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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 3, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Sold in Only i Day says or. Henry Coats when me i Aren for Sale 67 Volkswagen. Good condition $800. Coll ofter 5 pm 454-xxxx. Results place your and today Call 885-2177 he w0 a a a >1 v to a he a j wether one Pryer Ciu to tit. Mod Rosette iwo phone at Tittl Randolph county Mobutu Home ton tor ult 100300 m w two Ion Down it Bam Tam Sale commies thru Mav inc Kim m it or it t in Wallop a too in Ion too min w i tot i oooo nit to or to i Imek alarm 4 Moc a to tot we i corn000 wiring from a co fur Aith a it la to 0r a two i no of r�?T0��0thor Coho it Conditt Piv hoc cup i 0000 my m a my. Tic idiot to Lim to of 0 Tow nor go up Agha Poi or to Fock a a a washing most a no hotpoint or Vot. Of while a condition to a a a a a Monico must Silc now of a a a coh port nogo. Alima Dor or Nim his hot Roar it Rotor a no to ?4 few a it a go no i per Nick of drum # motor,#1 to Orv co woo to toe Wrays Mobile Home w a Southgate shopping Center Hwy. 109 s. Thomasville phone 475-6195. Slashed by $500 Only j Lei Nyll Ooma i by room it Capilla Mal bedroom Beach special in ii Wido onto urn j Homo in Stock now poo Yow shooting Biea tur Duke mom Homes Thornton on super roof a of k add Loo in and to special for month of june a to a Mil Sotuk ton a to Furth cond Poe trailer j Wool or1 Row a a to pts run i Cor Quot of setup of our i to p wraith complot motor Conroe v t vice Mobile Home sales inc. Lovington a tvo Skomo tritto. N c Ith coh Dor Rod wok a 47sjis us Jiji Tell y0lrself Quot self today is the Day to see the most fabulous Mobile Home buys Quot where 3001 s. Main St. Homo to tit Corr Pudge Duke has the buys. Duke Mobile Homes St Hwy Sii Post. No til lit 38 latest treats too Putnam Avo. Ingot Mont Typo Pfoor to sirm. Twit Ooth. In a tot maw to City occupancy Codo Taylor m. Simpson co., realtors in Knitt Rood phone Moi who Purchase Ting to unit pc group of Fontal proportion coh 4so Itell 1�?~roprri sealed need to sell quickly top Price a to Dotty Matoni cot Mabe amp co., realtors Call 885-9137 Acao Cash pot your Homo o acreage to Opp olm ont it my. No Ooi it it it on Coll traditional recoil 12-250# or bo04s� to buy. Ton or Rota wanted 4 room Bouto North Oti High Point. Col or Toko oof Loon Coll a Idun will a i Cash tor Acorn iou or outer Homo p Loo to Coll Onyx tag. L we Mclamb mull or it Iau will Pav cot tor Sas a room Bouto Tutti tor rom Coll c4flot hug of Rollo turn m2 25 merchandise 43 appliance 14 too Atu air conditioner tor to t Good condition phone i Ajaj hair cond Lionor tor top i too Atu Novor Boon Tudd. Doo Coll 4ji 4004 Ltd 4pm jmj 9- wout of or condition Ort j i Ston stores i n mom my �T�4 household furniture a Iii to Spring a mormon wit Egv i now so phone Iha 4 owe tet body Lum our us Oah tor 444 phone 4ji�7g Almota now Gold Rodrigo Rotor and to citric inn. Aim p conto to Ltd Isaam Shama con Ven t Ial try or in us Hydl Toto and cd if tor in cd hot in damaged amp repaired furniture prom truck i Mot Brand no Mot at nit Mon or nmn two Etc Obi w broods hour a Urt a sri. To a in s pm. Sot Bim a i pm phone Klous room on a 4 choir mod tron put mod Tom choir coh Ummat. By apr sni. Plot prong now of scour t 0 urn to. Of a to i in a prep Row co 11va with behind Toyota Wright if Kim Marret Sample s at to discounts direct Purn Ithac warehouse jut Hoh and to guilt in Corner word a Prospect open do>3 to to j moving into p to Rathod trolier and wont to 101 Vul Mon a year old pod Roem wit land d eng room putt map Othor and dryer or in dryer co pouted pay Thor in or to a it Coll a of Hoo Paia bunk