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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 29, 1976, High Point, North Carolina In the frying Santee Sun the Crappie will bite new boating is i Lii s Cooper this is Tho time at Tho year when turn Orous now products Are boing in reduced i thought you might like to Hoar about some of Tho More practical and Uso tul products Pirogue How Many of you have heard about Tho electric powered Piro Ugo tied will take anglers where other boats can t it s a two Man shallow draft boat with electric Power built into it that lets anglers silently poke into stump Weed or Rock infested shallows that Are impossible to approach with conventional boats the 12-foot-Long Quot electric Feather Pirogue. Pronounced free Row is pow or Oil by a custom made heavy duty Al eel Rte trolling motor built into the Stern of the by at and operated by Remote controls any Standard 12-Volt car Battery can be used for Power it will give from eight to 12 hours running time if fully charged the Pirogue is simple to operate and certainly re quires the wearing of a pad personal flotation device switches provide Low. Medium and High speeds with a maximum of to in p h As Well As reverse the boat is Light made of fibreglass and has a Load capacity of my pounds its beam is 48 inches Bow height 8 inches and depth amid ships 12 inches for the big Bass boat operators new wonder troll is delivering up to 22 and one half pounds of thrust it features a 12 24 Volt selector switch for operation on either voltage in the stowed position and Low profile unit locks Flat and vibration free a pull on the lanyard swings the motor Down into a locked position another pull on the lanyard unlocks the motor and returns it to the stowed position included is a one piece foot pedal with a plunger Type on off switch want to add a swim platform to your boat it can be an easy do it yourself project with the new platform brackets now being made the brackets made of Strong corrosion resistant cast aluminium magnesium Are designed for use on the la to 12-degree transom angles Ami Mon on most boats they provide a 14-Inch-Long mounting surface for the platform did you Ever wonder if the water in some out of the Way place is Safe to drink a there is now a compact Little purification system the new Quot mini ii pour thur a the unit weighs less than one half Pound is about the sue of a night fishing for Fontana Walleye by Tom Higgins Ever eaten a Mouthful of bugs for most of you. The answer is undoubtedly no. You an be thankful i endured such an experience last sunday night and i products plentiful 16-ounce drinking Glass and i Ani told it is the Only purifier available that will instantly destroy bacteria All the user has to do is pour the water into the upper end of the unit while holding it above a clean Glass to catch the purified water. A special charcoal unit also clears up Muddy water the system operates at a flow rate of approximately 15 minutes per gallon and is guaranteed for at least 1.000 Gallons of drinking water it s registered with the environmental Protection Agency and Sells for under $40 the same principle used in Home and automobile thermostats is in this device designed for trolling fishing lures at specific temperature Levels in the Thermo Elme its a Small diving plane thermostatically controlled to maintain proper temperature level by the use of big Metal sensors preset for. Specific temperatures cold water below 50 degrees for Lake and Rainbow Trout and Salmon mid Range 150 to 65 degrees i for Lake and Rainbow Trout and Salmon mid Range 150 to 65 degrees for Brook Brown and Steelhead Trout Walleye and Northern Pike. And top Range 60 to 75 degrees for Bass Sunfish crappies and muskies Dove season dates set Raleigh a saturday sept 4. Will Mark the opening of the annual split season on mourning doves the North Carolina wildlife resources commission selected that Date As the opener this fall during its regular monthly meeting monday. As in the past there will be a split season on mourning doves with the first half opening at noon on sept. 4 and closing get 16 the second half will be open at noon on dec 20 and close Jan 15 the shooting hours a noon to Sunset each Legal Day a and the bag limit is 12 doves season dates were also set for Woodcock nov 20, to Jan 22 and Wilson s snipe oct 2, to Jan 15 the snipe season will be longer this year the season on rails and Gallinule will be sept i to nov. 9 dates for seasons on All waterfowl will be chosen later after the Federal framework is made available can testify that bugs Aren t very tasty. It was All the fault of Dave Marcis. The Stock car driving Star and it happened like this for Many months Marcis and i had been promising each other to put together a fishing trip. Finally since there was a scheduling break on the Lascar grand National circuit our plans materialized. It was 8 p m when we arrived at picturesque Fontana Lake in