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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 26, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Ida High Point Enterprise Friday july 26, 1974 Fate of Mideast intertwined with that of refugees Jap Hilt Lynn ref Doloff Lelant ii Naratil kit it Nanna 1a Frt rtt ref hit town Rel n to Norton e Tiro of Nenei Hilttu ref on i Moncin a Iuo i a lilo Kutlo. In Avann Mlot in Linture Lilart i or on i in Rel Fly i editors note a millions of palestinians dispersed by various Arab israeli wars still live in refugee Camps which Are Breeding places for guerrillas and terrorists. Can there be a permanent peace in the Middle East while the Fate of the palestinians remains unresolved Here is an in depth look at the situation. By Holger Jensen associated press writer Beirut a More than half the 3 million palestinians seeking a Homeland still live on handouts and hate in refugee Camps. Their Fate could determine the course of peace in the Middle East. The guerrilla movement gave them leaders. The october War with Israel gave them Hope. The Arab Israel cease fire has presented them with an agonizing dilemma should they attend a Geneva conference with israelis and bargain for some of their old Homeland Back or should they escalate business Mirror terrorism and wait for another Arab israeli War in Hopes of winning it All a even if All the arabs sign a peace agreement with Israel i will continue to fight a shouts an angry guerrilla called Salah at a Camp in South Lebanon. A i have waited 26 years and i am tired of waiting a shrugs Ahmed Husseini outside his refugee Shack in Jordan. A i will accept whatever i am Husseini lives in the Bakawa Camp 12 Miles North of Amman. It is not a pleasant place to wait. More than 52,000 refugees Are crowded into 7,389 corrugated Iron huts which crisis spurred Industry change by John Cunniff a business analyst new York apr it cakes More than an Energy crisis to make americans permanently change their lifestyle. That is one conclusion you might draw from a study by the conference Board that shows plans to vacation by automobile Are Back to where they were before the Energy scare after a Sharp decline for a few months. Moreover automobile sales now show signs of improving if not immediately and sharply then gradually and Over the longer term. Appliance sales seem to have survived the crisis. And the desire for air conditioning seems stronger than that for conservation. But major changes do seem to have taken place in Industry the most significant probably the realization that enormous and costly amounts of Energy Are wasted every Day. For the first time Ever thousands of companies have conducted Energy audits during the past few months. Energy managers were appointed. And Many of them discovered fuel being used As if it Cost nothing. Recycling of heat has assumed great importance. The production facilities of Many companies generate considerable heat that customarily is vented outside while separate and expensive systems Are used to heat offices. Consultants report that on almost every assignment they find obvious misuses of Energy the result of practices dating to when fuel was considered cheap available and of Little consequence. Combined with environmental pressures the Energy crisis also spurred recycling of some products. For Many decades it was assumed without question that a Virgin is Best a meaning that anything from Wool to steel was better if made from new rather than reused raw materials. While this might remain so in some instances Virgin raw materials Don t always produce the Best product for the Price. The aluminium association states for example that used aluminium can be recycled Back to ingot for less than 5 per cent of the Energy required in producing the original. Another change that appears permanent is in the automobile Industry where millions of vehicles now Are being produced and sold on the basis of fuel Economy rather than style or luxury. In fact the most intense Competition among car makers is in the Miles per gallon race whereas just a few years ago the Battle was in terms of horsepower. What All this seems to say is that americans understand anything when its stated in terms of Money. But if the conference Board is Correct it does no to seem to apply to vacations. Welcome aboard Gallimore Dairy re. Ill former showboat location a steaks a seafood cantonese cuisine a Herr a wine a b own Paaaina kit a reservations Cau 454-2473 open nightly except monday. A Airport Market St. Stud we Greensboro Jung s Gailey Southgate theatre 475-8919 Highway 109 South modern fully automated Southgate shopping Center Thomasville Ilc. Now showing july 26 to aug. I where the lilies Bloom g zip United artists Day time shows 1 00 i 3 00 night shows 7 00 i 9 00 no 5 shows anytime Box office opens at 6 30 for our night time shows done to miss our Fri. Amp sat. La pm a late flick siamese twins at birth what the Devil hath joined together let no Man Cut asunder see a a Sisters rated r the most genuinely frightening film since Hitchcock s a a psycho ish a Ash to All who a Vlf Imi Yocos this it Ching a mind binding chiller a inc ? to i Sass Good i of any of oui it Tusi Isi a sat iat Hicks j ios i Passi will admit any j St 011 Mau a it Mau Onivie ios int ask i of oni admission to any of we it Usi Fri. Amp sat. La . Quot late Fucks Quot coming August 23rd a the exorcist 3f mention kids sat. Morning to am a kiddie flick Don Knotts is a the Sha Kiest gun in the West 2 h hours of fun to Silver pours Given away average to Square feet of living space for every six inhabitants. Summertime temperatures of 122 degrees fahrenheit have been recorded in the tiny sweat boxes. The Dusty streets Are unpaved. There is no running water no sewage system Only 422 Public lavatories