bed mild of Book a headboard up regt a Morott a Ciudad 4jt 940 an i to pm Eoa sell perfection of Cut Cut motor Tod a toot Coit map now wit toll or to m3 i no special rearm now turn a Wro living room poor com a Dan no room Only us is Down on approved credit Quality discount furniture a w mom. Thomo Tuhn 4h tit Utility Chapt Early american a a Centennial clock collection m try tot in t toe Fluor won end Monny Typ Al Ai i turn att deep dior re at of High Point 4s� to Houri i As mom Sou wanted people who erg making tor to one Tiara Mot Apoc Mem in Fin furniture a o Ooi you Oto cordially a vim m Corno in and look around Hodde gift net i Stool isms mom St us our conv Onnet Roar Entrance a 0o gang 4i farm 4 Garden l quip Mea All kinds parm Gult pent now a mod will i none a lab Mai Wallburg Perm equipment co. I Mem Norm Al whoa org. Hippy 04 dual Aledo h inc Cut. Rig my Lawn my War. Hewed Forward and fevers arts it a s Reton motor. Has phone 454 St Par in. Hts Rod Bohr Pard tractor of Ifni Vijh phone 4th2a4 will try my Psi Hardtop Chevront Mot of Peon com Pathy rebuilt for a Wmk Wood term tractor and equipment of equal value tractor win to denoted to a no not Greene Hoyt Homo Tho Hoyt do not need a Cor. Put do need a tractor con Audrey Seemer mini eat a 47 to Chiaf Western style boots Toast Pooh wrangler a Tony Lorn discount prices Moon drug #3 poo s main 48 food s let now when pot Otool Sim ship. Bog saw plop i a Cura Market Ian engulf Rood so musical equipment p g to Yamaha guitar wit com. Accordion with com. And fonder Bania. Tor in Coll Woody i piano sorbet is tin one bundt Plute. Excellent condition. A Wojt upright piano. A Colnnel condition. Coll a tenge Aii Jyh Day or night. Wanted Rott guitar Ltd for local Rock bigot group Mutt to mature it Pondon and Hove Good equipment. Only caper priced need apply Contact Jonn at Asa jaw or m3 Toj a to a so . Univ. Wizard Throo Consol radio. Need Roper Matt tube Good cob it t it. Ratified Hove or vial manual Sjo is Ajaj is bldg material amp suppl Tei contractors Waith spot nails inc i now running a contract Picc Ici tor the month of Juno that Eon Moo you time a Money a Pia Penny Lull round Hood Nailer and re to a quip Mant a special prices. Call lode tor Atta Ontman Vance Grant Homo 919-475 1904 off in is met Central air conditioner in a Mobile Homo Arnold Jones of service. Mia Al vet drive ma4sm Day or 454jw? night col spot or fro Tny a Trig a Fretter 200 to Quot Oncaric rang. Us. Of of a it to ii a Sio of electric Magnu Cord Organ Sis a Orfan typewriter to Tiro log tor Tho Home 575 pms a44s alar t. Electro Lux now has i factory to built in nor i Hafting at Saati. #10 newly 1 enc Tolua Conan a Ham poor at a big Mem it for comp not service of Trot Homo How Call in Caroluk 885-5616 53 sporting goods 14 Guage automatic Shotgun 8�t Otter. Pm s4?r i Sec faultless Ltd Golf clubs. I Iron to the pitching wedge Putter i 3 4 s Wood Good condition Sias can 43i is _ for in Golf club. Wilton top notch Iron. 2 through pm Macgregor Wood i-4 pig now go f bag All tor Sas can m2 4t37 realer appliance service 211 to Rindon Road be do Archdale school of ugh Othor. Dryer a electric a it Nan tor vice work for a motor my Konort hotpoint be lir Pooi. Phone 4 1 my left handed Piru plight twing it 4 Wood j thru pm a bog Siso Call pm m2-4433 53 Garu sales big Yaro Sale tuesday june 4 a wed june la to i. Little pit it everything old a new a Taitaro. Antique. A clothing go w Longton Avo. Turn Nunt on High Point Walburg re go about i min too a Ign. Employment opportunities t to a very Large Back log of orders we Hove immediate using for the following positions loth evil a top out . Kun shipping room worker # Router operator