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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 30, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Goal was to police Law abuse endowment committee on human rights says gifts in user facing repression Are hefty High Point Enterprise sunday july 30, 1972 7abritish troops mounting threat to Ira s guerrilla strongholds Moscow a the committee on human rights founded 21 months ago by three prominent physicists As an unofficial watchdog Over soviet Law and its abuse by authorities May be the next target of the secret police. Valery n. Chal Idze one founder of the group said in an interview that a secret police officer summoned him twice this month told him the committee had engaged in a Well mat died anti soviet activity a and threatened him with Chal Idze said this Means arrest. A i have always written to by the Kab so far. The committee was organized in november 1970 by Chal Idze and fellow physicists Andrei d. Sakharov Developer of the soviet Hydrogen bomb and Andrei n. Tverdokhlebov. Later mathematician Igor r. Shafa Revich became a member and Nobel prize winning novelist Alexander i. Solzhenitsyn and writer and Balladeer Alexander Galich were elected corresponding members. Apparently because of its scrupulous adherence to the letter of soviet Law and the prominence of its members the committee has managed to survive. Its correspondence with Sim wart Romr Imp adv Belfast apr the Brit Kab official. He said he con Nill it of a. It moved Bulldozer tanks and siders this rather ominous. Tile Duke endowment com two Navy assault ships to Chal Idze identified Fochen Kov p 8 about the new Federal Northern Ireland on saturday As assistant director of invest tax on foundation income re in massive preparations to nations for the All Union or a ported saturday that it had a1 Smas guerrilla strongholds Lineal Kab organization. Located a most $19 million to j the support for 21.900 i was convinced he was re la him 4_ troops standing by to strike the the warning and the build up underscored the feeling that an army assault on the guerrilla bastions was imminent. Whitelaw said in his Friday night telecast a i Hope people will take the barricades Down themselves but if they do not. Del. But the Uda wavered by seized rifles ammunition and allowing troops to tear Down bomb making material to net six barricades in the staunchly protestant Shankill zone of Belfast Early saturday. Their fourth a useful find in As Many Days. The British Force was beefed As the last contingent of 4.000 up saturday with the arrival of Irish Republican army followed the Security forces will have to new troop reinforcements was airlifted in the army was deploying the biggest Force it has ,. I charities in 1971. Laying a message from higher i. A authorities from the highest endowment s holdings of a warning from William White do it to Stop the killing and Ever had in Northern Ireland in people in the soviet Union a $425 million produced an in Law the British administrator aiming of innocent women three years of sectarian fight tors in to Aid troops and turn Chal Idze added. Come of $23.5 million the re h13, a roman Catholic and and ing. Her sophisticated comm the Royal Navy assault ships. Fearless and intrepid. Fearless waited offshore ready to Send her eight Helicon protestant barricades must protest the misuse of the Law. Ilar groups abroad has been Chal Idze said Fochen Kov told por Saj most 0f it in div him he should Start acting n come Down. A a Normal soviet a1power co. Whitelaw a statement in though Fochen Kov did not de Stock and . Treasury Bonds television broadcast had the Fine what sort of Farson that is. The rate of return was 5vi perking of an ultimatum to the a if that is a person who cent. Catholic oriented Ira and its obeys soviet Laws then i can the endowment report said a , re Al la Fol user accept that position because i tense association that he will obey All soviet Laws a Chal Idze major pm Tjon of the approx tolerate no More Defiance of his went on. A if it is a person lately $3.65 which was not Dis Rule. The iras diehard provision some units beefed up these in Cairns control room into a a1 Wing in its Londonderry Curdy cordon along the Frontier command Center. A stronghold reacted to White with the Irish Republic to the 12.000-ton intrepid landed Laws warning with a terse throttle guerrilla