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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 3, 1974, High Point, North Carolina 4b High Point Enterprise. Monday j one i 1174 players Gripe but win angry a s expand Lead Myers wins copra stays around Pine tree. Tournament Loris enough win by the associated Presa the Oakland a s Are still mad at the world. And the rest of the american league s West division in t laughing much either the a s who seem play Best when they re sore about something had a couple of gripes As they ran their winning Streak four games and 17 of 23 with sunday 6-4 Victory Over the Milwaukee Brewers the two time world champs Are starting put some Daylight Between themselves and the rest of the division after the Victory Ovet the Brewers the a l have a 3v-game bulge Over the second place Kansas City royals elsewhere the Baltimore orioles nipped the Texas bangers 6-5 in innings the Boston red sox out slugged the Chicago White sox 07. The Cleveland indians trimmed Kansas City 52, the new York Yankees pounded the Minnesota twins 11-1 and the Detroit tigers shaded the California Angels 2-0 winning Pitcher Catfish Hunter was angry about being lifted. And some a a were upset by a Post game player move that saw backup first baseman Pat Bourque sent the minors Hunter checked the Brewers on seven hits including Bob Coluccio a second inning Homer before gang Way Rollit fingers after two out singles by George Scott and Darrell Porter in the eighth Liming Bob Hansen greeted the reliever with a run scoring single Bourque hitting a solid 200. Was Farmed out make room for Light hitting infielder dal Maxvit. Reactivated from the disabled list Oakland s key hitting was done by Reggie Jackson who slammed his 14th and 15th Home runs and Joe Rudi. Who cracked a three run shot. Orioles l rangers i Rich coffins singled Home Pinch runner Al Bumbry with two out in the 10th inning giving Rookie Wayne Garland his first major league Triumph with 5 2-3 innings of two hits Relief. Red sox a. White sox 7 Rico Petrocelli drilled a pair of two run homers one of them capping a five run third inning the Victory was the Lith in the last 14 games for the red sox and gave them a l a game Lead Over Milwaukee in the american league East Indian $. Royals 2 Solo homers by tron Lee. Oscar Gamble and Dave Duncan boosted Gaylord Perry and the indians Over Kansas City. Vaa Keet la twins i Home runt by Lou Pink Ella. Bod sox 9. While sox 7 Cmich of a Alt comm be Nam id of Quot pfc or it a m i Jimm a up acs # 9 a in is a i i 11 0 Alia i i 11 Oso too a a i c j 0 of i 0 0 0 10 0 0 0 000 0 0 00 0 00 0 0 0 0 0 n a a Boston mar ism Snoa it of a a of Quot a a tax Acay a Carat Ca atari it -.-arrf941 Oak a a wot vat a us s at r n f at Alit anti 111 1111 a Atli Aloe Toto Alto a i 0 00 0 0000 wooo bravos 9. I spot 0 a Rui it anon trial Trail a r n Ai gtd a a a am hmm sets Marin Imi or tit a 0 0 ii Mcmo too Omac t a i Noah a a 0 0 Lumerl a i 0 user car a 0 0 0 cd Jan a nth i i i a of a it a i t tired Ait Silt Jofe i Otis Anear la lilt in an it a 0 0 ii atm 1111 leu a too Iommi ail a it i 0 i a i afar i i i 0 we Moon Catnap Alit oar a it Panaca p Otto Twa car p a a 0 0 my Aeten i 0 t 0 Oriel it 6 bangers 5 a a xxi Sac Moto at r a w i Tare Imo fax a of or Cit att ten edit tdo.,w Alit Jowan in i a a t 0 ova yes own Pryor Slit Anol in atm ii tartar 1 0 0 0 be be Quot a a Quot a tits arrant pm wry a i car a not Coe Quot toil a Max Cetera too ohm a a pc a map a pro Alii Al May Chat it 0000 e r Asi allo att Suo Itta Sou la 11 tool 1000 iou lose