our benefits include ?jumrl2v#r,im# Ailt Lnu bronc Aid to Days # vacation Bonus Aid Hospital insurance iou Are looking for a position with a company Thot is or i move a apply in person to a Otis Harris Davis furniture industries 602 w. Linden St. High Point . Equal Opportunity employ of _ it 314 a cooing Putonti put unit mum Mart pts t Quot spurn pop attn s Packi Ai portion t Gordon con or. By n mom St a aaa Moo Tomato Plant and bedding Plant. Gorani Umi tor in a lock Gro Nhorm to Manor or i pm a a pm monday a Friday and to a saturday and sunday. Phone of lift. A auctions gear Al auction Sale two or Ai or nod of Row of freight win at told at a of in auction by Milford by orgy i for a Odds to Aga Conter. Jam n in St. High Point acting Aig it tar Over to and old Dominio pro get son no in pm. T Muley a Juno a ism spilled tor Mumn Wilt to a Baldwin piano tie Hoover vacuum Nonorio tamper ate. In Peter Ltd Cameral Camet tuna Tun. Ctr clothing grocer in my Over o Hung Rod other no not under the or i of action of pm Tho Ahi of lading contract owner May claim any at to earn pets in 54 to co lob tvs la at con in a in is in Porton 1 0 it in Cen in Bra with now of Tufa tuba us to in Sylvan a with now picture tube sits Trotter Brothers inc phone m2 hot Cony it my Conan r c a in of id Inch Sylvania Porton Hoo of Jim Cental re with now picture Twa Otus. Trotter Crothers Call a shr 58 sewing mar Lars Singer touch a sew wit punt in Contrail lit is or forma. Per a a me Melton coh 4 1 Tail Singer Wing machine. Touch a sow. In Walnut to nil Cabinet. A a Roii it condition to Cai or will Lino net with oed credit it it a a round prom Pii m2 upholstery machines for rent or Sale Glenn s sewing machine co. Him English to pm a six planning in Gargam to to Don t forgot to of turn it in Tho hit ii Iod Arf. A i. Bicycles a of s Schwamn Stingray $ Speed by a e a a Pinna condition , sub will tall ass of Asa tort is. Articie a Loc Range. Air of bathroom commode a lavatory go cond phone m2�am a to get i wont to cheat with it it and to a a a or j Roar i Howo m dump no Mont j veer i in the at Grad now to own Soo Octroi it a to one i provident of o Bonk ail it Lek i being Thrifty and buying out to Lute a Jake harm Lindley a Cost Auy Reo barns. I a of. Solid p Ioor store anything 24 cont Truckton Sam n. Momma Jou buy your wintertime firewood now it Lummox nmn Price haul your own Joo per pit Hup truck toed 4sa4s0 foldout prot co on remaining Ting Coon pock mud Playboy. Penname and of soc a a can Aba a Thor i pm por Sale Tungon Bro lamp. When Lith Pond Modo it tall i it a we Ais. We Bijj Golf club with full am bag and pc Cotter it tor in is Inch groan Iota Iso Good condition from Kitten phone a nato a nor a pm Man Ngiam Wood Hewer with Auto Ai and Plower. My Coll Moas control boy or 4sajb42 night scars tent by Tad William Logia like now Coleman i ovo a go Light All tor si40 of it Jax sonar to Channel pol ice Kenner j or rued included. Sub or Trode tor gun Asafat Stop throwing away Tho to broken and dragging i track tape will tia i Ham Good at Nam a charge under is. Dove a now 1404 Trinity Avo. Mjos storage problems Little porn add tor go to Poco a value to your Homo pointed. Hghn3 a thong floor j tits fro delivery Call anytime 42vj3s the proven carpet Connor Blue Lustra it easy on Tho ret Toro forgotten color Root electric Thom poor Sitha rental Mart we have what you need at Levine sons we con Supply Yow with your need now pipe tor your dram now thru Turol Teol tor repair sub wet to availability. Joe Levine amp sons scrap protestor ism prot poc i is phone m2-44i0 Well Boring equip. Por Sale. Phone 4s-Jst or m2-Ott i would ilk to ton a Block a White to ass ado a be Torto record Plover in go cond is to with record so. Eight Pond radio. S3.ts in go condition. Call tm7ja ask tor David it not in novo Nom a phone number 83. Is anted to buy Cash a pay Cath tor ump to stove r Ligeri household furniture of any deter i pm Ion. Note Coll m2 254. Refrigerator bedroom Auto a d Illas it Imti re store olo Silver dollars Poy s3 so of u s Silver 44 Bock apply str Vico distributing. Jim n main m2 9172 will buy Pines on your land to Cut for pulpwood also will buy scrap wire for 45c a Pound. 