Supply lines a dozen armoured vehicles Quot come and get others were moved into Belfast which resembled tanks with the Hartline Uda also refused to take Down its barricades now saying it would Only do so when the army moved to surround Ira bases. The army kept up its pressure on the guerrillas by capturing a sizable Arsenal in a or to suggest improvement disrupted periodically. Chal Idze will a a a i the Law a the 33-year-old phys said he has received no mail l .7 he scr la Hll by a m&Quot"0n Federal taxes or Cist said. A if in a arrested for from abroad since last Falli e the jaw when i cannot la programs for which Money a a was temporarily withheld. The treasurers report did not however mention the Mon-1 by allocated for the 15 trustees that amounted to three per cent of the endow ing the iras free Derry Cita Magh. Gordon highlanders Belfast. Bulldozer Blades attached. These can ram through the toughest obstacles like the barricades in Londonderry and that it Means you can to do that though he has Learned by Tele e. Hat a a any More in this country. Phone that at least 200 letters a p been trying to help have been sent trying to help have been sent. Arlu h Chal Idze said the committee told that this is anti soviet. I meets about once a month in feel the situation is worse than is communal apartment a it was a year ago. A Block from the foreign minis Early this year the pkg by be try the members he said Dis Cret police began a concerted cuss specific cases and prepare drive to uproot dissent. Hun letters and petitions to approx dress of persons have been private officials or ministries questioned or arrested in an of a your work is to continue the a tale of Joy a tale of woe belligerent Bobby has gripes again performer Dies in fall mentus income or $47,095.76 for Reykjavik a Bobby Fostoria Ohio apr it eat a trustee. Fischer claimed he had been was a Day of Good news and a spokesman for the endow deceived by the sponsoring ice bad news for Oreon Hill. Ment Robert j. Sailstad said Landis chess federation about famous Wallenda troupe suffers another tragedy , x . , Wheeling w. A. Apr a i was pretty steady a Wall Man had worked with the orig fort to crush the underground study soviet a and a the 45-year-old Hillsboro he did not know Why the com filming the world chess Cham if Panda said Quot but 1 did know Nal Wallenda act for about Iii chronicle of current events. The soviet authorities perfect a a truck Driver sem truck missions which amounted to Pion ship saturday and again Here Satur Tav less than 24 How a ret Down Quot he derided Vars. He and his toured Organ of the so called demo the Laws and judicial proce wih 40 000 Pate Glass More than $706,000, were not threatened to quit. Hours after he watched for the to continue his walk and reach with their own act for a ,.ed Quot the Rcpt a be sad be there were suspicions that second ume in a de Cadet a the ground by the same Tower while. Ter a revenuese-vice8 did test ?ii0 member of his family fal1 to is from which his son in Law Feii. Guzman fell from a Ternai Revenue service Ala further unnerve the trailing a a Fth f Wallen la one of the driving forces of the creating a concept of the Law crated class Quot failed fint and Champion. Boris Spassky. A a Man landed on a Reserve a a a a. Movement. He is in Moscow Sas a separa Ecol to not subject package buckled and the Glass Ere Quot go by n Lull. Whom he rus aps say i i the of Yearld cd o7 the poll iceman who had Rush a ,0 a Hospital. Lefo Tovo prison awaiting trial to political expediency. Shattered and the other three the basis for the Chan Rcd hsonics1&Quot 3 Man Quot flying Wall Endas said Satur break a a fax was Rev by a Gunther Wallenda said a could t be lifted. P Ischer is tonics. Dav a a a i Thant Chow Husin no cratic movement. On june 21. Kob detectives arrested historian Pyotr Yakir. Dure a Chal Idze asserted. He emphasized that the committees activity is aimed at aboard overturned Here Friday. None of the Glass broke. But attempts at reloading the on charges of Quot anti soviet Agi Chal Idze said his Correct and endowment. As the 29-year-old american tation and a a gentlemanly conversations so police shattered the Glass Chal Idze said he is the Only july 5 and 7 with it. Col. . And put it in a loader. The report did list additional challenger leading 5-3 in the one of the committees four full Fochen Kov were the first time Hill set off again on his Way. Annual expenses of $1.28 million 24-game title fight observed his members and two correspond the committee and its work had then police cited him for car dollars exclusive of the saturday Sabbath in isolation tag members to be summoned been mentioned to him by a tying an insecure Load. Trustees commissions. Day. Quot without show business Volunteer nurse then died at a third member of the family mental hospitals criticized we done to survive and we have local Hospital. Officials said the who performed under the name to cause of death was tentatively Wallenda was killed in Richard Guzman. 