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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 3, 1974, High Point, North Carolina A High Point Enterprise monday june i 1974 rate hearings become deadly game played with Consumers by Robert b Cullen associated press writer Raleigh api a tot cases arc not pleasant experience said Duke Power co min be Steve c Griffith one afternoon last week in the background the members of the North Carolina utilities commis Sion were filing in to hear More testimony on Duke us per cent rate increase request Griffith s observation was one of the few things that Duke the commissioners and the attorneys for the Par ties opposing the rate hike could agree on the hearings arc dry technical and Boring but they arc also a stylised form of judicial warfare with millions of dollars at stake. Duke Power co would receive an additional 160 4 million from its North Carolina customers it has already filed for an and dil vial hike that would bring in another 983 million Duke is Only one of several regulated North Carolina utilities which Art escalating their rate hike requests at such a Pace that the five commissioners Are beginning to feel overwhelmed they Are currently running close to seven months behind in scheduling hearings this Means that utilities after six months can take advantage of a state Law which permits them to raise rates without commission approval they must ii the commis Sion refuses to Grant the full request refund the difference to their customers at six per cent interest bid the practice has led to charges that Consumers Are being forced to loan the utilities Money at less than prevailing interest rates it s getting very difficult to assimilate the volume of information we have to Deal with said commissioner Hugh Wells in a recent interview Wells and his four colleagues View the hearings with varying attitudes from their positions on High hacked Black leather chairs on a podium at the front of the commission hearing room Ben Roney a Bald gnarled Veteran of state politics rarely asks questions of the witnesses he was gov Boh Scott s top political aide and Scott despite criticism rewarded him with a Iso sub commission Job just before he left office next to Roney sits gov Jim hots user s first appointee Tenney i Deane or Deane like Runny came to the commission via politics he worked in Hotshot Aero a Campaign and served for a year As Secretary of commerce., hts background is to insurance Deane Points out that in was an economics major in College and so claims to be fascinated by the intricacies of rate making and finance chairman Marvin Wooten boy severely burned on High tension Tower Charlotte no. I apis a 14-year-old boy is in unsatisfactory condition today after receiving an electric Shock and falling some 50 feet from a High tension Tower authorities said. Companions said Steven Simmons of Indian Trail . Was climbing the 80-foot Tower sunday afternoon when a Bolt of current arced Between him and a Cable. A it made a loud pop a louder than a firecracker. Said a companion 12-year-old Donnie Evans the youth struck the steel crossbars twice before Landing face Down at the base of the Tower Evans said witnesses said the boy s to shirt was burned off Bis body and his trousers had to be Cut away from his legs when the ambulance arrived a spokesman for Charlotte memorial Hospital said the boy suffered severe bums on Bis Back stomach and legs As Well As a broken Arm leg and nose Richard Pierce a spokesman for Duke Power company said High tension towers in most residential areas Are barricaded however the Tower from which the youth fell was not barricaded witnesses said is a Short bespectacled Man who habitually wears Large Bow ties a lawyer he has served on the commission longer than anyone else he was appointed originally by gov. Dan k Moore and reappointed by Scott the commission newest member. George Clark is Holshouser s second appointee Clark an attorney was Holshouser s legislative Liaison before his appointment and this is his lint rate Case. Wells the most openly consumer oriented of the five commissioners is an attorney and Scott appointee. He often appears to by sleeping As he leans Back and closes hts eyes but Bis questions Art the most frequent and the sharpest the practice of Duke and other utilities is to Parade expert witnesses before the commission each testifying to some aspect of the Utility s need for More Money. They Are armed with hundreds it of pages of charts documents and financial statements some Art securities analysts and other financial professionals paid by Duke for their testimony the consultants do not like to discuss their fees but Duke annual statements from other years show that a top consultant can expect to get up to 925.