431-746? wanted Silver Coin irm or Botone Bott Ether in town con m2 juju or inquire at p Lor to curb Market 1menglihrd want to Auy or toll your Horn or land ready Cash. Call traditional realty inc i j to or Mem. Want to buy at once Al color to refrigerator a Steve Par Tost Horvce a right or tot con my in or i 9414 red House furniture to s Elm St employ ment ii la administrative Accel Vic Fiance a financial analyst a supervisory petition with tried company require Peg Roe my Leipor Wixo in budget Cost and forecasting is it Joo a auditor let in a manufacturing a a per Lanee required. Triad location tit�?T4 900 a general accounting manager North co round company with find Benefit looking agro Siivo manager degree a quire Siv 14900 a accountant now Bitont in no now to Effing Little or no a ape Rients req of. Degree. Is in 300 a Cost accountant tried company with each Lent . Require on accounting degree. To Hood. All no and relocation paid Coll mar Nin to or Cec mv907j i str Atik a of Ronnel Directo acc ,. Romo nobility including Osga. Ceo. Training wage and salary administration to to Boob a Buter Purchio Oil Row material and to nut of luring equipment degree Piui year Ingul fria i a Aper Anc shoo a Coito a per publication of Groa Ltd englith or Journo Iii and writing a Apar Anet. Rhoto trophy taper Ane ill Paul ski too All Peoa and relocation pow cup Sam hangar Ion Cec my on acct trainee Pond in with targe corp got taper no m payroll Coit. And inventory pull Bott Ink con Bill Pundor graph. To 0121. Shotting a i Honing to go Wood Are you on to my de Cwm ii your lob Boring learn Oil a hoist of management with , she Coil Rill avoid Snelling a Snelling i Gaywood credit manager degree Tui taper nce. Nod Oroo panty it room tor advancement Hart Over si2 000. Employ or pay the tot. Chanco to my sit too second rear Ideal personnel in English re 0m-si7 Jack of All Trode Tom charge it maintenance with rope town company hour orc a and Benefit Are Good �7ttc into vowing now Coll do pow or. 47v Smi. Snelling a Snelling. It Pina St. Thomo Villi Small Machina Moo need manager it you Hove working knowledge in hit a Roe. The apply i Nawi Siam con Rill Pendergraph 10 01 1. Sailing a Snelling i gone cod 85 Ger Cal accounts receivable clerk machine Apo Tunco would hoi not require Good company a Benefit Miry depend on qualification Contact Jim Bowman Ideal personnel w englith by mvs174 bookkeeper with Mango ont Ait Ify Good Opportunity tor recant Grad or older person Send Saturn to t. Boonton. Jj7 n main St so n it. A person priday to Atcitt buyer Koop inventory write order Nom Tim. Stunt a color be typing no sat Start by Sam Coll Bovery Hunter 47v231. Snelling a sailing to Ping St Thomo Tulin sales trainee rapidly growing company Roquero trainee tor Mio travel required. Of Asport Quion Tami ipod on the Iob Over night ovo onto Oll Wanco eco Lent fringe Benefit paid vocation can far a a a ointment i Wilton 9m-241i Secretary a no oar ten off in work with limited Tutor Vinn Geed Houri and inv ten hour Pottin. Topiary Ivy Moo. Tao negotiable Contact Dan Cruthi a Jim Bowman tor oot Oil Ideal personnel 207 engine re mvs170 Imo score Tao Otto pet. Acts rec tan ran a Secretary to Metal a fico now key punch in Avo of Hoo rentals Hanron . My Van let Typo fat a. Phone. Maj i Bakk no in of surround my. M clerk figure minded. Ihde Ajao trainee main it pet hurry its a can Dent my Rawail Otvos Xhu Gatewood Small manufacturing Plant need i re a Quot a i i Bali m apply to or Webb sex Sui work in p Nat ant off Lea tar great Best per oct toot it you on of working with figure Honda payroll and or Dor like typing 20 to Coll now. Joanne Porco. 