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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 31, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Papers trial postponement contested High winds storms strike Wake county los Angeles a the Pentagon papers trial is stalled Over a complicated wiretapping Issue and the defense says it will oppose any government at tempt to cancel a delay that has been granted in the Case. Quot there is a profoundly important constitutional question Quot . Supreme court Justice William 0. Douglas said in granting the 30-Day delay. The Justice department said it would petition the supreme court to set aside Douglas ruling. The delay was to give the defense time to ask the full supreme court for a review of defense claims that wiretapping information should be revealed in open court. The supreme court is on vacation and not scheduled to meet again until october. The u. S. Solicitor general Erwin Griswold said after Douglas ruling saturday that he would not ask the court to reconvene but would Quot leave it up to the chief Justice on How he wants to handle the government charges Daniel Ellsberg and Anthony Russo with espionage theft and conspiracy in connection with the leak to newspapers of the classified Pentagon papers which concern . Involvement in Vietnam. The defense contends that officials routinely leak classified material to newsmen and that Ellsberg and Russo former Rand corp. Researchers Are being prosecuted because of their Antiwar views. The government has admitted that its agents overheard a phone Call involving a defense lawyer or consultant. But prosecutors the trial judges and eventually the 9th circuit court of appeals refused to Tell the defense who was overhead or what the wiretapping was about. The government said the wiretap involved a Quot foreign intelligence installation Quot and that it was authorized Only by the attorney general not by a judge. The opening arguments in the trial had been scheduled for today. Raleigh apr sudden thunderstorms and High winds struck Wake county twice during the weekend causing minor property damage uprooting Trees and Downing Power lines. The National weather service said neither storm was a tor Nado As some residents in the affected areas thought. A rain Squall and winds hit the Center of Raleigh principally the Hayes Barton area sunday knocking Trees and Power lines Down across residential streets. One Man was reported struck by lightning just As the rain be Gan. Police said the Man whom they did not identify was walking with an umbrella when the Bolt hit a tree above him then travelled Down to his umbrella jolting him badly. The Man was admitted to Rex Hospital for observation. Saturday night a thunderstorm and winds up to 50 Miles per hour hit Wake county causing minor property damage North of Raleigh. More than an Inch of rain fell in about two hours touching off local flooding in some sections of Raleigh. The weather service said hailstones one half to one Inch in diameter battered a Section of the county Between Raleigh and the Raleigh Dur Ham Airport. Sheriff s deputies reported winds ripped the roof from an abandoned Motel four Miles North of Raleigh on u. S. I. Power for the Carolinas High Point Enterprise monday july 31, 1972 5a nuclear Generator safety continues As hot Issue television log Abc president Hod to stay Home Charlotte a someone is not telling the truth in the debate Over the safety of nuclear powered electric generators. Power companies in the Carolinas Duke Power Carolina Power and Light co. And South Carolina electric and Gas the nuclear reactors Are the safest and most pollution free Means of meeting the rising regional demand for electric Power. But As fast As the utilities apply for licenses to build their nuclear generators a Small shrill and loosely organized band of environmentalists Are saying that the nuclear stations Are loaded with unacceptable risks. The first commercial Generator to go operational in the Carolinas is the up amp a Plant at Hartsville. . Three More nuclear plants Are under construction in the Carolinas and several More Are ready to be moved off the drawing boards. The generators and the reactors that run them Are getting larger Dukes Oconee . Plant will be the largest commercial reactor in the country until ii is surpassed by even bigger reactors now under construction. And the Sites of the Power stations Are getting closer to the major population centers they Are intended to serve. Both of these facts alarm a Charlotte research chemist named Jesse Riley. He is one of the leaders of the opposition to nuclear reactors. Riley a arguments simply