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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 30, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Center theatre sunday thursday a a what a up Doc a with Barbara Streisand and Ryan of Neal in color. Starts Friday a red Sun a with Charles Bronson and Ursula Andress in color. Saturday morning show for children from 9 30 a. A. In. Until 11 30 a. In. A undefeated a with John Wayne. Martin twin theatres now showing a now you see him now you done to with Kurt Russell and Cesar Romero in color at twin i. A the graduate a with Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft in color at twin 2. Starts Friday a frenzy a with Jon Finch and Barry Foster in color at twin 2. Towne theatre now playing a Fritz the cat a animated cartoon feature in color rated x. Midway driven sunday thursday a a skyjacker a with Charlton Heston and Yvette Mimieux. In color. Also a the last run with George c. Scott. Starts Friday a lady and the tramp a animated cartoon feature in color. Also a the vanishing Prairie a in color. Pointer drive in sunday thursday a night of the with Stuart Whitman and Janet Leigh. Also in color. Starts Friday a French connection a with Gene Hackman in color. Also a Coo gang a Bluff a with Clint Eastwood in color. Charlotte pageant is cancelled Charlotte a the Mecklenburg county Jaycee have said they will no longer sponsor the miss Charlotte Mecklenburg Beauty pageant because in the words of one officer it did no to make Good a it just Wasny to financially feasible a said Jaycee Secretary Spencer Davis. He said the club had sponsored the last three contests had made Money on the first broke even on the second and lost Money on the third. Jaycees president Maurice Wilson said in a prepared statement main reasons were that the Jaycees Felt their time and Energy could be better spent on projects that would better serve the Community Davis said a this really did no to have that much effect on our decision. Of if we could make Good Money off of it the pageant you a better believe we would have High Point Enterprise sunday july 30, 1972 the godfather question is organized crime better your Horoscope by Dick Kleiner Hollywood Nea before its All Over a the godfather will probably be seen by More people than any previous movie save perhaps a gone with the wind and make several people very Rich. It May make a few actors into stars and possibly earn some of them oscars. But what will it do to society this is an important question because at the moment Paramount is putting together a sequel. They re now calling it for reasons of convenience a a godfather ill and the combined Impact of two films which preach that a particular group is Superior to the Law could be profound. The Basic problem is that there Are those who feel the film is a Force for Good. They Point to it being a a a family picture and they Are not being facetious. A a it a about a family a says Richard s. Castellano one of the films stars a and a very Loyal family. I think there should be More loyalty in of course you can show Loyal families who engage in other trades besides crime. A sometimes a great for example showed a Loyal monday july 31 your birthday monday the big Surprise this year is How strongly your salesmanship talents develop. Social contacts broaden include All sorts of people and enough excitement to distract you from your main goals some of the time. Today s natives Are generous and fond of trave for business. Aries March 21 april 19 in the midst of this productive Day someone balks and its up to you to get things smoothed out without delay or lasting dissension. Taurus april 20 May 20 extra Effort is needed fairly Early As there in t any easy path around today s obstacles. Constructive changes made now Are permanent. Gemini May 21 june 20 what strikes you As funny May not seem so to outliers. Formality and self restraint Bridge tin stresses nicely so that much can be achieved. Cancer june 21 july 22 you appear to be in the Middle of conflicting interests. Making it a Busy Day erases some concern. Leave some matters for tomorrow. Leo july 23-aug. 22 impatience is Normal but can be channelled into a a avg needed corrective move. Settling and signing issues can wait for another Day. Virgo aug. 23 sept. 22 move hastily and you May find you be upstaged yourself. Whatever looks simple Isnit so take a second look at too smooth activities. Libra sept. 23 oct. 22 find a tactful Way to divert attention from your plans. There Are times when people Are contrary simply for the Sake of being so. Scorpio oct. 23-nov. 21 misunderstanding is averted by diplomacy. Events happen quickly sweep you and your friends off Normal course for a moment. Sagittarius nov. 22-dec. 21 Strong opinions crop up on All sides and its easy to get involved in controversy. Taking the easy Way out of responsibilities creates