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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 26, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Post Franco Era slipping up on Spain High Point Enterprise Friday july 26, 1974 a the Harris Survey majority says impeach plurality remove by Fenton Wheeler associated press writer Madrid. Spain apr no matter How Generalissimo Francisco Franco s Battle to regain his health turns out Spain already has slipped into the Post Franco Era. The crossover took place when the 81-year-old chief of state fighting for his life in a Madrid clinic temporarily transferred the last of his vast Powers to Prince Juan Carlos de Borbon. Politicians View the shift As an irreversible political step toward the future even if Franco takes some of it Back. The country accepted the end of 35 years of one Man Rule without a quiver or a serenely and with maturity a As the government controlled press put it. One of Franco s doctors said tuesday he saw no medical reason Why the old Man could t function again As chief of state whenever he wants to. Privately however doctors predict a Long and Uncertain period of recuperation with Franco s advanced age working against a full physical comeback. Constitutionally Franco can rescind at any time the verbal order surrendering Power. Politically it May be another matter. To Bounce the chief of state Powers Back and Forth could be damaging to both Franco and the 36-year-old Prince he has trained from boyhood to be hts successor. High government officials Are known to feel that Juan Carlos should be allowed to stay on the Job in a testing period while Franco still is around. Said a member of the political opposition a we the socialists and the Christian democrats and the communists i believe Are in agreement to give Juan Carlos a Chance. A we do not expect the Prince to do much while Franco is alive. But the Prince is of a generation that is not responsible for the crimes of the civil War. We can accept him on that basis. People of his age Are the majority in spam and they want Franco surrendered the first of the Powers that he everybody into the Pool by Bob Irvin Detroit news Auto editor car pools can save Gas Money and time. Pooling a throwback to the Days of rationing in world War ii became a serious program again with the 1973-74 Energy crisis. There Are obvious economies to be made in gasoline consumption if you Only have to use your car one fourth of the time to go to work. With the Price of Gas increasing this also Means a greater savings in Money than it would have been even a few months ago making it More attractive than before. There a also a savings in time. Officials in some communities Are giving preferential treatment to those taking part in pools. Took after winning the civil War in 1939 when he named his longtime confidant. Adm. Luis Carrero Blanco As Premier in june 1973. The Admiral was assassinated last december a stunning blow to Franco and the mayor of Madrid Carlos Arias Navarro replaced him. Juan Carlos and Arias Navarro Are now the country s leaders. With the powerful influence he has accumulated Over the years Franco still commands a Strong following both inside and outside the government. But he is not the same political Force he was Only two weeks ago. By Louis Harris by a 53-34 per cent majority the american people feel that a a the House of representatives should vote to impeach president Nixon so he can be tried by the u. S. when asked then what they thought the Senate should do by a plurality of 47-34 per cent most people thought the a a a. S. Senate should vote to convict from an in depth in person Survey taken among a Cross Section of 1,447 adult americans nationwide Between july 17 and 21, the latest Harris Survey can report these key results a although a majority wants to see the president impeached and a plurality believes he should be convicted by a substantial 55-27 per cent margin most americans a do not think that Harris president Nixon will be found guilty and impeached and removed from the majority reasons somehow that Congress will simply not bring itself to turn this president out of office. A Back of this doubt that Congress will act is a 60-34 per cent negative rating for Congress in its a handling of the watergate affairs and an even worse 65-27 per cent negative rating on the Way it has a handled the impeachment proceedings against president a however Congress is taken to task More than the House judiciary committee the latter received negative Marks for the Job it has done but by a much closer 48-36 per cent margin. Chairman Peter Rodino is accorded 38-32 per cent negative ratings democratic party members of the judiciary committee 46-32 per cent negative scores and Republican members of the judiciary committee 53-24 per cent negative Marks. Among the chief lawyers in the proceedings John Doar and former minority counsel Albert Jenner came up with a 35-26 per cent negative assessment from the Public James St. Clair As the presidents lawyer with a higher 39-39 per cent standoff but Leon Jaworski emerges with the highest americans Are so demoralized another depression possible Marks of All at 50-31 per cent positive. The Public holds mixed views about the impeachment proceedings up to now. Majorities of the Public