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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 22, 1972, High Point, North Carolina A the weather Tiss Oma it 90 National i at my a to a Vici Noaa it Oft. To a Wmk to in a we of a a Tama a Mil Munh it Cwb us a him a continued hot hot is a one word forecast o expected weather conditions for the Northern Piedmont area through the weekend and continuing through the Early part of next week. The Outlook for tonight and sunday is for partly Cloudy skies and continued hot temperatures with a Chance of afternoon and evening Shower activity. Tile chances of rain were placed at 30 per cent through sunday. The extended Outlook for monday through wednesday Calls for isolated Shower activity monday and tuesday becoming More numerous on wednesday with continuing warm temperatures throughout the period. High temperatures for today and sunday were expected to be in the Low 90s and the Low tonight in the Low 70s. High Point Enterprise saturday july 22, 1972 a Mcgovern forces planning strategy by Carl p. Leubsdorf a political writer uling Gordon Weil the senators executive assistant John Holum speech writer and defense policy aide and Miles new York is just outta sight a girl Peers through Coin operated binoculars from the 70th floor of the Ria building in Midtown Manhattan looking South Friday. Smog covered much of the City on a hot humid Day. The fabled Empire state building is barely visible in the background just left of Center. A wire photo atomic pacemakers implanted forecast three Day forecast North Carolina extended Outlook monday through wednesday. By Frank Carey a science writer Washington a plutonium-238, powering St Ruments on the Moon. The still experimental in Tai in Buffalo n.y., according to or. Andrew Gage the chief de surgeon. Custer . A democratic presidential nominee George Mcgovern and his i a a. ,. Top Campaign advisers Are Bubin a top financial adviser meeting today to put the finish-1 Mcgovern was also becoming touches on plans for his pained by his wife Eleanor drive to capture the White an j other members of his Fame House from Richard attlcu5 a a arge Back 01nu a a Quot a who Belon its 10 his dau8b pain manager said 75 to 90 a a per cent of the matters to be ter Mary. Discussed have already been worked out and await Only final approval by the senator. Hart and Frank Mankiewicz Mcgovern a National political director spent considerable time completing the fall Campaign plans during a five Day Virgin islands vacation after the democratic National convention. Hart met thursday in Wash president in ton with the three regional coordinators Rick Stearns Eli Segal and Harold Himmel Many to make final plans for dividing the 50 states into West air withdrawal would be com Ern Central and Eastern Divi plated by the end of the week. Two years for con Sions. The leftist Beirut paper Al non nuclear Pace a. Soviet advisers to leave Egypt by week s end Beirut a Anwar egyptian Sadat was quoted today As saying the number of russian advisers leaving Egypt was 10,000 and months to vent ional Sun Yuca a Pace the on a top Calapai Nad. A a ajl Quot a. A ready used by up t0 Viser no Here is Lawrence f. Of Brien named thursday paper which has close ties isolated thundershowers Dur americans first implantation of a Cess wei8hin� about four the men aged 43 and 48, are60.000 americans. O Brien Quot named Quot Thuv slav Quot As w the Egypt also reported from Ling afternoon or evenings mon0 n _ a in my Era ounces and Aboul two thirds the doing Well after the operations,1 non nuclear pacemakers Are Mcgovern a National Calfin Cairo that Egypt will Continua North Carolina partly Day and tuesday becoming Quot a g Al size of cigarette pack were and expectations Are that then powered by chemica1 batteries chairman with Bason duties to1to provide the soviet Navy with Cloudy and hot through sunday More numerous wednesday a humans successfully implanted this implants will last at least to which must be replaced period As Well As a refuelling and refitting facilities Tenero tarps have disclosed week near the hearts of two years without requiring Surgi really. Zell i ii a 8 rening a cities temperatures. A a. A occasional Batter Lail. Ate Yutian pm with with scattered afternoon and rather warm j. A a. Revening thundershowers. Highs highs in the 80s and Low 90s. The devices Are powered by world War ii veterans a the Cal replacement. Today and sunday Low to in mid 60s mountains to same radioactive material., administration Host a this compares 90s except mid to upper 80s out 18 Leader re ran gig or Banks and Beadles. Lows coast tonight mid 60s mountains ranging to mid 70s coast. To Low and mid 70s South Carolina extended Outlook monday South Carolina partly through wednesday Cloudy and hot today through widely scattered mainly sunday with widely scattered afternoon thundershowers along afternoon and evening Thunder the coast monday and tuesday showers. High temperatures to and Over the state wednesday. Old maid Dies at 15 Panda Chi Chi in London zoo Day and sunday in the 90s. Lows tonight mostly in the 70s. Continued hot with highs in the 90s and lows near 70. Nixon official defends ant Panda who disappointed the Chi Chi. Who looked like a giant efficient tax system by John Kamps Areola Ted pres writer Washington a just because a handful wealthy avoid paying taxes. Al under Secretary of the treas heartbeat in patients with by Fred Coleman the curator of mammals or. And North Korea. Their mating heart Block a or injury to the associated press writer Michael Bramwell was with would have prevented the Spe heart s natural pacemaker a London a Chi Chi. Her in her Den cies from becoming extinct out a ule of �?