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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 26, 1972, High Point, North Carolina So High Point Enterprise wednesday july 26, 1972 Sheraton Hills beats Oakview Sheraton Hills was a 305 to 265 Winner Over Oakview in a Community swimming meet tuesday night. The results Are As follows blazers make Sanderson utterly fantastic offer Finger sidelines Nicklaus lady Umpire baseball and just enjoys officiating Columbus Ohio a Bey met lev she relay 9 and under a by e. Winfrey j. Hand d Caw c in. Girt Medley Reify i and under who recently became the first woman to Umpire in professional baseball and then quiet c Mckemie a. Moral. A. Stanley Leash. Bey Medley Leey 9 a a a Hedges w. Myers m Cole r. Hall of Winner time 3 17.3. Girl Medley relay 9 a to a j. A. Sheerer m Mcdowell s. Schwenk s. Fetter of. Winner tim 3 24.0. Boy Medley relay it a ii a j Lewis r Fuller w. Lackey j. Flynn so. Winner s t me i 53 6. Girt Medley relay la a 12 a s clerk k. Broods. S. I Edford s. Wen of. Tirier time 1 47.1. Boys Medley relay 13 a �?T4 a <3. Mckittrick g Tolley d. Mullin. M. Leotard Ovi. Wimer s to it me 2 17.0. Girls Medley relay �?T3 a 14 a s. Blend c. Stanley. J. Mai sky k. Walker so. Winner s t me 2 4 3. Bivs Medley relay is i7 j. Boyles c to ratty b. Waller r. Crowder ish. Win net Quot tuna 2 12.4. Girts Medley relay 15-7 a Waller c Smith h. Bick c. Blend so. Winners tim 7.513 boys backstroke i and under a i. V red of2. D. Teens so3. J sided so. Winner s time 2 girl backstroke i acid Imdars i. K lesh2. S Huspeth iov3. L. Goodman of Winner time 79 3 boy backstroke s to a i w Myers of. 2 b. Hodges of. Winner time 4 s Girt backstroke 9-10 a a i. S. Schwenk of2 j. A. Stirrer of. Winner time �5. Boy backstroke 11-12 a i. J Flynn so i 2 r Fuller so. Winner s time 39 girl backstroke 11-12 a i. S. Ledford do2. M. B. Creede so. Winner tim 40 i boy backs Oka f 3-14 a i. A fest we2. G. Mckittrick of. Winner time 35 7 girl backstroke 11-14 a i. S. Bland so2. M Copple of. Winner tim 390 boy backstroke 15-17 a i r. Crowder Shi 2 h Ledford of. Winner s time 31 9 girls backstroke 15-17 a i. H. Pick so2. T. Slack of. Winner tim 42 5 boys brew stroke i and unde i. J band Soi. D Lewis so Walonen i time 21 7. Girls breaststroke and under a i. S mods Etc of. 2. T. Schwenk of. Winner tim 32 9. Boy breaststroke 9-10 a or hell iov2. M. Col of. Winner tim s3 girl breaststroke 9-10 a i. M. Mcdowell of2. S. Foster of. Manner s time 55.4 boys b Eester of m2> a i. R Fuller so2. J. Lews we. Winner time 47 3 girl breaststroke 11-17 i. S. Ledford of7 s Well Iov. Winner s time 43.5. Bey a West stroke 13-14 _ i p Rayne so2 g. Tolley of. Winner time 4 3 girls breaststroke 13 14 a i. A. Meredith of2. J Bull so. Winner s tim 41.4, Bey b East a Oke 15-1? a t r Waller so2 c. Tinsley so. Winner tim 39.1. Go Quot a breaststroke is a i t. Wen so2. C. Smith so. Winner tim 4j <5 Bey Butterfly i end Tinner i. Q. Lewis so2 c. Rey so Winner time 27 0 Girt Butterfly i and under a i s. Hudspeth of. A a Stanley so. Warner time 79 9. In Butterfly # �?T0 a i w Myers of i 6 my Arov. Winner tim 55 o it Butterfly 9-10 a i. S. Foster of7 s. Schwenk of. Winners s3 i. Dry Butte Fly 11-tt a j. Flynn so2. D. Telley of Winner tim 37 9 girl Butterfly 11-12 a i. A. Tinley fam2 s Ledford of. Winner s tim 4 3 Bivs Butterfly 13-14 a i. A. Bort so2 o Mullin nov. Winner s time 33girls Butterfly 01-14 i s Bland so. 2 a. Meredith of. Winner s time 34 4 boy