agree with Many of the negative criticisms levelled against the committee by the White House and other sources a by 56-26 per cent a majority feels the a House judiciary committee has allowed too Many leaks of confidential information to get into the a by 54-24 per cent a majority of the Public also feels the a House judiciary committee has become too partisan along party lines making the impeachment process a political a by 52-32 per cent a majority feels that the a House judiciary committee has dragged out the impeachment proceedings far longer than it should at the same time Public ambivalence toward the judiciary committee can be seen in majorities who also went along with statements sympathetic and even praiseworthy of the committees efforts a by 58-25 per cent a majority agrees that a Given a Tough Job the House judiciary committee seems to be handling the impeachment of president Nixon in a thorough and fair minded a by 56-26 per cent a majority also agrees that the a House judiciary committee has had almost no cooperation from president Nixon but is getting its Job done a and by 54-31 per cent a majority feels that a because of the importance of the impeachment of a president the House judiciary committee has been right to take such a Long time in its what emerges from these results is a deeply frustrated Public opinion convinced Long ago of president Nixon s involvement in the watergate cover up. By 56-35 per cent a majority feels that a if Congress decides that president Nixon was involved in the watergate cover up Congress should remove him from this latest Survey shows that a 72-19 per cent majority believes or. Nixon knew about the cover up while it was going on and for the first time a majority of 54-34 per cent thinks that a a president Nixon knew about the original watergate break in at democratic above All else the people want the judicial process of impeachment to work. Faith in Congress is so Low that the Public doubts that body will get the Job done. The Public tends to think partisanship and politics will interfere a with the judicial process. By John Cunniff a business analyst new York apr the failure of the administration to develop an effective program against inflation has so demoralized americans that it could plunge the nation into a deep depression a consumer pollster said today. Albert Sindlinger whose research is widely circulated in the White House the Treasury the Federal Reserve and Congress said Public nervousness has reached the Point where growing numbers fear Bank failures. While the administration continues to say the Economy is recovering. Sindlinger said in an interview the Public worried about its falling buying Power and rumours of layoffs believes the opposite. Daily Telephone interviews with householders throughout the country show he said that millions fear that government does t understand the seriousness of inflation and is Content to talk it away. Specifically cited by those polled he said was the comment by Herbert Stein chairman of the Council of economic advisers that the american people themselves Are to blame for inflation because they have declined to accept higher movie ratings for parents Ano Young people tar Ehni a a the a a imm,.o��u> a or i , of a a a a a it a a Al it it .a,�1g of then i warm. A Ages admitted e33 a Ages admitted Post a Quot Ai oven it r some Woi Mai May net he to pre a restricted lieder 17�?T�?�quilt accompanying a a a Ltd guo�?T4 of o x. No oni under 17 admit he a i.,i a by of mgt Quot 00, at d be a be is a chm tvs in o a in my Tom Actu pm of stir ecu utom the above is published As a Public service by the High Point Enterprise based on past experience Sindlinger maintains correlations can be made Between Levels of Confidence and future economic conditions. So alarmed did he become Over what he said was a precipitous drop in the Public a Confidence about future buying Power jobs the stability of Banks and the Economy in general that he personally pleaded his Case at the White House. As a result a White House representative visited Sindlinger is Swarthmore pa., office to Monitor the responses coming in on the firms Battery of telephones. Following that meeting he visited Arthur f. Burns chairman of the Federal Reserve Board William e. Simon. Treasury Secretary Paul w. Mccracken former chief economic adviser vice president Gerald r. Ford and influential members of Congress. His Campaign reached a Climax july 13 at Camp David md., where he said he spoke with various Cabinet under secretaries in meetings that extended into sunday morning. Many shared his fears he said. A Fuqua c a i w cars the b dinner theatre with new York cast on the a magic stage Stogie oath troll Moor Airport Rosire Atoot dial 113-7914 open 7 nights each Wiek sunday night special s8�� per person dinner 7 00 . Show 8 30 . Now playing a under the Yum Yum tree a comedy 7 13e 4 Barbecue supper sponsored by first Wesleyan youth saturday july 27th 4 . Til 9 . Choice of Barbecue pork or Barbecue Chicken drink amp dessert included to be held at. Wesleyan children Scenter dining Hall 2117 North Centennial ave. Adults $7.00, children si.00 Toke out orders available songs a Muse restaurant 2872 n. Main tel. 869-3915 closed mondays open tues. 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