the great Smoky mountains but there was plenty of Light left for fishing after Marcisz a boat was launched at Fontana Village Dock. Within 45 minutes we d Strung up to White Bass that had struck Beaty ice flies while feeding in Shad on the surface. Then darkness fell much to the Delight of Marcis. Quot now Quot he said Quot Well get Down to some serious fishing our prime purpose in taking the trip was to pull in some Walleye which had been feeding exceptionally Well at Fontana on crawlers at night. We proceeded to a Point recommended by Dock manager Luther Turpin a Long time Fontana guide before assuming his present duties lanterns were lit and suspended from each end of the boat to attract minnows we hoped would lure in the nocturnal feeding Walleye which Are mistakenly known As Quot Pike Quot across the n c Hill country. We sat Down to Rig up. And that when it happened Marcis finished changing the terminal tackle on his Rod first and plucked a night Crawler from the bait Box. But instead of immediately impaling the worm on his Hook he shuffled through a tray in his tackle Box and produced a hypodermic Needle. My jaw almost fell out of joint. As i watched incredulously Marcis stuck the Needle into the Crawler injected enough air to bloat it a bit and then affixed it to the Barb. All the while my gaping Mouth was filling with flying insects that had taken up a holding pattern by the thousands in the area around those lanterns. I gulped in disbelief and Down the bugs went. Quot what in hell Are you i demanded when i quit choking on the gnats Mosquito it a1. Quot i take it you be never seen anyone pump up a a Crawler Quot Marcis replied with a laugh. Quot Man. That s an old trick Back Home in Wisconsin Quot when you Send your bait Down. See. The sinker rests on the Bottom but the Crawler because it is filled with air is suspended several inches off the Bottom most times it s very effective on this was t an exception. Within minutes Marcis a an accomplished out Doorman who has hunted and fished since boyhood in the game filled Woods and lakes of Wisconsin a put a fat Walleye in the boat. Then he caught another. And another. Meanwhile my bait Lay on the Bottom unmolested. For awhile i thought Marcis was putting me on As he kept inflating crawlers to twice Normal size. But his bite after bite finally convinced me otherwise and i decided to change Worms. Quot Here Quot i demanded handing him my fresh bait. Quot How about giving mine a a fix a too0&Quot Dave complied and the sinker hardly hit the Lake floor until i got a bit that resulted in a three Pound Walleye. Dave could t explain Why hooking the crawlers did t deflate them and i did t push the subject fishing was too Good to dwell on it. We wound up with about a dozen keepers and almost As Many More that just barely missed the 15-Inch size limit the n c. Wildlife commission has imposed on Walleye perhaps the most palatable species in t Heel Freshwater. A our score was approximately the same the next night. For the next six weeks Fontana an 11.000-acre Reservoir in Remote Graham county should continue to produce such catches. The Angling could hardly be More pleasant. One can Start at 6 p m. Or so after the heat of the Day has passed and fish for surface schooling White Bass until dark then when blackness descends on the great Smokey peaks the Angler can seek out a shallow Point and partake of Quot Pike Quot into the morning s wee hours if he chooses. Those who opt to try this fishing in the Cool Cool Cool of the Mountain evenings should definitely consider equipping their tackle boxes with a hypodermic Needle. For one thing it la quite possibly help inflate their catch and for another it s great for surprising an unsuspecting buddy who has never had a Mouthful of bugs in his belly. By Benny Phillips associate sports editor Santee cooped. S. C. A Why anyone would go to the South Carolina Low country the last of july is beyond my what makes it even More puzzling is Why anyone would go there to go fishing. The Sun was frying the Asphalt when we arrived Here in Quot Santee Cooper country Quot monday afternoon. Gnats you could hear. Mosquitoes you could see and for free the shimmering heat was available for afternoon looking this is the time of year Warren Crabtree says is the Best for Crappie fishing Warren is considered one of the better guides at Santee Cooper. Tom Higgins and i were Down to try a Day of this summer fishing for Crappie schooling Over deep Brush laps having been to this country Many times before it is always like returning to see old friends and renew old memories places of Phillips mystery and history of Romance and adventure like old plantations and big Fields Manor houses and gracious living of a time when Cotton was King Lake Marion was a Gem of Beauty under this summer Sun of late afternoon from our View the water was a Clear bottomless Green a Bathtub for the gulls. The evening was a Magazine cover Clouds