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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 22, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Temh High Point Enterprise Good afternoon an Independent newspaper Randii b Terry president co publisher d a Rawley co publisher David a Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H Lockwood vice weather like this keep Low profile Joseph p Rawley. Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor 4a thursday july 22, 1976 thoughts for today for truly my words Are not false one who is perfect in knowledge is with you Quot a Job 36 4 a Chr a Cha Nim id dirty Ngueh la True from the Faire Mutt hat e an adequate idea of Uhal it True and a Benedict up inn to. Clutch Jeu Irh Phil Nipher. Of elected i will on the opposite Side of this Page is a thoughtful letter from a Greensboro rest Dent who has a better than usual understanding of a contemporary problem that has Long concerned us he agonies Over the probability that citizens will go to the polls in november with much less information about the people they Are voting for or against than they ought to have his analysis of the reasons is excellent. As far As it goes but his proposed solution As they say in the political world Falls Short of viability. In our judgment it won t do the Job hat Lewis perceives As we do that the physical and mechanical problems of disseminating to the Public the full positions on various important issues of scores of candidates has not and probably will not be done by the news Media he feels that it is a matter of space in the newspapers time in the electronic Media and to that extent he is Correct what he does not add is the established fact that with a very few exceptions. The Reading and listening Public is not willing to spend the time necessary to arrive at a full appreciation of every candidates views and thoughts. Thus the Media decisions on How to cover such campaigns Are arrived at As much on the basis of probable readership As on our particular limitations of time and space or. Lewis wants the county at taxpayer expense to disseminate biographies photographs and a position papers on Public issues As they the candidates View them together with the ways they. Would resolve these issues As elected officials Quot the latter in full with a no editing in any we Are led to wonder if he knows 1 that there Are As Best we can count them 65 candidates for courthouse legislative and county school Board positions in Guilford this year 2 that uncontrolled Quot position papers Quot can run to thousands of words. 3. And that this newspaper and those in Greensboro regularly present photos biographical and mercifully Brief statements from such candidates before every National and City election. The Enterprise is currently receiving from All candidates for the county Board of commissioners and general Assembly seats responses to questionnaires. We have asked the 16 county commission candidates to Tell us what they feel Are the major problems facing the county and what solutions they would seek and How they would seek to combat Lack of Public Confidence in government. Of the 14 would be legislators we asked about their ideas of the state s most pressing problems along with solutions and How they think North Carolina government can be made More efficient. Because of the aforesaid limitations we have insisted on Brevity along with the necessity to condense those answers which stray into the Field of hot air. Round ups of their responses will be dutifully published in the weeks preceding the primaries dutifully we say because of the almost certain knowledge that they will be wasted upon a Large number of our readers who Are unwilling to give the time and Effort even to read condensed position statements. Nevertheless we accept it As a self imposed responsibility to be of service to the electorate. The very Large number of candidates is. In itself a healthy sort of thing the offices for which they Are running do not comparatively pay very Well and Public service headaches regularly Over balance the occasional rewards. But the very size of the candidate list says by itself that or. Lewis a solution would be inordinately expensive for a very probable Low return on the investment. He is to be commended however for addressing himself to an important and rightful Public concern. We looked and did not find his name on the candidate list i by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus the news has been full of accidents tragedies and one troubling thing after another the past few Days. Some Are prone to blame such untoward incidents on unseasonably hot weather for people just Aren t As Alert As when they Are when thermometers read More pleasantly so. We advise a Little less undertaken these Over warm Days lighten the Load. Eat less keep out of the Sun As much As you can when you Are annoyed try to forget what it is that worries you. Hold your Tongue Don t answer Back at carping critics. Nothing makes you quite so shaky and unable to do your Job As losing your temper. Stop worrying and remember the old adage for every evil under the Sun there is a remedy or there is none if there is one. Find it. If there a none never mind it. From pages of the Whitefish Pilot Whitefish Mont comes the fascinating Story of How messed up things can get when one tries to abide by conflicting government regulations. Seems a medicare official visited a Rocky Mountain Hospital to determine if it was complying with Federal regulations and thereby be eligible for continued government subsidies. The official found the Hospital using plastic liners in its waste baskets and ordered them removed since he claimed. In the event of fire the liners would give