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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 31, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather scattered thundershowers More data on Page 3-a 88th year a no. 213 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., monday afternoon july 31, 1972 22 pages Call us circulation. I82-171? classified ads. 885-2177 All other departments ms-2141 daily 10c, sunday 25c How he s remembered in Missouri Eagleton intense at work and play for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every for hire. Q. Are there any jobs in High Point for 11-year-old children because we 11-year-Olds think we can do the Job Fine but the grown think we should t. Please state Many jobs that we May do and let us pick out one. Anon. A. If you mean jobs for pay outside your Home in your age bracket they Are about As numerous As the toes on your right hand. Let s see. You can Wash cars or windows paint fences or porch furniture raise fishing Worms outdoor life magazines Tell you where to order them and How to raise them pick wild blackberries and sell them do Yard work. If these done to have you hopping with excitement there Are plenty of ways to spend your time happily without just killing it with a glum or bored look. Read. Nothing Dull mind you. Good adventure books or mysteries. If you have a special interest a animals the sea. Outer space air planes sports figures inventors ufos. Ghosts a ask the librarian to help you find books about them to or starters have you read a a Charlottes a web. A Stuart Little a a journey from Peppermint Street a or Laura Ingalls Wilder a books about a pioneering family there Are bushels of ideas for making things in Craft and Hobby books How to build Bird or doll or tree houses making things out of paper Clay papier mache or cardboard. Try some Art work make sketches of your family and pets and turn your room into an original Art gallery. Learn How to play Tennis or chess or Start a Rock or Leaf or stamp collection. Unpleasant duty q. I was shopping today at Westchester mall and Ono of my Bast Friend ton was with a gang of boys and i saw Thorn Stool several expensive items and i am scared to Tell the owner of the store because i am afraid or am sure my Best Friend would find out that i got her son in trouble but feel guilty about it. What should i do and please help soon guilty. A. Putting ourselves in your shoes we have at least concluded there is one thing you should not do and that is ignore it. Much depends on How old the boy and his friends Are talk to the boy first Tell him you observed the theft How serious an offence it is and How it can affect his future. Ask him to return the items with his friends to the manager of the store offer to go along for moral support. If the boys show no inclination to do what you suggest then take it up with their parents. If you feel that would destroy the Good relationship you have Call the juvenile court for advice. flopping around o. I d like to know Why Tho longhaired boys who work in those food places Aren t required to Wear hair nets. I think it s disgusting All that hair flopping around everybody s food. . A. They Are required of they done to Wear them Points Are deducted from their Grade when inspections Are made. If you have a specific complaint the health department sanitarians will be glad to Check it out. A Aedon t write q. Of you think you Are pregnant How can you Tell your parents . A. You la just have to take a deep breath of courage and come out with it when their nerves Arentt frazzled from heat or otherwise a and Trust that love will conquer their consternation. See a doctor if you want to make sure first or need his counsel. A help is available q. What dots Tho health department require a dog lot to to it s right under the bedroom window at a Home in the 1000 Block of Road and the dogs howl All night and they be got puppies and the smell is terrible. Can something be done about it anon. A. The health and sanitation codes of the City do prohibit nuisances on lots which include a anything causing an offensive Call the Guilford county health department if you can to prevail on the owners to move the puppies to a less disturbing spot. A sound off q. Our City Council Are socking it to us again and will be glad when i can vote again and maybe i can get some Middle class people at City Hall and incidentally i have the right to say this because i did not vote for any of them that we have and maybe or. Swartzberg and the rest can afford to pay higher Power Bills but we can to and poor working people can to afford to pay them. Our Power Bill for a family of