of a. Wm4 of my i Ltd a a a it a 9 pm a Odo amoo of it m �?�<.�?�,. �?�0 Loo of to olt a a �"4# by a too a a 0 a a at m Abt a a a Jim it a by on pm is 4>m of 4049 a. Ujbg4 v5� by to out mu5 pit.miai<�4 of up Dou to. I. Ono a my m i pow an. Or ii of Kimo. Pod a to in my amp Mem a f Amy 040 to 00440 my a a a a a to demo we 91 i to Tate 6 i a in. A him my Muo imm. Mni.-.i., oho it or Procter amp Gamble i a mme a a j 4

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