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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 3, 1974, High Point, North Carolina So High Point Enterprise monday. June i 1174classification #77 a jobs for youths read them today him to. Apts., houses info in Eon of a be on bedroom end efficiency apartment on n Mam St for Fet fed Corto to Hoot. Motor few half Rotor Tyro fed secure Loco of on Buffin re it a co. I hums i Church a my it ear a wife of Root toot 3 bedroom. Mac a offer 3 blah living room. Mind to a i. 4 dining i m appliance dishwasher go mitc Emmio a Root connection. Wlm a a Pool out a a City. Cali n a t to n a _ Nus Ance 4 1 Al estate Ira my o min for rent executive Home 3 bedroom 2 full Baths amp Den. Call 869-4942 after 5 . Roc Root to coven Only. Nom i resin tin Tutti one Trie Boot. Torpor Norm window and door. We or on dryer come Talent Sloe per month 4 Siao Lotus ply do Point phone la ii i cd and 111 Mark St. Poo rent i bedroom House located at Eis at Hort St Sas uni poo of it Nice Horio our do City Impi , Alt Joao Homes s4a a lint St. Dupe. J pm. It a Assa Vul of Ary or. Dup Fei a pm Ian Quot a w rotary. Dipoli Arm. Add i Cill ton. Dupe a pm. My Toa Donn Odd from a pm. T0 a i or Aco Dup a. A r in. To ism rotary. A rat. In to a Alln Tramo. I pm. 7 fit slant by Ca. A room. Smithdeal Rea tors Al n mom St Cai is Mil menu of for rent Wnm it Bod s room by we on anaemic Condit in bom. Rutty a rooted Norm door and windows t n of a month old pair try do of it to i car Nota sea Jar or mgt no houses 101 us my. S pm Fife Northwest i pm. 1 0 apartments 764s Chestnut Arm Dup Fei tip we Fec ass Tosa Morgan. A pm Oupe i 0 i maa b of Koto a pm duper. My Jha Hor Bort a pm. Dupe me fell Mcgurn. S pm. Com me act Al min crime. In Bill Hylton realtor Man mom St mid Cange a room modern opt. Lite both. To Mot. Warner dryer Conn cow til 00 Apt Brick triple Tost Oft Herndon jew a Oakwood Homo is d4i Mode an a room do Stoa. Upturn Privet both 4 on trance pal heat Joa Sis we. No children mum untarnished Aport Mon i bedroom. Modern dupe cond tinned located in Archdale Aji Jih or at Afa most Acau Timaul tor be Mouw in North Cor of i no Toto acetic. To it Ropi co. Control conditioning ult on i bedroom near now Hospital lit Thomasville and ids phone at new j bedroom prick. Pylon ctr Homo. Car Pend to both doubt Carport Limo now his to Security depot t off Hwy. At near Peep River Church area ht0070 one i anon Apt pane and and carpet. Pat heat located at uis Adam St. Fret v at no Adam Street rent with option a Odow. A room. I tearoom. Fireplace at per month lilt Cedrow room i Bath. I bedroom. In Par month traditional realty anon on no Iii Neim. A room. Vas crooner tar Apt Largo fwd room turn Apt. Val Sun it Square. J room shag carpet drape in it refrigerator Dinton it Tami hed. Sih m Soa a Clifotn Fth St. 3 pm. Duplx. Go spec Hooter Kitchen Steve is downtown Apt i pm. Furnished opt. Sia Ima Trinity ave. A room. Bouw Sami a Andolph. A room How. So we idol Green co. §23230 in n Elm St a Ami three bedroom a we Homo tor rent control or. Just Oft wean a. Security depart required rent inc a month available Juno i. Con ail Ash Mutt in to i i Lovington a. 1140 a tool of bedroom a in Hiowt a corome bom a Kitchen with to pro and off Gorp or a a it in pontry ats ats living a go my Central conditioning a carpet and drape a wafer furnished a laundromat of a Callant location at it Ift c4l, vhf a a Alyc. Walty company Job n main or. Aesa co we invite you to come live