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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 26, 1972, High Point, North Carolina In Federal District court school ruling is postponed by Ray Hubbard Enterprise staff writer Winston Salem u. S. Middle District court judge Eugene Gordon today postponed ruling on the High Point school desegregation Case. At the end of testimony and Oral arguments by opposing attorneys judge Gordon asked the lawyers to prepare findings of fact and conclusions of Law to be presented to him prior to his ruling. James Lanning representing the Black plaintiffs in the Case was Given until next wednesday aug. 2, to file his Day in the Park keeping Cool on a hot summer Day is no problem for the youngsters especially when Armstrong Park is nearby. Steven Ison at left of 903 Putnam ave., catches a Breeze by swinging High. Below Laurie Bray of 1124 Meado Lawn advises Robert Smith iof 311 Mon lieu ave., and Michael Brewer of 810 Putnam ave. In the construction of a dam. Staff photos by Mark Austin ghetto plan is proposed Washington a As part of his Overall plan president Nixon has offered North Vietnam $2.5 billion to rebuild its country once the War is Over. Even critics of the president consider this a most generous sum of Money to be Given to a nation that or. Nixon still refers to in the most unflattering terms. I have a Friend named Zugsmith who works with people in the Washington ghetto and the morning he read about the $2.5 billion offer he came to see me. A a Man that s a lot of Money to give a country that a been kicking the hell out of us a he said. A Well its not As much As we gave Germany and Japan after world War ii a i said. A a in be been thinking about it quite seriously and i want to try this idea out on you. Suppose after the War is Over we import some of those North Vietnam cats and bring them to Washington and put them up in the a i done to follow you a i said. A now suppose those North Vietnam cats Start fighting with our cats i mean really fighting with them with a lot of surplus War stuff that the South vietnamese will probably sell us under the a but that would be civil War a i protested. A right but keep in mind we wont be fighting against americans. Well be fighting against North a but the North vietnamese Are communists a i said. A you got it Man. Now if we re fighting North vietnamese in the ghetto America is going to have to come to our support. Right a a a they a better or Well have communist aggression right on our own a Okay so America comes into the ghetto and says a you got a communist threat Here. Boys. What can we give you a so we say a How about tearing Down All those rat infested buildings so we can get a Good crack at the North vietnamese who Are out there somewhere a a a they would have to tear them Down if that a where the communists were hiding a i agreed. A now we say to the americans a How about putting up some new buildings so we can win the hearts and minds of the people in the ghetto and How about some land Reform while you re at it a a a if its a civil War you have to win the hearts and minds of the people a i agreed. A you got it Man. Nobody gives a Damn about the hearts and minds of the people in the ghetto because there Are no commies Here. You Sprinkle five or six Hundred reds around and America has to give us everything we ask a there should be a Hole in your plan a i said a but i can to find a a you re going to have some shooting in the ghetto but no More than you have now. Maybe some people Are going to be captured by the North vietnamese but with pos Nixon is going to be forced to find a solution to the problem. Of course hell insist on us having our own government which is something we done to have right now. And he might even Call for elections in the South supervised by the United nations. You can task for better than a the Beauty of your plan a i said a is that if you fight communists in the ghetto you la be the Good a my thinking exactly. Wed have everyone in Congress praising us to the skies. Agnew might even come and visit us and hand out a the Only problem you have As i see it a i said a is How do you get the North vietnamese to come to the ghetto in Washington it Isnit really a place they a want to fight a a in la admit that a had me stymied a Zugsmith said a but then i read about All that Money Nixon was handing out. I figure if he a willing to pay the North vietnamese $2.5 billion to get out of South Vietnam there is no telling what the president will offer them to get out of Washington d. copyright 1972, los Angeles times conclusions and d. P. Whitley or. And Owen Cooke representing the school Board were Given until aug. 7 for filing their findings. Two additional witnesses presented testimony today and All three attorneys presented Oral arguments in a four hour session which had been recessed on july 14. Or. Dean b. Pruette superintendent of schools and school Board member or. Perry Little who initiated the court action both testified today. Pruette As expected testified generally to previously published arguments on Why it was desirable to close Leonard Street school. Little a testimony attempted to show that the decision to close the school was racially motivated. Little initiated the court action after the school Board voted 4-3 in february to close Leonard Street school at the end of the last school year. At the same time the Board voted to unify All elementary schools for the coming year by teaching grades i through 6 in All of the elementary schools. For the past two years a number of schools have taught grades i through 4 Only while others taught Only grades 5 and 6. The decision to close Leonard Street came after several weeks of study of the school As the result of complaints of a Small group of parents that Leonard Street was not up to Par when compared to others in the High Point system. The school has no auditorium office space Library or cafeteria. It has 14 rooms which Are less than to years old but Only nine of these were used last year As class rooms As enrolment dropped to less than 250 students. Proponents for closing the school contended that the shift of population to the North the continuation of the Leonard Street area As an All Black Community and new thoroughfare developments immediately adjacent to the school make it both