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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 30, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather rain possibly heavy expected see Mere data on 10-a 88th year a no. 212 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A sunday morning july 30, 1972 88 pages Call us circulation .112-1719 classified ads .us-2177 All other departments Sis-2hi daily 10c, sunday 25c a so Bug talk q. I have Silverfish in my Kitchen. Have tried everything with a current Bug Spray but no results. Could you please offer a solution . A. Spraying insecticides appears to be the Only solution. Maybe you Haven to Given it time to work it May take 2 or 3 weeks or you May have missed a few favorite hiding places. Apply it to baseboards door and window casings closets and where pipes go through Walls. Silverfish and their cousins fire rats which Are mottled Gray instead of shiny and Silver cause the same kinds of damage. They Are Active at night hide during the Day. Silverfish live and develop in Cool Damp places particularly in basements. Fire rats prefer warm areas like attics in summer and near furnaces in Winter. Both crawl along pipelines and through openings in Walls and floors. They like foods High in protein sugar or starch. They eat cereals moist wheat flour any paper on which there is glue or paste sizing in paper including wallpaper and bookbinding starch in clothing and Rayon fabrics Iso better enlarge your spraying Campaign to cover the basement or crawl space to your rafters. Exterminators Are experts in this Field. Mange Medicine. Q. About j. B. That was asking about Mango in Tho paper on july i fab Tho Bast thing is sulfa done and you can buy it at most drugstores Mann s or any other one. Anon. Q. To Tho Parson that wanted to know what to do for Mango simply put a Copper wire around his Nock and this is a sure euro. Mrs. Pm. Will reassess situation Mcgovern to talk with Eagleton for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of Tho Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that Tho volume makes it impossible to answer or oven acknowledge every one. By decree q. Why Are the school buses being recalled for painting them yellow what difference would it make whether they Are Orange or yellow it seams All the Money being spent on this could a used for something really important such As redevelopment of poverty areas or pollution in Tho cities of North Carolina. Could you Tell us Why this is being done Nancy. A. It appears that Uncle Sam likes yellow More than Orange. At least it is a Federal regulation being handed Down in an Effort to establish nation wide standards. Maybe they Are doing it to match the school patrols yellow slickers. Maybe there a a Sharp paint Salesman whose Boss told him to a sell yellow to the government. Maybe if there were More people like you who protested to their representatives Congress would not waste Money on something like this in the face of far More pressing needs. Seller s Market q. Could you give to an address on where they buy antique accordions m. S. A. You could write the editor of the music trades la West 57th st., new York n. Y. 10019. This is a leading journal of the music Industry through which you can locate dealers in antique musical instruments or collectors. Too Many electors q. What happens if there is a dispute Over the election of the presidential electors in a state or if two different sets of electoral certificates or whatever they Call them Are sent from a state to be counted in Washington b. H. A. Any arguments Over electors Are settled through an authority the courts designated for that purpose by the state governments. If to o or More returns Are sent from a state the two houses of Congress vote separately on it. Of they disagree the returns which Are certified by the states governor Are to be accepted of he does no to certify either the state loses its electoral vote in the election. In 1872, the votes of Louisiana and Arkansas were disputed and were not counted so there followed in 1887. The passage of the electoral count act which made these provisions. A the no no s q. How do some residents of Clar Cox got by with keeping cats when they Are not allowed anon. A. The housing authority a dwelling tease with rental residents does not permit dogs and cats to be kept on the premises according to Herman Reese coordinator of resident relations activities. He says they will handle complaints provided the person complaining identifies himself and states where the animal is. He adds that periodically All Are reminded by letter of the lease provision concerning animals. By Gregg Herrington associated press writer Mitchell . A fighting a intense pressure to drop senator Thomas Eagleton from the democratic ticket presidential candidate George Mcgovern qualified his support of his running mate saturday and said they would meet monday night to reassess the situation. The South Dakota senator set the monday meeting in a phone Eagleton to going conversation with Eagleton before he left his Black Hills Retreat near Custer to Fly from rapid City for a Welcome Home rally and reception in this Prairie town where he grew up. Mcgovern told newsmen before boarding his plane at rapid City that the Missouri senator is still a on the tickets despite the political juror following his announcement tuesday that he had been hospitalized in 1960, 1964 and 1966 for nervous exhaustion and had undergone psychiatric care and electric Shock treatment. A there wont be any further change until he and i have had a Chance to talk and there May not be any then a Mcgovern said. A a in a with senator Eagleton All the Way until he and i have had a Chance to Mcgovern clearly left open the possibility their meeting monday night would result in to