High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Jun 3 1974, Page 22

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 3, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Sold in Only 3 Days says or. Arthur c. Winkler when he placed. This u sacrifice acc Regis str of English sheepdog 2 Yvor old Molt. A teds Horn with fenced in Yard. $50. Owner moving into opt. Coll am int Ano Igot results place your and today Call 885-21t7 Tevid ilk iou it lift guard a a a or Wack end i veer cortege aaa to can Jan Ca Ai a Statts Tuto a a clerical Rob can�.�. Me a Tyau was Eft Wark at ii Rte eras wow tip a a tat a cd Nar Caunter a a wet fam tit a ii Bat i la Tam mane tar came Cato coat to. Aaa Tarn Art Yun 000 h5l, a using Sal in Rewt Mutaf Hack a a a Quot nigh Aem Ama a a kit aaa f a to to a Itta tot Entrott tor rss8jr5l.r?,9f Toff i u a a Quot a a Cali to a Ewuin. 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Mrs Beck registered White feed Woodd very Small 4 years old mph. 431 2241_ registered blood hound championship blood line >206 phone ats-44ti to Poult Stio sch vice Champion sired 883 4807 wire Fox terriers acc Regis red Beautiful markings >75. Call weekdays ask to Dan Crone. Asa Sou. It s springtime time for additions amp repairs. Get Home improvement loan from Capitol financial service or bergs it n main is. A to 73 Ford custom pickup r my Blue _ local i owner a Oft sufi Ning. Automa tic. Mob Miles a Badio am pm St Reo. Tark Pla Var Vann York Pontiac n main at Montlick of most to winns Bago motor Hom custom or wed with in Tetras copy t. Use new condition Ulm under coat by re Soo it it it Oakbrook. Jonestown phone Chi twi tan Chevrolet von truck. Con no too Mai w Loa my ten a afew if a a Irv Imi tat to. International furniture Van. 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Camper to would Jev or Price Nee can be seen Frew St. Men frs Otter pm Ivo automobile for Sale Lajla huh Sligo runs 1 con see at it n Man if. Tow milage iat cd 350 Hondo Vici con. Apply Cah 8804325 Otter a to Shu 73 firebird formula 400 Gray wins Black top Power steering Ais brakes am pm tape player air Cono Toneo. A Speed honeycomb wheels Thooft actual Miles local i owner 6vann York Pontiac n. Main of Mon lieu 844024_ Deer aa57 la iat Honda in the Jao coh 84bjim iat Honda 750 or Elsinore Mony now parts to go with it 4850 dirt Bike. Cal a Kab Jim Victoria Ford 12.000 in a a it work 4 out goo Street or trait. 1 is Yeti 802 8278 43�?Tj Ford Jao engine a Speed or , Goc a condition sep we Ai Tucker s grocery. Aho n mein St 173 Harley Davidson sports ter >2 400 Call after pm. Atv-3071 a 5 for o Jab Ona i a. A up a Miston goo cond to hts see of Tucker s Groce s aug n. Mem St if Mustang who of cond Greet on gov to phone am it a Pont. Tempest. I door Vinyl Hardtop Aud. Small 4 Good Cand. 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Aet cats Otter 4pm am Foro Good condition >275 pm 88v a348 fans Model it tot on Wagon also Cor tor Tad Best Emyr can 82 8224 two thunderbird Otter phone 8105427 173 Honda St 6 Low Milott Mil phone 4704833 173 Honda 356 cd �j00 mid Call Ettor 5pm, m3-473 _ 1a7jtriumph trophy Trail Iso Eccl 1�66 kids like new condition very Good Street or Woods Bike. >1156 firm Coil 883-38511 wore 5pm _ Ain Triumph Bonneville red 4 god. 5 Speed High rite bar crash part podded Sissy bar i Sas 64 h Cycle sales jux 5 main St i Aja Honda 356. A Cylinder. >566 4 assume loan. 104 Pineview ave High _ t to Yamaha Lex too new reef Knobby l re like new Moo cell 18? Atlo 356 Honda High Rise born Sissy Bor. 