four was $53.50 for one month and it averages about $3.35 per week per person and we can to stand much of this and we can to afford any kind of recreation for by the time we pay our Utility Bill grocery Bills Etc. There is nothing left for recreation. I think it is time for people of High Point ought to Wake up and protest. You can sign me a going to the store to buy some candles a As it would be cheaper. Anon. By Dick Barnes associated press writer Jefferson City to. Apr Tom Eagleton was so intense at work he wound up in the Hospital and so intense at socializing he wound up in the Rumor Mill. As the always ebullient Center of attention at parties friends say. He simply exhibited the same characteristics off the Job that marked his political campaigning and his work. But in Missouri a state of Many staunch dry religious fundamentalists the combination of Hearty joke telling and a drink in hand can be stiffly viewed by some As drunkenness. Add the hazy explanations that surrounded hospitalization in 1960, 1954 and 1966, and the result became rumours of an Eagleton drinking problem. The hospitalizations were for nervous exhaustion but sen. Thomas f. Eagleton did no to say so until after sen. George Mcgovern picked him this month As the democratic candidate for vice president. Now after whisperings of a drinking problem in past Missouri campaigns the twin questions of drink and health have erupted in the fledgling Eagleton Campaign. To this Point and in the face of scores of interviews by newsmen and extensive checks of editor s note sen. Thomas f. Eagleton interned for the political big time in Missouri s capital City. The following from the a special assignment team reports on How Eagleton is remembered there. Public records no document nor eyewitness account of any Drunken behaviour by Eagleton has surfaced. Past Missouri associates say the Eagleton intensity at work and on the Campaign Trail manifested itself in Long hours Breakneck Pace rapid decision making and Esprit de corps. They say they saw no effect in his work of the nervous exhaustion for which he was hospitalized. British take strongholds of catholics Londonderry Northern Ireland apr British troops and Armor occupied barricaded strongholds of the Irish Republican Early today and encountered almost no resistance. But the Ira struck Back later with bombs that killed at least six civilians. Striking at 4 a.m., 13.000 British soldiers smashed Down Ira barricades with tanks converted to bulldozers and took Possession of Catholic areas of Londonderry Belfast Lurgan Armagh Portadown Coalisland and Dungannon. By noon reports were coming in of bombings in Londonderry and other towns. In Gaudy 12 Miles Southeast of Londonderry six persons were killed when bombs planted in three cars exploded in the main Street. Army officers believed most of the Ira gunmen had gone underground in the Countryside or fled across the Border to the Irish Republic. Three hours after the troops breached the first barricades William Whitelaw the British administrator for Northern Ireland announced a the British Are now in occupation and control throughout Northern an spokesman said the troops suffered no casualties but shot four gunmen during the night. The bodies of two men were brought to a Londonderry Hospital. It was the biggest military offensive in the three years of religious warfare in Northern Ireland. The catholics stayed inside their Homes As the troops entered the a free Derry a a enclaves in Londonderry for the first time in More than a year. But after Dawn they began to come out. Children taunted the soldiers with cries of a pigs a a English bastards a and a leave us outside a Church a crowd of women who had attended mass shouted at a Convoy roaring past a a we la Rise again and you la know about Whitelaw said the purpose of the operation was to open up the areas previously closed to British Security forces a to enable the Security forces to move freely through All areas and so protect the whole the troops also went into the a no go areas protestant militants had established in Belfast in protest against the Ira barricades. But there the members of the protestant Ulster defense association began pulling Down their roadblocks As soon As the troops appeared. The a main target was a free Derry the bog Side and Creggan districts of Londonderry ringed by Concrete and Iron barricades where the Ira has held unchallenged military Sway for More than a year. At 4 a m. 1.500 troops with armoured cars and tanks equipped As bulldozers thrust into the bog Side and began tearing Down barricades. Paul Henry Spaak Paul Henry Spaak Dies at age 73 Brussels a Paul