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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 2, 1974, High Point, North Carolina 1�b i Pointer str prose Sand a. Jut i 1174 at wars end recital piece grinds Niche in mom s memory Margaret Daniel supports action by Pat Nixon Luci Johnson Nugent expecting third child by Isabelle Shelton by Erma Bombeck i was browsing in a music a Toro last saturday Hwi the sound of a Melody stopped me dead in my traces i became rigid my Palms started to sweat and a wave of nausea swept Over my body unable to help myself i was drawn like a Magnet to the room where the music originated opening the door i said mechanically a it a the March of the in t it the teacher and the Small child on the piano Bench and the Mother sitting on a chair nearby looked up startled a ooh yes. Said the Mother numbly. Quot she s playing it in the recital. There is something about the song your child plays in the piano recital that is As repetitive As a hungarian cabbage dinner. It haunts you the rest of your life. I even knew the Mother who underwent Shock treatments and the Only thing left in her memory was a haunting Melody. Quot there s a Daffodil left in the Bottom of my Teacup a drum Solo which fight training can be a marriage Saver Storrs. Conn. Map almost everyone starts a marriage based pm fantasy but Mey have to Cope with differences they did t expect. Says a University of Connecticut clinical psychologist who specializes in Quot fight training a a Quot the goal of fight training is to set up ground rules and define fighting styles so that couples can harness their aggressiveness and use it for positive said Donald Mosher a gestalt therapist. Mosher said hts workshops Are usually limited to six couples who Are taught techniques in fighting Quot like the heavyweights sometimes in couples one partner has the upper hand with More verbal shill and so Forth through fight training the Dove has a better Chance of coping with a Hawk Quot Mosher said although Mosher says fighting is a healthy and valuable aspect of marriage Quot most couples tend to have the same fight a thousand fishermen want to take girls by Keith Hooper Wellington. New zealand was a More than 1,000 crewmen of the 150 japanese fishing boats which have been taking squid and tuna in new zealand Waters this newly ended summer Here want their wives girl friends and if need be japanese prostitutes to Ccone along with them next summer the japanese fishermen say they be had it with new zealand girls. They re fed up with losing their Money watches cameras and whatever else the local women can get their hands on but whether they can bring their own women with them is a matter which May have to be taken up in negotiations Between the new zealand and japanese governments though it has t yet reached the diet or parliament the Fleet is working the Tasman sea and new zealand East coast Waters outside a 12-Miie limit by arrangement Between the two countries and largely because new zealand fishermen Arentt interested much in catching squid which the japanese use As tuna bait or ship Homo As a foodstuff by and Large the arrangement has worked harmoniously. There has been an Odd incident of a japanese Craft straying within the 12-mile limit with no action taken other than a warning which was always heeded More importantly the boats have been allowed to enter new zealand harbours for shelter in bad weather to take on fuel and to allow Crews Shore leave after Long spells afloat. And japanese fishermen have been Well behaved As a Rule. Trouble occurred in Wellington in particular around at least one nightspot the Pink Panther allegedly a pick up joint and a scene of Early morning brawls Between japanese and Maori and Wakeha new sealanders some new zealand girls who be appeared in court on charges of soliciting the japanese have boasted of their earnings. At least two Are said to have become yen millionaires. Times and differences go unresolved. To break up the repetitive Cycle. Mosher suggests setting up ground rules for Quot constructive fighting instead of Quot ritual fighting Quot a a couples must decide what Are the important issues in their marriage will a fight necessarily resolve the differences a couples should agree not to bring issues out of the past of there is no Benefit in thrashing them out. They should agree on sensitive areas that Are too delicate to withstand a Quot the use of language is important. Profanities Are useless if they fail to articulate a Mosher said fighting is inevitable in any marriage Quot because one partner always violates some set of expectations of the Mosher added Quot we eventually have to resolve our differences so Why waste steam that goes nowhere he said. Her son performed in a music recital. The first time my son played Quot the March of the porcupines it sounded familiar. Later i realized i associated it with a Friend of mine who once fainted Over a keyboard. Mrs. Miller our songs music teacher assured me that after nine weeks of practice practice practice it would sound completely different. When the recital was seven weeks away i told my husband i did t want to be a Mother anymore. The a March of the porcupines was getting through to me and i Felt that physically i was deteriorating. He assured me the Mother of Van Cliburn had endured a the March of the porcupines Quot and so should i. When the recital was four weeks away our Bird died for no particular reason. However it was suspicious that his wings were cupped around each ear. The critical period arrived two weeks before the recital. Our son was thumping thumping thumping with