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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 26, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather r warm but lest humid More data on Page 5a 88th year a no. 208 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., wednesday afternoon july 26, 1972 60 pages Call us circulation. 832-1719 classified ads 885-2177 All other departments 8852161 daily 10c, sunday 25c for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of Tho Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or a von acknowledge every mental health q. Could you Tell me where the nearest mental health Center is also drug rehabilitation Center in Thomasville Winston Salem Greensboro area and if there is one what would be the fees would it to free As i am not quite sure there Are a lot of people around hero that need a place like that and am sure a lot of people would appreciate knowing. Thank you. Anon. A. There Are mental health centers in Lexington High Point Greensboro and Winston Salem listed under the county offices in the Telephone books of each City. The Guilford county mental health clinic in High Point is located at 404 n. Wrenn Street. Charges Are made according to a scale based on ability to pay. High Point also has a drug Day program 803 e. Green drive Telephone 882-2125. Those who May be too upset to remember what number to Call or who need help after Normal office hours can dial Contact 882-8121.daniel s daughter. Q. Did Daniel boons have a daughter i have seen her on television and she died and would help me . A. We Haven to read a whole Book about Boone but an encyclopedia account of his life mentions at least one daughter named Jemima. She travelled with her father and Mother Over the wilderness Road to their new Kentucky Home at Boones Borough near where Lexington ky., is today Jemima and her Mother were the first White women to see that part of Bobbie q. Who is Barbara Martin with Channel 8? is she married and does she have kids All of a sudden she appears and they Call her Barbara Martin and i am sure lots of people would like to know who she is. She gets All the Little Sticky assignments where the men Don t have the heart or stomach for it. Blast off and put in the paper who she is. Or. Anon. A. Barbara Martin is single born of naturalized parents in Richmond Indiana. Her Mother is from Ireland and her father from Greece. She attended Indiana University Law school. Robbie As she is called by associates has special interests in history politics and musical comedy. On August 8 she will be celebrating her fifth anniversary As High Point correspondent for Channel Hight. Or or on healthy pets o. What is Tho Host Way to keep pots their Healthiest what is Tho right kind of foods and How should you properly Groom Thorn Anonymous. The Public Library has books on pets and their care and so do the bookstores which have cheaper paperbacks if you want to own one. If your pet is a dog or cat the pet food Institute can Send you booklets with the titles a How to raise a Happy dog a a dog training tips and a basics of cat and Kitten they Are free but for each Booklet enclose a business size stamped and self addressed envelope. The address is pet food Institute 111 East Wacker drive. Chicago in. 60601. Also available from the superintendent of documents government printing office Washington . 20402. Is a publication a selection and care of common household we re not sure of the Cost but to cents should do q. I am calling about someone asking about fixing a pocketbook and i make pocketbooks and would be glad to look at it to see if i could fix it for her and it was in the action line today. Thank you. She can Call me and i will be glad to look at it. Bobby Moore 883-4483. Q. To the person who wanted the pocketbook fixed if she would Contact Jeff White who drives the City bus his grandmother fixes them and puts them Back together. Thank you. Anon. A a sound off q. I want to address this to the kids that wanted some place to go and asked if there was a place we could go and talk and have a Good time instead of Riding around. I am also a kid that has burned plenty of just Riding around and i know tile feeling and right now there is a committee and youth Council that Are working on it. We Are planning to open Blair Park club House nights As soon As possible so the kids will have a place and of All the kids that just drive around will come then we can have a place with the opening of Blair Park on a trial basis and if nobody shows then it will not stay open. If you really do want some place to go then please come when it opens because unless you show you Are really interested in doing something about it instead of talking about it then nothing can be done. Thank you. Vicki Stratton. British strike spreads London apr the growing strike wave against the conservative governments new labor Law hit the London bus system and Heathrow Airport today taking most of the double deck red buses off the City a streets and cancelling Many flights to the continent. The official solicitor an Independent watchdog for the Legal system or sort of ombudsman was