and 61 a water Points where Camp wives collect the precious liquid in Rusty tin cans. Women in Bakawa average to children apiece. Two of them die victims of typhoid pneumonia tuberculosis Gastro enteritis and malnutrition. Each refugee receives a monthly ration from the United nations Relief works Agency a to kilograms of flour less than half a kilo of Rice sugar and Oil. It amounts to 15 cents Worth of food a Day not enough to sustain a human being. A kilo is equivalent to 2.2 pounds. The men hire out As labourers to building contractors who Send trucks with recruiters from Amman. But there is never enough work for All. Refugee deaths Are Seldom reported so their families can continue to draw the extra rations. While their younger children go to Unhwa schools and their teen agers join resistance groups the parents fantasize about what they left behind in Palestine and Hoard Copper pennies under their pillows for the Day when they return. A we have to believe in something a said Majed Elhadi. A the october War was a Victory for us because it smashed the myth of israeli invincibility. We might not get everything we want but we will get something out of four fifths of the inhabitants in Bakawa Are a double they fled from Israel to Jordan a West Bank when the jewish state was created in 1948, and they fled to the East Bank in 1967 when Israel occupied the West Bank. The other 10,000 Are West Bankers who stand a much better Chance of regaining their former Homes. This underlines the Basic problem that divides the palestinians and their guerrilla spokesmen. Israelis ultimate withdrawal from the territories seized in 1967 appears to be negotiable. Her 1948 Borders Are not. What might satisfy the palestinian from the West Bank or the Gaza strip will not necessarily satisfy the palestinian from Haifa or Jaffa. Of 620,000 palestinians now crowding the West Bank 283,-430 Are refugees from Israel proper. The Caza strip has 450.000 inhabitants of whom 327.000 jealously guard their refugee status by living in Camps. Prevented from establishing permanent new Homes in neighbouring Arab countries they have resisted resettlement in the West Bank and Caza for fear of renouncing their claim to that part of Palestine which Israel does not want to give up. Most of the 187,000 refugees in Lebanon 174,000 in Syria and 568,000 in Jordan also came from what is now Israel. There is no room for them in 2,560 Square Miles of West Bank and 150 Square Miles of Gaza strip. Quot Israel will just have to give up More territory if it wants peace a said a Young student in Gaza a Burlij Camp. A i come from Beersheba and i do not want to live in this narrow strip of the refugees Are both fearful and fatalistic about the Piso Urillo to new luncheon special Mon. Thru Fri. Of time movies during lunch 11 . To 7 . Small single ingredient pizza or Spaghetti with garlic bread each served with salad Tea Coffee $1.59 Greensboro re. At 5 Points a 885-8719 easy rider becomes easy Driver in the movie that outdoes Quot vanishing Point. The robbery is Only the beginning. The Chase is a real killer. Fonda out drives a Fleet of police cars. His wild Chevy demolishes nearly every car in the town s police Force and also Battles a helicopter. The scene where Fonda jumps his Chevy Over an opening drawbridge is Worth the ticket Price. Atone s faster than crazy Larry except dirty Maryf Pami by Peter Fonda 4 Susan George., dirt Mary crazy Larry to Adam Roar Keyze Morrow Franklin hit no. I starts at 9 05 and 12 40 rated a up go plus hit no. 2 at 10 40 Walter Matthau in the laughing policeman rat i Prav color by do luxe drive in theatre now All in color possibility of an imposed settlement by the superpowers and Arab governments More interested in their own territorial objectives and economic reconstruction after four Middle East wars. Most of them have Blind Faith in a handful of guerrilla leaders to pull them out of their predicament. Although the guerrilla fighters Only number some 19,000 and Are largely based in Lebanon and Syria their swaggering chieftains have filled a leadership vacuum created by 26 years of subjugation. Ask a palestinian in Nablus Hebron Gaza Jericho or Amman whom he looks up to and he will say Yasser Arafat and the Palestine liberation organization. For the same reason Arab governments recognized the Plo As the sole representative of the palestinian people at a Summit conference in Algiers last year. The Plo is a Loose Alliance of Arafat a Large Al Fatah group Zohair Mohseni a syrian supported Saika the Ira a backed Arab liberation front Alf headed by Abdul Wahab Hayali the marxist popular front for the liberation of Palestine pulp headed by or. George Habash and the popular democratic front psf of Nayef Hawatmeh. The Plo executive committee chaired by Arafat dominates the 162-Man Palestine National Council a the closest thing to a parliament in exile a but it exercises Little control Over the widely divergent ideologies and tactics of its member groups and no control Over extremist splinters like Black september and Ahmed Jibreel a pulp general command. But the guerrillas themselves Are divided Between moderates who want to bargain for half a Palestine and radicals who want to con their liberation War. Up to 20 were killed in recent armed clashes Between the psf and the pulp go in two lebanese refugee Camps. Palestinian refugees still refuse to recognize the legitimacy of Israel. 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There s nothing like it Roget that laughing Smili Good time feeling Cornin on. Kentucky Fried chickens a summertime picnic barrel of fun. A a it Ufkin Fried kid Teh 410 Randolph St. Thomasville 1924 English Road 130 w. Lexington ave. High Point High Point other store in Asheboro

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