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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 30, 1972, High Point, North Carolina 12b High Point Enterprise sunday july 30, 1972 one woman does t think latins Are Lousy lovers Home swimming pools discussed dear Ann i read in the san Francisco examiner recently the letter from the woman who wrote a babies Aren t the Only ones who need the warmth of another human body. Children of All Ages need it and so do husbands Ahu How True i am one of the thousands maybe millions of widows who would die without affection. I m not talking about the Comfort and reassurance that comes from physical Contact with a Man. A Pat on the shoulder a touch of the hand a kiss on the Cheek. The Only males who seem to understand this Are the latins. They flatter a woman Ever so discreetly and make her feel whole again even if you have to pay their Bills its Worth it. I know because i be done it. And id gladly do it again. A an old fiddle on whom Many a tune has been played dear old fiddle i wonder who started the Rumor that latins Are Lousy lovers your testimony indicates otherwise. Please Don t advertise your willingness to pay anybody s Bills in Exchange tor a touch of the hand or a kiss on the Cheek. You la be swamped with offers. Dear Ann what does one do when the son of a Friend gets into trouble with the Law because of narcotics the boy was arrested a few Days ago and in be been avoiding this woman because i done to know what to say to her. Does one act As if nothing has happened or does one say a it could have happened to any of perhaps a better approach might be something like this a a in a sure the charges Are phony. I done to believe your son is i want her to know i still value her Friendship and that this trouble in the family does not make me think less of her. Please. Ann give me some badly needed guidance. I am not the Only person who is perplexed by this problem. A a Pittsburgh Post Gazette Reader pausing at elevators Only part of old age by Celestine Sibley women news service my Mother mud thinks old age is a pestilence and a bore. The other Day i took her to the doctor and As we were leaving she caught a glimpse of another daughter guiding her Mother along a corridor half supporting her. I had held out a hand to push mud into the elevator where she is prone to hesitate until the rubber padded steel jaws snap shut and she snatched her Arm away and glared at me. A there you go a she said nodding toward the other daughter and other Mother. A holding up decaying flesh and Brittle old Bones. Just Don t try to help me anymore if in a too old to walk on my own feet Iti Stav at Home. Lord Isnit it pitiful to be old and pottery a not All that bad. I murmured. There Are a lot of worse states a Complete helplessness. For a so Art mental deterioration. Even worse but i did no to go into that because i was in a hurry. I just said i thought she was Strong and Frisky enough if she just would t get on the threshold of a door building or car and Stop. A i do that Don t i a she said thoughtfully. A fall old people do. I guess. I remember the aunts. A she pondered trying to figure out Why the elderly move briskly up to a place of entry and then pause blocking it. A form of fear and uncertainty. She decided and she had t been patient with a the old As we now Call them. Instead of regretting that she advised me not to be patient with her. A just give me a kick where it la do the most Good a she suggested. A that la move me life it now seems inevitably takes care of kicking the elderly around. In her new Book. A the coming of age a Simone de Beauvoir discusses the old age with the same rare and special insight that she brings to All her writing it comes out Locking like the calamity that awaits everybody who lives Long enough accompanied largely by poverty and pain. With Good Luck Good health and enough Money it might be tolerable but without these things old age is pretty much a Castas trophy. It a so miss de Beauvoir suggests and so most of us have observed. What i can t wait to Tell my Mother. Mud. Is that according to miss de Beauvoir the passage of time does nothing to diminish the storms and tempests of love and hate jealousy and anger. She May not have noticed this having her generation s High regard for people who marry for practical reasons but a the coming of age is studded with accounts of oldsters who never stopped throwing jealous tantrums. Tolstoy a wife. Sophia was so jealous of one of his disciples that a she rushed out into the Moscow streets in bedroom slippers and with her hair Down intending to die of cold in the throw herself under a train or drown 1 herself in a River. Quot a Quot a for of a Wewt tit o i in ii 4 a a birthstone of the month is turn August the Peridot month you May be a rip roaring or a meticulous Virgo Birt for you born in August the Peridot is your birthstone. Come see the Beautiful synthetic birthstone rings. Tit tor Royalty at pin Money prices. $9.95 to $59.95 jewel Box 139 s. Main st., High Point 883-0827 Chadwicks jewel Box it Liston Salem pfc Wal Box Asheboro use oui cd ii of charge plan. Master charge. Badame Ricard or layaway to h f i dear . Say nothing unless your Friend brings up the subject. She May never mention it in which Case it would be an act of kindness to remain silent. Should she bring it up however let her know you sympathize with her and that she is not alone. The drug problem has h i t thousands of very Good families and what Parent can say his exemplary son or daughter will not be next. Dear Ann my husband has a problem sleeping. This has been going on for about three years. Several months ago he went to a doctor and was Given a prescription for sleeping pills. Unfortunately he became confused and took six pills one night. The results scared him out of his wits. He threw out every Pill in the House and now he refuses to take anything. The trouble is. He walks around half the night. I be tried to Tell him to stay in bed. Even if he can to sleep. Just lying there is valuable rest. He does no to believe it. Isnit it common sense that if a person gets out of bed and walks around raids the refrigerator reads or turns on to he will get less sleep will you print this letter and Tell me if in a right or wrong insomniac s wife dear in you Are right. Insomniacs who walk around half the night telling themselves they la a get sleepy Quot if they watch to read or a heat something Quot Are Only kidding themselves. Better they should Tell themselves a Elf i stay in bed i m resting and i might go Back to incidentally