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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 22, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather very hot humid More data on Page 5-a the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation. M2-1719 classified ads. 115-2177 All other departments 115-2151 88th year a no. 204 High Point n. C., saturday afternoon july 22, 1972 16 pages daily 10c, sunday 25c troops Advance on strongholds As Irish Bloodbath continues hard hat keeps Cool when a fellow Steelworker in Sacramento Calif told m. D. Culpepper to go soak his head during a recent heat wave he thanked him for the idea and did exactly that. On the Eastern Seaboard High temperatures have caused air pollution alerts and created a Strain on electric Power supplies resulting in blackouts in some areas. A wire photo 6 More countries join common Market traders by Carl Hartman associated press writer Brussels a six West european countries signed into a Junior partnership with the common Market today launching the worlds richest trading bloc. The signers were Austria Iceland. Portugal Sweden. Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Finland initiated the treaties and is expected to sign formally after a new government is installed in Helsinki. The newly developing 16-nation bloc starts dismantling Tariff barriers on factory goods Jan. I and promises to become a major Challenge to the United states. Japan and other countries floods from outside will continue paying duties to enter the lucrative West european Market. The signing ceremony was in Brussels egmont Palace where half a year ago Britain and three other countries of Northern Europe signed to become full Market members Jan i the Day today a treaties take effect. Heavy police guards and Security were mobilized to prevent any incident like the one last january when a woman threw Ink at British prime minister Edward Heath the six Junior partners decided against becoming full members of the common Market at present but most have options to join later. Some Are politically Neutral and saw full membership As carrying a commitment to the Atlantic Alliance. Some were unprepared for the obligations of full membership in their farm Price systems. Britain. Denmark. Ireland and possibly Norway become full Market members at the Start of 1973. Joining the original six France West Germany Italy the Netherlands. Belgium and Luxembourg. Today a treaties provide for elimination of tariffs on Industrial goods in the 16-country area in one year stages with most of the barriers disappearing by july i 1977. After that Date almost any article manufactured in any one of the 16 countries will be sold duty free in any of the others a 17th country tiny Liechtenstein is part of Switzerland a trading area. The treaties provide that no new Trade harriers Are to be erected n the area and they Grant some preferences on farm products. They Are expected to put the United states. Canada. Japan and other outside countries at a growing disadvantage in Selling to Western Europe Spain is the Only country in the Region remaining outside the group hut it has special Trade agreements with the others. Tors after Midnight in a Large scale selected the army refused to say How Many men were involved but units from several regiments advanced into the three zones All strongholds for the Irish Republican army whose provisional Wing claimed responsibility for fridays bombings. In one Battle an estimated 12 terrorists fired 900 rounds into the Louisa Street army Post in a staunchly Catholic sector of the Ardoyne area. The fiercest gun Battle broke out in another Section of the markets and other Catholic strongholds when protestant revenge squads mobilized to punish the Ira for fridays bombings opened fire on the guerrillas. At least four men died but the exact number of gunmen involved from the two groups was unknown. Troops also found a Man and a girl slumped in a Bullet riddled Auto in the markets. The provisional sent carloads of gunmen racing through Washington a president Nixon has again selected vice president Spiro t. Agnew to be his running mate in the fall White House elections it was announced margin greater than in 68 race Princeton no. A president Nixon leads sen. George Mcgovern by a wider margin than Nixon led Hubert h. Humphrey at the same period in the 196$ presidential Campaign according to the latest Gallup poll. The poll taken late Lait week and released Friday showed that 45 per cent of those interviewed favored Nixon while 32 per cent preferred Mcgovern. Another la per cent said they hoped gov. George c. Wallace of Alabama would make a third party bid. A poll taken shortly after the 1961 democratic convention put Nixon at 43 per cent then vice president Humphry at 31 per cent and Wallace at 19 per cent. In the 1961 general election Humphrey ran one percentage Point behind Nixon in the popular vote while Wallace polled 13 per cent. The current poll gave Nixon s6 per cent and Mcgovern 37 per cent with Wallace