were puffy White with a trim around the edges and a glint from deep within the lowering Sun flashed colors from the Bottoms of the Clouds which indicated rain might be on the Way Crabtree takes fishing parties out every month of the year. But his ability to catch huge stringers of Crappie has made him More than mildly famous on these lakes he has Over too Brush laps tied to the Bottom of Lake Marion and Ake Moultrie at various Depths. Most of his fishing for Crappie is done in the lower Lake. Lake Moultrie. He says there Are More big Crappie Here than in Lake Marion and a big Crappie to Crabtree is one Over two pounds he begins fishing for Crappie in Spring but does no to really get Down to business until june. A from june into november Are the Best months Quot he says. Quot in late november and december i fish for stripers and usually by january i am fishing for Large Nouth Bass by june the Crappie fishing is Good and that s All i go after until Crabtree has placed some tree laps at various Depths to Experiment with Large Mouth Bass Quot when i put out laps for Crappie fishing i use Brush and Trees like Holly which has lots of limbs on it but for Bass laps i like Oak Best the Bass seem to like it he says. Crabtree knows without use of a map where each of his laps Are he goes to the area then locates the Lap with the fish finder depth finder on the boat. Soon As the Lap is picked up on the finder he drops a buoy to Mark the spot then he rushes to the Bow of tree boat and with the use of the electric motor keeps you fishing right Over the Lap which May vary in depth from five to 40 feet. His Rig for catching Crappie includes a Good Rod and reel with fairly heavy test line the Rig has weight on the end with two Hooks up the line from the weight. He fishes two live minnows at a time you let the Rig Over the Side of the boat and let it Down until Bottom is touched then you Crank Back up until you have a tight line soon you will feel a tug apparently he considers the hottest Day of summer Best Quot really it should be a Good Day Quot he was saying from his Summerville Home where he can be reached for guide service. Quot we Don t want much wind and we need a lot of Sun. They hit better then but we should t have any problem catching All the fish the limit will allow. My parties have been catching their limit about every Day recently and we Haven t been staying out All Day he said. We were to meet him at Angelus Landing on Lake Moultrie next morning at 9 o clock. Quot no use getting out any he said. Quot because we need the Sun As deep As we will be fishing Quot the Lake was layered with undulating ribbons of fog next morning when we left the Landing the boat seemed adrift in Cotton Trees were monsters emerging from the whiteness then the wind picked up and the log vanished a few minutes later Higgins tied into a two Pound Crappie to begin the action an hour later it All but stopped. Quot let s try some of those Bass Crabtree said. Heading the boat in another direction we picked up a couple of Small Bass along the line of Brush then we talked a lot while fishing for crappies again in the afternoon. Quot biggest change i can see in these lakes Quot Crabtree said Quot is that every storm that comes along washes out More and More of the standing Trees and Brush that has helped make Good fishing Over the years Quot Crabtree then talked of the army corps of engineers who Are currently battling environmentalists and wildlife people Over two issues. One of the projects is a proposed canal moving Tail race water in another direction to keep the Harbor at Charleston Silt free. The other project is a series of locks in the Congaree and Wateree Rivers in order to open shipping from Charleston to Columbia. Quot the shipping project if it in t stopped will Likely All but do away with Striper he pointed out. Stripers need a Long stretch of slow moving River water in order to successfully spawn. These locks will Stop the Sun was now out like a blast from an oven. It was so hot you could hardly stand it but Crabtree was Cor rect in that the fishing seems Best under these conditions. Finally and with an Okay from two blistered fishermen he headed the boat homeward. In the Comfort of an air conditioned automobile we were soon on the Way Back to North Carolina. The Sun apparently Hunting a Cool place itself was slipping Down the Western sky and darkness was creeping in from the East. Was it Worth the beat to catch a fish we wondered it was. We agreed. A Day on Santee guide Warren Crabtree upper left takes a big Crappie off the Hook while in upper right photo he displays a couple of Nice ones caught monday at Santee Cooper. A buoy that Crabtree Marks his spots with is floating in upper part of picture. In lower left photo Tom Higgins is Landing a fish and at right is the manner in which the Santee guide rigs for fishing laps for Crappie. A of Quot

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