Joh a too a too a a a j 7 <0 a Tara a # i a can a a til Oiin i a my Tai a a a or 0a p a a i of tartan Loo cease a be t la or a re it Jai a atty Mon a tract-1 note la a Wii Anan til a a a an. Tauai mar Par Swa Man. 0 Allan in m a it aaa Tutti in s s i i a pm id 4 4 0 tilt 4 i 0 a i 0 cw.aa-4 w4j1 7 i i $ a 0 i 0 a i i Sapun i i i a we Safui i a a not Phi fiet 4. Giants 3 cml tat Ltd Diss a in i a a att a c a of mantra i too a an a it men try Ai 11 3bw 0a., Oak a nov c a a tan. Lum. Orr. M#-0�te 111 sub tip m ice a a a it a a i 4 a i i i i a a a a a a is 4 i i i i >1-3 0 0 0 2 a a total a $ total copra i i a up t Chi a Apia Daw Ara t in in t a i 41 a-3a431a s 9. Brewers 4 Mhz Auch Oak Lamo at r a Tiai it i oat i 0 Tao at wit aaa a a c a conman. In or Ira. Onex of Oak in Pra i i Loo moral t toot i a a a a a 1 7vp he Oor Raffas i data a Par . O Ca Isi -01 is a aah meant own in m a Ca St Cyan of la i i 0 cite 4 s s i i i jfrawnil�1 s i i i i map Orts w.t�.ant�. i a was Yankees la twins i Sam Poa Cisco at r a a be per 4 10 pn.ti.at2t 4 0 11 a a 4 110 Oak Sanit 4 0 1 9 a act 0 0 0 0 a Norn it 4 0 0 0 spa a it 10 10 Twat it 4 0 0 0 0�tapa�e 10 0 a Lane oar 0 0 0 0 Walju top 0 0 0 mom top 0 0 0 0 on in Are in 10 0 0 pm Ila Oil pm a at a a Ocampt i i 0 a Natl 4 a 0 0 scr Morje 4 111 Lont a a 4 i i j in re 4 a i i Many Anat i a a 0 Manert it a i 0 l up Urc Mut Tenn Iuka but and t tar Aren Watt p scare a a a Tao toot Tate at i a 1009 Otto a too not Mana Alt Harry it Apanpa c Moor a pen Scania pert arc v cap�tr4 Manta non cetacean of cult Yawn tid a run i i i i p 0 0 0 0 i 0 i a j 0 i 0 Menf Pic 1 0 0 0 Mart Kcf Toto pole som silo Tup. 4 0 0 Rajaa via a too Tana Cait a a a r Anta i i i i Oor Aalt 4 111 Man up sii0 Fin Gemp i 0 i 0 0 000 a am 4 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 000 4 110 list 4 i i 4 110 3 0 11 3 0 0 0 Silt toot a too mow Yook air a m rapport 3 30 Tiama Arpin tilt Azor cart till pm Liam spa tit e>e3a pm Paar Varney a Matott six a Siso is Atli Silt Stati Myra 0 0 0 0 min i Sota at a crap a it a i t a arrant a 0 0 c or avn1 a a a 0�#p 4 0 0 0 of not 4 a i 0 moult 4010 Roc 4 a a i t Nam a Roe 4 0 a 0 Garnett lilt Kitae Rawsn i 0 0 i i of c till altar p t 0 0 0 out tar p 0 0 0 0 Hap p a 0 0 0 tata a i 0 i a it Toto in Ai Dpi san Rone i Tea a Etal 4 Mimo sit too too i. 4 Uta Spoor Opp opa Psia i lot-s-4 a act t a. #4 a 4 0 Cha. us pm is. St Oenal Onao spa Phi lips in h pct of in 4 i i id a t 0 i of Putta mar 5lh1 a in in a set Ca linty Iai i a a 0 i i 4 4 lots 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 i tat a 4 la 4 a s 0 a i i a a of of ois 4 oat Mem slim ate a 4 loom. A a a oat#np4 Porter. Garcia t j on it of Jonnita Quot be a Jan an tel Tup. La nor a on in h a cd of c it 9m l.s41 0 0 s i i my ism 7 3-3 7 i 3 i 3 i a Fps i id 4 too hip Hun Garcia. i a a a Joo bods 3, pirates i 41 la Roll maw tars a Mahop my a a a 2 Loim a Yam m aaota7 tat of Earp oar Mana it pm Quot la. Of pm la. Own 9 ii of a Poppa in m i cell Saim,.o we t 11 0 Aitor Telmi i a a i it our a i 7 i s i i -41 i 10 0 11 hip Aysk a Tala Crft it Cert what it 33. A Mon Cordi Nolf 9, padres 6 we Ken Al t-3 is a i . Tigers 2, Angels 0 of Skott Cal. a a at r a at r a knc�2e s 0 3 0 a arte 3 0 0 0 allo a a a Sno on Ltd 1 0 0 0 l an pts Mon apr 4 0 0 0 Floe Quot 4 0 0 0 Wharton in 0 i 0 Kom Perlt 3 0 0 0 my amnio Alii s a a ont f Roo non 4 14 0 scn�ai3t mss Amacy 4 0 i i ill for Oil Ata Praim 4 0 0 0 Siomo 20 it Montt 4 0 0 0 la Pap Syrma a 0 0 0 0 Loc a Popp h tat p 0 0 0 0 tot 37 3 11 7 Tate Pho oat Arom of of Pii Tarn of