Butterfly 05-17 i r Crowder so j. Waller so. Winner s tim 29 7 of is Butterfly to 7 _ i t we Ley ism2. M. Bick so. Winner tim 3 0 boys freestyle end under a t f Winfrey Soj f. Hammon of. Winner s tim 2 0 girls freestyle end under a Vuk. Lee Soj l Myers Tov Winner time 2� a s f a Tyl a Quot. I w m a s of2 r hell of Winner tim it 3 g of freestyle it to a i. S Reefer of2 5 Schwenk of Winner time 44 4 boys of testy a u to a i. J Fly mesh r. Fuller so Winner time 31 a gris freestyle to of a i s Well of i 2 a Tinsley so. Winner time 35 j frees i 13-14 a i. A poet i 2 o. Vicki trick of. Winner t me 29 i Girts freest 12-14 a i. S Bland so 2 a Meredith of. Winner s t a 39 f Bey freest e 5 71 a a c t1/ in2 h. Ledford of Winner time 30 j Girt freestyle no la i t Weller so2 h pick so Winner s Tom 33 f in a pre Astyk a i v i in or a d Lew s j blend i a Marty c. Rey so a inner s t in 1 341 g Ris frees Al relay i end under a k Lee c my Ken Fie t Benton a l in Rijh a inner s t me 1 4 0 is f re St y get peer 9-16 a r he Quot w Myers b. Hodges m. Cele of t time 3 cd 1 g of freestyle relay 9-to a j a. Sri or a s Scha no it. Vcd"e#1l, s. Reefer of. Winner t a 3 121. Bey fees y # ret 01-12 a j flyer j be s. E. Putter t. Ralph am w in a s time j 2 a g of f Tes y e Reify 0-12 a s Ledford s Wen $ clerk k. Brookov Wiener tim 2 33.5. Boyf a a Anay 03-14 a s. Mckee to a 0 Mullin m a do Ord t. Los Angeles apr she Tain Rene Villareal who had word if i Tell someone to Cool it was in Complete charge of the been dubious about the pros or they get Boston a the Phila a a pie Mckenzie hired As a a Why would we play the rus an infected Finger has sent pro or Quot after Sandy french8 a Beffe the games asked about Bernice Gera Delphia blazers of the new player coach and defens Emam signs without our Best team a fess ional golfer Jack Nicklaus year old blonde accounting a she did a Good in by a said world hockey association have Ron plumb one of the pro Sanderson was quoted. A Bobby to the Hospital relating doubt on clerk made her debut As a Vince Martinez of the dogs. Made Boston Bruins Center de tooted Bruins sin the nil draft. Hull is the Best left Winger in whether he will be Able to play menus softball league Umpire. Mrs. French of Lawndale Rek Sanderson an utterly fan plumb signed a three year con the world. I play with in the 200 000 pea team a a calif., who manages and plays after a Stormy first game mrs. Attorney Bob tract. Out him. Championship tournament at came the first woman to urn for a woman a softball team in French said a i done to know too of for the 2year-�ld Sanderson Haj a former Chicago b ack Ligonier a next weekend pure a menus City league game the City Earuel has been end much about us but 1 Wou in to has spent five nil seasons Hawk has signed a $2.5 million unless the infected Index Fin Orthe Huv night Ulric Farr a rolled in the Parks and Redrea quit if i made the wrong Call. I tuesday night when asked to with the ruins. He is known As contract with the Winnipeg jets a Quot a Nam hand Heah it a do g depart menus a port quoting Sanderson As say fun performers a a i i a. A quickly it also could ipod Ardizzi a to a school for three years and has every time. To stick offer Woolf says. 1 Woolf confirmed comment on a Toronto Star re one of the leagues most color ton face off banned by the nil from play v. ,. Ing he expects to sign a $2.625,-man�?