feeling feeling feeling through to Mot. When my husband came Home Early one afternoon i had a Crown of Flowers around my head and was sprinkling petals from a nosegay around the living room. A a to Sall right he said softly. Quot Only two weeks to go Quot the voice of the Mother in the music store jolted me Back to reality it does t sound like much now. But she has la weeks to practice. The music is familiar to you. Did your child play it in a recital Quot Quot actually no Quot i smiled wanly. A the practice it for nine weeks and came Down with the measles on the morning of the she was crying when i left. By Isabelle Shelton w Ashington Nana first lady Pat Nixon has support from an unexpected Quarter in the question of the saudi an arabian jewels a the jewelry Given her and her daughters by saudi arabian princes which it has been reported the Nixon women failed to Register with the government As required by Law the White House has denied the charge. A i think mrs Nixon is entitled to Wear the jewels while she is first said Margaret Truman Daniel daughter of president Harry Truman who tangled bitterly with Nixon Over the years although the two made peace before Truman died done to see anything wrong with it. In a sure she will give them to the Nixon Library when Nixon is out of office just As my family did Quot to the Truman Library mrs. Daniel added. Alice Roosevelt xxi Worth. The daughter of president Theodore Roosevelt says she still wears the pearls Given her As a wedding present by the cuban government she also took with her from the White House a Gold and Diamond Bracelet Given her by Germany a Kaiser when site christened his yacht but she subsequently lost that in a robbery la should be added that there was no reason for members of presidential families not to take jewelry and other gifts with them before 1944. When the Law was changed and tightened up the fact of Quot taking Quot the jewelry has not yet Ansen about the Nixon of course since they Are still in the w Hite House what is at Issue is the narrower question of whether receipt of the gifts was properly recorded. Franklin d. Roosevelt or. 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Contains one of the strongest diet aids available direct to the Pahlick science a perfected a Tim pre meal Tablet with a plan that his % no eat 3 men a Ihle meals a Day Plu a tween meal Knack. Mon by Hack guarantee gel your x ii reducing plan today. It flabby fat Doest it disappear just return the amply package to manufacturer tor j l an immediate rotund a no questions Skad. It store out of Stock mall Coupon. Mail to Portis a Dutsch. Inc 2463 University Avenue. St. Paul. Minn. Bs114 a a 42 tablets at too Quot i 106 tablets at 45 of phase print your name Ano Moore is Bilow name address. A a City _ z2 Cash enclosed stats zip c Money order 12 Chack enclosed questions when he. Along with other presidential family members were questioned by reporters at the recent dinner they All attended honouring democratic party patriarch Averill Harriman. For or. Said his Mother Eleanor Roosevelt a was Given some jewelry by the brazilian government but she immediately donated them to the Roosevelt Library in Hyde Park and never wore them. A none of the family Ever kept any gift from anyone except from other members of the said. Quot we lived by a moral code. Not a Legal Rode Washington Nana a fifth Lyndon Johnson grandchild it about to be born. The late president s daughter. Luci Nugent is expecting her third child in a week or two. She and her husband. Patrick already have two children a Patrick Lyndon. Lbs s beloved a Little almost seven and Nicole Marie called 4me Lynda Johnson Robb and her husband. Charles also have two children both daughters bubbling As Ever. Luci said on the phone the other Day from her Home in Austin. Tex. That she does t care whether the new child is a boy or Girt Quot As Long As it s physically and mentally healthy. A i know that s a cliche but i think ifs the Way most parents really feel a a she added a her husband did no to care in the beginning either Luci said but a a couple of weeks ago he began expressing a preference for a she thinks this May be because their daughter Coco a is at that snugly Loving. Crawl up it daddy a Lap while Lyn who completes first Grade next week. A Sta becoming More Independent and does a great Deal on is whichever the sex they have names picked. Lect said. If it s a boy he will be called Taylor Johnson Nugent. Taylor was the Maiden name of lady Bird Johnson Luci s Mother and of course also the name of Luci s Grandfather. Thomas Jefferson Taylor whom she Felt particularly close to. She spent several Summers with him while she was growing up. Of the baby is a girl she will be named Rebekah cd it Johnson Nugent after Lyndon Johnson s Mother a a Strong woman whom the president adored and who obviously had a Large hand in shaping him into the kind of driving Success oriented person he became give your Home a new Kitchen. Don t let your Kitchen or Bath Date your Home a cabinets a counter tops and vanities a Whirlpool and modern maid appliances this it our a a Jford model1 let us modernize your Kitchen or Bath free estimates Telephone 882-0722 Southgate shopping Center High Point . Ohio Ahafi kitchens inc. Us English Road fabric Center 2108 English rd., High Point at the intersection of Waid a engum across from Roso car Wash open monday nights until i so p m. Fashion fabrics june door Buster specials 100% polyester crepe 45&Quot machine Wash Reg. Now no Iron cd. 100% polyester Shantung 45&Quot machine Wash Reg. 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