Moose 0 i -a-nor of Cai torn i los Date a of Quot jt-St#-1 or pro or a cat 4> in h r up p pm a it a j la 7 id 4 a 0 4 i Huar in a 0 0 0 3 la-9# n 12 la 2 2 i s Lac Woop i i i a 0 0 0 Sera Miller is t-2 17 a ism cubs 7, dodgers 6 4 a i 0 3 0 11 4 0 10 4 0 0 0 4 0 la 4 0 00 tote 3 0 0 0 >010 3 0 0 0 wooo wooo Pittsburgh a r a Stan pads 4 10 0 Sonatina is Arfa in Imp a Kortt it 4 0 0 0 4 0 0 t Everest 3 0 0 0 10 0 0 Pam up 0 0 0 0 Pope up 0 0 0 0 get Uip 0 0 0 0 Aro Patrio a i 0 0 0 brine Ai p 0 0 0 0 Cut at in Ieese Cincinnati Are a Twat i a 11 pm Syrja Ash mar 90-it or a Saie Taranec a Artt Crew Ayr Gfatter Garon Impf Conco Peni plump Turc Norma Bor Dor p total 3 0 10 ate 4 0 0 0 4 3 3 1 wooo 3 110 1000 4 3 3 1 3 0 1 4 0 10 toil 1000 san of ibo by Louis a r a a one meet 4 13 1 a rec if rom reiels lilt tempt a 33 la 4 my of i a umm s in Concepcion lob Pitu on Cincinnati 7 2b-Bavacqua it a or a t Pere Norman in m k c by 111 f in i 3 i i 2 am i Iid 3 up Ai on pm Sang Tilan. T�?2 42 a Misa i r a aug a boo 0 00 0 a too Imo i i 0 i 0 0 0 0 a Iso 3000 4 10 1 4 110 3 10 3 0 0 0 a too toil 3 0 0 0 wooo a too 0 0 0 1 i i 0 0 a Quot Ltd Mary gift r Hana or Norman wad Borean St 0 0 4 0 0 i too 0 3 7 001 indians 5 Byalo 2 los Pangili a r a a a St film 4 3 2 1 Buckner. 4 0 10 Mcmin Iann i 0 i i Loc apr 0 0 0 0 Myn Rte Sill Garvey it $018 $010 be Busoni 4 1 0 Cay it 3 i i 0 Auer tee "70 10 0 0 Chicago at r a nest Mee 3 1 0 j More. I 3 i 2 2 i 0 i la Roc nop 10 0 0 cargo a Mon arc fan Ianacio Rota of Mitt or of Raul Ai 0 8 0 0 3 la 3 4 110 4 0 3 it 4 i i 0 4 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 Jota up 10 17 lop a 1 0 0 0 Athern Anlo 10 0 0 Sultan p 7 0 i 0 Mot in 10 0 0 Marshall p 0 0 0 0 hou0a p 0 0 0 0 vees in 0100 total 17 a 17 Tore la 7 i 7 Monon a mom am-7 e a Par Luton. Cay Cero Ca Lobo i lob lot a Pete in Apo i of Cay monday 3b-Rumpi or Aynn a Mora Satin. Cup a i 41. I rutty a Patti Kansas City a r a i Paw 4 10 0 re Atte 3 0 0 0 0�tct 4 0 10 mar Tarryl 3 0 t i Mcrae 3 0 10 4 0 0 0 scant mumps 4 13 0 Flo ppr 0 0 0 0 is it Tab 10 0 0 Soi Eiten f Vav Quot Ita Healy c split Ort p my p club Sblano at r a 0 0 0 0 10 0 0 loll too 0 0 0 0 of my cown�n3e Lei spi a it it apr cd of stance it Gan twee Quot Dun canc s Oneria a Parry 3 0 0 0 i i i i i i i i 3 0 11 10 0 0 3 0 0 0 Atli 4 i i i Alit 0 0 00 Tete 30 3 a 3 Tete 30 s 7 i Hanna i City a mme i Lavola Naim in a s e my Dant i opt in Vaiano i Loi Kantat City i. Ciavara a 7 or a Lea 3. Games a 4. Duncanis Solo rank Ains ratio in h r or by sputter pm Iid a 4 3 3 3 Mcd Amai am i i i 3 it g Parry Dpi 0 a 7 3 a i i a a Tsou. Tetart Alii Rae Ewy or Ray a $ 0 i i Penes Clear Ila 4 30 mpn�imn2� Gatteny 3 0 10 a lamer aft Mcc Ovapa till Fiat Carain apr a a 0 0 a Smithart Romp 0 a 0 a Simmona Kanea Ilc Soi met tact oar Vertue Sill Carraia Ihna pit i i 0 re Wjt and Toto tan Tam Imp a a 0 a Mccur spa a g eco 3 0 0 0 Mere Petit Curt. P German p Crul a Hickman a of a in it 42 a 17 a total j a i Sano tat Mill la 4 is lome Soi in Aai t t be a he Itie use d ape la is Lam a 2b-Winipia Tarn a i r Smit Quot. Faroe Are r my Brack i Cotter St it la Quot Franton. In h r or by Frauen a s 4 i 3 Miil Iid 0 0 0 i 0 Roma la 2 i 3 4 0 7 a Curt sum i 4 germen id 0 0 0 0 0 cwt i on i la i i i i i or Aeota id 3 7 7 0 i pan Mooi id i 0 0 0 0 foia Ert i 1 0 0 0 0 pm a. Mea ii. T-7 a. A la ail losing Effort a St Johns Newfoundland apr Jinet Power pitching for the Bank of Montreal team in the opener of the St. John s women s softball league surrendered 55 hits 66 runs and 15 walks Newfoundland Telephone