~an t 0ne of the no Hlls Best in8 in the International com k s flcfet1se 01 has pea h.u5l cur it i the wha. He has beeni1km Onu Binning Dounie header. In a. Umpires have to that pm night top face off banned by the nil from play dcfcts11 of hid a in h u pro Yea Umpire games in the women a that she do served a my in the International com few a a a a 1 Point a mrs. French said be. Arf. A mirph1 8 \ of petition because he jumped to e at f a Tanct Hills country tween games. A i just like base g t n. A Chance said Chuck Robins d in in interview with Star col he Quot league which has yet club near Detroit aug. 3. Ball and 0 fic tip a a i of a a Quot to becoming an Rector of the umpires school in an interview with Star col. The infection was termed to Umpire she said. I enrolled who assigned mrs. French to woo it hid he. Sanderson and a a not see us by doctors at k under off a Blouse i wanted to learn More the game. A she has an sex James Cooper president of the a it matter How University Hospital who added 1��?o a his of �?opf11 1 about the game since i was a a client knowledge of the Rule blazers met in Woolf office Sara fall who a Potulski sidelined a he a a hat pm fess Onai golfs Msj Rog a and player the Antis Spla he for Ven hours monday night nth de education in t go Lead Quot a Money Vunner wow a a a 1 pre or work no me Quot a herself she not Lola is the they the blazers wanted a a. A a Buffalo a too five year contract with the penalty killers blazers. Woolf said the figure was Correct. Him to sign right away but i a a a. Ead Ink �n7 if Ineil 4vould i hindu the plate and dashing onto j 4i plot a Ltd Quot or no to Lnla while his remain there for 48 to /2 hours. The feed f0 make Baseline Calls. League genies because most of p a. "�?�vprrier0tol>staj> in Boston Quot Buff Al Rin ornate. Contin the ailment kept Nicklaus �?o7 unit Etc she i Iho ,.kno v the rules but told them we d have to give Lull he added Dontz think Trajn no Camp workouts to front playing in an exhibition m7nts8snmetimes�?� fierce a a and a me the women who Don t consideration to this utterly any Chance he Bruns Day defensive end Walt a match tuesday with Bob Hope he a a a rame know give me a hassle. Ant Mic Oner Ana also give we eve it. Ome cd be to Macb. Tulski is on the sideline with a at the new Jack Nicklaus Golf hut mrs. French Drew raves during the game she called the ,.in a Quot in inc i., a but mrs. French Drew raves me Bruins every Opportunity Jnai he Philadelphia once injury threatens to Center near Lebanon. Ohio. Lee from both winning and losing be team s Catcher out on Al the Bruins reportedly have his National Trot to a Imit Ito i him in a in a Nim at in remd Hugo Tho then make a Weston Adamsjr. President offered Sanderson a five year Leagy debut. Of the National hockey league contract calling for $600,000. Patulski returned ruins was reported on Vaca the Star Afi it a 0lntnr, q lion and unavailable for com ment football Trevino substituted for him in sides after her first game in close play at second base. Tho the Hope House Charity event which the Crocker team beat player grumbled and was still to Buffalo the Finger reportedly became the l a. Dogs 5-4. Grumbling when he came be the Star also quoted Sand from Evanston iii., tuesday infected after Nicklaus received a she knows the strike zone h and the plate to catch the next Erson As saving he will not play after hurting his left knee in a a manicure last week. It began and she kept her Cool even inning. But mrs. French quietude blazers air a d h. For Canada a8ainst the russian scrimmage monday