with us at Yorkie Iii apartments Beautiful 14 3 bedroom apartment located in Peg Ada get 4 Mutt id school pre a str it apartment starting at Vii thaw apartment too tar. A Inglish to do architect a sculptured Wall to Wall carpeting a color coordinating appliances a abundant Cabinet. Storage 4 closet space a individual Washer 4 or ver connections in apartments 4 was Merette a tot lot 4 Large recreation area a rape res 4 water Are incl Leo in the rent resident manager 4543616 0faven amp a Undril a amp Nickester Ozyp think of living on on Statt a grand mansion con Vert Ltd into an Rio boat clubhouse with o i a Al recep ton area. A bar gaming and . Oreos a and o work out room. In the courtyard surrounded of Tow wring Pines and magnolias a Tennis court and Pool. Do Dutiful 1-2 amp 3 bedroom apartments available now. Some units have 2500 so. It ask any Long time resident of High Point. Westchester key is the Quot right area Quot. Come out and see a amp a Terr Cost few a amp Klch Star Gatej Comer Westchester or. Amp West taxing re 8864539 of convenient Leisure living at. Your first months rent is free 123 bedroom with Pool tot Oroa private club. All unit have deep hog carpet. Two Baths in 2 3 bedroom unit. Custom draperies. Patios or balconies. Come see our furnished models today resident manager to serve you weekday from 10-6-saturday and sundays 1-6. At Quail run Village convenience is a Way of life you will come to appreciate. Located just off deep River Road at 2522 Suffolk. Mendenhal Lmoore Jessl Toije 201 Church ave. Dial 883-1456 resident manager re 882-8716 to 3 a we manage Williamsburg Garden apts. Oxford House apts Village Square apts. Woodso Meadows apts. Oun Rovin Manor apts. Rosewood apts colonial court apts Willis apts Grimes apts plus hundreds of other rental units can i Aias por your rental Nucos ats coins 4x Walty company Long Beach i by cottage screened porch. Art Oleo Ami reason obit. Sim a wooly. S4ms34 Long Beach bedroom cottage screened porch. A a Quot we 4 ret enable Sim weekly. Coh i Asi Lono Beach Hawse i do Droom both in log to cor00040>r cond i Moi elect Kitchen. In to. To Ocean two 4 h Civ turn baby Bod 4 i choir a Uttie Gat Grill. Ask about Awe Benne fan Nota and no pot is in i modern condition Beach How Cee Scott Beach action Norm mrytis Beech. S c phone 434 net Myrtle Beach 3 bed a cottage cond. Nth Avo i Block Tram Ocean we ova a a >4j i ital n main St re i Etal Omarr civil properly 28 Mobile Hornet a spaces him Mobile Home trailer Central a. Rompf Afefy in Morni i atom Plait a a i bedroom trailer carpeted. It pre of Petit required wet Loti furnished of twid High rom. Pm g Boro. Mom i bedroom trailer carpeted tit wee pre Deposit req Elrod. It Loti furnished out id High Point. Pm g tor amp Werta i bedroom trailer tor rent Kivitt or Lam com Nunt or mum attractive Dean i by. Heifer. High Point crop to. Washer coup preferred. So we in a tor turn Baw a clean i bedroom trailer tor rent to Tingle person or com Row prefer o to no of Ink none pot. Root now Nancy Finch. 