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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 24, 1972, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randall b. Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David t. Rutledge Gen. Mgr. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley . Davida Rawley jr., vice pres. Joe Brown editor Page 4-a monday july 24, 1972 0 say could you see the torture Trade for those who Hadnot seen it in the big cities the past weekends smog was first real proof that it can happen Here. Seeing this areas name at the Bottom of the lists of dirty air cities and Only being aware of what happens in los Angeles and new York and other such places by Reading about it or seeing pictures of it have lulled the Piedmont into a false sense of Security from which it needs to Waken in a hurry. It did no to smell particularly bad and there were no reported cases of respiratory crisis As a result of it but the Haze that blanketed High Point saturday and sunday Wasny to pretty to look at there were plenty of Breaks in the Clouds but there were no Blue skies. The Sun broke through often but it looked As though it were being wrapped in plastic preparatory to storage. The atmospheric condition which caused the stale air to hang around Long after it should have moved on is not an unusual one. Having a pressure cell sit out in the Atlantic near Bermuda for Days on end trapping the air Over the Eastern half of the nation is a regular occurrence repeating almost every year. Thus we must avoid the comfortable thought that this May not happen again for a Long time. It will. Its going to be interesting to see How the american broadcasting company reacts to the latest Avalanche which Hopes to reverse the economic facts of life. This particular Avalanche is being loosed on behalf of Dick Cavett who has been abcs entry in the late night talk show Field. Abc has Felt for some time that a change was in order because Cavett was drawing substantially less than a third of the after la 30 p. In. Audience. The King of the Hill. Johnny Carson remains on top and lbs got its share of viewers when it dropped Merv Griffin and put its Trust in movies. When word went out that Cavett had been a a extended instead of being Given a new contract the organized cry went up. Public relations organizations were enlisted in the Campaign and some of Cavett commercial sponsors exerted their muscle to Sway the network. Newspaper offices Are digging out projecting the news there was a time in United states history when a Long distance family move was regarded As relatively uneventful if it did not involve circling up the wagons to fight off hostile indians. At the new Home site if the first crop got All of the family and most of the livestock through the Winter alive the move was judged fundamentally successful. But life As measured by psychological casualties has grown More perilous since then. A it would seem that the stressful effects of american geographical mobility have been underestimated a says a new study made on a Grant from the National institutes of mental health. A moving often places inordinate demands on the individual to adapt and raises continued challenges to his substantial number of persons experienced incapacitating suffering a researchers into the causes of mental illness have recognized the problems of earning a living As one of the most common causes of stress. But the effects of uprooting a family to move to that better Job Only recently have been receiving thorough examination. The principal sufferers appear to be the wives finding that the moving company has delivered the chinaware intact does not transport women Over the traumatic bump. Professional studies into the related problems arising from mobility and preserving personal identity Point out the obvious advantage in the husbands role. He advanced in his business or profession because of Success in the Job he left behind and he carries those credentials with him into a ready made new identity. The Day he walks into his new office he May be a stranger to most of his Peers and subordinates but there is immediate recognition that Here is a Man of some what this weekend said to us is that America has a Long Way to go before turning the Corner on air pollution. Eliminating the heavy Black smoke from Industrial plants and commercial stokers is a step in the right direction but it does no to solve the problem. And the not very sophisticated emission controls which Detroit has of late been putting on automobiles done to either. We May have gotten rid of some of the More visible polluters but our technology is running far behind in determining what must be done a and getting it done a if we Are to save ourselves from ourselves. This particular area might have had very Little to do with creating the air mass which we breathed and rebreather saturday and sunday. It could have Well moved Here from somewhere else a from the steel furnaces at Birmingham the concentration of vehicular traffic around Atlanta from the Industrial Complex North of Washington or even Cross country from smog land in Southern California. This is All the More reason that we can to sit idly by and wrinkle our brows Over those higher on the dirt list. We May not make the dirt but we have to breathe it and thus we Are part of the great army that had better enlist in the environmental fight. If that fight is lost we All go Down together. Of the flood of mail that is apparently designed to enlist the print Media into the fray. We Are not unaware that editorials of this nature Are one of the results being sought by such mail. The promoters opened a new chapter in the ratings business producing new Neil Sens that indicated More than 2 million households tune in Cavett on an average evening. For the most part past Public clamors hoping to change network minds after such decisions have been made have been in vain. Major entries in the television Competition succeed or fail on hard headed business judgment and networks depend on the Long Range ratings rather than on a letter count at a time of crisis such As this. Cavett goes on vacation next week. Hell probably leave without knowing what his employment status will be on the last Day of september when his contract Extension ends. Accomplishment who has a Well defined Challenge Laid out for him. What of his wife who May have been just As successful in her role As helpmate the family vice president in charge of creating the social sphere that permitted both partners in marriage to flourish one psychiatrist says that for her a it is starting from the Bottom the parties that she had Given All of the successful affairs that she