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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 3, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Lift High Petal eater else Meade Jan a 1974 Honor Mem Talt a a purr acs Oas is men to i a Chomer Vee 7 dependant 40 japanese i to rental of Teal Haddrell Burh raid 14 in Klein 41 spurn in one font is it wow of Wooten 14 capital <4 Alee la to i turn a Ham so situated in 17 indonesian the Middle of 13 Antenna Mindanao is to a mall la Archon particle is Ivan is Flowre cull a sic in Drzai 3 j Vann is with ending recant to Levof thetra m Virnan turns off a i a tit i amalgamate 2 comp mph in \ lid j tithe Roll trumpet 4 Var la-4 in int car Mem is titania a s Che rattle pm i it Maude m l added 7 i Prtt Tampi huh i a Man name to t to it id Rotor 9 1 or plate in Prtrt % or turf Levi him ii Lim Irthy to a of Inch la Vii in Mal in in r. A Lur rutting $4 a anger wuss Kirin re a it t tar he wrap i Kreth a till be in Smirt it a am a i agr i 14 or id Tom Disei a until m it i or Wiur Lull twit it it or re%w1\ or ii a in. Nut .4 a aim la i it Tyml tee m Vrato a ii Sweet i it it a mini Muj i Nta ngh is Summit a it i is Beetle i l a Tiu i 2 3 4 a. $ �?�5 i to wow w a Quot i i w n i u p a 24 p 43 44, 45 49 i s3 5 is a a i Jacoby on Bridge end play ends any problems by Heald a James Jacobs Oswald a a lot a at the North South cards Only would suggest a seven Diamond contract it makes easily if diamonds break three two All Declarer has to do is to draw Trumps Ruff one heart in Dummy and discard the other heart on the fourth Spade Jim a even seven no Trump Isnit too bad a contract. Not that it makes the Way the East West cards Are set up. But it would wheel in a by of the tune m Oswald a clubs Don t break diamonds done to break the heart finesse is wrong and a careless Declarer might actually get set at six no Trump Quot Jim a the be there is a very simple end play to bring Home twelve tricks Quot Oswald South starts by cashing three diamonds. Then he runs off four Spades North 4 q j 7 2 97 a q642 a aks West East 4 1014 4 96 3 9 k 10 54 9 j 9 6 3 2 4 j 100 7 4 3 a to 3 �T�1986 South of 4 aks 9 ass a a k 83 a q 7 4 both vulnerable while discarding a Diamond from hts hand next come three rounds of clubs at this time West is known to be holding one Diamond and two hearts South throws West in with Dummy t last Diamond and West has to Lead a heart to give South the last two tricks. Archdale Leash Law approved Archdale after july i. It will be unlawful for any Archdale dogs to wander around their neighbourhoods without their owners and dog owners who Don t comply face responsibility for whatever damage is done to someone else s property by their dogs. The Archdale City Council has Given final approval to a dog ordinance which requires dogs to be fenced in or either leashed or chained. The two paragraph ordinance states in part dog shall be permitted to roam or go at Large within the City limits of the City of Archdale other than in the company of the owner or in the company of a member of the owner s family re said dog and the owner shall be responsible for the actions of their dogs the ordinance makes it a Misdemeanour for the dog owner to permit his pet to roam roads officials to be available for questions Winston Salem re it resent Tives of the state dept of transportation planning and research division will be in Winston Salem on tuesday to answer questions pm the proposed Corporal ton freeway there Highway officials will be at the division 9 office on Cloverdale Avenue from 2 30 to 7 30 on tuesday. Persons having questions May discuss the Road project with the department representatives. Maps with proposed routes and explanations will be available the freeway project consists of the relocation of us 311 Between Winston Salem and High Point. Police probing break in reports a ont ii w. Driggers of Sinclair Street told police sunday morning that he found that his Home had been broken into when he returned from Church Driggers said the Glass had been broken in the front door and the door pried open to gain Entrance. He said that a Shotgun and police Monitor valued at $325 and about i in change were missing thieves entered the Brentwood Coin laundry on e. Green drive sunday and forced open the doors to two storage areas. They also tried to Force open a dryer Coin Box causing 110 damage. Nothing was believed missing the Clara Cox Day care