out of the race As is stiffens souvenir rules by Vern Haugland associated press writer Washington apr troubled Over attempts to reap personal gain out of the lunar landings the National aeronautics and space administration said today it is toughening flight rules for Apollo 17, the last of the current Senes of manned Moon missions. The Agency said it is considering eliminating the so called personal preference kits the packets in which astronauts have been permitted to carry Light articles for later distribution As souvenirs to family and friends. A spokesman said instructions wer issued to the astronauts before the Apollo 16 Mission last april on permissible items. The trouble seems to be that once an item has touched the Moon it assumes astonishing monetary value the Shoebox size packet of postal covers carried to the Moon by the Apollo 15 Crew 232 approved envelopes and 400 not approved potentially Are Worth More than their weight in Gold. One Hundred of the envelopes from Apollo 15 were priced by West German broker Herman Sieger at $1,500 each and sold out swiftly. Now stamp collecting authorities say the envelopes might be Worth As much As $5,000 each we understand that Sieger is interested in buying Back any of the postal covers he can a a Nasa spokesman said. A for some reason they have been going up in the Apollo 15 astronauts were Given official permission to place on the Moon a 32-Inch aluminium figure fashioned by belgian sculptor Paul Vanhooydonck As a memorial to american astronauts and russian cosmonauts who died in the line of duty. Now a new York gallery is Selling 950 copies of the sculpture also done by Vanhooydonck at $750 a piece As samples of the first Art on the Moon. Nasa said the Vanhooydonck sculpture was taken to the Moon on the understanding it would not be commercialized. But a spokesman said it was a verbal understanding and there is nothing Nasa can do about it now. Washington newspapers quoted Vanhooydonck As saying by Telephone from his Home near Antwerp that a the sculpture on the Moon belongs to me. I really done to see the shame about an artist Selling his by Colin Frost associated press writer Belfast Northern Ireland apr British troops swept into roman Catholic strongholds Early today under heavy fire from guerrilla snipers in continuing gun Battles that brought the death toll from two Days of bombing and shooting to at least 18. Gunfire erupted across Belfast when the troops launched their offensive after terrorist bomb attacks Friday killed la persons and wounded More than 130. At least seven others died in the gunfights bringing Northern Ireland s death toll to 469 in three years of violence. Officials initially reported 13 persons died in the guerrilla bombings but later Hospital authorities revised the figure when they pieced together the fragments of bodies. The Slaughter from explosions planted in train and bus stations stores and other Public buildings crowded with civilians was the worst in the past three years. The army said the soldiers came under fire when they moved into the markets lower Falls and Andersontown Sec economic revision a pleasure South Viet supplies threatened by enemy by George Esper associated press writer Saigon a North vietnamese forces slowed the movement of vital supplies to South vietnamese troops on the Northern front today amid fears that a 20,000-Man government task Force might be Cut off from the rear. Meanwhile three . 7th Fleet destroyers and Marine helicopter gunships flying from the . Denver blasted North vietnamese transshipment Points and Supply Craft 75 Miles North of the demilitarized zone in efforts to enforce an american mine blockade on the Central front the Saigon command reported that its forces had killed the commander of a communist regiment on the southwestern edges of Bong son a District town which was reported recaptured Friday. More heavy fighting was reported on the Northern front from Quang tri southward to the Western flanks of Hue at Quang tri South vietnamese paratroopers received too refugees two vietnamese Catholic priests and 23 nuns and sent them to government lines to the rear the Saigon command said. Some southbound ambulances carrying wounded from Quang Iti raced through a Hail of mortar and rocket propelled grenade fire on Highway i but a northbound Convoy was halted at the Phong Dien Bridge Midway Between Quang tri and Hue. The 33-mile stretch of Highway Between the two provincial capitals has been a vital Supply lifeline Ever since the Saigon task Force launched a drive june 28 to Clear North vietnamese forces from Quang tri. Two South vietnamese Supply trucks were hit North of the Bridge and two american made m41 tanks were knocked out Field reports said. . Jet fighter bombers and South vietnamese artillery continued to Pound North vietnamese positions West of Highway i. Meanwhile Forward elements of a 10.000-Man South vietnamese task Force recaptured the key District town of Bong son on South Vietnam scentral coast the first of three Saigon objectives . Officials said. The drive also has the objectives of regaining control of tam Quan and Hoai an District towns on both sides of Bong son. Together the three District capitals had a population of 200.000 inhabitants and a Rich Rice Harvest before they fell to the North vietnamese last april. . Authorities said the South vietnamese were trying to re establish government control in Bong son but had moved about 8,000 refugees 15 Miles to the South until the District town is considered secure. By r. Gregory Nokes associated press writer Washington a the Nixon administration May revise with pleasure its latest forecast for the Economy after a better than expected performance during the second Quarter of the year. The Gross National product the measure of production of the country s goods and services. Rose by 8.9 per cent from april through june while the rate of inflation dipped to 2,1 per cent. Workers purchasing Power climbed at a record Pace. Without doubt it was excellent election year news for president Nixon who had forecast 6 per cent non inflationary growth. Or. Harold c. Passer assistant Secretary of Commerce said the administration now has the economic expansion it had been seeking. Or. Herbert Stein the presidents chief economic adviser said the developments May make possible an earlier lifting of wage Price controls although he did no to predict it would happen this year. He said he doubted the country could maintain the second Quarter rate of growth through the next six months because it was so High. On the negative Side the consumer Price Index showed that food prices Rose two tenths of one per cent in june. Meat prices were up again although Stein said they should level off in the july september Quarter. The growth rate was the highest in six years and the what s inside amusements. So Bridge. So classified ads 4b comics. A crossword 4b editorials. 4a obituaries 3a sports in television a weather a Veteran running for Congress Vietnam War Veteran John Kerry left shakes hands with a bartender in Lawrence Massas he campaigns there for Congress from Massachusetts 5th District. Kerry resigned his role As a professional anti War activist to run for the seat vacated by Republican rep. Bradford Morse who was appointed under Secretary general of the United nationals. Kerry faces nine other democrats in the primary sept. 19. Lap gift photo unmanned soviet spacecraft apparently lands on Venus Jodrell Bank England apr the unmanned soviet spacecraft Venus 8 reached the planets atmosphere today and probably has landed scientists tracking it from the giant Observatory Here reported. Sir Bernard Lovell director of the Observatory monitored t h e spacecrafts descent through the venusian atmosphere and said it could have landed at 10 45 . Get. A we cannot Tell precisely a spokesman said. The Observatory continued to Monitor the spacecraft s signals until they stopped at la 22 a in. The spokesman said this could mean either that Venus 8 had stopped transmitting temporarily or had burned up on the planets roasting surface. The Landing estimate was based on changes in the pattern of information radioed Back. The spokesman said that if past patterns on Venus flights hold True the end of the signals should mean a it s All Over the russians launched Venus 8 on March 27. Apparently in an Effort at another soft Landing on the planet. Venus 7 parachuted safely through the Clouds shrouding the planet on dec. 15. 1970, made a soft Landing on the surface and transmitted radio signals for 23 minutes before it was incinerated or crushed the soviets said then it was the a first time that scientific information was relayed from the surface of another planet of the solar earlier soviet Venus probes perished before reaching the planets surface the United states has sent a number of space probes past Venus to photograph the planet and take measurements from a distance but has never tried to land a Craft on the surface. Venus is perpetually covered by thick Clouds. Venus 7 reported a Landing site temperature of 475 degrees centigrade Venus 8 is reportedly stronger and heavier than some of the earlier models. Annual rate of inflation was below 3 per cent for the first time in nearly five years government spokesmen said. The june Cost of living increase reported at one tenth of one per cent after seasonable adjustment was the smallest in nine months. Average weekly earnings for american workers Rose 1.4 per cent in Juno which was 3.2 per cent higher than a year ago and the biggest one year increase in purchasing Power for any june since 1964, the labor department said. Much of the gain in purchasing Power was attributed to lower Federal tax rates. Another encouraging development spokesmen said was that the rate of savings of americans dropped from 8 to 6 6 per cent which is about average for the last 25 years and Means Consumers Are spending More Money. Business inventories which had been Low this year increased by $3.9 billion through june. 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