3 ii extra Nice tone. Mar Hom carpet 4 wether covet Only. Amhara Mobil Homo court Jon n mom mini no sunday coh por rent i bedroom trailer. W learn ten Avo Cit. Covelo Only Phi my por rent i bedroom. Of won private lot. Air con corp ted a motown a a con it Sho per rent i bedroom mealie Home of child accepted win tat furn it we Cen 41mni Large lot in Nom pork. Clot in Atwood Mobil Homo pork Ato Tho at in Mobil Homo Apoc tor rant. South Eoto arc Dom per information coh Aji Titt Mobile Homs spaces i ret Rte fed to tor pork a to a my tool at Jan mob a Horn spec for rent. My perk. 3 per month Trinity be Alt aaa or a m2t9 Nice trailer will rent to i English St Buim m in Day or in i in night. Now taxing applications por trailer space All utilities underground. It a Tower Gavotte. A a Curtly Light included to tricked reference required Ceil 84 111 no sunday Calls Randolph county por rent Large Mobil Horn tot Ell will in underground Aji till i Ham pm rent or buy i bedroom Mobile Homo like now. Owner will Mai or rent. Con for Detent Giorgi cumm tutors pm ail.11 1 space por rent thou quiet perk Omer Coupe Only Sis a phone ast Atta Frater Spak tor rent clo in restricted. Coupe Only it mooted con m3 Hai or 29 resort chalet. Holden Beach a bedroom Ocean front a from ave Lane nor t at aug Lith 4 lath Pius tone tall Hookano Call or. Of gut Carroll. M2 Moo weekday Cherry Grove ipod ram cottage. A a. T v a a by ted con Mesa at Fie a the not ovo Looe Clemn Tine Motel Toa Cho or St. Myrte Roach. S c into . Pool a a. It Block from Pavillion. Poe Rotor vol Ion writ or cell in Aab san. Crescent reach. Laud apartment each shop a compete any refurnished a 4 hooted la its Cape Kent Beach Dup a i by a c not ova Niobe july am weak Call m4asti afer a p in or to Okonda Hidon Beach Concrete Conal x i in non. Living and dining Ara. I both. I bedroom All electric. A hooted. A poets Boot Dock 4 . Sun Dock Ond two Polt net Miata Myrtle Beach a Cean Oft 4 arg Apt Alto room i Ceifert location. A c 4 to. Pool. Ool Opp mom 4 Apt Aoa n Lith Avo phone m3 Aab tit Topsail Beach Ocean front a bedroom Hooch House Avail by the wet or weekend Call to Morgan. M2-64a4 evening to a i. Green commercial tor Vee or retail in by w Longton. a retail Sov in Tryon St Amo m it con Ltee a floor Prin prod truck a a a a toed Mun n anon a h a Poco Concrete hear. Pm tiered. Truck eve loading in 3tf int St >0 300 to it. A a a it out or Light mfg. Sprinkled truck to vol a Dang to 0 u3t Mantle. Hoc to to. Doo Tjw Washin Terv to to it. Rot i sin i Jet Hoyden i. Ohko tulle Hoot 4 conditioning turn Chad sin to n . P fret Union bldg no to h 4 to it i co to pocket it at on Lam tor it a it tor vice furnished in suy a i n mom St Phi Llyl is n mom. Ott get Poco. Will remodel to suit tenant Ila i my has to it Twat tic in t mom Itta a it Mot a e Short or no so h. I truck Levo Komg Mot Haw Uno in St. Naoo to to sprint red Tward i truck a to loom g tot Holly St. To on to to got toot modd Dor a. To no to it. Truck to to Ielne or wafer a fed Shn nit English re d wot it a a a a Cut a qty. A it i tiding. A to Imi s commercial ,. Vito it n main St. Taio to to go heat. Water furnished. Sirs it we Tweed in a it sin in s maw Perea in to too Mendenhall Moore a a Auty shop or Tim for goad Butin location conditioning. Parking furnished Call i i tie or 04 nor night Church St smell Oft a with it. conditioning 4 wafer 3 ith>t1c l>5. A realty co. To n main St to commercial property in Ca ton is too to h Sprod Uso it Yefim Block. N a m its 30 Loti cd a Merciai St in s mow Uso i the in Ami tur pm Bosso for lease individual of or spec a in Butine too a o r conditioning. Git Tull to turn shod a Barking Avo oboe Call for Date end inspection right a co. Of i tors Large office space too g for Boro re near j a to i own new building. Carpeted conveniently locate of is to Asa Sau Tim Moss Austi office space tor rom Ona two 4 Thoo room. Ino n. Mow St. Ceil of Ain office space floor with a Levator and a Prink no i