off toxic fumes. They were removed. A Short time later an official of Osha called on the same Hospital on a routine safety inspection. He found no plastic liners in waste baskets. That he said was a Clear violation of Osha regulations that require a a that a disgusting a Washington merry go round plastic liners in All baskets for the safety of employees handling waste. The Hospital Board almost decided that the Only solution would be to eliminate waste baskets entirely and throw the trash out the window. Cooler Heads prevailed when it was realized that such actions would clearly violate the regulations of the environmental Protection Agency. And so it goes in Montana a As elsewhere Crape Myrtle the tall ornamental Shrub native to China is beginning to show its Large showy Flowers which will brighten the landscape for the next three or so months sticking around until nearly Frost. The late or. Clarence Poe of the progressive Farmer described the Crape Myrtle As a the Flower of a Hundred folks to whom the flowering Shrub is not familiar Are More impressed with its colourful presence than those of us who have grown up with it traditionally and thus take its color and vitality for granted Flower books list it As Quot Lagerstroem a the Lilac of the but it has no odor is a poor Cut Flower and blooms in the heat rather than the Spring As the Lilac does the very fact it thrives on the heat of summer seemingly requiring no care makes it More attractive to Busy householders. Around old homesteads the deep Watermelon variety seems to be fading to Magenta and a graded Lavender with most folks seeming to prefer the White Pink and red varieties. High pointers have Long appreciated the Crape Myrtle the late a. Sherrod having lined his Woodrow Avenue development with it half a Century ago. So that it still glows with that flowering Beauty. It blooms More abundantly if severely pruned in late Winter. A bit of fertilizer next Spring encourages its color and Blossom but its assumed hardiness causes it to be regarded a common Plant that can do without added sustenance it s a mighty Nice Flower to have around with its feeling of stability and Beauty. Appointment of Robert Paroli head football coach of Cummings High school at Burlington to direct the North Carolina All Star team at the 40th annual shrine bowl game against South Carolina s All stars at Charlotte dec la. Means the tar Heel team will be strongly directed for the shrines it Means another million Dollar Gate As in the past two years that will bring up to Sio million their contribution from that Effort in behalf of the shrine Hospital for crippled children at Greenville. S c. Shrines support a Baker s dozen of hospitals for crippled children As Well As Burn centers across America but nowhere has there been As much endowment channelled from their promotions As has the Carolina shrine bowl festival and spectacle expected to scale new Heights of support under Parolis prodding the game matches 35-player squads of High school seniors selected by the coaches who cooperate wholeheartedly in making the event a greater Success with each continuing year we Are saddened by the death of c e Gene Mcintoshjr. Who did a great Job Selling us savings Bonds since 1950 and As state director of that program since 1973 Early this year it was discovered that he was suffering from cancer. Death came last wednesday. William h. Neal who with mrs Neal became a resident of the presbyterian Home recently and who was assistant Secretary of the u s Treasury department in directing that program nationally until his retirement tells us that Gene Mcintosh did outstanding work in keeping North Carolina in the Van of states supporting the government s Bond program i was privileged to work closely with the Bond project As state publicity director through the entire 35 years it has been operative. It was both a pleasure and inspiration to work with so dedicated a Man As was Gene Mcintosh you can be remembered Ford s aides study Reagan s finances available history does not Tell us How Centennial Street got its name. But current chamber of Commerce in projecting the news formation does Tell us there is no Quot Bicentennial any volunteers for a name change sex discrimination viewpoints president Ford s recent suspension of a ruling that would have outlawed father son and Mother daughter events in Public schools demonstrated anew How difficult it can be to identify acts or patterns of sex discrimination almost everyone agrees that men and women should receive equal pay for equal work and hardly anyone thinks that unisex restrooms would Advance the cause of male female Equality. But Clear Cut cases like these Are the exception consider the treatment accorded working women who become pregnant women s rights advocates were dismayed when the supreme court held in 1974 that state Laws excluding Normal pregnancies from disability Benefit programs did not violate the equal Protection clause of the fourteenth amendment in an unsigned opinion handed Down last november however the court indicated that some arbitrary state policies concerning pregnancies Are unconstitutional because they violate the fourteenth amendment s due process clause which provides that a no state shall deprive any person of life Liberty or property without due process of Law Quot at Issue was a Utah statute that disqualified pregnant women from receiving unemployment compensation within 12 weeks of the expected Date of childbirth and for six weeks after the actual Date of birth in separate workers compensation cases last year two los Angeles women won precedent setting victories after claiming that on the Job sex discrimination had caused emotional injury Marie Glass who said she suffered severe feelings of depression when men were promoted Over her received $17.