stated is that engineering tolerances sufficient for safety in smaller reactors Are not being updated As the reactors get larger. And As the danger of an Accident increases he says the reactors Are being placed close enough to cities to cause major catastrophes. Leeds reaction again simply stated is that the Gauntlet of licensing agencies which Duke Power co. Must run insures that the reactors will be Safe. He says his company has the technical expertise and the opposition is either ignorant or misinformed. The two meet frequently in hearings before various licensing agencies presenting their arguments. Riley a Side has been Able in Many instances to delay the utilities plans and to modify them. But the Power companies have never been told that they cannot build their reactors. For the Layman the arguments for and against nuclear Power quickly become tangled in a welter of Quot facts Quot technical terms hypothetical propositions and conflicting stat Menf. Riley for example says the bolts used to hold the lid on the reactor buildings Are not Strong enough. If the temperature inside the reactor Ever increased from a Normal 600 degrees to 700 degrees he says the pressure inside would blow the lid off with catastrophic consequences. During can Tobii Lowry a vacation the column is being written by invited guests. This is the report from an enthusiastic broadcast journalist in the no fold who would like to by where the action is but makes the Best of keeping the Home fires buning. Denture invention for poop with a a uppers and a Slowin a the nearest thing to having your own Teeth is possible now with a plastic Cream discovery that actually holds both Quot uppers and Quot iowan Quot a never before possible. Its a discovery called fix oct for daily Home Usa . Pat. #3,003,988 and it has revolutionised denture wearing. Fix oct forms an elastic membrane that helps absorb the shocks of biting and chewing. With fix ont Many denture Wearen May eat speak laugh with Little worry of Den hires coming Loose. One application May last for hours. Dentures that fit Ane essential to health. Sea your dentist regularly. Get easy to use fix oct denture adhesive attitude the same people who look on the Bright Side of life Are Apt to be the people looking on the right Side of life. Summer of �?T72. Roly on Sortin for All your cleaning needs. Cleaners launderers 170 English re. by Reuven Frank a broadcast Long network has More presidents thai Central America. I am president of Nic news. If you re prudent of Abc news you stay Home. I sent peopled China when president Nixon went there am to Russia when he went there. The written Vord reporters were miffed at How Many people television sent. A newspaper reporter leaves his copy editor the one who corrects his spelling and puts in facts he left at at Home and his editor and the Man who tuts his Story into Type and the Man who put the Type on the printing press and the drive who delivers the paper and the news dealer to Sells it. Television sends All those people or the ones who d comparable jobs. Between the program in Beking or Moscow or Shanghai or Warsaw Aid the television set in the american Home there is nobody. So we sent not Only reporters but cameramen and film developers and film editors and producers and editors and live cameramen and technicians. And they All came Back with stories. In Russia foreign currency is much prize. The russians have special stores where Only foreign currency is accepted. And even some bars. John Chancellor ordered a Martini in one of those bars and paid for it with a 100-Schilling note he had picked up during the austrian Stopover. He got his Martini and the following change two american dollars one English shilling a dutch Guilder and a pack of camels. Dick Valerian our White House Man. Likes to learn languages wherever he goes. It was his first trip to Russia. He got into the elevator in his hotel pointed to the Button for the 15th floor and sneaking slowly asked Quot How do you say that Quot just As slowly the elevator operator said my favorite 1972 store is about the Abc news producer having his hair Cut Al peking a nationalities hotel. After the hair Cut came the shampoo which the Barber who spoke some English but not much called Quot brain 7 30 a to a make a Deal 8 00 secial a Jesse Owens returns to begin the 1936 olympics ugh pts is Vimy Ore Ensberg is Vav Charlotte a Wunch University station Fly Wols Roanoke $ a huh pm a Woji Winston Salem is Charlotte with purchase2 1 of $3.00 or More at any service station in this area that gives top value Stamps look in this newspaper next week for another Coupon. Couron too address july 31 thru