infer. Parking Noor individual Otzko or wow floor too for month and up t Lison 4 associates. Inc Mona Prim or donation attle Poco. Caro Tad Atco ant condition very Nice As so Par month. Include ate ring tar warehouse too to. To Unoo Par month the design Center Brayton leasing corp pm my tit prime commercial location e solent it mow St business location it to to modern. A a parking on a Root 4 tar Vot v Raovoa Noble mom. To n. Mow too Par Moxa Boulevard Phi of i space suitor be tor Small Butin or a Hico arc ado bldg 339 n mow. Ino floor. M3 Fri or Oubol 31 wanted to rent want to rent House with acreage is Usa we have a client who wants an older Homo of pleasing design with Throe bedrooms and two Baths preferably in the Emerywood area. Of you have a property like this which you wish to sell please Contact us. Mendenhall Moore Kiy lao 201 Church ave. Dial 883-1456 a 4 a quiet suburban atmosphere will convenience in mind 2 4 3 Kef com Orvn Koto up Artmont i bedroom Garden apartment color coordinated cd Applit Cess Frast for refrigerator even dishwasher disposal Wall to Wall carpeting Large Cie sets 4 Teroge spaces Washer dryer connection in Tach apartment laundry facilities private tee used to ties Large clubhouse 4 Pool lighted Tennis court 4 basketball court 24-hour Manta Bianca service 4 Security service play area tor children Rhone 869-4212 a Trofy Yarbrough resident mgr. Weekday 10-6 a to Okonda 16 North Point Avo. Behind k Mart Gilwood North apartments 4 it a High Rock Lake i Largo trick waterfront Ham 4 i on bedroom cortege Teco a Row an Good in of prop try Muf to mid la fifty it my if not tin pot Toffy Retro Mirofe. De not Chi we Lub or Ifo Hii la glory. No. Long of Ach. No o Conal Hugh a r Chi Aga i both fat thing Dock us he Cali at Horn Mitiu or As of River front Home Sites. Up toi acres wooded tracts. Financing available Cen Bob Stephen a George Clements realtors a1mdi Coy Alt Tom night 33 i and for Sale id acre Ohe to Norm on Mayo River. A my from High . Term dorms 311, night or sunday j9hstj4 w s. Carrier or. Broker Hoo of 0 tried to very lust off a f. S Milt from of room. Tew Ogo ovo Dorfe. Pc i right. Ferm. Oar Htit a Impf or Sunder had w s Corner or. Broker i t acres now Homo under construction Hrko to to an of it woo Ken rot Root or Cou do a Sermon ont re Day go few min re to ii. Boor . Go be pouter a do Church. Turn right in Fofe re. Hrs go i a 4 turn right prop try on right coh rend Sion Fey George Clements realtors 431-1131 evenings 869-5087. Farm apart Joi Oer. In room Tietso. Comp of Ely Rof red with 2 both Avo in h it pored Reed tron on county a lit Stream Toke. Morai out by id Ngy Fene a on god tor cafe about twi country ee4 Twat South it Thomes Viive Cen Wade Hughes realtor a it a a or afo Zajf for Sale one acre in Guilford county Good Fence Fenty of wet i ton born with Lack room Onam it be from by de Trail Dow can As Sam ate a pm. 34 Reid Kalial Homes Ion North Rotar v a the fiery and Hod of to omon Norm Attar Over i to Quero Teal it living or locked on a lot t x Tso Thor a in room. Bath on entry Toyer Largo Hying room with fireplace a Dwig room. A Kitchen and a hit both upstart a two bedroom on 0 full both tar a 0 Dan with fireplace m in be torn the remainder it the basement a unto he with a fur thed Utility Era plus opaque be room tor e keep Thoro to a oaf a Hod two Ca Gorg pot then ton to your to Day from closing Cah to toe in Horn , it up you can move As As soon As the Sale is Closso at sea Shatov oooo in Oakview near Tab