stay by Brooks Jackson associated Pross writer san Francisco Calif. Apr sen. Thomas f. Eagleton said saturday he considers himself a a distinct plus on the democratic ticket despite growing pressure that he quit because of disclosures about past psychiatric treatment. A a in a going to stay on the ticket. That a my firm irrevocable intent a the vice presidential nominee told reporters before he boarded a plane to return to his Home state of Missouri. Ending a Campaign swing in California and Hawaii Eagleton said he had received an a outpouring of support during his four Day tour. A i think the Way this Issue has turned around in a a distinct plus to the ticket a he said. Earlier in the Day Eagleton told a news conference in his hotel lobby that he would meet with sen. George Mcgovern monday night in Washington d c. To discuss the situation. Eagleton said the democratic presidential nominee told him by Telephone saturday he was under intense pressure to dump Eagleton but the Missouri senator added that Mcgovern told him a the still backs Eagleton 1,-000 per Mcgovern later issued a similar statement. Eagleton said he initiated the Call. The juror Over Eagleton a health arose tuesday when he revealed he had been hospitalized for nervous exhaustion three times Between 1960 and 1966 but failed to Tell Mcgovern of the treatment when Mcgovern asked him to run for vice president. Eagleton said he and sea Eagleton on 9-a sen. Eagleton vows to going to stay a wire photo kidnapped woman found unharmed by Gene la Hammer associated press writer Minneapolis Minn. Apr Virginia Piper a millionaires wife kidnapped in Broad Daylight thursday was found chained to a tree unharmed saturday More than 12 hours after her husband paid a $1 million Ransom in $20 Bills. A she is tired but otherwise there Are no injuries a said c. Morgan Aldrich jr., a family spokesman told newsmen after the 49-year-old socialite was re and Singer Sutch London s tourists Ogle nude girls London a hundreds of tourists stood in front of no. To Downing Street on saturday hoping to get a glimpse of prime minister Edward Heath at his official residence. They witnessed instead the arrest of naked girls. The girls jumped out of a hired bus wearing Only their smiles and stars painted on their rear ends. They tried to hand in at no. To an invitation to Britain a musically minded Bachelor prime minister to play piano next month at a Rock festival at which they will dance naked. With them was British pop Singer screaming lord Sutch the Star of the Rock festival and the Only one of the sidewalk performers in any sort of costume. He wore a Leopard skin and a top hat. Normally Downing Street officials let almost anyone hand in almost any kind of petition dressed in almost any costume. They Drew the line at nudity. The one uniformed policeman at the door called in reinforcements and the performers were taken away in a police Van while tourists furiously photographed the scene. The girls mostly models aged 20 to 25, had earlier surprised weekend shoppers with lightning appearances on Busy streets. At Portobello Road an open air antique Market on saturdays on the Kings Road heart of London a Bohemian Chelsea District and on Oxford Street London a department store Row they staged much the same scene. They pulled up the girls jumped out and began handing out publicity leaflets while Sutch gyrated and waved a rattle. Turned to her country mansion in suburban Orono. Aldrich said Harry c. Piper jr., the woman a husband personally delivered $1 million in Ransom Money about 11 25 . Friday. He said the Piper family was contacted by the kidnappers about 9 30 . Friday and that Piper a personally followed detailed instructions in delivering the he said Piper refused to say where he left the Money. An Fri spokesman in Minneapolis had said mrs. Piper 49, was found chained to a tree in a wooded area of Northern Minnesota near Duluth shortly after noon saturday. The Fri said the investigation was continuing. It said an Anonymous phone Call to a third party provided information that allowed authorities to locate the woman. The Fri said it had not been Able to question mrs. Piper and it refused to give further details. Aldrich speaking to newsmen. Said any questions concerning the Case would have to be answered by the Fri. Aldrich a vice president of munsing Wear inc., who described himself As a close personal Friend of the family said neither Piper nor his wife wished to make a Public statement. However he emphasized a she is in Good health no after paratroopers fail Eagleton a withdrawal from the democratic ticket though he insisted there has been a no softening of his statement earlier in the week that he supports the Missouri senator 1,-000 per cent. After his phone conversation with Eagleton in san Francisco Mcgovern issued a statement in which he said he told his running mate he had been a under intense pressure to drop him and pick a new run Ning mate but a i have insisted and still insist on a proper period of evaluation by both of us of this difficult the statement said a a rumours and reports of any decision having been reached on this question Are asked if they were false press Secretary Richard Dougherty said he would have to stand on Mcgovern a statement. Several Hundred persons greeted Mcgovern at the Mit Chell Airport and a larger crowd awaited him downtown where he spoke in front of this towns leading tourist attraction the a a world a Only Corn from Mitchell Mcgovern planned to Fly later saturday to Aberdeen for an Airport rally and a speech to the South Dakota democratic convention. At Aberdeen Mcgovern urged sea Mcgovern on 9-a Wallace rules out possibility of candidacy by Rex n. Thomas associated press writer Birmingham. Ala. A gov. George c. Wallace saying he was acting on the advice of