to appear before the Industrial relations court today to ask for the release of the five longshoremen whose imprisonment last Friday touched off the strike wave. But there was no indication whether the court would free the men whom it held in contempt because they defied its order to Stop illegal picketing. The five men Are the first jailed under the ant strike Law which prime minister Edward heaths conservatives pushed through parliament last year and the strike wave in support of them has turned into a drive to nullify the Law. More than 300.000 workers were estimated on strike and the engineering workers Union ordered its 1.5 million members to Down their tools next monday for 24 hours. The general Council of the trades Union Congress the governing body of British Trade unions called a meeting to consider demands for a one Day general strike on monday. In London 24,000 transport workers went out until Midnight. Forcing bus passengers into the subways taxis private cars or onto the sidewalks. There were 3.000 ground workers out at Heathrow National newspapers did not publish for the fourth Day and a strike of brewery men threatened the City with a Beer shortage. London has been without fresh meat fruit and vegetables for two Days since Market porters walked out. All ports in the nation were closed by the strike of 50,000 longshoremen and thousands of other workers. Hundreds of ships were trapped. Medical history report on Eagleton shakes democrats condemned robber one of 14 robbers prays with a priest moments before he was shot by an army firing squad at port Harcourt a Nigeria recreation club playground saturday july 22, before a crowd estimated at 50,000. About 170 armed robbers have been shot in Nigeria since August of 1970 when military government decreed death for armed robbers following the end of civil War. A a Frith 0 by Carl p. Leubsdorf associated press writer Custer s d. A while sen. George Mcgovern remained secluded at his South Dakota Cabin Retreat telegrams began arriving from supporters and most urged him to drop sen. Thomas Eagleton As his running mate in the Wake of his disclosure of psychiatric care and of electric Shock treatment for nervous exhaustion. Some telegrams urged Eagleton retention but they were out numbered 2 to i by antagonistic ones. A total of 30 telegrams had been received by late morning. Many of the telegrams Are focused As much on the fact Eagleton failed to Tell Mcgovern about his medical history As on the fact that he had undergone the treatment Between 1960 and 1966. Mcgovern on tuesday rejected Eagleton a offer to quit. The democratic presidential nominee said he wants to a wait and see the reaction. Mcgovern Learned details on Eagleton Only recently by Carl p. Leubsdorf a political writer Custer s d. A sen. George Mcgovern says he first Learned the Complete details of sen. Ziomas f. Eagleton a psychiatric care and Shock treatments for nervous exhaustion when the two candidates and their wives met Here tuesday morning. In an exclusive interview late tuesday the democratic presidential nominee said a the and i did t really get into it seriously until the meeting at which they decided Eagleton should Tell the full Story. Until then he said he knew about it in general terms. Mcgovern said some of his prices of food take big jump Washington a retail food prices jumped 0 9 per cent in june the biggest increase in four months the government said today. Meat and fresh fruits and vegetables accounted for most of the boost. The agriculture department said a years Supply of groceries for a typical family of four the a Market baskets Index went up $11 in june As a result of a $15 increase for Farmers and a $4 cutback for middlemen. The june hike was the largest monthly increase since february a 1.9-per-cent boost the department said. There was a 04-per-cent decrease in food prices in March a 0.7-per-Ccnt decrease in april and a 0.4-percent increase in May. The department said in its a Market baskets Index that higher prices for beef pork frying chickens and fresh fruits and vegetables accounted for most of the june increase. Prices for eggs dropped sharply and Price changes for most Otner items were relatively nor. The a Market Basket a a measure of the Cost of a year s Supply of food for a family of four Cost an annual rate of $1.299 in june. The Farmers share of the june Market Basket was $.328 and the middleman a $771 for transporting processing and Selling the food items. Last Friday the Bureau of labor statistics said grocery prices increased 0.6 per cent Over the May level. The agriculture department however measures prices for most of june while the bus based its report on the first week of june. High ranking assistants had been discussing the matter with Eagleton s top aides for at least a week and some aides knew of it when the Missouri senator was selected As the vice presidential candidate. Mcgovern said that when he and his wife met with the Eagle tons at his Sylvan Lake Retreat near Here the discussion entered on a whether it was Worth disclosing whether it was enough of an Issue to be Worth mentioning. A Poth Tom and i decided