Center also was the scene of a break in. The building was entered by kicking the Glass out of a window nothing was reported missing. Boyd Carter Brown of Chestnut Street reported that 1375 in Cash was taken from the bedroom of his Home sunday Gary Forrest of Fox Creek court said that he left his roller skates carrying Case and extra wheels valued at $134 unattended on the porch cd the skating rink on in. Main Street and they were gone when he returned Arthur wave Breeden of Rainbow drive said that the License tag was stolen off his car while it was parked at Flint Avenue and Elm Street. Three boys All is years old. Were taken into custody by firemen and police officers and charged with maliciously turning in a false fire alarm from the Call Box at Commerce Avenue and Reed Street sunday. William Sims or. 41, of e Grimes Avenue was charged with Misdemeanour breaking and entering. He is accused of entering the Home of Lillie mat Catlett on Park Street sunday and with damaging property inside. Guilford county deputies said a break in was discovered Friday afternoon at the Jamestown Sunico. They said burglars broke a window to gain Entrance. Stolen were three pistols valued at 1160 and about $305 in change taken from the Cash Register and two vending machines inside the station Larry Wayne Williams of Corvair drive told deputies that he returned Home saturday and found the Back door standing open. He said that several drawers in the Kitchen and master bedroom were left partially open nothing was believed missing Howard Cole District attorney a in 7th year of prosecution experience a senior asst d a. To Doug Albright vote june 4 Democrat a tomorrow s special tuesday june 4th Small pizza Choice of one Topping 59 four locations to serve you Fairfield Maze shopping Center Lei. 431-7115 Southgate shopping Conter tel 885 2063 2000 n. Main Street Lei. 885-8197 a Thomasville 518 notional Highway tel. 475 2164 i take out service i serving High Point for 8 years with Tho finest pizza1 Iak West North East South 2 n t. Pass 3# pass pass pass 34 pass 6 n t. Pass opening Lead a j youth night first of three one hour to specials with Billy Graham Cliff Barrows and the 4000 voice crusade choir Geo. Beverly Shear Tedd Smith John Innest special guests Mike Mccoy defensive tackle Quot Green Bay packers Quot a Myrtle Hall Bob and Jane Henley or. Bill Brights the hawaiians Tori Jonathan Rev. Alan Early. Arizona crusade the Cost of social welfare continues to be the largest item in the Canadian Federal government budget. Find Cut of onto. A Lar condition your font amp to fisc its value at the same time a Tea number i air conditioning maker with the round one a the Central air conditioner with the shape that spells value a Call us for details Purcell Supply co. Phone m7-141i _ 775 w. Green or. A mon., june 3-8 . Tues., june 4-8 . Wed., june 5 8 . Subject subject subject the Devil demons Quot True love Quot Quot the coming storm and exorcism Quot. _ Xii tech. 12 television log video revolution show Falls Flat by Jay Sharbutt a televise writer new York a a Murk ism is s statement which fives the illusion of something profound we cite As a prime example the saying. Quot he who would Rule the Sand must be brother to the wind tonight Public television is offering a one hour Murk ism called Quot video the new wave ifs described As Quot highly personal statements by a new wave of artists experimenting in the Early stage of the video revolution. A it might better be described As Quot How to study under Ernie k ova is and flunk the some 30 pieces of experimental video artwork Are on display Many of them electronic abstractions in which shapes Are altered bizarre noises made and eyes tortured. It will be a Bonanza for those wont to cry Quot How profound How profound a when a work of Modem Art has them stumped. For civilians the show May simply appear the work of cuckoos. However both sides will enjoy a Brief funny sequence taped by san Francisco s top value television Crew. In which cd so Roger Mudd refuses to answer tvs questions at the 1972 cop National convention. Our knowledgeable guide throughout this tour of televisions rarely seen Avant Garde gallery is an Art critic Brian o Doherty whose commentary is not unlike that of an Art critic. As one set of images shape up. He advises that the work is Quot reflective transcendental. As another artist electronically alters a photograph of himself and his father