his doctors ruled out on saturday any possibility of a third party presidential race this year. He said he will not run even if drafted by the american party. Wallace who had said repeatedly in the past that he was not a candidate but still left the door open settled the speculation in a prepared statement issued from the rehabilitation Center where he is undergoing physical therapy to overcome the paralysis of his legs. The statement said the doctors a Best advice is that i not involve myself in any extensive Campaign activity in the immediate future. In View of my recent surgery their advice is in the Best interests of my the 52-year-old two term governor referred to an operation to Days ago to Drain an abdominal abscess resulting from a would be assassins Bullet wound which damaged his spine and left him without the use of his legs. Wallace was struck Down May 15 following a Campaign rally at a shopping Center in Laurel my. The Man accused of shooting him Arthur Bremer goes on trial in Maryland monday. A i am not a candidate for the presidential nomination of the american party a Wallace said a and in View of the above condition i could not accept a draft of the the american party will hold its convention in Louisville ky., this weekend. The statement said nothing about whether the governor will take any part in the presiden tial election or endorse any other candidate. But he has said in the past that he cannot support the democratic nominee Sefc. George Mcgovern or the party platform. Wallace who unsuccessfully campaigned for the democratic nomination has said however that he probably will speak in behalf of Alabama democrats running for congressional state and local offices in november. By consumer Union Bug killers said to be dangerous by g. David Wallace associated press writer Washington a Consumers Union saturday warned against using Bug killing floor waxes shelf papers and vaporizing strips. The products some of which Are under attack from the Federal government As Well were described in the latest Issue of a consumer reports Magazine As containing dangerous chemicals which Are released for a Long time. A we done to agree a said a spokesman for the maker of the St in in a 9 heading Volunteer firemen Page id Cates on sportswriters. Page 2a Forney resigns Page 10a editorial. Page 4a women a news. Sports Section c television Page 18b entertainment. Pages 1719b obituaries Page 10-a classified pages 5-20d largest Selling product taken on by the Independent nonprofit product testing organization. A a Hie chemical used in this pest strip Breaks Down to a completely innocuous compound almost As soon As it enters the body a said a spokesman for Shell Oil corp., maker of the Shell no pest strip. Aero Seal insect strip made by Aero Seal corp. Of Camp Hill. Pa., and the vaporetto vapor action pest strip made by vaporetto chemical corp. Of Dallas were the other flying insect killers cited by Consumers Union. The government has refused to License the Aero Seal product because it considers its safety unproved. The environmental Protection has seized 13 shipments of the product and warned after its latest seizure in May that a the company reportedly has continued to Market the product in interstate Commerce in violation of the Law a an Epa official said the Agency could not determine immediately the status of the vaporetto pest strip. All of the pest strips were listed by Consumers Union As containing an insecticide called Dich Orvos. The shelf papers clobber Bug lining paper made by Miller industries of new York City and no bugs m lady odourless shelf and drawer paper made by paper products inc., of Long Beach Calif., were listed As containing lindane. Marines attacking fortress by George Esper associated press writer Saigon apr South vietnamese Marine replacements fought Bunker to Bunker saturday in a two pronged Advance toward Quang trips Citadel which paratroopers had failed to capture. The marines reported their Forward elements were too Yards from the Southern and northeastern Walls of the 19th Century fortress and that the North vietnamese had sent in reinforcements. A Marine battalion commander told associated press correspondent Dennis Neeld that 200 North vietnamese reinforcements moved into the Citadel from the West Friday night. He estimated North vietnamese strength inside the Citadel at two battalions about 600 men if the units Are at full strength. A third North vietnamese battalion was reported fighting outside the 50-acre Citadel. Some of the North Vietnam Ese reinforcements moved out of the Citadel to fight the marines triggering a series of clashes on the Northern Southern and Eastern edges of the fortress. From Hills far away soviet built 130mm artillery guns with a Range of 17 Miles slammed scores of shells into the South vietnamese Marine positions. A their artillery is big trouble a the battalion commander a colonel a Elf it were not for the artillery we probably would be in the Citadel by now. A i can to say How Long it is going to take to capture the Citadel but first we must Clear the area All around it. We will try to Cut them off from supplies and reinforcements and we must use our firepower. Eventually there will have to be a ground nearly 50 . B52 bombers dropped hundreds of tons of explosives to the West Northwest and Southwest of Quang tri in efforts to Cut off More North vietnamese reinforcements and War materials. The marines took Over from an airborne brigade thursday after the paratroopers were Driver out of the Citadel with heavy losses. The a rules Are entrenched outside the North East and South Walls of the fortress which is surrounded by a 30-footwide Moat barbed wire and mule Fields left by the South vietnamese before Quang tri fell May i

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