new Shady Rook school a int Horn i in each Pfent condition and i of a lot this Anemone Horn contain in room. And two both and a free bedroom put a two tor Garoga the tasting Loon a approx Ime Fety a Ezor you May rpt Hondo an appointment i Nee vary Cen Fader i me Souard of it is Tai Waynick located on a Corner lot a the. Tour year old Home i in food condition Thor i a living room. A owing room. Kitchen on Tho upper to vol. Thro bedroom Are two Beth the lower fever con Tam a marvelous Den. A study or tour the bedroom Ond 0 Holt both you of it to your in Tao a Horn you could move into and hot touch of Trice it xxi Coll to too nil Way Hick toddy. We re just waiting for you to pick out your carpet at Dio York Shi re. This new Homo wot built by Worton god in and contain i act guar loot at living Oro Pius a Botoman Thoro or go room. Both and four bedroom put a two Cor garage Tho lot 1141 0 give steam one to will show it to you at any Tim. Mendenhall Moore Zacra a chm a a Tau a Aana to Eastchester i bedroom Howit Rono voted. Clow to now Reservoir City wafer 4 to or fully carpeted go Avn a a a in Bock. A May tor occupancy Sia Tao Coil bedroom i both of go family. Dining room with Tiro Teco 111 Linda or. i acre. Georg he go Clements Rialto is Poy a Lidi evening la sort be orm Centro All Orect. Owner will 11nance port of Down pm. Leon Cen to tenon Ever Wisest a room Houtos. I Are land. Noor alien Joy school Roe Noel. Lust Point. A we inc Hoe. I Imph a pm s room How. Iii player or Trull tree. Fenced in Yard forced heat. Small Down payment. F h a. Appraisal. For appointment. Phone is it to mortgage on now by i both fully carpeted. Control fireplace i car or a on wooded lot. Mid it so at Colony or in Colony Park Jomo town n get Guilford College Jamestown Fie or phone tor Opp Pinamont offer a p a Asaad assume loan and move in. J bedroom Bric Homo in Confer Bury sumo United farm Agency pm at swat attention veterans 3 bedroom House comp Hefely Rodoc Ferod. Fireplace in living room Rodoc Ferod Kitchen fenced Yard conc refer dry Coll Bob Stephenson goo Rya Cement realtor Alf Idi and 431 to available by owner so Bai Nepal re. Colony pork subdivision. A Mortonn Sci bedroom ranch a try Homo with Largo Den a Al replace. Fully carpeted Central and modern Kite non a a Planco convenient to Jamestown a Femon tory school and rags ofe High school priced at 34.200 Phi payment Sjo i 79 Mon in Homo within hip Pate City limits Loon baloney Sabo Homo shown by of Point Man Only Call Jim or Carole Gar is 4s4-m7s. Duplex House tor Solo. Mutt to removed from Proton property. Phone �?�430424 Between 14 by owner Beautiful spec feud Brick rooter with Deuby Carport. A at m both. I room with built in Oopik of tvs Elf conditioned Phit 0�tr� 4104 Oak up Mort for a warn at a can tet Woon a 4 d . Work keys. All Day sat 4 Sun. Midair by owner am Orect 3 bedroom wok Horn with r or pert. Bunt in old Notkar Cabnet with oven 4 Dot Hwoo or 4 cond term done school Eutrich Witt consider lion fro Mobil Home or waterfront few for Down payment a so in Al Tim Atter a my Day an Day it Fekonen by owners nearly i Are off cad of a. 4 roam How the cod i Are a a a with Dock. I acre a Den Ideal for i Uphou id me can Ai b Ham. Pm. My dts Arase hoi by owner see this to believe a to j bedrooms Sbath. My Ca Tweed by Kab hem Fey me to. Weeded let in very Nice we fifes Small Down payment 4 assume lean it Sim ear month Dpi waver v St can in Ltd by owner i by Home. Sen door h. It. Fireplace k Nenod Perth a teen. Cuba a