sunday. Janet Murphy had nine hits in trips the plate for Newfoundland Telephone pacing the 66-15 Victory. Rick Dempsey and Ron Blomberg sparked a seven run sixth inning that helped Mel Stottlemyre snip a personal five game losing Streak and Post his first Victory since april a Tolgen 2, Angelo a Norm Cash broke up a scoreless Duel with an Eig Tith Insung Home run and Woodie Fryman and John Hiller blanked California on four hits. National league scores Chicago cubs 7, lob Angeles 6. Cincinnati 5. Pittsburgh i St. Louis 9. San Diego 6 Philadelphia 4. San Francisco 3, Atlanta 9. Montreal 0 Houston and the new York wets were rained out Nicklaus plays at Tanglewood Clemmons . Apr ladies pea titlist Mary wills and u s. Women s open Champion Susie seining Square off today in one match establish a score for amateurs shoot for in the annual a beat the Champ a Competition the second match at Tanglewood Golf club features pea Champion Jack Nicklaus and u s. Open Winner Johnny Miller. Some 100,000 amateurs begin matches kick off National Golf Day. Actually full week. June 0-15. La is sponsored by the pc of America with Revenue earmarked for Caddie scholarships and Golf related shanties mean votes join Mcaa Washington apr the seven member colleges of the mid Eastern athletic conference have voted unanimously declare themselves members of division i of the National collegiate athletic association. At a meeting in Washington on sunday conference officials also announced plans request an automatic berth in the aah a basketball playoffs when the Field is enlarged 32 teams next year a we Are going immediately get our request in the proper officials a said or. Leroy t Walker acting conference commissioner in other action the conference named Earl Mason of Durham assume the position of acting commissioner if Walker Steps Down june 30. Walker has indicated his desire relinquish the Post but has not announced any definite plans the seven members of the league Are North Carolina Central South Carolina state Morgan state Delaware state Howard Mary land Eastern Shore and North Carolina Aat. Kernersville a Leory Myers carded a closing 67 Uke first place in the championship flight of the National association of women in construction men s tournament sunday at Pine tree Golf course. Myers finished at 143 nip second plice Wayne Mcgee and third place arils Mcgee by two shots fourth place in the flight went Wayne Lewis at 146 Lee Holliday was first flight Winner with rounds of 61-71 for a 152 tout Topping David Woosley by three strokes Woody Durham took third at 156, toi owed by Bob Waveland at 160 second flight honors went Jimmy Vanhoy at 161, followed by John Henderson at 164 and Bob Dunbar and Joe Maddux at 167 Gerald Miller was third flight Champion at 173, followed by Gene Gilleland one stroke Back Tommy Edwards placed third at 175 and Jim Gammon was fourth at 177. In the fourth flight. Dan Vaden swept top honors with a 191, followed by Sid Wolvek and Francis Potter at 196. J c Johnson took fourth at 196 special awards went Gary Gordon most colourful golfer Jack Alexander c Losetto the pin and Mark Pendergrass highest score. The Champion received a trophy and gift certificates were awarded through four places in each flight by the associated press the Quot Long Many a is the Guy in the bullpen who can be counted on pitch five or six solid innings of Relief. Buss Capra Quot Long a meant about two years the new York Metsy castoffs and refugee from the bullpen whoa been trying for that Long show he really is a surfer is achieving his goal