uneconomical and undesirable to spend a half million dollars to bring it up to Standard. Opponents to the closing of the school say that the decision was racially motivated but one member who voted to keep the school in operation a Board chairman a. Laurin Welborn a testified that he does not believe this to be True. He said that he voted to retain the school because the 14 rooms there Are relatively new and ought not be destroyed. The other Board member who testified july 14 a or. John Bridgers a said that he voted to close the school because of the High Cost to bring it up to Standard the difficulty of maintaining racial balance in the Leonard Street school and the population shifts away from that area. The Board has indicated that it intends to maintain the school building and possibly use it for special education or kindergarten programs. Since initiation of the Law suit the Board has moved ahead with reorganization of the elementary schools and redrawing of school District lines to racially balance the student bodies in the entire school system. Except for Small pockets of opposition to redistricting where certain groups were most drastically affected by new District lines there has been Little sentiment expressed against the a Viool boards decision. Judge Calls for chief in court the High Point Enterprise wednesday afternoon july 28, 1972. Section c welfare Board to protest personnel Cut in budget by Jim Hawkins Enterprise staff writer Greensboro Guilford county social services Board members tuesday set a special meeting for next week to develop information supporting the need for 24 additional workers refused by the Board of commissioners. Board members agreed to the special meeting after hearing social services director l. M. Thompson report that commissioners approved Only 12 of the 36 additional workers sought for the new budget year. And Thompson said Only four of the 12 approved will be assigned to the Central social services department staff band fund Falls Short by $20,000 the Campaign to raise $75,000 to Send the Andrews High school band to Europe in August brought in something less than $32,000. While precise figures have been unavailable throughout the fund raising Effort the final statement by the special committee made this fact apparent. It was Only when the announcement was made monday that the Effort had been unsuccessful that the committee revealed it had scaled Down its goal from $75,000 to approximately $52,000 because a number of the members of the band could not make the trip. A prepared statement issued tuesday said that a we were More than $20,000 Short of the funds necessary at the final deadline. Of the amount raised some will be returned to donors who stipulated its return should the goal not be reached. The committee will forfeit $4,000, the amount of the Deposit made to the travel service which was arranging the tour and about $1,500 has been spent for new uniforms it was revealed in the statement. There was no statement of the amount of a other expenses referred to. The committee said that any contributor who wishes to have his Money refunded should state that request in writing to the Andrews olympic band fund Box 2000, High Point. Any funds remaining will be deposited to the account of the Andrews see band on 2c and none at All will be provided to help process much More detailed application forms which went into use july i. After hearing social services department officials emphasize their need particularly for the eligibility specialists. Or. Robert v Cross of High Point chairman said that Board members should a go to the Board of commissioners with or. Isaac Miller vice chairman suggested the need for a an Early conference with commissioners at which time he said the social services Board should a make a Strong the meeting set for 7 30 p. In. Tuesday at the Guilford county health and social services building will be used to develop figures which can be presented to commissioners later. The Issue of the need for additional personnel to add to the present staff of 193 was the major item of business at the meeting which also saw re election of or. Cross As chairman and of or. Miller As vice chairman. Board members also heard Thompson report county manager John Witherspoon has told him the county does t see How it can provide additional space at the Guilford county building in High Point for the social services department a at this Thompson said Witherspoon told him the unit will have to wait for completion of the new High Point City Hall before additional space it is seeking can be made available. Reporting on the personnel see welfare on 2c by Howard Hayes Enterprise staff writer District court judge Elreta Alexander ordered a recess just before noon today in the trial of three former High Point police officers. Judge Alexander said she would not proceed with tie cases until High Point police chief Laurie Pritchett was present in the court. Maj. Stewart Hartley second in command of the police department told judge Alexander that Pritchett had taken a sick Mother in Law to a rest Home in Georgia. Hartley said today that Pritchett was a taking a few Days off at his Cabin at High Rock Lake. Judge Alexander said a a in a not satisfied with this answer. I m working 12 to 14 hours a Day trying to run a ship and i want him arraigned for trials and hearings this morning were George Burton jr., charged with wilfully failing to discharge duties and with breaking into a Coin operated machine it both misdemeanours i v. R. Legrande charged with breaking into a Coin operated machine and j. M. Howard charged with felonious larceny felonious breaking and entering breaking into a coi operated machine and with local Cap hosts foreign cadets Over Here Oyer there and flying out of the wild Blue yonder is the civil air patrols International air Cadet Exchange. High Point Greensboro and Winston Salem will be acting As Host for 15 Young people and their adult advisors from great Britain and Norway today through monday. The great Britain delegation is composed of six Young ladies and two escorts. Nine cadets and an escort make up the Norway group. The two visiting groups Are part of a simultaneous Exchange involving 24 nations. Following arrival in Greensboro the contingents will be divided into smaller groups with six cadets staying