preparing to Hurt him while he played in though some of the Guys gave Elf him with a few words red a in two Bruins a he Cey team unless sex nil for the College All Star game a pro am event in Columbus her a rough time on a couple of a i done to make Idle threats a Star Bobby Hull is on his team in Chicago. Monday. Close Calls a said Crocker Cap she said later. A i keep my sportsmen wanted wanted top Quality Hunters qualified in Hunting Quot lepus Quot amp skinning or stuffing of the same. reves Pointer Oft if in 111 4004 Kase Bau standings by the associated press Amer been league East w. L. Pct. G b. Detroit 51 37 .580 a a Baltimore 50 38 .568 i Boston 45 41 .523 5 new York 42 43 .494 7�z Cleveland 36 51 .414 144 Milwaukee 35 52 .402 in West Oakland 56 35 .615 Chicago 49 41 .544 61 2 Minnesota 45 42 .517 9 Kansas City 44 45 .494 la California 40 52 .435 16vi Texas 37 53 .411 18 tuesday s results All Star came National league 4, american 3, to innings wednesday s games no games scheduled thursday s games Kansas City at Chicago 2. Twi night Detroit at Milwaukee 2, Twilight Boston at new York n Cleveland at Baltimore n Minnesota at Oakland n Texas at California. N National league East w. L. Pct. G a Pittsburgh 55 33 .625 _ i new York 49 38 .563 5la St. Louis 45 43 .511 to Chicago 45 44 Juio Montreal 40 47 .460 144 j Philadelphia 31 57 .352 24 West Hnein Nati 55 i .625 Houston 51 41 .554 6 los Angeles 47 42 .528 8�?~? Atlanta 42 49 .462 14 a j san Francisco 41 52 .441 164 san Diego 33 56 .371 22 2 tuesday s results All Star Gam National league 4, american 3, to innings wednesday s games no games scheduled thursday s games Chicago at Philadelphia 2. Twi night new York at Pittsburgh. 2. Twi night St Louis at Montreal n san Francisco at Atlanta. N san Diego at Cincinnati n los Angeles at Houston n by Ovi. W Are time 2 20.1. Grit freestyle relay 13-14 m. Fie 5 Bien. J Bulla. K. Welker or. W inner time 2 19.7. Boy freestyle relay 15-17 a c. Tinsley r Croo a. J Boyle. K Creede so. Winner s time i �7.5 girl freestyle relay 15-17 a h. Fie. I Wailer c. Blend c. Smith so a inner a tim j a Tole a Aam score so Jos of 5 when you need whatever the size. Whatever the purpose. See us whenever and wherever you need Glass. Rely on us. Serving Home business and Industry expertly. 883-6719 a ssh to i Riser be Thi right to limit quantities a Champion or Auto Lite spark plugs resistors 88c rally i Cream Wax _ atv0 get 13 0 polishing cloth 2 3. Quaker state 9&Quot\o a hmm to Titbit inn Sculp Enerd motor Oil a wheel balance huh 6 quart 10w30 off car fully automatic compact size. Fit neatly under the Dah. Complete with Fine tuning control. 5 year or 50.000 mile agreement the Purchase of a stabilized alignment entitles you to a Complete inspection and alignment every 5,000 Miles or As often As necessary with no charge for the setting or adjustment of any alignment angles which May be required this agreement valid tor 5 years 50 too Miles regardless of pre sent mileage wimm in a i i Harge 111 Mott american cars a any additional parts or services needed but not listed will carry a supple mental charge of its wha i we do a install Coil Spring stabilizers or adjust torsion bar b Check and set camber Caster and toe c Check and adjust steering sector d Check and adjust wheel bearings a i c building i i d specialities i 1107 Greensboro re. H i. I est car tor proper steering 2300 North main St. Al at Eastchester amp

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