Henri Spaak belgian socialist Leader and one of the architects of european Unity and the North Atlantic treaty organization died Early today at the age of 73, it was officially announced. Death was attributed to a kidney deficiency. Spaak had been vacationing in the azores and became ill on saturday. The . Air Force flew him to Brussels. Spank was known As a emr. Europe for his work for european Unity and also played a leading part at the founding meeting of the United nations in san Francisco in 1945. He became the first president of the . General Assembly in 1946 and in 1970 came out of retirement to attend the 25th anniversary meeting of the world organization in new York. One source told columnist Jack Anderson he had seen copies four years ago of traffic records charging Eagleton with Drunken driving. But no such records have been located. Contrary to such an account people who knew Eagleton Over the years All say firmly and with a consistency of detail that adds to their credibility that they never saw him drunk and that he has no drinking prob Lem. Eagleton has steadfastly denied any such problem. John h. Derw Nan who was an assistant attorney general under Eagleton though a Republican said that Eagleton a a has and i hate to use the word Charisma. When he comes in he dominates a party. He cracks jokes he likes to Needle the people he likes Best. You see somebody that dynamic and maybe you assume he Denman now an Oil association executive said a a in be never seen him out of control. I done to believe there a any drinking problem James c. Kirkpatrick Missouri Secretary of state campaigned alongside Eagleton All through the 1960s. He said that on the Campaign Trail a i never saw Tom take More than one Scott o. Wright a Columbia mo., attorney and longtime Friend of Eagleton said a i can definitely say he does no to have a drinking problem. But he a wound up a lot tighter than the Ordinary person. That a just his nature he a really cranked Eagleton himself announcing last week that he had been hospitalized three times for nervous exhaustion characterized himself As a an intense hard driving person and As a youngest Eagleton on Pago 2-a sees Mcgovern tonight Eagleton fights to retain Slot British Rux to firing positions in Battle for bog Side a wire photo by Jim Adams associated press writer Washington a with the new party leadership Sug ing him to pull out. Democratic v i c a presidential nominee Thomas f. Eagleton says hell take his fight for staying in the ticket to George Mcgovern tonight. Whether he stays on will be a joint decision the Missouri senator said sunday and if presidential candidate Mcgovern should ask him to get off a i can to prejudge what i would do Eagleton said he will present his Case to Mcgovern at a meeting tonight without being pig headed he said but was not at All sure a decision would result from the meeting. The Missouri senators future on the ticket has been in question since last tuesday when he disclosed that he had undergone psychiatric treatment in 1960, 1964 and 1966 for mental depression. Mcgovern told newsmen Early sunday a i really done to know at this Point whether he a a plus or a minus in the Campaign against president Nixon but said a we might very Well decide that the thing to do is for him to stay democratic National chairman Jean Westwood and vice chairman Basil a. Paterson interviewed on no cd so meet the press sunday urged Eagleton to drop out. A it would be the Noble thing for Tom Eagleton to step mrs. Westwood said. She said discussion of Eagleton medical background is eclipsing an airing of real Campaign issues. Mrs. Westwood and Paterson were selected for their jobs by Mcgovern but both said on the television interview that they were urging Eagleton to withdraw on their own and had not consulted Mcgovern. Mcgovern met at his Home for 5 hours late sunday with mrs. Westwood and several key members of his staff including political director Frank Man Kiewicz. Campaign manager Gary Hart and fund Raiser Henry Kimelman. Hart confirmed the group had discussed Eagleton a future but would not elaborate. Eagleton appearing on a face the nation on lbs. Said he considers himself not an encumbrance but an asset to the ticket. He said he demonstrated his ability last week by winning such a a disenchanted party leaders As California fund Raiser Gene Wyman and san Francisco mayor Joseph Alioto Over to supporting the Mcgovern Eagleton ticket. One of Eagleton a questioners on a face the nation was columnist Jack Anderson who pub-6 women 6 men Lily apologized on the program for reporting without documentary proof that Eagleton had been arrested several