29. Husband listed As head injuries Chell official tried to unravel a Yabe Ada s. Dau Bler cart. The Legal tangles Ever filming. Freda it no it Afler he fel1 Iceland tilt of champions fuels . Chess Losion 1963 in Omaha while performing on the Sway pole. She Wallenda also watched in and her husband Arthur grote.4u some 60 feet near the end of 1962 As a seven Man Wallenda ent a half brother of Kart had cameras sacred from the evening a a performance by family Pyramid plummeted playing Hall after Fischer said the a envy Tontini circus from the by Malcolm n. Carter Asu it Oil to a press writer formed their own act. Theydus curbed him Iii the St h Aly Angl re a game july la. Were Hack for �7 Quot a no or the Michigan state Coli he stadium arh said Tow act he to thursday s eighth game under of 1m �?o7 a to Quot a Karl s inf Pahhe it a doing a not a Dan an agreement signed that Day Allenda was walking a i if or Shepp. 23. And Richard serous As Somp others he does. By lawyers for Fischer and Strung Between Light Lowers at Faug Hnatov 29. Were killed his when something does go Chester Fox. Holder of sex the open air Wheeling Island brother Herman. 60. Suffered wrong he said Quot you done to get elusive movie rights. A Slad Lum and Taxman climbed minor Oniunes. And his adopted out of he Way. Take it As it Paul Marshall representing up one t Quoter to take his lather son Marin 22,was permanently comes players. Been about a 50 per cent in Fischer said he had received in Las balancing pole As he paralysed. The f Der Wallenda has or aph i a a you d be surprised by the crease in sales and playing. Go ahead from Fischer. Fis bathed fhe end of the . A Are saved himself in that a talked often of retirement but Wrightsville Bealh a a is taking amount of interest in this and there s been a great influx Cher said Friday he had Given near the top of the Tower cadent by hanging by his legs continues to perform. In 1970, no. Apr Republican Guber Pjaca in America and for Hun he said. A people who of new no authorization whatsoever. Guzman touched a live from the . He also caught when he was 65. He i iced his Natoria candidate Jim Holshu dress 0f specially Book and de have never played chess before a spokesman for riches one a protest delivered to presi and was knocked backward off and held Schepps 17-year-old Way across an 1,100-foot Cable ser saturday urged gov. Bob apartment stores its Christmas Stop me to talk about of the South s biggest depart Dent Gudmundur Thorarinson the Tower police said. He land sister Christiana. Some 700 above the floor of Scott to have a Quot Complete and in july stores in the Miami area re ment stores said in Atlanta. 0f the Iceland chess federation of. Stunned on a pair of elec in Sarasota. Fla the Fame Tallulah Gorge at Tallulah Independent Quot study made of the Bobby Fischer a Challenge to ported a 20-40 per cent increase ga., that there has been a a lot the challenger would not inca wires then fell 50 feet to Iyo a Home Gunther Wallenda. Falls ga., in a walk he called states mental health program. Boris Spassky for the world in chess set sales. More interest in chess since finish the match unless the the ground As More than 6.000 44t a former member of the act the highlight of his 50-year Ca Holshouser said if Scott chess title has generated a a Many Young people Early the match. Cameras went. Spectators looked on. And now a teacher said Guz reer. Does the plans to have it Boom in the sales of chess sets 20s�?seem to be buying a lot a there Are a Good Many Thorarinson said the if a aria and three of their four done Early next year of he is and books from Miami to Mil More a said r. Luprete. Man More people in our store asking might find itself in the if children were at the circus elected. Waukee from