Kyj be realtor by owner is room Hows Carport t it Pic can a us loan Felt it anti Avo Miosi by owner room House i both. Co by fed throughout Tingle Carport la Back Utility House fenced in Bock Yard Call Irv Taal Atter be on weekdays phone anytime on weekend a by owner 1404 so it rustic con Fem per Ary How. Saft Pfeife Gas window in Hong room with in it boomed ceiling within Kitchen is to Brzek fireplace with Ebo 4 by it pc even built in Feu fixed bathroom 4 on bedroom e>0rn to one Low and Hanoi bedroom on a to h front by 90 it tot Jamestown so inf. Reduced Tom my or an Elsb bedroom Den room. Bui imn Kitchen. Did won her to Bath Large irl Cham link Fence my neighbourhood Jonestown school of tract. Poy u by Down total payment no per me aaa Runyon or. Can my he for Sali a room House with both. Newly pointed cond. Oil drop Lemom beef a Shrub 4 Yrd with fenced Beck also Hobby shoo in rear very reasonable vacant. By owner Call 4ts-49m Atter a p roil thou Uvalle Mem Call Wada Hugh Raifer for Nom Home 4 vacant land tk-a4 a or t�?Tsst.1 full basement i bedroom Brick freshly 0-d Carp ofed living room wooded tot. Vafed on private Reed Cah Bob Stephenson. George Clements realtors Bow 43m0h Guilford Cahty Avion Jay school a Quot try to. I to Tomoni j bedroom. I both Opp to i Bere am Lubko View Cirtwe. Gcorge Clements realtors Dor ail a met by owner Dove us a up Garden Grapevine Pecen tree and tag a How a bout a fenced in a a Coppert Motel unit to bsh Nimg and j Large bedroom the Brick rancher i priced in in Low twenties Call eur Tui tor on appointment on Ake ooh Ai do Biltmore. Ave High Point no by own it a room Brick an Fec try Twat pump conditioned. I full Ceramic Bath panelled Eon with fireplace intercom Central Vee. Largo pox doubt Cor port. Jomo town school District. So Sod pc Volley or i434et3 by owner trl Fevel 3 by. I both carpeted go of. Home on Largo we fed tot in Oakview estates assume Tew i xxx loan or rett Nence for oppo Momont con eab4�m Hickory Point High Rock la. Comp Hefely Floo no per and beat Dock. Priced to son at Choo ate Lardner two Story 3 bedroom i both oar Aga. Paved d to. Corner let priced 7400 several other Home in Tho High Point a a a under a or Eha loan priced from Home Var Boro county to Fatafe. Let Al. Now 3 bedroom i i both double garage Sec inc Furnace fireplace select your i carpet Toter pm cad i la by so other few Home priced from mar we per closing coat fee that country cafe a Mcdowell acre a Thi one i new and a everything met in dog privacy Over i co a. To. Priced to ton 3 fee Bledsoe of i. Estate amp constriction co. Phone. Aimed Trinity o and Wright Wayne Underwood Matveen at me lorry a fed Gurney Beds a Ajia Feo All tan Cedarwood country Homs. I bedroom Erick ranch i Baths. Hak ment. Game room 4 work room big Carport. Porch. Laundry. Office Beautiful lot Dickson realty Asa irm Don t panic 73/4% interest non veterans amp veterans Fie Der Cost new Homes priced from mid 20�?Ts open 10 30-7 00 monday saturday 17 00 sunday direction turn North of Eastchester Hwy. 68 onto Johnson St. Drive 1% Miles to fiet Crest Entrance on left after crossing Oakview re. Call 869-5682 anytime 8% interest rate Only 5% Down and no closing Cost for Eastchester Quot i Fate j �?