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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 31, 1974, High Point, North Carolina St High Point Enterprise wednesday july 31, 1974 once authored poem to Friendship for greeks Levit is termed Quot mystical Man by biographer by Emel Anil associated press writer Ankara Turkey apr Bulent dec Evite a wife describes him As a Man of infinite compassion for All of gods living creatures. A biographer called him a a humanist a romantic artistic and even mystical he was once criticized in the turkish parliament for praising turkish greek Friendship in a poem with the line a Between us a Blue magic a warm sea and on the shores our two nations each More Beautiful than the other a but Ece Vit 47, a former Harvard student who now is Premier of Turkey ordered the bloody turkish invasion of Cyprus on july 20 that brought Greece and Turkey to the Brink of War. And at the Geneva peace negotiations now under Way he is giving up nothing that his military forces won. . Undersecretary of state Joseph j. Sisco in a last minute attempt to Ward off the invasion reportedly asked Ece Vit How he As a humanist could condone an act which would result in bloodshed. A i believe i shall be pc business Mirror emphasis on free markets by John Cunniff a business analyst new York apr the new course for economic policy has been stated by president Nixon with the same Force and conviction with which he announced his earlier programs. This one will be based on patience and steadiness. Free markets will be emphasized. The spectacular will be scorned As bad economics even it it is Good publicity. It this is so it will represent an about face from earlier attitudes of the administration and in effect is the sharpest and most direct criticism yet made of Nix Ono mics. One of the most spectacular economic decisions of recent decades was the decision an impulsive one in the eyes of even som a of his advisers to impose a Price freeze in August 1971. Following this were four phases of controls and decontrol not in a steady sequence but marked by some impatience and unsteadiness such As an abrupt return to a Price freeze from june 13 to August 12,1973. Involvement of this sort of course is hardly synonymous with a Raissez Faire or hands Oft policy. The tree markets that now Are to guide the return to stability were suspended because titty tailed to do the Job the current policy Cli budget and monetary restraint is therefore hardly a continuation of earlier approaches to the inflation Battle although there might be a few threads that weave their Way continuously. The president seemed even to concede an earlier Lack of patience when he wrote the economic report of the president in february a there Are at least four lessons we can learn from our past experience in combating inflation a he said listing the first As the importance of the other lessons named it re a the importance of the rest of the world the important e of production the importance of free in regard to the latter he wrote a in the past several years under the pressure of emergency conditions we have made great but temporary departures from Reliance on tree prices and tree markets. In special circumstances and tor Short periods these departure i have been helpful but he added a taken together these experience have confirmed the View that the free Market is in general our most efficient system of economic and so after some partially successful and some dismally unproductive mutations with a controlled Economy the administration now seems ready to return to Raissez Faire the problem for the administration now May be its ability to convince the Public venting More bloodshed in the future a the Premier replied. Ece Vit is from an aristocratic family but sides with the poor and has a socialistic philosophy. He began his political career As a columnist for the newspaper of the Republican people s party. He took a leave from his Job to study at Harvard but returned Home in 1957 to be one of his party a candidates for parliament. His biographer Kay in Saglamer said Ece Vit was put on the ticket to attract Young voters and because he was a respectful of his elders unassuming and not a trouble but within seven years Ece Vit had Given a new face to the party taking it left of Center and in 1971 successfully took Over the party leadership from 89 year old Ismet Inonu the successor to Kemal Ataturk founder of modern Turkey. Dec Evite a party was the underdog going into the 1973 elections but he campaigned hard and stressed a Promise to let the workers and peasants share in ownership. The party won a plurality and Ece Vit became Premier in january at the head of a coalition government. The new government was beset by major economic and social problems from the Start As Well As a deterioration of relations with Greece Over Oil drilling rights in the Aegean sea. He also angered the United states. 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