that if we were going to truly wage the kind of open Campaign that we said we were going to wage run the kind of open administration with full disclosure of everything that we ought to disclose this too a Mcgovern added. Although the democratic presidential nominee had said earlier in an Abc evening news interview with Harry Reasoner that Eagleton a is not considering leaving the ticket he told the associated press that the Missouri senator had raised that very Point in their meeting Here. Eagleton later confirmed this Point. A the just said a if this is embarrassing to you in any Way done to feel any obligation to keep me Mcgovern said. A i thought it was ridiculous even to bring it up and i think he just did it As kind of a Courtesy gesture. Quot i done to think that he Felt there was any grounds for his withdrawal a Mcgovern said. A i certainly Mcgovern kept Busy by staff meetings and now the Eagleton controversy in the first to Days of a two week vacation Here appeared tired As he discussed the matter while returning to his Cabin from a Tennis lesson. But he insisted that a i m not at All discouraged about the Campaign a and feels it is off to a Good Start. Mcgovern said a it does no to bother me that Eagleton had voluntarily hospitalized himself in 1960. 1964 and 1966. He said that while he was considering his Choice for vice president he had asked some of his Senate colleagues about rumours that Eagleton had a drinking prob see Mcgovern on 2-a a we ask to disassociate your candidacy from that of sen. Eagleton whose unconscionable puerile and rapacious duplicity is reprehensible and incompatible with your bold principled and visionary primary Campaign a said a Telegram from Susan and William Becker of Philadelphia. A since you have conceded election to Nixon by selection of psychotic a wired Bernice j. Bolson of Berkeley calif., a i would like refund of Money contributed when you were viable the telegrams were sent through the telex machine in the press room of the Motel Here where reporters Are stay i n a seven Miles from Mcgovern a Sylvan Lake Retreat. Noting negative reaction from some people including two teen age voters or. And mrs. Clyde l. Rich of Walnut Creek calif., asked a How could he have accepted the nomination with this background the Campaign will be difficult enough without this added several of the telegrams said the american Public is not ready to accept Eagleton a medical history. Only a couple of the messages in the first 15 received urged Eagleton a retention. A god bless you for your courage and honesty a said a wire directed to Eagleton from Kathryn and Nan Saunders of new York City. At a news conference in los Angeles today Eagleton refused again to release medical records of his Hospital treatment but said he would talk with his doctors about allowing them to discuss his medical history. He also said he realizes now that he made a mistake by not telling Mcgovern about his hos Pital treatment before Mcgovern recommended him to the democratic National convention. Even before Eagleton made his announcement at a news conference following his meeting with Mcgovern tuesday at fight continues Over Quang tri what s inside amusements 7c Bridge in classified ads la 15c comics Ioc crossword 7c editorials 4a financial 2a obituaries ii sports 3-oc television 7c women s news 1-13b weather 5a Saigon apr South vietnamese paratroopers were reported today to have seized half the Quang tri Citadel and were advancing on North vietnamese troops in the rest of the 19th Century fortress. A most of the enemy Are concentrated in the Northwest Section of the Citadel a said it. Col. Do Dang to the army spokesman in Hue. The South vietnamese command in Saigon backed off from its claim tuesday that the paratroopers had completely reoccupied the 50-acre walled compound. South vietnamese bombers were attacking the North vietnamese positions inside the Citadel with High explosive bombs and napalm but to said there were no signs that the North vietnamese were retreating. He described the action As sporadic Small Contact in a Section by Section of the Citadel. Fighting erupted meanwhile behind the Quang tri front on the Western flanks of Hue and farther South in the que son Valley 25 Miles below Danang. Three South vietnamese positions defending the Western approaches to Hue were hit with 3.300 rounds of hellfire and ground assaults. South vietnamese spokesmen claimed 229 North vietnamese troops killed on the Northern front tuesday and today and said South vietnamese losses were 21 killed and 140 wounded seventy five . B52 bombers supported the South vietnamese forces in the Northern Quarter of the country dropping nearly 2,000 tons of explosives. In the air War against North Vietnam Navy jets wrecked half a dozen Bridges on both sides of the port City of Vinh 165 Miles South of Hanoi the 7th Fleet said. The senators Retreat near Here the democratic presidential nominee had planned a Complete rest for most of the remainder of South Dakota stay. Mcgovern Stop political adviser Frank Mankiewicz said the next three Days will be a a Little Touchy a and that the incident can to be