the san fran Ager of Abercrombie in Fitch questions indicating they do there is no More filming. When the Accident happened on Miami Beach. A most sales not know anything about the Spassky was reported fishing the elder Wallenda said. Satur Are for the customers them game a he said. Quot but they Are he has won Only one game and Day afternoon and evening she selves rather than gifts. Our buying chess sets and they say lost four of the last six. Before was to join her father on the going to learn to this championship he had never and the children were to been beaten by Fischer. Put on their bicycle act. The candidates comments Cusco Bay area to Boston came in a speech prepared for a mothers Are bringing their the North Carolina mental children in for lessons health associations quarterly beamed Charles Hidalgo owner exotic sets Are almost All gone they Are Board meeting in Wrightsville 0f new York City a chess so Are our chess clocks used to play a Beach. House. Quot we have a full House time the he said recent state Bureau every in san Francisco and the rest of investigation probes have saying chess set sales have of Northern California stores a made it Clear that there Are climbed 25 per cent since the recorded marked sales booms serious problems within tile tournament in Iceland began one Bookstore owner says his states mental health nearly three weeks ago i sales have moved from two but he said the ski probe for Dalgo added a people we chess volumes a week to two a criminal violations a could not Haven to seen for a while have Day. And a Merced Highway a cover the scope obviously come Back. Everybody s study Trolman queries newsmen Call the was Horm simmer Holshouser said a the people have a right to know just what a going on in our mental institutions. We re spending about $100 million a year on the program now and its going up ail the he urged that Community ing. Everybody a game has iming for Accident information How the match is going. Some merchants said they a clerk at Milwaukee a chess had anticipated the Boom and King shop asked whether sales stockpiled extra goods others had increased replied. A wow i reported dwindling sales. Should say he said the Macy a department store said store posts match moves As chess set sales have quintuple they arrive from Iceland. Tony Buczko general Man books on chess disappeared Ager of Philadelphia a Franklin from the Denver Public Library a shelves As soon As the match began a spokesman said adding a we get asked All Day Long both by phone and in person about the books. Andi we re also asked for personal details on both Fischer and Gilbert Helmi Reich owner of mental health programs be a the cutting Edge in our Battle mercantile chess club said against mental illness a a this is really one of the most More personal attention for exciting things that has Hap patients is a desperately opened in the chess Community needed he said and the treat we be had a lot of strangers ment of geriatric and alcoholic Here to look in on our match patients in other facilities will help free doctors for this. A spokesman for Wimbeis he also called for a re organi there said that sales for $30-$60 ration of the department of chess sets have risen 70-80 per the Boston chess studio said mental health Job reclassify cent while John Wanamakers business is fantastic. There s Tion to permit maximum use of reported a too per cent in mental health associates Grade crease. Rating from Community colleges in St Petersburg fla., chess and an Effort to Transfer Tram club president ii Cantrell Able retarded children into says he rushes to the papers Community programs. For the Iceland Gane moves Holshouser also proposed a and talks them or with other stronger a after care Effort and noted that More than one half of All admissions Are repeats. He said Public support for mental health programs a will cowrie Only when there is some evidence of v Aine to Sho knit suits 499 54�?~-69 Shortsleeve knit Sii i jux . Sii a Sij . Hio . Kit sport Coats a a Sph us hoi i w i it Hiki i it is m is is la. I Kom i of u stir Korr a i Lijah i Oil Kimii o y a is Dealin now 845 includes 3< Mower Mazel Williams Bico Kator Mimm acidic an Roaal lit Vich lit others Krow you care Semo Beautiful Flowers for Amy occasion. 40hs against tolf thong Asi 7101 do you suffer from arthritis rheumatism. 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