47v23a1. Snelling a Snelling it Pine St theme Viu . 88 furniture of Nung Indue trial inc. Hat Yupco Newt on lit and 2nd Mitt tor operator of gang machinery Loch at med Iten Loma. Straight line rip sow. Nom Sander and a Thor woodworking machinery e a por inca helpful but not be cattery a we or willing to Tram Good to wage Plant operate s a Day per warn Apoi deny co Nean 9 a a Pimo Porton Noi or can Attar pm. Or Ronny san ton mv0240 Dunning industries. Inc a Ooi w Mark St Graan bore 22 Mio equal Opportunity Ems Tov i employment wb3es ii Eull time of opon Jbf freight Hon diary pack Ort and mat orbit Hood or i Tok my Apptt cation for fully Topor a cod cloth cutt a and upholsterer work an a Quai Opportunity employ Thayer Coggin inc. Plant a. South Rood Pont furniture supervisors to Sjo too any Depar Menf Greaf local company pays the employment fee and will pay you More than now earning if you Are Worth More confidential interviews at your convenience Contact Dan Cruthis. Ideal personnel 207 English re. Pm 885-5176 Hill carving co. Is looking for All around Sanders now Otto Reg group insurance a Boot apply in per Ion Only to Hamp a Hill oni Lovington re Tho Meihn experienced upholsterer a in cd work in. Plenty of work tin Franco. Molar medical Bonum twice a veer Stockton upholstery. Inc. 04 s Hamilton pm mv4sj4 bookkeeper pull charge. Knell Oft Ico. Houri tion Blo. Work without Tutor Mon Contact Jim Bowman tor detail Ideal personnel 207 eng till re my Jita career opportunities Trundt Tual Ini Tronca Ca hat opening in Tho High Point a Roo. Taco int training program in Truge Benefit Como up to til too phone John Coggin 2m 2j7c o Eon Thoro no Soe wanted clerk typist a must be neat 8. Accurate 5 Days per week a paid vacation a sick leave a group insurance with major medical a profit sharing a pension plan write Box e3 co High Point enter polio downtown compote letter receptionist a gon oct. Variety w much Challenge. Insurance Rota Poi cwt. Key punch order a Billing. Gen of i we Vee in a Mot. Supervisor filing dept. Bookkeeper Public Contact typist to train in my punch. Out front work i people Call Ann franc. Mj0i2i s47s ,.1440 Saso saas 442 Sau Jajo Moo 4347 i a a to i a 217 Gatewood need extra Money jobs available in machine room and Cabinet room 6 pm to to pm monday thru Friday apply personnel office Alma desk co. W. Green or. Needed experienced lumber inspector to Grade and inspect various species of lumber for o won Ettam nihed Loco Cato Good furniture Planta excellent benefits a top wages a and Good working conditions. Write Box k-5c/0 Enterprise giving qualifications and experience an equal Opportunity employer employ Myfit la 68. Furniture needed a rip saw operators a rip saw off Beare is a plywood helpers a packers first shift 6 . To 2 . Second shift 2 . To to . Apply Alma desk co. W. Green or. Nevoso i experienced upholsterers a Good Banat it Call Jerry purr. 475425 american heritage co. The Moi Illo Noceo male Mac Bino room help and i rom builder apply Obj Frame works 1294 flan Pike pm m3 i Tao needed maintenance Mechanic must be mechanically or or electrically inclined. Excellent benefits Good wages and overtime. Myrtle desk company Taylor Street High Point,. Apply 8 00 . 