times for Drunken driving. But Anderson said he could not in Good conscience retract the Story because he has not been Able to Contact an unnamed person who is said to have photostat of the alleged arrest citations. Jury selected for Bremer trial by Tom Stuckey Assoc Isle press writer upper Marlboro my. Apr a jury of six women and six men was rapidly selected today As Arthur h. Bremer went on trial for the attempted assassination of Alabama gov. George c. Wallace. It took the judge and opposing attorneys a Little More than an hour to choose the jury. Bremer 21, has pleaded innocent by reason of insanity. He appeared at ease As he sat at the defense table and listened to questioning of prospective jurors. Every person entering the courtroom was subjected to an intensive search that included a Shakedown with a Metal Detector. Several of the persons called for jury duty were excused by the judge after he put a dozen questions to them concerning their knowledge of the shooting of the presidential candidate and their relationship with anyone involved in the Case. What s inside amusements 10a Bridge 128 classified ads 4-1 in comics. A crossword 12b editorials 4a financial 2a obituaries 2b sports. 3-sb television a women s news 4-7a weather. 3a a total of 36 persons were questioned before the jury was Impan eled. Bremer faces a total of 17 counts in connection with the Volley of shots that felled Wallace and three others As the governor completed a presided tial Campaign speech at a shopping Center in Laurel my on May 15. Bremer a former school janitor and hotel Busboy from Milwaukee faces 12 charges of allegedly using a .38-caliber pistol in the wounding of Wallace secret service agent Nicholas Zarvos Alabama state police capt. E c. Dothard and Dora Thompson a Wallace Campaign worker from Hyattsville my. The jury under judge Ralph w. Powers will also consider five charges a eging Bremer violated Maryland a handgun control Law at the time of the incident at a shopping renter in Laurel Bremers court appointed attorney Benjamin Lupsitz of Baltimore is expected to try to convince the jury that Bremer was legally insane at the time of the shootings the trial was first scheduled to open july 12, but was postponed to allow Lipsitz additional time to prepare a defense. The defendant also faces Federal charges of shooting Wallace and Zarvos but the trial in . District court in Baltimore has been postponed indefinitely. Bremer who was arrested seconds after the shooting has undergone Federal and state ordered psychiatric examinations. Kidnap victim feared death by Gene Lahammer associated press writer Minneapolis Minn. Map a Virginia Piper the attractive socialite whose husband paid $1 million Ransom to free her from kidnappers dug at the ground with her Bare hands while try ing to free herself from a tree to which she had been chained in a Forest. A i Wasny to actually in fear of my life until they left me on Friday a mrs. Piper said. A then i thought a in a chained to a tree Here and find me in november a a mrs. Piper who discussed the kidnapping at a news conference sunday said she then began digging in Hopes of uprooting the six Inch thick tree. A i thought that the Only Way i could Ever get out was to uproot the tree and fell it and lug the tree out to the Highway. At least it kept me Busy. I figured that by the end of the week i would be Able to dump that tree a she added. The 49-year-old victim had some degree of mobility since the Chain which was Strung around the tree from hand to hand had a three foot leeway. Mrs. Piper recalled a bit of humor after she was found by Fri agents who went to the scene after receiving an Anonymous tip. The agents unlocked her Handcuffs but could not free her from the Chain. So four agents Bent the Small tree to the ground and she was Able to slip the Chain Over it. A this is terribly funny really four of them jumped on the tree and swung it Back and Forth and got it Down a mrs. Piper said. The kidnappers have not been caught. Mrs. Piper s husband is Harry c. Piper 54, Board chairman of the investment and brokerage firm of Piper Jaffray and Hopwood inc. Piper told newsmen sunday that the $1 million Ransom in $20 Bills that he delivered late Friday night was so heavy a that i could just barely lift the Money reportedly weighed 115 pounds. Mrs. Pipers ordeal began thursday when two men burst into the fashionable Piper Home in suburban Orono. Both wore Black Nylon masks Over their Heads and each had two pistols. Mrs Piper said the kidnappers so a Kidnap on Page 2-a mrs. Piper shows newsmen diameter of tree a Wirt Pste

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