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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 31, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Tax exemptions Given elderly Greensboro a total of 8,098 Guilford county residents qualified for exemptions under the property tax Relief for the elderly program initiated by the state legislature according to c. R. Brooks county tax supervisor. Brooks said exemptions countywide totalled $36,441,-000 from the sound actual value on their property. Records indicate 10,006 persons applied for the program which allowed up to $5,000 in exemptions. Brooks explained the state Law is designed to help persons Over age 65 who had disposable incomes of less than $5,000 during the 1973 year. The new Law used by the county for this year is More Liberal than the previous regulations. The older Law allowed a limit of $3,500 for income. The $5,000 exemption confined to a dwelling or to real estate but could be applied to any property owned for personal use. Brooks said average exemptions were about $4,500 for this year. He said the High Point area of the county produced 2,634 applications for exemptions and that 2,187 persons qualified under the Law. He said 447 others did not meet standards. In the Greensboro and Rural areas there Are 7,372 applications and 5,911 persons qualified. This left 1,461 who did not. Brooks said he was pleased that so Many persons applied for the Relief offered under the Law and that so Many actually qualified. He said efforts Are under Way through the legislative unit of the North Carolina Assn. Of assessing officers to get the Relief plan changed to include not Only those Over 65 but those who Are totally disabled. One injured in Accident John Wayne Reece 28, of Oakwood Circle was slightly injured tuesday about 1 13 . In a two car wreck on Kennedy Street at Adams Street. The other Driver was Melvin Wesley Wilson 36, of Kernersville. Reece was charged with failure to yield the right of Way. Teresa Lorraine Mabe of Carrick Street was slightly injured tuesday about 7 . In an Accident on Westchester drive at Whittier Street. Police said is. Mabe was hit by the Side Mirror on a pickup truck while Riding her bicycle. Unc to to cover democratic meeting Chapel Hill live Gavel to Gavel coverage of the state democratic convention will be broadcast by the unc to network saturday on channels 4 and 26. Coverage from Raleigh memorial auditorium will begin at la . And will continue until the conclusion of the meeting. The program will include the keynote address by sen. Sam Ervin of Morganton. A major activity at the state convention will be the election of five at Large members and la alternates to the National organization and policy meetings dec. 6-8 in Kansas City. The adoption of a platform is among other party business to be seen on the Public television network. High Point Enterprise wednesday july 31,1974 5d Mon Dies after fall wednesday fillet of in a a Perch Vai St a food restaurant All Lotf can eat 45 a col slew much puppet French fria children 171 q m it u a c. Under 9 1718 North main St. 99 my Hibits Hearth of High Point thursday special Chicken pot pie 1 banquet facilities private rooms available Sheraton hotel 400 n. Main in chair City Thomasville a James m. Johnson 52, of Rockwell fell some 40 feet to his death from atop colonial drive school tuesday. Or. Joel a Leonard Davidson county medical examiner said Johnson suffered multiple injuries from the fall. Construction workers on the scene told police that Johnson appeared to have slipped and fell shortly after la . While spreading tar on the roof of the school. Observers said the Slippery substance from the tar appeared to have caused Johnson to lose his footing. He had been with the maintenance department of the school system about nine years Thomasville City school superintendent Derwood Huneycutt said. Lexington Man is critical after Accident Lexington Benjamin Hairston 21, of Young drive remains in a very critical conditions under intensive care according to officials at Baptist Hospital in Winston Salem following a head on collision monday in which he suffered Bead injuries. Douglas Lee Troutman 35, of Southmont is charged with Drunken driving in the Accident. Investigating officers reported Troutman said he was making a left turn across traffic from Raleigh Road to Conner Street when the collision occurred. The front end of Hairstone a 1973 sports car struck the front of Troutman a 1974 truck the report said. Estimated damages totalled $9,000 to the car and $500 a to the truck. Firemen get local Calls firemen answered two Calls monday night one at 9 14 ., the other one minute later. The first Call was from 903 Sharon St. Where an odor of smoke was noticed. Firemen said the odor was caused by. Grease on a stove Burner and that there was no damage. The Call at 9 15 . Was to 1006 Gordon Street where clothes in a dryer had caught fire. Damages were limited to the clothing in the dryer. Cash stolen from office Thomasville police a today were continuing their investigation into the theft tuesday of $140 from an office of Liberty nursing Home on Blair Street. The theft was reported shortly after noon tuesday. Police were told that an office employee stepped out of an office to go to another and when she returned the $140 was missing. Pizza special 2 for i buy one at regular Price and get one free of equal value with this and. Offer Good thru aug. Is. Bring this and. Quot eat Here or take out Quot 2209 n. Main Street tel. 869-2171 open 7 Days a week Dine or take out Coupon and. 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Grocer Bam will redeem this Coupon for face value of Coupon plus 3 tor handling when submitted As part payment for any sue tar of Bama jams. A no a or preserves. Any sales tax must be paid by consumer. Invoices showing Purchase of sufficient Stock to cover Coupon must be shown on request. Coupon void in any state or locality when taxed prohibited or restricted by Law. Coupon May not be assigned or transferred by you. Good Only m the u s a. Cash value 1/20 of one cent. For payment mail to Bam. Box 1720. Clinton. Iowa. 52732 Good Only on Bama jams. Jellies or preserves another use constitutes fraud. Limit. One per family offer expires october 31, 187�. B-90634-23 to television log Baker favors coverage of debates new York a although millions of to viewers have seen the House judiciary committees impeachment debates a major Star of 1973�?Ts televised Senate watergate hearings admits he a not often among them. The reason says sen. Howard h. Baker r-tenn., is that he a been Busy travelling in his state talking with constituents and generally sampling Public opinion for the past week. The watched very Little of the debate a said the vice chairman of the Senate watergate committee. A i saw some of the first Days considerations but i Haven to seen much since that still he added his viewing has left him with a pretty fair in. V ression of the House committee a a i thin the members obviously Are languishing a Good bit Over the thing. They give the impression of being genuine and sincere. They re Well grounded in the sen. Sam Ervin jr., d-n.c., chairman of the Senate watergate committee declined to discuss any impressions to coverage of judiciary debate might have Given him. Baker interviewed by phone from his office in Huntsville tenn., 50 Miles Northwest of Knoxville was asked How he Felt live National to coverage affected the proceedings of either committee. Of his own committee he said a a it probably had the effect of inducing people Yaj ask questions they otherwise might not have asked even repetitious he said he comment on the House committee because he a unfamiliar with its usual procedures and because its members Haven to had to contend with the problem of live to coverage before. A a so who knows what effect television has a he asked. A a but my guess is the effect of to in terms of the grandstanding potential is a lot less than the Good it does in terms of the Public a right to is there anything about to coverage of the watergate hearings he now wishes had been done differently the Only change head Uke he said would be adoption of the judiciary committees policy barring commercial Breaks during any part of actual debate. No such bar existed during the watergate hearings. Baker said he favored live to coverage of a Senate impeachment trial of president Nixon should that result from House action. A a i think it would be a great travesty if it were not done a he said adding that he thinks the Senate almost certainly will permit live to coverage of the possible trial. Does he think such nationally televised coverage would affect the outcome of the trial a a no i done to Baker said without hesitation. A a i think its far too important and i think the members of the Senate feel the importance of the event too much to suggest that television coverage would have any affect. 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