�1,2, and 3 bedrooms a olympic style Pool a fully equipped club House a no mowing a no Upkeep worries Homes from $17,950 to $26,950 furnished Model by skipper Choice open today 4 to 7 . Above 8% interest rate available for a limited time Only act now c even Johnm cd. Inc Sii n. Mem St. Realtors m3 Al Jamestown Section now split Toyer Typo Home with 3 bedroom 3 Fum both Largo Dan with fireplace formal dining room. Oft conditioning double garage or i a Way Largo wooded lot. Located Aoi Rollingwood re. Midget rot development priced at of Soo Call Dunning construction co at Dia Moo Houa if opportunities near to 1 Nyala school vary neat4>/� room Homo i by. I Largo bom. Fireplace Washor dryer attractive in a. Lot fenced in Tho Roar. 202s garage and workshop with attic priced Dollar no Down pay Mon 1 tor Veteran shown by appointment Call Wada love goer go Cremont realty. Day 4ji-Iiji night 131-3003 Wall chef Park Joi Roc Spring or Thomas Vili no Fred Cassie owner modern House a bedroom 3 both Largo living room Kitchen hot plenty of Cabinet built in Mit Creon my oven dishwasher hooded surface unit with Grill 4 breakfast bar. Dining room abundance of closets recently redecorated 4 carpeted basement hot Largo Roc Root Ion room laundry room. Storage room 4 office or towing room. I Cor Carport neighbourhood pork convenient to High Point. Shown by appointment Only 4jv3225 a a too a a a a a a a a a a exclusive retail shop space in Lovely Plaza setting first citizens Bank Plaza Call Phyllis Doobrow 885-8001 Stockton White a company exclusive agents brokers inquiries invited a too open sunday 1 00 to 6 00 Jamestown school District now j-4 bedroom Homo with basement be no completed in Venoy off Vickery Cho Poi Rood a ail Astro including carpet conditioning doubt garage and Largo entertainment a Roo. Turn in on Graymont or in. Phone Roy Morgan Asa 2010 Jamestown owner will accept Trade 3 bedroom Brick fully Carp ofed to no fed family room with Sun Dock. Flirt lot May to purchased horses. Call Bob Stephenson George Clements realtors a3i-id1 4jm0m owner fieldstone 3 by. I Bath. Don. Central heal Snag carpet built in kite., Noor school. I or. Old Hoa Stonybrook 30.bk m44j3s reduced 2 too by owner must leave immediately custom Brick ranch wooo St. Leat on a landscaped Aero 4 bedroom 4 it plot g ats living room plus Din. Room fantastic now Kitchen with Jonn bbl. Micro woo oven. Ole plus dual Pool. Plus Pool House with dressing rooms. Plus professional logo greenhouse plus Welt equipped work and Hobby shop soda Fountain plus additional iwo soft House on grounds with on bedroom bedroom Bath is it plate Glass in room with to to beamed coiling with hug fireplace and built in Kitchen Jomo town school financing available was 125.000. Now Oil tor 100.000 fantastic buy. Or 40.000 for 4000 so. It. House. 3 acres Pool greenhouse Pool Houtos or 30.000 for Doo so. To. Houtos. 4 substantial residential lot in Park Lika surrounding 4000 each or package of 4 tor t0,000 seeing it believing Coll 143-0210 or 47v Tisa split level i room Ivy both fireplace control carpet Many extras phone a 54-Ji to. This Lovely 3 do Droom Brick Homo on Roby or offer Beautiful inferior decor Thoro or i full both dining pm. 4 Don with fireplace All of this on a wooded lot priced in Tho Low 30,000 George Clements realtors Day 431-1131 evening 19soa i too Sharon St i Fet sex do Taylor m. Simpson co realtors it English Rood phone Maut Beautiful i a to let in Centaniel country club heavily woo Rad with Stream Mony offer it few Reobe feature tor Ftfe person who saves the a Mutual. A two Asa-1131. _ due lot tor Safe. To who Eola St Maxim Taylor m. Simpson co., realtors it English Road phone Anat _ Large wooded in paved a to to in oaf Esitt Midden vhf Fey sub division out a of Thom