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X boo s main St 882 4123. _ e St e r n Wear 4 tack All tack at discount in a Hosier s trading Post Hay a of h p. 431-5311. Financial 84 Busine National Chain Grade a restaurant tor lease Call <704 it 24a-ou1 Between a a m and a p m. Supplement your peasant enjoy the luxuries of a la Mora necessities cell 885-0744 Honda cd too like new Sao pm 475 2730 after 4. 74 Honda cl200 still under warranty Call 47s-i287 after 7 pm motorcycle trailers for ran by week or weekend. Call 883-9414 _ motorcycle trailers for rent by week or weekend. Calf 883 9414 73 Suzuki 350 Good condition >450 Call any Elma after l 431-9204 Triumph 450 chopper >1,200 Call Asa 2493 or 454 1448 in Cor be Etc. In opt a cup after t pm. Phew to us 1977 station Wagon Chee k Niswen Esto excellent can a it a. Top Row in am a red o. Bit Shock Power a Ltd news an goer tack cruise cent ref. Luggage reek. Best offer to Nuj �?�72 Volke Swage n super Beetle Tow in wag a ret tent condition Green with beige n tor tor hot tax 5173 1973 Capri 4 Auto. A c am pm. Sun reel. Radial lits Cream putt. M7s firm toe ams to Plymouth fury All Power facet owner cup a it Nib 1988 Booge Rotor a Deer driven by in aldermen studio Secu tit air conditioning Power leering 4 brakes js8m Only get a Ilderton Googe. Tai Toa l main St. Phone is Mai on 175 ill. 77 Buick Lesa re custom i Oner Hardtop brawn with Bam Vinyl tee Power stopping Power Arab a automat. Red am Knap con ii Ewing cd khat a news 4 see to tilt. A real Beauty Vann York Pontiac n. Main at Mon Litu phone mb4km on 8417 1973 Buick Lukus. 2 door be toe. Be tut Natick factory a to a Egitton. Power in cd radio Vinyl roof. Ii 698 Otto mite g ter with Whit top urn callar or Che Pihana Crescent Ford inc. 1972 Che role t Impala. 8 Deer a but optic Power steering red a Toyt reef. Mrs cat a it or tee Sandy one it Crescent Ford inc. A lift on ims 7974 jeep. 9lttlbbulpgrtf, Jam in Iez fellow Mutt be to up Pracitto. Ai Oaky we Oil Ca or sit t7j jeep commander a Cylinder sered a wheat a in top Quot Eyer a we actual m Iez red de White i a use new we can or be Larry mawr it Crescent Ford inc. Madi Onsum Call tor an Agudu Momant Over Job car to Choak nets cell i Kua on to Iff cel t a St. 4 sewed Metal in Btu with while Xinyi roof red to toys Regia 4 map deck. Mot in Lese Ever payment in a it 76 in l i Dodge charge so driven by or Clarence a Derton automat. A conditioning Weto windows Cut Centre Pawer steer in k Sun mag Whit attired tired Ethyl reef let a a two seen now Only s4488 a to Proton Dedge. Tai was Mam St phone my Aoa Dir i >85 by lift dam a at Foro Maverick f Deer. A Chi Torr up Reg amp Haw paint �l8bl com or see Herald a a a a Crescent Ford inc. Trpo a por Tatton of in automobile a for said p b. To or payment abm Soat. Me Serer i Cini to Fth Shiw Nom. Aff end payments Tien it a phone my an a Abl Toto dealer thu Noe i i Rolia t Deer m t. Pewee Stoerig 4 Bren a o r. Auto am pm Velum ubic by tinted Fiat even top i ii we bpm can on or it. De or Vin Van Ca Quot Baj Toto. Dealer Wagon inf a the Tow i we grows a i Wen eau Mhd end Reedy tor Mcanen pm car up can in of on jail won i new Cdr in Ca As into Martiny mar oui Breugem to Pontiac lemans Mem i a War Bam Hare a plan Imti in Ham j to i Der