on sunday though he had work prove it he gave up Montreal hits but none of the a runners mph aged get Back where they Sun re Home plate backed by a 16-hit Atlanta assault the braves right hander coasted in a manner of speaking a 9-0 rout Mer the expos in sunday s other National league games the Chicago cubs edged los Angeles 7-6 Cincinnati beat Pittsburgh 5-1. Philadelphia Defeated san Francisco 4-3 and St lows outlasted san Diego 9-6 the met game against Houston was rained out. The braves picked Capri up in a straight Cash Deal far he s been a bargain braves manager Eddie Mathews started using him when starter Ron Reed was injured facing san Diego May 15 Capra came on and. With some late help picked up a shutout Victory. And he s been coming on Strong As a starter since then four hitting the dodgers May 19. Shutting out s baseball standing by at Tod t re press a Mon ran i. Re Fiat East w l pct Boston 27 22 .561 Milwaukee 24 22 .522 Sib Cleveland 24 25 .490 3 new York 25 27 .481 ilk Baltimore 23 25 479 3 Detroit 23 25 479 3% Oakland West 29 Ai 560 Ken City 25 24 510 3� Texas 25 25 500 4 Chicago 22 23 .489 4% California 24 27 .471 34 Minnesota 20 25 .444 64 saturday a Gaines National league East h l prs. St Louis 26 22 542 put Laptuta ii 540 Montreal 21 21 500 new York 21 28 .429 Chicago 19 26 .422 Pittsburgh la 21 .391 Hest Loo Angeles 37 15 2 is 7 in 563 540 .519 Soo 321 7 9 10 11 21 Cleveland 5, Kansas City 2 new York i Minnesota a 13 innings Oakland 4. Milwaukee i Boston i. Chicago 0 Texas 4, Baltimore 2 California 4, Detroit i Stadt t rest is Cleveland 5. Kansas City 2 new York la Minnesota i Oakland 6. Milwaukee 4 Boston 9. Chicago 7 Baltimore i Texas 5, innings Detroit 2. California 0 mood t Garnet Kansas City Busby 7-4 at Baltimore Alexander 1-2n Boston Drago 41 at Minnesota Corbin 3-0n Only games scheduled tuesday i games Oakland at Detroit 2 Kansas City at Baltimore. N Texas at Cleveland. N California at Milwaukee. N Boston at Minnesota n new York at Chicago. N Cincinnati 28 20 Atlanta 27 23 Houston 27 25 san fran 27 27 san Diego is sisal Arda is games new York 3 Houston i los Angeles Chicago 0 Pittsburgh 14. Cincinnati i St lows 3, san Diego 0 Philadelphia 4. San Francisco in Montreal 7, Atlanta 6. innings sundaes games Houston at new York Ppd rain Chicago 7, los Angeles 6 Cincinnati 5. Pittsburgh i St Louis 9, san Diego 4 Philadelphia 4. San Francisco 3 Atlanta 9. Montreal 0 Monde it t games Atlanta Morton 6-4 at Philadelphia Carlton 6-4�, n Cincinnati Kirby 3-3� at new York Matlack 5-2 it. N Only games scheduled i i s games Atlanta at Philadelphia n Cincinnati at new York n Montreal at Houston. N Pittsburgh at los Angeles n Chicago at san Diego n St louts at san Francisco n Howard Cole 9 for District attorney in 7th year of prosecution experience. Opponent has prosecution experience 4 a of a. 1 a a 4 %. A. It a a t a a a i \ a a a a ,j3v� of 9 a a % i d a a # a. A _ a Quot vote tomorrow %. 3a 4 v a a a a it 4 a Democrat a a v. Houston on three hits May 24. Pitching nine innings of three hit Ball in the braves Henning 2-1 Victory Over Philadelphia last tuesday night then blanking the expos cab 7. Dodger 6 Mike Marshall making his 34th appearance of the season walked Jerry Morales and Billy Williams in the seventh inning then Jose Cardenal drove Hii fourth Homer of the season into the left Field bleachers. Putting Chicago in front 6-4 then Rick monday doubled and scored what proved be the winning run on a single by Carmen fan Lone red 5. Pirates i Tony Perer 100th career Homer in Cincinnati and 10th of