~i88116 a bib the London zoos cuddly girl Gil roly poly Black and White regulates the heart s pumping action. Worlds incurable romantics by Teddy Bear. Had delighted Chil dul Irons 10 Orange a r Gage said in a Telephone twice refusing to mate with an Dren from All Over the world As match in Moscow in 1966 and interview that the nuclear Pace an the Moscow zoos giant boy one of the London zoo s top at Here in 1969 failed. Chi Chi maker operations were per Panda died Early today an Oldi traction. Rar in should mar infest in formed on july 18 and 19. Maid of 15. I at the time of her intended a by a m0r he said both patients who i a a she died peacefully in her marriage she and an an were us a. ,.were not identified have Chron of sleep at about 3 30 .,�?� a zoo the Only giant pandas in captive Yawn when he tried to give in heart Block and both have spokesman said. Ity outside communist China her a russian Bear hug she a a worn a conventional non no slapped his face went Back to Clear pacemakers for a number also occasional Battery fail of Brien aide Stanley Greigg is ure can pose an emergency in representing him. I nation. Participants in the meetings viewed the reasons his atomic Energy commission include Jean Westwood new decision to Send military and scientists have said they re chairman of the democratic visors Home and said one of Trina tonal. Committee Charles them was the almost he re o models of the nuclear Pac Emak Guggenheim the senators up Susie Ion that he said charac ers become available the Cost Media adviser Patrick cad sup a on Inai be 83, 1 Clarac will be under $3,000. His pollster Steve Rob prize relations Between the cardiac pacemakers Are de bins who is in charge of seed two countries. Signed to maintain Normal Hills heating i appliance service a Faias a insinuation of Sidi tial a commie Cial Phon 7e e?04 Winston Saum Imko Ishri Evert Occas or Urt ruts Iru Eherts writer or Riel i we miss. A i s a n St 43�?T. I spokesman for the Nixon Adury Edwin s. Cohen told the ministration has defended the Senate House economic com . Income tax system As the Priit tee Friday the . Income Best in history and warns fax system is a the most of against condemning the system Foj cent Revenue device in the history of the although fatally wounded Man has pockets rifled munching her Bamboo shoots of a or. One Man had his for and that was that. Yean. Experts finally concluded. A a the a were a a for a that Chi Chi was already Over Battery replacement or their. A conventional a Coffee prices Are expected to increase the Hill at 9. Middle age for a Quot a in enu Imai Devil _ be re Panda. When she got her first at a Quot f we them if look at an an they a fms a care 10 have 006 Chi Chi. Whose name meant buy your. Engagement Diamond in the Modem manner select your Quality flawless Fine flair a pay Only for what you get a come in soon was implanted. They were fully in he said president Nixon plans next year to Send Congress recommendations for improving Atlanta a. Map a a witness told the detectives a a mischievous Little girls tax Laws. Nurse trying to Aid a mortally he heard someone Tell Sidney 15 years and 9 months old i Ormed Abo and they read tax Law Reform May Well be wounded Man at a shopping a Stop hot. Another ant pandas rarely live beyond let of Reed desirable he said but Congress Center was shoved aside by two a an walked around the car Ana Jug Anuj we jus died should proceed a with Calm men who began ripping out the shot Sidney detectives said 0f old age. Z00 spa Esman analysis and thoughtful judg victims pockets for Money Poney were told. lice said today. The nurse said that after to a a Jeam 0f animal Pathol he urged the committee to the nurse who asked that 1r arrived they told her to re we a Carty out a Post mor new York apr the disregard what he called elec her name be withheld said she sume helping the injured Man 3ritish museum then Price of Coffee in american us Tion year a political rhetoric was giving 23-year-old Willie an it Jishe did. Expects to have the body per markets May go up because resulting from reports that a Lee Sidney Mouth to Mouth re the detectives theorized the stuffed for show at its natural there was a severe Frost in the few wealthy individuals have sus citation Friday when the argument could have been Over history museum state of Parana Brazil on the managed to escape taxes. The two men pushed her away and a debt or a drug transaction night of july 8-9. Committee is considering tax began rifling Sidney a pockets. The men in the automobile general foods corp., maker Reform and subsidy proposals. �?otm8 is our Damn Money left before police arrived. De of Maxwell House Sanka you Cohen confirmed that three anyway a the nurse said one of tec Tives said witnesses were Reban and Maxim Coffee prod persons with adjusted Gross in the men snapped. Ductant to give an account of acts said Friday that it was comes of More than $1 million Sidney was pronounced dead the incident. Hiking its wholesale prices in 1970 paid no tax. He gave noon arrival at a Hospital with a monday because of the frosts names. But he adde i 621 oth Bullet wound in the Throat effect on the Green Coffee mar ers with incomes of $1 million detectives f. L. Russell and Ket. Plus paid an average tax of