ise n be Al Nav Ait rep wet Fren Smithton will Ned Are a a motor eyed Sam Pontiac lemans pc 1 Caupp 256 cd a Chi a Der Gino. Speed manual Trenum a a. Way Power Bench seer twin spar mirrored Remetz control sports wheat oho under skirts timed a toss Ell Are Tod am Rad Beautiful Mareyn outs Kip Black yet i int in Jai Wen re 2 66 Price >3850 firm 4 1 tame 4 t it Lete Pinto Buna Beut. A Speed air redial fir a Geed Gat mileage Hatchback with Toto Down rear teat a too kids Urso Celt 8b> 7�j Atter 5 0 feta tra 4086 i. Leu Graan Ebere Asci Cand Potote 21 1 f>4 vow super Beetle 7660 kids priced to in Quot 8b2-t7 do 2705 i9t Volkswagen Supe Brett. Tat up payments of Hio a men h collision insurance included Cai 87v1797 a i Teig Pentec Ceto Ine a an Abdad condition Call 8t? c7a Der of Cervetto. 431-4 bbl a toted. Is ear Black it Black Conr it it by top a pm Rha tear 0lever Luggage rack. Astre tired rally wheels engine has 8560 Miles Ambo pm 884 4522 after 5 n Toyota Corone 14600 Mitt air conditioned automatic Cen tit 47go Atter pm after you tee re our showroom with a new a my car. We dont is pet you on the Back end say Geed Luck. Tone fro Here a super service department with All the latest equipment end the Best tra ced mechanics to run them set anything goes Wrang with that new car we sold you. Wait take Cere of it quickly end courteously these in be Seldom heard wards in High Point but it Hollingsworth am. We Promise to take care Al your problems quickly end courteously. Call t r Worth it b6-28t or Stop by Hollingsworth m Chevrolet Impala custom coup. Be an emetic it they or tend Lien. Pawer steering redid Vinyl reel anti cad or a it card Gibson Crescent Ford inc. 174 Ford Mustang in 8 by near Automa t fee Aery air candid a. Red White Watt tires whee a a a 1 Lim Vii a Amish Stock Nata Anes Catter to Jimmy key it Crescent Ford inc. M7th on 172 Mustang Fastback automatic it eng t Awner be to appreciate Caw a my on ites att Mustang Mech i Power steer my Power Brake a. toe tory a App it mag new hrs Babp a assume Nan or ii h o Caff by 172 or 8 need Romaen to toe Ever payments a g t o. At can Imp g tee amt by Quot a Quot it my my amb a a jilt Der Sybi Choice Al wagons tor summer i Titt ssi Sigf Vee it in can a Bohme Ash tor do a 1 m mtg one t78 of oof Dart pm or Wietor wit lip a by per Auto men a r j Wendi 1 toning Kom actual Mil a Only adm it m i on Ima Choice 0achevrnt� Idee a Gie pm impaled Cheven a reel my. 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Mima i a n St Pheny i Apa on lies Atter s pm bib Iota 111 Scott ave am a n main St 145 Austin Healy Joos Mark Iii new in new pet fiver blur. Wire wheel 4960 my Iez excellent condition Haboc Ceil bib 5773 to to Brougham. A doer be. Automatic factory air condition Power steering end brakes Power windows end seat rear window defroster. Afm stereo redid wire who cover Vinyl Root extra Sharp a aia Celt or see Alex Small at Crescent Ford inc. Ail extras Best 87 Chavel in 2 door Nard tog 21 engine Meg wheels wide tired Good mechanical condition one Awner pm 4317433 148 Chevrolet Tong Ped. Be radio 4 heeler 1944 v in radio4 Heater pm m2 353 148 Dodge Charger it req a White tap Auto p s Dir 7m5 cell 8b2 v�9 148 Ford Mustang g t. Bess engine 4 spa Prnto to sen Cen Btl no of 2tps 198 Pont firebird v-4 Auto is cell Linda Oasis 482 82 of 2705 Mhz of 550 for Sale or Trade is Triumph spitfire in atm for Sale 1872 Chee Centro condition