a most insomniacs get More sleep than they realize. Washington do. Thinking of your own backyard swimming Pool look carefully before you dive in advises the National swimming Pool Institute according to spi the great surge in Pool popularity and sales in the last five to six years has attracted a number of unethical business operations into the Industry. Unethical companies thrive says spi president Lloyd Hubbard because a we All dream big. Then forget that a real bargain is getting a High Quality product at a reduced Price. We too often fall for the cheap or a come on ads blaring reduced prices and we forget about while the majority of builders Are ethical businessmen providing a Good product at a fair Price it is still Best to Check his reputation with the local better business Bureau the District attorneys office satisfied customers and local chapters of the National swimming Pool Institute. A most of the a bait and switch Hubbard states a a done to have too Many satisfied customers so this is a Good a spin a new swimming Pool registry program for in ground pools will also help Consumers select a Pool and Pool builder. Basically the program requires that the builder agree to construct his pools to meet or exceed the spi Industry minimum standards for design and construction. The builder registers each Pool by placing a permanent plaque in the deck of the Pool and forwarding the registry to a spin a Independent registry agent one of the nations leading accounting firms. The new Pool owner is then sent a certificate of registry and a free Pool information Booklet. But before going through All of this the prospective Pool buyer must make some Basic decisions about what Type of Pool he wants in ground Concrete Vinyl liner fibreglass Etc or above ground. Above ground pools can be purchased in Many areas starting around $500 to $1,000. Deluxe models Range up to $4,000 or More. Science kit leads to Choice of career there is a big difference Between cold and Cool. Ann Landers shows you How to play it Cool without freezing people out in her Booklet teen age sex a ten ways to Cool Send 50 cents in Coin and a Long self addressed stamped envelope to this newspaper. New York a seven years after his Mother and father bought him a child a science kit. I 7-Ye Anthony Zollo or. Of Queens is one of the City a most honoured science students. A recent graduate o f Benjamin Cardozo High school and headed for p r e in e d courses at Queens College he is one of 20 students from City schools to display prize winning science projects in a Public exhibit. A i was Only to when i received the kit As a Anthony recalls. A that started my interest in science through elementary and High his project involves the use of antibiotics to develop a new method of lowering cholesterol Levels and thus deter hardening of the arteries. His work also brought him awards at the International science and engineering fair in new Orleans. A my teachers have been a tremendous help to me. They All share in the credit a declares the youth whose father an electronics craftsman helped with some of the Early experiments. Anthony has turned awards in mathematics and has served As class representative in student government. He was manager and director of the schools foreign languages carnival. Peek a boo Whiston. England was a Bert of Donohue got the Shock of his life when the window cleaner appeared at his bathroom window just As he was soaping himself in the nude. The window cleaner it seems was a 25-year-old girl named Doreen Connelly. The redheads reaction she climbed Down her ladder and disappeared without even collecting her $2 cleaning fee. Bert sent it to her later and promised to pull the window curtains the next time. Then Doreen sent her apologies for arriving earlier than the scheduled hour. A a in a a part time Model and had a Date to be she said. But be particularly careful Here since this is the Type of Pool most unethical operators sell. They advertise a Large Pool for a Low Price$500-$800 a then try to sell you a a a special $4,000 Model which they will discount As much As 50 per cent. The Point is that the Low priced Pool Isnit Worth $100. And the High priced Pool is Worth Only $500 or $600. Not the $2,000 a a reduced Price. Still Many advantages of High Quality above ground pools such As the relatively inexpensive Price portability constant depth and safety in being literally above the ground should be considered. In Vinyl liner pools a variety of new shapes Are available this year and the prices Are generally somewhat cheaper than similar pools constructed with Concrete or fibreglass. The Vinyl liner Pool also has the advantage of not needing periodic painting and. Should a tear develop in the liner repair can usually be completed simply and without draining the Pool. Fibreglass pools share the advantage of not requiring painting and Are also available in a number of interesting shapes and sizes. Concrete pools which now share an approximately equal portion of the Market with in ground Vinyl liner pools Are available in any shape imaginable. Excavation costs and increased surface area of a a exotic pools however will increase costs. In any Case spi advises that the Only real Way to determine what a right for you and your family is to visit a number of Pool stores and if possible friends who already Nave pools. In planning the Pool done to forget about the equipment you la need to maximize the use of a and investment in a the Pool. A Pool Heater for example will add at least two months use even in the coldest climates. In warmer Southern come see the climates the Heater makes the Pool a nearly year round facility. Also Check your budget and done to spend it All on the Pool mortgage. Remember that maintaining a Pool in a Safe healthy condition requires a Little work As Well As Money for chemicals and cleaning equipment. Much of the cleaning and chemical feeding equipment is available in automatic versions should you be inclined to spend Money rather than labor a Pool cover incidentally is a Good investment for the win ter months to keep leaves branches and other debris out of the Pool. Most building codes now require fencing around the Pool but exact specifications of the fencing vary from Community to Community. Spi advises a minimum Fence of four feet finally done to forget to Check tax authorities. Tax Wise above ground pools Are generally exempted because they Are portable and in ground models Are usually assessed for tax purposes at a portion of the Purchase Price. 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