d. L. Steltenpohl said the in general foods said it was 5985.000 for a total of $612 Mil cadent apparently began after a boosting the Price of ground iils a representing 46 4 per cent car stopped at the shopping Coffee an average of seven Gross and amp it 3 per cent of Center and Sidney began fight cents a Pound and instant and their net testable income. Ing with one of its occupants. Iii a ii phone 885-22s1 i Elevinio n log Bob Hope leads flood telethon freeze dried products about a Penny an ounce. It said that since the brazilian Frost Green Coffee bean prices had gone up More than eight cents a Pound. Brazil supplies one third of the $1 billion Worth of Coffee that is imported into the United states each year. General foods said it had notified the Price commission of jury is selected for Ellsberg trial Baltimore a Hollywood celebrities led by Bob Hope arrived Here for a six hour telethon tonight for the red Cross Aid to victims of last months floods along the Atlantic Seaboard. Hope and the 57-member cast will originate the show in Baltimore. The program will be provided to 20 stations in 19 cities los Angeles a a Section with the leak to news in the Eastern United states its increases but that approval predominantly female jury that Media of the secret documents proceeds from the program Wasny to needed because the includes both supporters and detailing origins of . In in listeners will be asked company was Only passing on opponents of . Involvement evolvement in Vietnam. To Telephone pledges will be hikes in raw product prices. Detroit crowd causes disorder in the Vietnam War has been the panel chosen after All used for the red Cross disaster seated in the Pentagon papers chances to Challenge without Relief fund. Trill. Cause were exhausted includes a a a a the eight women and four two men who hold Security men. Chosen after two weeks of clearances. The defense of jury selection will judge Daniel posed inclusion of any jurors Ellsberg and Anthony Russo on connected with clearances but charges of espionage con the judge refused to bar them. Was the dirt Nett r api a crowd piracy and theft the defend w also includes an El-4u ii j Lect i son ants my Are satisfied with Derly italian immigrant who a 14 said his Only eduction broke into several stores Early it s a i001 jury d am can grammar school in Italy. Today in the Kennedy Squire embers said after defense claimed he would he area of downtown Detroit the panel was seated Friday unable to understand vol. Ellsberg 41, and Russo 35, Uranous documents to be pre four persons were arrested former Rand corp. Resented to the jury. The judge for breaking and entering and searchers Are charged in con disagreed one police officer suffered a Cut leg when a plate Glass window at a store was shattered in the trouble which started shortly after i Police said the mostly Black crowd gathered and started breaking windows and in a few cases looting stores. Police were moved into the area immediately to make arrests and attempt to disperse the crowd. A i have no idea Why the crowd was there a a police spokesman said. Flowers for All occasions High Point t loading Florin Brace Flower shop new Rte or a to we m4 phone 888 408 j and 182-1617 i summer song c lock Flam Matt Loo our Thorn summer cot Fortt. Cleaned and re sited. Fresh Crisp body insured. No matter what the Label says. Everything dry cleans better. So Wuhan 1670 English St. Tai iis-2101 j a my Greensboro go a Btu Charlotte 3 Wunch University station cd a Gap High Point c9 soc Charlotte so Wols Roanoke co Wujs Winston Salem 8 00 movie a Day of the evil gun a Glenn Ford Arthur Kennedy 10 00 the Ken Berry a a wow show Wop to 4 00 . 3 0 new 5 chronology to Porter Wagoner h conversation 4 30 . J news j gun smoke d wrestling 3 a id Nhuc news 7 00 . 3d Hee Haw i Al 3 Lawrence Welk to Klub Wiz 3d news 7 30 . 3d Tommy Faile to to Tell the truth id Arthur Smith 8 . 2 3 All in the family 8 saturday movie f/10 comedy the atre 1 30 . 2 3. Mary Tyler Moore 3 music people 9 00 . 3 3 Dick Van Dyke amp to movie 9 30 . D Amie 3 let s make a Deal 10 00 . X 3 Mission impossible j Ken Berry 11 00 . Of news 3 news d news i new 3� news cd news and movie 11 30 . 3d3 movie 10 movie 8 Shock theatre tonight 11 news a sisal tomorrow 8 00 am gospel songs 9 00 am John Wayne Western theatre pre school registration 4 and 5 year Olds Oak View United methodist Church to orientation begins August 28th. Call 882-3025 confused worried upset f phone us 882-8121 capsule views of today s evening programs 7 . 8 a Lawrence Welk a something for everyone a plus Doc 8 . 2 All in the family Archie sole witness to a mugging tries to avoid involvement by fabricating a Story about the incident. 8 saturday movie a Day of the evil gun a with Glenn Ford Arthur Kennedy and Dean Jagger. A Western adventure drama about a former gunfighter whose wife and children Are kidnapped by Savage apaches. 12 saturday movie the conclusion of a far from the madding tempestuous events befall Bathsheba Everdine Julie Christie As she becomes More involved with three men of differing b a c a grounds. Other stars Are ter Firych rence stamp Peter and Alan Bates. To . 2 Mission impossible a Jack Cassidy guest stars As an sex hoodlum who fronts a gambling Casino for a Syndicate and the if must get him to testify. % Ken Berry the a a wow show with guest appearances by Lyle Wagner Chad Everett George Burns and Dick Clark plus the new seekers. T

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