-500 plus medical expenses from the Northrop corp Angela Davis a mexican american said she had been insulted repeatedly because of her sex and ethnic background her employer. American medical International inc. Paid her 150.000 men. Too encounter sex discrimination on occasion. To prove the Point sociologist Richard Levinson of Emory University assigned two person teams of identically qualified men and women to apply for 256 advertised jobs usually associated with one sex the results showed that 44 per cent of the male applications for female work met with Clear Cut discrimination while 28 per cent of the women were turned Down when they inquired about men s work commenting on levinsons Survey Jody Gaylin wrote in psychology today a was Long As male jobs Are valued More highly male applicants for female jobs May be viewed As Peculiar a and several men did have their masculinity questioned finally Many employers Are obviously aware of the Legal consequences of discrimination against women they seem less aware that the Laws apply to men a Congress which has done so much to eliminate sex discrimination Seldom practices what it preaches in this area. Federal sex discrimination Laws do not extend to congressional employees with the result that women occupy most of the Low paying jobs and few of the prestige positions moreover pay Scales vary from office to office and from committee to committee in a speech to leading women democrats presidential candidate Jimmy Carter got to the heart of the matter. A it is not possible for me to understand the problem of those who Are he told them Quot so i need the encouragement and criticism of women in order to Deal better with problems that Are not part of my own conscious both Carter and his Republican opponent no doubt will hear much More about women s rights issues during the Campaign they said it Quot technological Progress without social Justice mocks humanity and nationalism without a consciousness of human Community refines instruments of oppression a Secretary of stale Henry h hunger charging that Chile r Crimet Agamiri human rights Are impairing la relations with the i United Slater. Senior Cia officials should have realized that their Agency was not utilizing its full capacity to investigate Lee Harvey Oswald s pro Castro and anti Castro connections they should have realized that Cia operations against Cuba. Needed to be considered in the investigation yet they directed their subordinates to conduct an investigation without telling them these vital facts a a from the report by the Senate select committee on intelligence Ali Villei charging the Cia neglected to thoroughly investigate the 1963 Sanaii Nalion of president John Kennedy. By Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington president Ford s Campaign aides Are trying to make a Case of tax avoidance against Ronald Reagan the president s men searching for material to Embarrass Reagan have asked a Law firm to Analyse the information he has released about his finances the tax lawyers concluded according to a confidential Campaign memorandum that he must be using his children to escape paying full taxes the confidential analysis indicates that Reagan s taxable income is a extraordinarily Low for a Man with his financial background and the lawyers therefore believe that Reagan Quot most Likely has a number of irrevocable trusts for his children in that Way income derived from such trusts would not be reported by or Reagan but would be reported by his children on their tax returns a a spokesman for Reagan categorically denied that the former California governor has established irrevocable trusts for his children we called this to the attention of the Ford aides who were upset that we had obtained their confidential memo they acknowledged that they had no Quot hard evidence Quot to prove their Case against Reagan but if Reagan in t hiding income in irrevocable trusts they said. He must be hiding it somewhere else. Reagan has Only himself to blame for the questions that have been raised about his tax returns several months ago. We asked All the major presidential candidates for their income tax returns for the past five years. To avoid future Washington scandals we contended the Public has the right to know whether presidential aspirants have a clean financial record. Reagan was the Only candidate who refused to open up his tax returns it would violate his privacy he said. A month after our stories appeared Reagan yielded under the pressure and released some general information about the taxes he had paid from 1970 through 1975. But he combined All his Federal state property and sales taxes and revealed Only the Lump sum. It was impossible to ferret out How much Federal income tax Reagan had paid each year earlier a Story had leaked out that Reagan paid no state income taxes in 1970. Even though his income for the year was $73,000 a the tax lawyers have states the confidential memo a that if their understanding of or. Reagan s 1970 tax returns is Correct that is no state taxes paid that year they believe that. He most Likely paid no Federal taxes because the same tax base is used Quot to calculate both state and Federal taxes a spokesman insisted that Reagan had paid Quot several Hundred dollars Quot in Federal taxes in 1970 but refused to specify the exact amount. Terrorist ties Israel has claimed that Uganda s Madcap president Idi Amin enthusiastically cooperated with the pro palestinian terrorists who hijacked a French Airliner and flew the hostages to his country. Israeli commandos made a daring. 