a plus for the democrats in their Uphill Battle to take the White House from president Nixon. Mankiewicz said that he thinks a a lot will depend on How the republicans handle it. If they take it and run there could be a considerable backlash a he said. Eagleton told reporters on a flight to los Angeles that a time will Tell How the Public reacts so report on 2-a Charles d. Gruve new trial sought for Colley Washington a attorneys for it. William l. Galley or. Have asked for a new trial on grounds the army lied when it said it could not locate a missing witness to the my Lai massacre. The petition filed tuesday with the army court of military review asserts that the witness Charles Dean a a Butch Gruver of Stotesbury mo., was contacted by the army during Calley a 1971 trial. But at the time of the trial the government professed no knowledge of Gruver a whereabouts the petition stated. Cash j. Houston Gordon one of Calley a lawyers confirmed that the petition seeks a new trial because of additional evidence Gruver could provide. Gordon declined further comment on the petition which was reported in detail by the daily oklahoman of Oklahoma City. Galley commander of the platoon that swept through the South vietnamese Village of my Lai in 1968. Was convicted of murdering 22 civilians and sentenced to life in prison. The term later a reduced to 20 years. He is under House arrest at it. Benning ga., while appeals Are pending. The petition claimed Gruver a testimony could Lead to Calley a acquittal. Gruver was located july 5 by the daily oklahoman after it was disclosed the army claimed to have lost Contact with him Long before Calley a court martial. Life of migrant workers is rough editor s note a team of associated press writers from Charlotte Raleigh and Columbia have taken an exhausts look at the living conditions of migrant labourers in the Carolinas. This is the first of a Sanes of articles detailing their findings and giving a first hand account of one migrant labor Camp. By Tom Wells associated press writer Johns Island. So. Apr the warm Spring rain trickled Down my face and soaked my shirt As i stood outside the two dozen or so skeletal shacks in a Johns Island migrant labor Camp. Small piles of garbage Here and there were beginning to break Down under the steady Shower and float in pools of Muddy water. A Large wet rat darted from a trash pile to cover under one of the shacks. The fresh rain was not enough to Knock out the stench from the outside toilets about 75 feet from the shacks. I began to have second thoughts about posing As a mexican migrant labourer on the Island near Charleston. But it was too late to Back out. The Black minister who had told me about the Camp and who had Given me a ride to it had already left. I waited in the rain with my tote bag Slung Over my Shoul Der while a Small knot of Black labourers decided which Shack to put me in. One of them put his Arm around my shoulder and said a come with me he led me around the Corner to a Row of unused shacks that were Back to Back with the Row that faced the garbage piles. A go ahead and pick the one you want a the labourer said. He led me to the door of one and told me it was the cleanest. Empty food tins trash and human waste were on the floor of the 10-by-10 foot dwelling. There was no lighting no sink no furniture. When i saw and smelled where i was to sleep i began to feel the same Way i did when i was a boy on an Oklahoma farm and saw my aunt Cut off a chickens head and clean the Bird. I began to feel hot and woozy and began to . There were Only four decaying Walls and an unscreened painless window. A wooden cover could be latched Over the window to keep the Mosquito out but it would mean sleeping in a sweat Box. A smelly wet. Cot sized mattress that had been partly burned was spread out on the floor. The next morning i found lice in my hair and bed bugs Over my body. Later another worker popped around the Corner. A come on around Here Man a he said. A you sleep in this other one that a already got some men in i sloshed Back around the Corner through the mud and garbage grateful for anything that was an improvement. I realized that a dry mattress a Lightb Ulp and a Blanket were almost luxury items. The room where i was to stay was larger than the first but it too was made of rotting Wood. The Walls separating four of the smaller compartments had been knocked out to make a room of 20-by-20 feet. I was to be the fifth occupant. The Man whose cot was to the left of the Entrance was silting on the Edge of his bed eat ing his dinner from a paper plate. A you eaten yet brother a he asked As he looked up and held the plate toward me. The uncertainty of what was on the plate which looked As though it had been piled with Slop overcame my hunger. So i lied. A no in be already eaten a i said in English with the singsong accent of the mexican labourer. One of the men retrieved some rusted bed Springs from one of the trash piles. Another arranged four wooden Tomato crates to serve As a Frame. Another Man brought a mattress from one of the empty see life in 3-a

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