we re told the piece brings into this medium subtleties rarely found in he is right. As we see a Block of ice consumed by fire we learn Quot the Content is not in the result but in the process Quot the show s High spot arrives with a study of transparent tape on a Wood floor. And our guide observes. Quot the tape As it lies asks a where am i removing the tape gives the after 40 minutes. I asked. Quot where am i a removing myself gave the answer. I know i should t Knock creative efforts but i got to thinking about All this and. Honest to Pete the whole thing is plumb ridiculous. Sith ill Quot i to Quot Quot. I will Sot. A riot a Hsi Vry a nor Isi him. I fit inn Milr m u in p u. Is news. Sports. Weather it 31 the scene tonight i la what s new i a i evening Newt a his i2 new a m . I lbs news a anything you can do ill Lait ill Newt we. I beat the clock 31 news 11 your future a i Tai truth or consequences a i to Tell the truth in what s my line 7 3a . I Bobby Goldsboro 3 Best of Hollywood a i let s make a Deal i wild work animals a Iii to Tell the truth a a . I putt putt la week s special is the rookies a it Iai baseball in i buy Graham s ii i Lucy 3 Billy Graham la special ism in movie a 3a . Ii Dick Van Dyke a a p.>1. 31 lbs reports 31 medical Center a Washington straight talk Ritaa . 3 3 news is news a i Lathi news i it3a . 31 3 late movie is Abc entertainment a a is Isi tonight 4 00 $10,000 Pyramid 4 30 Lucy 5 00 i dream of Jeannie ugh pts Sui n if/5 a Palm. X Good morning a Arthur Smith in news a pm. 3 Art link letter is tobacco farming big t Armstrong is today on the farm is Arthur Smith 7 a % it i. 3 lbs morning news is new zoo revue a hism today 7 3# %.v. 8 Garner t. Armstrong m of %.vt. S 3 capt. Kangaroo s Southern exposure it of x i. 3 old rebel 3 Green acres a movie a Dick Van Dyke is Phil Donahue in today at Home s 3s . I Comer Pyle 3 listen it Petticoat Junction i a Hilm. 3 3 the jokers wild i sesame Street s Ivy in dinars place s newlywed game is3s Vii. Ix1131 gambit so i 13 jeopardy a pm. J 1 3> now you see it 11 electric company is password a Iship wizard o Odds Hubb pm. A x1131 love of life i i mister Rogers a the Brady Bunch Shiva in Hollywood squares 12 0# noon i Young 4 restless 3hs news s news Iship Jackpot in 3s . X x 3 search for tumor Row to split second a x in celebrity sweeps is news 1 00 . X Sandra it friends it i i Betty feeler in a my children is Jackpot to Somerset in concentration 1 30 . X x 3 As the world turns 8 let s make a Deal ii Ivy in 3 on a match x 00 . X 3 guiding Light taxi Xix Days of our live x 30 . 3 3 Edge of night s girl in my life a Hish in the doctors 3 00 . 31 3 Price is right is general Hospital a Xix Isi another world 3 30 p a 13 x 31 match game s one life to live Fox ish in How to survive a marriage l is . X tattletale 3his Gauigan s Island i mister Rogers 8 $10,000 Pyramid i a i Mike Douglas 13 Green acres �?�4t3s . 3 Merv Griffin 3 Lucy 1 sesame Street a Lucy to Comer Pyle in get smart 3 00 . 3 ii Bonanza is Jeannie to Andy Griffith 3 30 . 2 dragnet i electric company 8 news 0 truth or consequences to what a my line capsule views of today s evening programs j ran 8 . 2 putt putt tournament of champions. Vance Randall of Chattanooga meets Herman Strickland of Macon ga., in a Quarter finals match. 8 the rookies a Quot sound of Willie Gillis conducts a desperate search for Barbara Tabor a 16-year-old who has run out of insulin. 12 Billy Graham the Arizona crusade. 9 . 8 movie a a no Way to treat a with Rod Steiger Lee Remick and George Segal. A suspense thriller about a psychotic killer Loose in new York City. 12 movie a Brilliant mathematician seems impervious to the Beautiful women working for him until he Falls in love with one has another accused of being poor Security and he becomes a target for blackmail. To . 2 lbs reports Quot the food crisis feast and an investigation of the dual crisis of rising food costs and the shrinking food Reservoir. 11 30 . Late movie Quot a Patch of Blue a 1965 with Academy award winners Sidney Poitier and Shelley Winters starring in the Story of a Blind girls sudden and dramatic discovery of the world around her. Abc entertainment Quot the picture of Dorian Gray a part i. With Shane Briant in the title role in a Story about a Man whose wish to be eternally Young comes True a at a terrifying Price. Read the Enterprise classified ads

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