at the Homes of cadets Kerry Price for Utility services going up by Forrest Cates Enterprise staff writer if you live in High Point no doubt you Are aware that the Price of the utilities which your City provides is going up. The rising costs have Deen higher there painfully in Black and White on your monthly a water and Light Bill. Die rates for electricity have been going up steadily for Over a year As the City sought to match raises made by its supplier Duke Power co., to its own customers. After remaining stable for a news analysis years the rates Rose by nearly 20 per cent in one year. That would add $2 to the customer whose Bill for electric Power ran $10 per month. At last there was a smattering of a Good news from City Hall in regard to electric rates. Duke should raise its retail approval to raise by nearly 7 per cent the wholesale rates on Power sold to cities with City was going to a a absorb the additional Cost leaving the electric distribution systems. The Good news was that the rates As they Are a unless Duke should raise its retail rates again which it can to do unless the state Public utilities commission approves. But if there were sighs of Relief amongst the populace they were ill advised without reckoning with the a a water portion of the monthly water and Light Bill. Unless there is an unexpected turn of events High pointers will be paying to per cent More for water starting sept. I. The hike in water rates which automatically win provide an increase in the sewer service charge is in the new City budget which is awaiting adoption by the City Council this week. Councilmen already have Given the budget As prepared by City manager Harold Cheek a tentative nod. Cheek claims that the rate increase is needed to balance the budget and put the Utility systems on a self sustaining basis. The increase is estimated to produce $184,000, which pro ably will boost the systems to a Point of being More than self sustaining. Details of the rate increase have not been released at City Hall but officials say they expect that the hike will be a Down the line on the rate schedule. That would indicate that All of the about 20.000 residential and commercial customers on the system will be effected. A Large number of the customers now pay the minimum of $1.40 for water but officials Are not sure just How Many that is. A the computer does no to break them of course whatever the increase on an individuals Bill is for water it will be doubled. That a the Way it works. The charge for sewer service is computed on the basis of too per cent of the charge for water. At least that a the Way it has been. Nobody has said anything yet about increasing the percentage. Bowers. Curtis Nichols Wayne Underwood jr., Sally Bulla and Jacquiline and Joan Pruitt of High Point. The Exchange cadets will be Given Tours of Alderman studios Adams Millis hosiery Mills and Hatteras yacht co. And will be hosted at lunch thursday by the rotary club. Tours in Greensboro and Winston Salem will include visits to Blue Beu corp. And old Salem. A banquet will be Given at founders Hall at Guilford College Friday. For 24 years the Exchange has been sponsored and conducted by the National Headquarters Cap in cooperation with the u. S. Air Force. This year Marks the fifth year female cadets have participated in the Exchange. Civil air patrol cadets and their counterparts from overseas Are selected for the Exchange on the basis of leaders h i p qualities outstanding character academic achievements and Good citizenship. According to Erwin Roberts husband of High Point Squadron commander capt. Lila Roberts a there Are five to to people vying for each open spot so every applicant is carefully screened before going before the Board of selectors. After selection the states request a country for the Exchange and lots Are drawn to see who goes Cap s group Iii composed of units in High Point Eden Burlington Asheboro Winston Salem and Mocksville is the official Host. Two counts of wilfully failing to discharge duties. The defendants were to be tried on the Misdemeanour charges and probable cause hearings were to be conducted on the felony charges. With Only about two hours of court time left before the 2 p. In. Recess a hearing was being conducted with the jury absent before actually hearing testimony against the defendants. Cases of All three defendants were consolidated for the purpose of the pre trial hearing but they will be separated in the actual trial and hearing of the criminal cases. When court began at 9 30 a. Rn., the Calendar was called and All defendants on the regular court docket present and pleading guilty were instructed that if they wished they could waive trial and plead guilty before a magistrate. Those wanting to plead not guilty were told they would be Given a new court Date. The first witnesses called by the state in the hearing were detective capt. George Leverett maj. Stewart Hartley and detective sgt. Earl Whitaker. Leverett was the first to take the stand and defense attorney Jack Byerly requested that Hartley and Whitaker be sequestered during the testimony. Leverett related on the stand the circumstances that brought him into the investigation of possible criminal activities by policemen. He said that he was called into police chief Laurie Pritchett s office about 9 30 a. In. On May 26. At that time he said Pritchett told him that he would turn Over to him four officers hater identified to Leverett As Burton Legrande Howard and j. M. Kelley who was tried tuesday for criminal investigation and possible charges. Sex officer convicted of charge by Mike York Enterprise staff writer former police officer James Michael Kelly was acquitted tuesday of one charge bound Over to the grand jury on a second and convicted of a third. District court judge Elreta Alexander found Kelly guilty of wilfully failing to discharge his duties and sentenced him to two years in prison with a recommendation for work release. The decision which handed Kelly the maximum sentence for a Misdemeanour will be appealed according to Kelly a attorney Harold Spainhour. Bound Over to the grand jury was a charge of felonious breaking and entering at a Home owned by mrs. Mary Lou Brinson. The charge of breaking into a Coin operated see sex officer Page Sci it

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