-000 for flying Down to Raleigh or Columbia and idling the commission what Duke wants it to hear. Griffith said Duke does not know exactly How much it Coots to prepare a rate pm. Much of the work is done by Duke employees who have other duties Quot if we figured it out. That would add to the he said in recent years the Power companies have not been the Only ones armed with expertise Wells said the commission has a staff of about 70 technical and Legal professionals. About la of them will work on an individual rate Case vote for Howard d. Cole pos ois i set Souci i of amp a a a Arn a Moca to m to the Council of state has appropriated funds on a Case to Case basis to allow the commission or the attorney general s office to hire their own consultants. Duke s opposition also includes a number of intervenes they Range from asst atty Gen. I Beverly Lake or. To counsel for organisations As disparate As the state afle Cio and the great lakes Carbon corp they Are United Only in their opposition to Duke desire for More Money each can take a turn at Cross examining Duke witnesses after commission attorney Edward Hipp has finished with them and each ran introduce witnesses of their own despite the increase to expertise. Wells is Suh not satisfied with the procedure. He noted that the commis Sion has no wherewithal to do a detailed analysis of the utilities management efficiency the utilities he said. Still have an advantage in staff and Money in preparing their cases. And since rate Case preparation is a business expense for utilities the Cost is eventually passed on to the consumer Wells noted that the commissioners Are bound by Legal requirements to give the utilities a a fair rate Oil return on their capital Given sound management they must justify any decision not to Grant a rate increase by a finding of fact. Woodcock urges new leadership los Angeles Cap a new political leadership is needed to Correct the nation s economic woes the president of the United Auto workers Union told delegates to the group s 24th constitutional convention a the economic management of the country is in palsied hands Quot Leonard Woodcock said sunday As he helped open the a awl a we Klong gathering a was president Nixon stalls impeachment proceeding. The situation worsens Woodcock said. He added a we look to the 1974 elections to Correct this situation. We Are in trouble in this country because the executive Branch has abused its Power we seek to restore a balance of Power we Aren t asking for a veto proof Congress. Just one that s responsive about 80 dissident Law members picketed outside the los Angeles convention Center before Woodcock s hour Long address to an estimated 2.700 delegates and 1.000 International representatives of the Union the demonstrators said hey represented the Union s United National caucus the Arab workers caucus the brotherhood caucus and other Union groups. A x v us if in. Hmm us has no masonic Temple 44 i main St Security guards a Ai isl Hill my in act Vvs cwt Muht Home Ani Pep Fly will protect a. It.,1 Davis patrol it watchman service 126 n mom High Point. No Coll 866 402s 0 a senior asst d a. To Doug Albright vote june 4 do Mot rat a Mon a p Titan lift men men a to of Leman my Iii my linty it be great to have a a second income in build an emergent fund use important when needed at a i a extra Money Tome in Handy. 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Is f 2mr in buy a Cai a Beme appliance or something else lot your family s enjoyment rate maturity annual yield Type savings 6%% 21/? years 115,000 minimum 6.98% certificate 6v2% 2 years 410,000 minimum 6.72% certificate 6v4% i year $5,000 6.45% certificate 5v4% anytime or an Amania 5.39% passbook a if savings and dividends Are left to compound Over a full year on these new higher rate certificate Federal regain Hon require nil financial in buttons to invoke a 90day forfeiture of timings if withdrawn Fedor to maturity and the Tammra on die withdrawal revert to the passbook rata Senate seeks better nuclear weapons Nab Bison Humphries associated press writer Washington a Hie Senate is opening debate on a 121 8 billion military procurement Bill with emphasis on programs to increase the accuracy and yield of nuclear weapons the technological improvements advocated by the de fee department to provide a strategic flexibility Arr challenged As a potential stimulant to the arms race sen Thomas a Mcintyre. D-n.h., sees prospective . Ability to destroy soviet missiles in their silos As possible provocation few a soviet first strike in a an International wild West filled with fears and dangers of a nuclear fast gun. Debate begins today with a vote anticipated by midweek the controversy highlights a congressional program for the week that will see possible action aim on taxes appropriations and an Extension of the sugar act the House which already has passed a f22 s billion companion to the annual military procurement Bill for fiscal year 1975 is scheduled to act tuesday on a Compromise 9789-million supplemental defense procurement measure for fiscal 1974 wednesday the House takes up a Hill to extend the 1937 sugar act for five years with a reduction in Federal payments to Domestic sugar producers and a continued system of import quotas for 32 countries House action is slated thursday on appropriations for flood control reclamation and other Public works projects and the atomic Energy commission after final committee recommendations earlier in the Cove we ie>4 to me co tit umm we Ioimo i us. Or Psi snit a s a �4 More value for your Money All varieties. 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