automatic transmission radio and tap player v2�5 pm 8494125 after bpm till Honda 4 Cylinder re Economy. New car Trade in Call m2 9�2 Der 2705 do you have a transportation problem Why net Cern by Mac showroom a tot in find me solution tor you a a addition to a tue inventory pm run 4 used cars tors a. We Otto Enez a tent a ease program drop in 4 have a cup of Coffee whip we save you Dotters at Khotim Osworth service in t a Hagan irs a Way Elut cellar see t. R Nettin Swu n it Hollingsworth am 2m n Mem St of 552 86217 1968 f Ai Blank Fastback real Sharp a a engine St or Cen in Onje or p9i of vow fes teach. Spoo Cen by seen it to Crestwood c top or Ceil 812-8274 Atter a rental special with this by only�?s65.00 per week for Mercury and cougars with no mileage charge up to 350 Miles for i Days. Leith Lincoln Mercury 273-2851 39 Down $57.07 to. A Man in. A j 1.71, uni to Soo ims i hums i a wan me Anns a >"81w Wyt top a. Axin a was it is of a it oct 1f71 scamp a a a Amr it i 3 we Pior a a a a a m to poor we Rrex. Yew 1m9 fill aug Smout Miami in Rah Usu a a him ii Tim it it to 04 inc Mshel Isi 1170 fort Iii a a in a h Awn 8 mine he Cutlass t f Bop Bat top. By. Ait of a to a 4ax6w. In a it up tin Swymn a a Bax i of a a i a a a a Quot any Tow Waw is bargain Center of no joint inc. Sim n. Main St. Of to Kho tiv tin a a m me in i wave Jimmy a adv Niox of pm i ref. A Seaw i 11 8 is toe the first >200 to a it a heme. Tara whip Rivire is it in Dis n Centennial bbl saas fishing special aft cars must go in a week to to cheat Tram can or tort Der to a Fleetwood Cadillac. Automatic Pawer sparing4 brakes new paint. Brown very Good condition. Sits Aji ims anytime 1870 Ford Maverick. 2 Deer a Cylinder Auto men radio Blue finish 8155 Ceil or tee Don Pugh it Crescent Ford inc. �?�62181 do 554 Iaia Foro Mustang in 4 Cylinder automatic redid a mileage t owner 146 1325 Ceil a reef Sharp. Stock no see bul Cannon it Crescent inc �?�64 2181 Ford of 5583 datsun610. First class cargoes Dat Sun 610 is our luxury Economy car. In the Wagon version it s about the most luxurious car of its kind you can buy a a great Gas mileage a 61 cubic foot cargo capacity a fully carpeted including cargo area a tinted Glass a reclining buckets a 2000cc overhead Cam engine a 5-door accessibility a 4-Speed synchro stick or optional automatic Irh bbl a All and More Standard Usta soul h caves amp sets you fret a the Small car experts Quot High p0iht Matsuh 1601 South main St. Re. 885-9037 dealer 6404 Here s what i we offer i one of the Best selections of used cars in i the area. 1973 Pontiac Bonneville j doer Hardtop or condition Pawer Stoa Reg 4 to a / x i broke port wheel., Low Imle Oge xxx to noon. A a o o a 1973 Buick Century 2 door Coupe port wheel of condition Power Shoah to i hearing Power broke Tiff who i Thorp. V a of i 1972 Camaro is 350 oily Heeti port no am Jas to / / Rod to with top player Thorp. 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Radio and Heater White Bret air condition Ivor i 1972 Dat Sun 240z Coupe new tire automatic Thorpes in town. 4 j of i 1966 Mercury Comet 2 door Hardtop v-8, automatic Good transportation. O o o 1968 Pontiac tempest. Convertible v-8, automatic. Too i 1969 Plymouth fury i 4 door v-8, automatic air Samm condition Power the Etna o o o i High Point Matsuh inc. 1601 s. Main St. Phone dealer 6404 885-9031 j

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