had arranged Are in no ones a common Bond links the pioneers of covered Wagon Days and those who pack off in the station Wagon to await the moving Van at the strange empty new Home. It is the survival and prospering of the fittest and most adaptable. Most families get through the ordeal without having to search out a psychiatrist As one of their first acquaintances in the new Community. In View of the potential for a mobility neurosis epidemic the evident abundance of inner resources is fortunate. One observer puts it this Way a to suffer loss to recover from it and to go on fortifies one for living and gives one a deeper sense of the family can be a time for search and discovery a a time that adds new dimensions and meaning to one of the nations major moving companies recently cosponsored a symposium of family experts in Indianapolis to learn More about the trauma of moving and How to ease it. Among those most Likely to thrive in a strange Milieu it was found were College educated women with a wide Range of interests and women Over 50 eager for change. For families with school age children moving during the school term seems to Speed up juvenile adjustment. But meanwhile Back at the new Challenge in dads office the Winner of All that extra bread May be wondering if its Worth the trouble As he fantasizes about conquests left behind. Washington a the pakistani government is shopping in the United states for torture devices for breaking Down suspects and brainwashing prisoners. The pakistanis would also like to procure a technical equipment for bugging rooms tapping telephones taking Clandestine pictures and writing secret messages in invisible Ink. It is suspected a but can to be stated positively a that the Money for the torture and tapping devices will come out of . Aid funds. Colonel Khan Ahmed Shamshad the pakistani army attache in Washington has been circulating a bizarre shopping list of 17 items. High on the list is a electric Shock pulses equipment time one second to ten seconds for use in interrogation of suspects to break them for next on the list Are a interrogations powerful lights and a Ocolor changer on the lights for a brainwashing of the pakistanis Are also seeking tape recorders a for tape recording of unguarded conversation and a Small camera a for unobtrusive a Static intercepting devices Are wanted a to intercept unguarded conversations plus hidden Infra red cameras a for unguarded photography and an audio interceptor a to intercept conversations on spy tools a for the use presumably of pakistani spies. Colonel Khan would also like to buy an invisible Ink kit a for invisible writing and detecting invisible writing. We carefully verified the authenticity of the amazing procurement list. Then we called colonel Khan for his comment. A i done to know what to say a he spluttered. A this is of course an internal thing. I can Only say this much your Reading a i would agree with that but it is not with any ulterior he suggested that a every government uses torture and tapping equipment. His strange shopping list he added a is just an but he submitted the list to one arms dealer Avi Terra corporation of Bethesda md., with a letter declaring a we Are interested to procure the equipment As per list attached. Before placing a firm order As to the procurement of equipment we would like to have the technical literature for study and Hie firms president Horst Kleinsorg happens to be a German who had done business with the pakistanis but who has bitter memories of Adolf Hitler. A just by Reading the list a he replied to colonel Khan a i feel certain memories Back when i was a child in Germany and in Graffiti 1 a merry go round by Jack Anderson fortunately was a witness when this material was at the disposal of people like the ones requesting it now. A. A instead of spending Money for this Type of equipment it is in my opinion More appropriate to take these funds and feed Little children in the slums of Karachi and Lahore. If you feed them now. You done to have to interrogate them slush fund one of the nations largest Banks the Crocker National Bank of California has been hitting up its executives for Campaign contributions. In a Stuffy letter to its High level employees Bank chairman Emmett Solomon urged them to make contributions to the a Robert m. Pike trustee As it turns out the fund is named for the Bank a corporate Secretary and is a slush fund for the Bank a favorite political candidates. A contributions to the fund Are entirely voluntary a says Solomon a letter which then pointedly suggests that contributions should be a equal to one half of one per cent of your Gross annual when we queried Crocker vice president Donald White about the slush fund he said it was terminated after new recent Federal Laws required that contributors names be made Public. Nevertheless he confirmed that a tens of thousands of dollars had been handed out to the Banks backs lapping buddies during the funds lifetime. Letters a West virginian sends his thanks to the editor the citizens of Buffalo Creek West Virginia would like to express their appreciation for the help provided by the people in your area during the Buffalo Creek tragedy. A copy of the attached letter was mailed to the mayor of your City and it would be appreciated if you would print this letter in your newspaper. Rayman Herman May or the mayor of the City of High Point High Point North Carolina dear or. Mayor on behalf of the citizens of Buffalo Creek. I would like to thank you for the assistance in the form of food clothing and furniture that you provided us during our recent tragedy. The overwhelming human concern displayed by such As you made our loss easier to Bear. While we shall never forget the torrent of water likewise we shall never forget the Avalanche of kindness concern and gifts that our new found friends bestowed upon us. Again May we say thanks in this Small Way. Rayman Herman mayor Man w. A. Networks and pressure moving toward anxiety Dollar Battle by Henry j. Taylor United feature Syndicate London a although unrevealed european Central Bankers Are moving quietly in cooperation with Federal Reserve Board chairman Arthur f. Burns to revamp the Dollar Battle. They Are at the very Center of the Power Magazine that sits under our Dollar and in special charge of the detonators. And there is no More consequential news for our future welfare at Home than news from their Battlefront. Our Gold is of course gone with the wind. Our Reserve is Down to less than $11 billion of which $1 billion is mortgaged to the International monetary fund. And . Short term obligations payable in Gold to foreign Banks companies and individuals now exceed $32 billion. Although