aug. Min neither Snow nor sleet nor a barricaded Street can Stop Wachovia service. You can 8till drive right up to our drive up Teller and our parking lot on u Renn Street despite the construction. As shown you Are allowed to enter Wrenn Street from a Hington while Rejin is blocked off. Just look for our directional signs at the Corner of Renn amp Washington. While the construction is in Progress downtown you May find it More convenient to use one of our Ether neighbourhood offices. You la get the same personal attention and the same full services at our North 1700 n. Main St South 1800 s. Main St Westchester mall 1783 Westchester Driver West end office 1604 English St. But when you want to Bank at our main office just remember that it s All right to enter w Renn Street from Washington to reach our drive up Teller and parking lot. Wacho via / High Point Sitka to hint. A Tumi s a. It Matt i d i c. 4 . Of news sports weather 3 the scene tonight a whate new a Evering news a eyewitness news 49 6 Oslock news 4 30 j Obj news a his by 579 i to Tell the truth �4� d news 7 00 . A a Andy Griffith a lbs news a evening edition a j9 truth or consequences 42 news 7 30 . A Buck Owens go Best of Hollywood 4 n c. News conf. A make a Deal a Dick Van Dyke 4� to Tell the truth 42 Green acres 1 00 . A g Moke a special symphony a monday night special �45 baseball 9 . A Here a Lucy a movies 9 30 pm. A d Doris Day a Book beat 10 . 3x3 suspense playhouse 11 00 . 2x5 news a news �49 42 news 11 30 . Odd lbs movie a Dick Cavett �4�42 Johnny Carson Sis cd 8 15 pm major league baseball tuesday 4 00 . 3 summer semester 4 30 . I Good morning show today on the farm 7 00 . Lbs morning news i u. Of Michigan series $19 42 today 7 30 am. $ lbs news the morning scene romper room 1 00 . So Good morning show 3d capt. Kangaroo d Southern exposure 1 30 . A old rebel show 9 00 . J capt. Kangaroo f Green acres if dealing for dollars movie a Mike Douglas show a a Daniel Boone 32 today at Home 9 30 am. A Hazel 42 Mchaley a Navy 10 00 . A what every woman. Is Lucy show a sesame Street in 12 Dinah a place 10 30 . 2x3 Beverly Hillbillies �19u concentration 11 00 . A a family affair a Mist Erogers a password �1�42 Sale of the Century h30 . 3 3 love of life a electric company a bewitched �10 12 Hollywood squares 12 10 noon a where the heart is j j the scene at noon a what a new a news at noon a midday news 10 42 jeopardy 12 30 . Odd search for tomorrow 3 split second 4� news �12 who what where 1 00 pea. Go today a woman 3 Betty Feezor show 18 All my Childre a jeopardy in a another world Somerset 1 30 . Gds As the word turns Coffi i to a make a Deal a 1912 three on a match 2 00 . 2 3 Many Splendore thing go newlywed game �4�� Days of our lives 2 30 p. M. 2x3 guiding Light a dating game �3�42 doctors 3 00 . 2x3 secret storm general Hospital �t0 42 another work 3 30 . 3x3 Edge of night a one life to live return to Peyton place 4 00 . Cos i so 3x3 my three sons a sesame Street a love american style a Lassie 4� Merv Griffin 42 get smart 4 30 pea. Go Hazel 3 Daniel Boone a movie a Gilligan a Island 42 Star trek 9 00 . A Daniel Boone a Mist Erogers a Petticoat Junction 5 30 . 3 truth or consequences a electric company a news a Dick Van Dyke 42 High Chaparral 4� what s my line capsule views of today s evening programs r six a 7 p. M. 2 Andy Griffith Barney Fife becomes super efficient in executing his duties As Deputy sheriff after two thieves Are jailed until their accomplices Are captured. 7 30 p. M. 12 Green acres Usa reminds Oliver that he promised her a new York vacation for remaining with him two years on the farm. I p. M. 2 gun smoke Festus comes upon an old Indian who is dying and brings him Back to Dodge. T monday night special a Quot Jesse Owens returns to berlins tile 1936 a one hour sports special featuring the fou time Gold medallist at the 1936 olympics Jesse Owens acclaim by Many As the greatest sprinter of All time. 12 major league base Ball a contesting teams be announced. 9 p. M. 2 Here s Lucy Lucy in an Effort to earn More Money gets a Job in a carnival dunking Booth. I monday night movie a Quot nothing but the Best Quot Alan Bates stars As an opportunistic Young Man who will Stop at nothing a even murder a to get to the top of the financial ladder. 9 30 p. M 2 a Doris Day a her article about a horse thief who was an ancestor of a now prominent family threatens dories Job. To p. A. 2 suspense playhouse a Quot Call to danger Quot with Peter Graves and James Gregory. Government agents seeking stolen master plates for a u. S. $10 Bill devise an ingenious plan to recover the latae

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