Atville county woe available can �4 n mom or 101009 _ Large Horn in c a Arter Omi a a a at Davidson Community can 04 4 14 Mathi or 4 mow outside Tho Matviya Beautiful by in to tot an Provoo Street in South cafe e s afet can Minn a Heater Ait residential lot Aero a Feiy lit x Jot on Ananda to Oft to Quot re can a Mai Attar Sam 30jobllmlom�fcs�bce� to a is troian mob Horn i bedroom tem furnished conditioned Mutt Safe win consider any offer can 44safe before i a m and offer 4pm two Mobil Homo Winston la a a i bedroom a a Bath must too be prec it Afef Quot a to son Eon Between pm and Tam can aarm i bedroom Atlantic Motife Home 641 fully Corpe fed a a a a very Good condition soon by appointment Only. By i St a Home with Over 1300 so. It living space fully Ca posed turn shod w the Ife latest Appl Anc and Farr Ture you of feed of own land no closing Cost Low Down payment 4 i mod ofe delivery. Sot if Nom at Monte Cari o Mobile Homes located on w Wendover at Tab Greensboro for can co feet. Be Balawi a May special Homes reduced to to 25% Ila bedroom t?4l i bedroom total Fec talc of Hua i bedroom total electric Sam. Ila. I bedroom. I Bath fully Carp ofed Tom to Trad tor anything. Song offer trading Post. St6 High Point re Greensboro n c Mimsi i. Assume a Mon on Ropo fed Mobil hem a Good w feet Ion it 34 3 too room to choose from till one la modal to Choel from sme i Down payment 4 assume Loon. A Goober for mention. New Mobil Homo. Good selection. T Ville Mobile Home sales inc. Lovington Avenue thorne1 Ife. N c jt1o0 Call Dor Roll Wotch a Ami 4iv2i9 attention shop with Usi we have All now total of ctr in Homo that or Duk Power Opp Revod tor special cafe. A furnish att mater Iai it no it Walt of underground wiring a tailor your Down payment 4 payment to tit you budget 4 we of t forgot you offer Tho sow. Como out 4 in Oil to novo to offer you. May to novo Tho pee euro of serving you at variety Mobile Homes a is South. Thomasville us beyond Paradis my Lei at Tiik do 3 0 for rent or Sale Llao. By. Cean. Washer Carp ofed Rotor iced pork reference 4 Security Dap Osif Toquiro. Coupe will of copt on Chil. Cai feast no sunday Calls for Safe Mobil Homo. Till la a to i tearoom Poi Ako will take 400 and attorn Loon phone All 1543 offer s to pm Mobile Home for Sale two bedroom Homo Par a furnished it is on a foundation win to Largo room built in it is a conditioned shag carpet mall room a a 11replace too. Thi Homo it located or Beautiful Poco of the tor Noel Par Acle Confer. Ask for lorry in Domton at a 4425 be i Ween o to Ond j 30. No More Park rent each Eusivo Mobile Homo living at ifs bes buy your own wooded lot paved Strath graded drives county wafer septic tone furnished financing wife local Bonk. 849-5441, 8 a m. 8 . Or 431-5044,8 to8 two bedroom 12 wide total electric $4793. Georges Mobile Home sales Clyde Priddy manager super Market of Mobile Home Sale 145 at Zivott or Dir 50339 i bar Mobil Homo 10xs0, go cot clean delivered on your Poco to i free 2,295 phone 431 3723 Leeq Haveri apartments enjoy the Best of both work in High Point live in Greensboro Only minutes away an entire Community of i bedroom Garden apartments 2 and 3 bedroom townhouse apartment a Community club Houta a Pool lighted Tennis courts All modern luxury Ian. I Oca Tad in a prestige neighbourhood of Greensboro. 727 Greenhaven or. At interchange of Rehobeth Church re. And interstate 85. Taka exit 299-5380 Mon sat. 10 a m. 6 . Sunday i . 6 . 1 2 4

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