5 00 . Or Telephone 885-4021 an equal Opportunity employer needed 2 maintenance men apply Alma desk co. W. Green or. Spring up men immediate openings now available for Spring up Man experienced in i Way hand t in liar Houri i to id pm Mon thru prot pm to work Good working condition a Felt Range it company Banat com or com by Pye Ionn lot co for interview phone 8854125 Kaylyn inc. Pendleton re. Jolt off Zivott or j Coe upholstery Sample Ano pattern maker a Good pay a Eico Piont Booth program Coil or come by the Lane co. Plant a Jas Kettering re High Point . Phone m24i74 employ Man t it 68. Furniture upholsterer with a pay Anc att h Gogh Quai try furniture i a full Lima work will Olio consider or per Ion or retired per to who to Antoro ted in a it time work Etc Auen working condition Chi or Curran a am w to Rev srmu.1 r i for Imi Hind Tim 4pfl \ in Phi. Imf8ic4n of High . We have selected openings in a machine room laminating room Cabinet room a finishing room packing room a Bonus plan a profit sharing plan r paid holidays r free insurance r clean modern Plant a free hospitalization r payday every Friday Hegi or overtime a Good rime to Sork i la vis ims Kvut i fifi Hurit f in Nill it it la nth a i Ooi corporation drive h phone Oji no. 87 Hosier a boarders experienced paires Porter or maid 1st shift apply personnel office 401 s. Hamilton St. Silver knit hosiery inc experienced sewing machine operator for isl shift Turners for 2nd shift cot Iocco Olio for 2nd shift port to it my apply personnel cd ii co Silver knit industries 401 s. Hamilton women Tern while you learn to upholster Good working condition Good pay apply in Parson at concept. Zivott or i of e of ibs help w anted experienced Grommet machine operator her locker excellent starting salaries a profit sharing a equal Opportunity employer Appl at 311 Academy St. Sample inc. 5 tractor trailer Driver training leads to a lifetime Caiwei High wages steady Job no a a port Tioco need a tory tor Mon who want to rata a tractor trailer Drivers that Iob con a Yow by try Menf Thiouf our stat approved Center a Thole accepted can arrange tips earn High wages no toed to leave your present rot while training correspondence a Field training featuring All t Typ Al of Traci million free tot guidance approve p fee i thams training Amer loan training 8ervioo� for information toll High Point 886-5927 Aik tor Doug Long Carrick turning works Prospect Street ext. High Point n. C. Inc needs High school graduates and College students. Full time employment is available Ore per fenced and qualified trainees in our a lathe department a rough Mill a sanding department apply at superintendent s office on Prospect Street ext. Week Days 8 to 5 a Monarch furniture corporation we Are accepting applications of # outsiders r rip saw operator a profile shaper a Poush Sander a Router operator a rip saw operator finish Spray operator fireman watchman a lumber Stacker for confidential interview come by personnel office a 600 scientific Street or Call 454-1131 4-1 4 i 5 5 ups s 5 Etc t 5 Elf a 6 6 s 5 us 5 so s y j 5 5 5 at 8 no la chateau great steaks now hiring broiler Cooks bar hostess Kitchen helpers excellent salaries and benefits la chateau great steaks see Larry Morgan 202 Ardal drive High Point n. C. _ 885-4627 _ of j 4 4 m it i tit it to Toltl Llull amp a High Point fixture manufacturing co. Help wanted stick welders Mig welders Heliar welders Metal assemblers machine operators students 18 years or older. Summer work available located Linden St. Across main St. From Southgate shopping Center an equal Opportunity employer #j#4

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