the season triggered a three run burst in the third inning that paced the reds past Pittsburgh Phil 4. Tauts 3 Greg Lunski crashed a two run Homer capping a four run eighth inning mat powered the phils past the giants. Cards 9. Padres 6 ted Sizemore Drew a bases loaded walk Force Home St Louis tie breaking run and Reggie Smith s singled Home two More in the four run eighth that saddled the padres with their ninth straight loss in the american league it was new York la. Minnesota i Cleveland 5. Kansas City 2 Boston 9. Chicago 7 Oakland 6. Milwaukee 4 Detroit 2. California 0 and Baltimore 6, Texas 5 in innings. Bradshaw says he likes nil Pittsburgh a Terry Bradshaw was at the news conference announce he had a pumped the world football league stay with Hawaii puts in its plug for Malone Honolulu a Moses Malone a 6-foot-Li basketball Star from Petersburg High school in Virginia is being courted by almost every top College basketball coach in the nation and this weekend was the University of Hawaii s turn. Malone said Many of hts friends advised him not consider Hawaii because it was far away from his Home but Quot i Don t think that makes any difference i m the one who has the school and in a the one who has be Happy a he said Malone said he is looking for a school where the people will care about him As a person and not As a basketball player the Virginia High school graduate has been talking with North Carolina. North Carolina state. Mary land and Houston and he said he thinks Hawaii will be his last Stop on the courting circuit Quot unless something comes up next week double t the world most comfortable sait filth Dom Blok nil our beg. 80 soft Hon curio doubt of Oor Reg. 95 soils Hon 59<5 Fin Dow Blok nit flacks �?~25 a. 11�?� Wright clothing stores downtown pen f dui Btu he j q the Pittsburgh steeled but in casual chatter beforehand he mentioned his beef cattle spread in Louisiana. Quot there a a lot More Money right now in raising hogs but it sounds better say you have a ranch than a pig farm Quot he said with a Grin As he flicked an Ash from a Long Cigar that same regard for his Public image May have influenced Bradshaw s decision sign a new multiyear contract with Pittsburgh of the National football league even though there were hints the new York stars of Wal offered More Money Quot Well. I did t like the idea of playing in Small stadiums that May not be filled. And i still Haven t taken this team a super bowl a acknowledged the 25-year-old quarterback first Choice in the 1970 nil draft Bradshaw who still has a year left on his current five year agreement with Pittsburgh. Added that he had doubts about whether the Wal can survive. Want guaranteed income you can t outlive with a metropolitan tue income annuity you can Guarani yourself retirement income of approximately 10% comprised of principal and interest from a a 65 for men for at Long at you but. Even if you live 110? an annuity it today a outstanding income bargain. And the younger you Ere when you Start your program in More your annuity builds up for you Over the years. Now it the time get started. Take the first step today. Call a or use the Coupon below a get your copy of an informative Booklet that explains what annuities can for you. C. I. Quot pats Shultheiss c Phons 865 70 Are is 2011 341 South a san High Point n please tend in Tho let a the annuity i greatest income a name address City a Tate zip. Mail ado teas above metropolitan life where he future is now a it in Meu Opo itar lit new Voi n a

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