president Nixon shut the Gold door on August 15 last year so that most of these obligations will not be paid in Gold Gold we Haven to Goethe obligations remain just the same. The free world nations value their own Money in Dollar terms keep much of their reserves in dollars and often Settle International accounts in . Dollars. For example Here in England our British cousins not Only use the Pound As we use the Dollar but both the Pound and Dollar a tied together a Are the Bank of England a chief Reserve currency. In fact its officials estimate to me that about 70 per cent of Britain a Pound Supply is held by foreigners abroad valued at the ratio interchangeable into . Dollars. In Over All result the free world does not run today on a Gold Standard. But it still runs on a Dollar Standard. Our Dollar May not be King of the Mountain any More but it remains the common denominator. Now arrives the crunch for there is a perfectly colossal Over Supply of those dollars Over Here. This gave birth to what is called the eurodollar Market a Market As mysterious As it is consequential to most of us at Home. Its creation Washington could overspend abroad because foreign Central Banks absorbed All the dollars Washington shoved Over. And superimposed on this Niagara like outpouring of dollars. Europe a Commerce made and makes its own immense contribution. This Isnit As hard to understand As it May seem. A eurodollar starts when m. Blank a French perfume manufacturer gets an order from America accompanied by a Check for say $1,000. M. Blank deposits the Check in his Dollar account in a Paris Bank. Instantly one thousand eurodollars Are born. How Many Are told aggregate statistics Are literally impossible but Bank of England officials estimate to me the eurodollar total at least $40 billion. Others say its a great Deal higher. But one thing is certain there Are now More eurodollars than there Are american dollars in currency and Bills circulating in the United states. Banks Over Here have loaned out the eurodollars to american companies that wanted to build plants do advertising etc., Over Here but could not Send their Money Over Here under . Regulations. They Deal overwhelming More however in the Purchase and Sale of these accumulated dollars including loaning them Back to our Banks in America on a colossal Multi billion Dollar scale a at High interest rates. And the american Banks eurodollar borrowing grown vast has opened a great Pandora s Box of complications in the Checkerboard world of International finance. Accordingly the unrevealed plans of Europe scentral Banks in cooperation with feb chairman bums contain powerful Hope for a better . Domestic lending situation. And that a important for after All that a where we live and where each of us. No matter what our occupation is directly affected. They Are working toward nullifying the eurodollar Market by helping our american bunks attract funds domestically. In close consultation behind the scenes Between the Central Banks Over Here and the feb the undisclosed moves Are dedicated to bringing Back Home the lending Power of our Banks. That a a major step Forward in stimulating the . Business activity jobs payrolls the tax Revenue on which Washington depends and the whole Circle of expansion versus a vicious Circle of contraction in our country. Very often quiet things happening behind closed doors can be More consequential than what is at the top of the news and this qualifies on that score. Selecting keeps by Robert Roth North american newspaper Alliance Washington a one Reform the democrats did no to get around to at their convention was a better method of choosing a vice presidential nominee. This was not because the need for change was unrecognized but because no one could produce a new plan on which a majority could agree. Historically vice presidents have been chosen in three different ways. Under one method the nominee was picked by the same party Bosses who had already chosen the presidential candidate. The selected usually represented a Compromise an attempt to placate dissidents within the party. He might be a nonentity nationally but he was expected to have a constituency of his own which might be important in a close election. It was considered essential most of the time that he bring geographical balance to the ticket. A second Way the Way that has been followed most in recent years was to let the presidential candidate make the Choice himself. In making his selection the top Man was guided by pretty much the same principles if they can be called that As those followed by the Bosses under method no. I. He would consult of course with those who had helped him get the nomination but the final Choice was his and his alone. The third method has been adopted Only once. This was to let the convention make its own decision with no guidance from the presidential candidate and with minimal or at any rate ineffective interference from the party Bosses. Adlai Stevenson chose this Way in the 1956 convention which named his Arch rival sen. Estes Kefauver As his running mate. Senator George Mcgovern followed the second course in Miami and it was quickly demonstrated that in this Way Lay trouble. Although he had known for Days that the nomination would be his and that he have sen. Edward Kennedy As his running mate Mcgovern had trouble making up his mind whom he did want. He did not reach a decision until minutes before the deadline set by convention rules and it was no secret that the Man he finally lit on sen. Thomas Eagleton of Missouri was not his first or even his second Choice. Of course there might have been even greater trouble of Mcgovern had chosen either of the other two historical alternatives available to him. Either might have produced a vice presidential nominee hostile to the head of the ticket for personal or political reasons or both and might have been a Handicap during the Campaign and constant menace afterwards if by some Remote Chance a ticket As composed were elected. Awareness of the need for a better method is a comparatively recent development. Only lately has the election of a vice president come to be regarded As of immense importance because there is one Chance in three that he will later on be president. There Are other ways of picking vice presidential candidates besides the unsatisfactory ones to which both parties now seem wedded. The second place nominee might be required to run in state conventions or state primaries As candidates for president do now. Or the presidential nominee might be required to present to the convention several names among which the delegates could chose

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