difficulties. Capricorn dec. 22 Jan. 19 friends Are with you All the Way though your local situation gets in the Way of Broad advancement. Try for greater Range of expression. Aquarius Jan. 20-feb. 18 explaining things Only makes them More obscure so let Well enough alone take differences into account and Settle on new plans. Pisces feb. 19 March 20 staying on the path you be Laid out May seem illogical but try it for just a Little longer. Money causes much discussion. The barn dinner theatre with new York cast on the uric stage beginning july 11th one flew Over the cuckoo s nest comedy litre a i y wed night Durn mum 7 is 3 re big week i of a Long Chott j Center in South main Stum 2 05-3 50 5 40-7 25 9 10 a a a sorry we a be unable to give free movie passes to the Towne movie theatre this monday buckaroo Steak ranch High Point 1711 n main Sitf t fun g for All and they re still laughing. Doc is Soho a % of it Poe Futer �ogbanovic4t pfc auction r m to world a fir full length x rated cartoon a c in out Quot re in a re he s x rated and animated no a thew at Ilia 1 41 Atli i u # sorry no foam item loft to Are seen Tow be theatre it i Hind k tvs a 7 be isl outdoor run of Yoors s lost motto and biggest Nill shows twice at 1 54 and 12 30 skunked Charlton Heston Yvette Mimieux a skyjacker co Starr no James Broun a Jeanne Crain Roosevelt Grier Walter Pidgeon a Lesue Uggams action George c. Sconone a driving fab of crop a country with a Ovon Kilter waiting at Tho end of the Rood. They told Hie Tho Law would Cha him in his up Rchard car a Thoy did t toll him the Gong tor would Cha him tool a the ust run Quot pc Quot in Calera at 10 54 a Kios under ag112 Freeh 7 in family in the lumbering business but it did no to have the Power at the Box office of a the Castellano also believes that a the godfather expresses a Choice Between organized and disorganized crime and implicitly indicates that the one is better than the other. A there has always been crime a he says a was far Back As biblical times. And there always will be crime. Which would you rather have organized crime or disorganized crime0 a if crime is organized then its Safe to walk on the Street. Songs cd Wise restaurant 2872 n. Main Tel. 885-8862 open 7 Days week serving the finest in chinese and american food orders to go Call 885-8862 if you put a bet Down you know you la collect if you win. If crime is disorganized the streets Arentt Safe and you never know if your winning bet will be Grey Frederickson associate producer of a the godfather a agrees in essence. He says that organized crime is the lesser of two Evis that crime is inherent in human nature and a some kind of Contr oiling establishment might be a Good a some critics have written a he says a that our picture glamorize or condones crime and violence. I Hope it does no to. Movic mtin8s for Murto i Toom people tit Ohio Fri to the to heft it to inform Moronti of it the ii Metovio cont to wowing by their pm Mora. Its the Story of a family with Strong Bonds and much love who just happen to be in the business of crime. A that is probably not a very moral business but they Deal in things a drugs gambling prostitution a that they feel the people want. Its not right but it Law Naan Eye docs i horror Haw How main limes will terror striker of or a born Tho train moment a he see Marl its treat n it a Tom not it to it Hrcka i of no a a i i to j i or. M Fogt a tim of i features la in their path no get of Pointer a Tho Lupus w. 08 Pigi All ask admitted Oon Orol audio Nett <25 All Ages admitted of on o some Materiel May not be suitable for pre teenagers restricted und. 11 out to otto.,. Out a har adult two Dion no oni undo i a of Iti id i of tim. May vary in tartan. Aioo a a a a by a a a do to hem i 0 in a to a two i him Ooi a the above is published As a Public service by the High Point Enterprise Dib the invisible vapor caper Walt Disney productions Wpm now you dont Kurt Russel Cesar Romero Rynn Jim Backus Wilham Windom cd Quot Ai Anh a n Eva , Ric Rac Ca a Tan of Rwy a tank Felt technicolor ? or Tufty jews amp St Mab Joseph i at Vety a drum or m�?T0 a w a t a to a. Matinees daily Martin twin i a Safis Hui ohs in of is to id t i of now you can see a the graduate again or for the first time. Now playing ii Fob tuns 2 35 4 10-5 45 j. 70-9 00 7 Joo Joseph e. Levine a tour award Winner Dutoi Motoo Mike Nichols Lawrence Turman the graduate anni4ancr0ft Dustin Hoffman a Katharine Ross Calder Henry Paul Simon Simon Garfunkel Lawrence Turman Mike Nichols Quot rf�?T.�?T, Aff Pic a Rny free parking Quot a Secretary Raga n her Nyga arrs j i n a u. A is Garoll Tina Gau Jeryl a co a Stapp be. A pm lid Saith hit Iii 10 50 or f1aturis 3 30-5 20 7 10-9 00 Martin twin la. A Tea is 101 i Sich Sti Ooi via a too 7 infidelity is a new kind of game it can also be murder under 18 yrs of age requires Parent. Rated 7 i t

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