2,500-mile Stab into the Jungle landed at Uganda s Entebbe Airport and freed the hostages. The raid has stirred up an International controversy which culminated in a full scale United nations debate the irrepressible Idi Amin meanwhile has issued plaintive statements wailing that he had tried to save the hostages and that the israelis had repaid his kindness by shooting up his soldiers the available information according to our intelligence sources confirms the israeli account. Here s what our sources have been Able to establish a the hijackers planned from the Start to land in Uganda they told the hostages their destination and they took on enough fuel during a Stopover in Libya to reach the Uganda Airport a when the hijacked plane landed on Entebbe a German terrorist was heard by witnesses to say Quot now it is Okay. I can see ugandan soldiers Are a in the Airport lounge ugandan waiters already had food prepared for the hostages one prisoner asked How so Many meals could be prepared so fast. The head waiter laughed and said Quot we knew Well in Advance you were coming Quot a Amin personally embraced the terrorists calling them Quot my he loudly proclaimed that he was their Friend and that he would help liberate All the palestinian prisoners in Israel. Letter to the editor dangerous column the food and drug administration has accused columnist James Kilpatrick of writing a dangerous column about the Apricot pit derived drug laetrile which has been offered As a cancer cure Kilpatrick conceded that the drug is probably a worthless Quot but defended the cancer victims right to use it contending it is a harmless Quot the Fra. In a private letter to sen. Gaylord Nelson. D wis warned that laetrile is far from Quot harmless Quot but. On the contrary. Could cause death a emr Kilpatrick s false claim that laetrile is harmless cannot be dismissed or interfere with Early diagnosis and Swift footnote Kilpatrick told us the Fra is Quot wrought up this is purely a matter of scientific disagreements on the harmlessness Quot for a fully informed voter to the editor in the interest of better government for Guilford county we have forwarded the original of this letter to the Guilford county Board of elections enclosure dear or. Adams for As Many elections As i can recall i have been hearing complaints from Many citizens and am myself aware of the Lack of communications Between the candidates for Public office and the electorate. Citizens just do not have a comprehensive source of information from which they May gain ideas about How future representatives of their government think about critical Community problems a and How they would proceed in trying to solve those problems. Information dispensed by Means of Quot meet the candidates Quot forums interviews with newspaper and to reporters person to person contacts Brief newspaper and to ads political flyers billboards etc., just do not seem to be making sufficient Impact upon the Public. There Are a number of reasons for this but i would like to Advance two which seem to stand out above the others one news reporters Quot interpret what the candidates Tell them and in Quot translating Quot the information for publishing Are conscious of a space newspapers essentially Are a donating space when they print political information and the need to keep such information concise exerts an unconscious Bias working against thorough coverage of the candidates views and insights to stations by the same Token donate Quot time Quot and the same Bias works with this Media. The result which can be easily noted is that Only a few of the More emotional issues get mentioned thoughtful consideration of other critical issues never get before the Public. Two. This problem might be solved by publications which would supplement the Media presentations giving information in More detail these would be financed by the individual candidates it is easily recognized however that the Cost for this Means of communication is prohibitive to most of the candidates whose financial resources Are limited even the better financed candidates do not publish i depth a position papers Quot because under the current circumstances they Are not compelled to do so by their competitors for these reasons both As a citizen and As a present candidate for a position on the Guilford county Board of county commissioners i am making the following formal proposal to your office to Correct this deficiency in Public communication i. As a voluntary action within one week after the final Date for filing for Public office All candidates will submit to your office to a Short personal biography by a suitable photograph and c a Quot position paper on Public issues As they View them together with the ways they the candidates would resolve these issues As elected officials 2 As a mandated action the county government would have printed for Public notice this information in All of the newspaper Media throughout the county and finance this publication with Public funds the following provisions would apply a publication would be made 3 weeks from the final Date of filing b the information would be published Only one time for each election c this procedure would be restricted to county offices county offices and representatives to the state Assembly and d most importantly the information submitted to your office the a position papers Quot would be printed verbatim ie., no editing in any manner. Candidates who did not wish to Avail themselves of this Opportunity of course would receive recognition by name Only. With regard to the current trend in helping candidates allay their expenses to create a More equitable Opportunity for citizens to run for electoral office this seems to be a rational and fitting proposal. A a Hal Lewis Greensboro

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