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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 21, 1974, High Point, North Carolina 14c High Point Enterprise sunday july 21, 1974 sunday crossword Puzzle edited by Margaret Farrar i oui i i it of it see Puzzle solution on Page 15c by Elaine d. Schorr 52 congenial live 13 wound up 14 Grey or my 61 uninspired across 55 East indies 92 old age 62 seed coat i charge with vines Var. 93 really upset Crea 63 a Rise and error 56 frighten 94 Southern 15 curve 65 a 7 More 57 ties the score summer 16 Dee dish locations extensive 59 actress Lillie special delicacy 67 sheer Linen 13 Bounce 60 track 95 evangelist 17 third 69 Lemony prefix 18 vocal Demon concerns Mcpherson to nubby fabrics 71 somebody Strator 61 Salvia species 96 warriors of Addison s not 20 motive Power 63 pole for one weapon Collaborator 72 mine 21 Little snacks 64 legally non 97 iranian 24 lounges Pine tree 23 North South existent refinery town 29 possesses state East and West 65 in a a a 99 sea food 32 Valentine of 74 january 1st, 25 leave upset delicacy to 76 in Paris 26 aquatic 06 ornery 102 wily person 33 salient indication mammal 67 a a foolish 103 Bryant and 34 Gate in Padua 77 Poppas mates 27 passage fees Lionel a sister things. A Loos 36 cretan King 78 pleasant 28 68 to feature 104 beginner 37 Casino game 80 Quot Robe 30 . I for one to faculties 105 Colorado Park for. I phrase phrase 31 diviner 72 patterned 106 floating 38 Middlecote 81 hair lighten 32 metric Meas Silks 107 1954 novelist Milieu or ures for Short 73 Shade of red in Medicine 40 combines 82 roman official 33 expansive 75 realtors Dou \ 41 knot 83 Candle bearer 34 lieu concern i hails 42 Wouk warship 84 comes to Light 35 Indian 76 misery a i French estate 44 Long looks 86 plot. Or Bap. Cymbals t in a snarl 3 blocs 46 threnody 87 poorest kind 36 virile 79 or else music 4 word with go 47 satellites of excuse 37 penitents 81 a Partick or lie 48 total 90 sphere 38 constant Lar outfit or 5 m Ove 49 memorable segments 30 sighs poetic dress 6 bards time of times phrase 91 colossus ally 85 so. And no. Day 50 split 92 overzealous 41 mrs. Meir 86 Suzerain 7 arrange 51 affirmative 94 Plain 42 pass around St Greene of to 8 organic 53 renters 95 Charles 43 singles 88 gallery compounds contract canine 44 comfy projection 9 shield Var. 54 overhangs 96 Ballet Lake 45 shed 89 artist Juan to Matman a ploy 56 la 98 Smidgen 47 leave isolated do jeans la penetrated Milano too computer unit 50 up pish Yar. 91 French rela 12 restitution 58 containers ii before your Horoscope monday july 22 your birthday monday opens a a treasure Hunt year in which any search or self improvement Effort yields unexpected benefits. Material affairs require much scurrying to keep them coherently organized. Relationships Are subject to exciting episodes extra travel. Today s natives either collect or scatter one extreme or the other according to the special qualities of their birth years. Aries March 21-april 19 an Early Start and persistence Are essential to your Success today and All week. Do your Best in Good Faith Send Flowers some remembrance to your beloved. Taurus april 20-May 20 nothing comes out exactly As planned but no harm is done give Romance a second Chance. Keep Busy improving Home and work situations. Take extra rest and retire Early. Gemini May 21-june 20 no speculation or Short Cut is quite what it appears. Be sparing in the use of Money generous in affection and sympathy. Settle pollution of noise is growing Austin api a health officials estimate the Overall loudness of environmental noise is doubling every decade said a report from the state department. The report said the Normal person can comfortably tolerate sound Levels of 80 decibels a measure of the strength or pressure of sound. A quiet residential area May measure 40 decibels and Normal speech 60. But a Busy office is typically 80, heavy City traffic too. A discotheque 120, a Jet flyover .103, Power Lawn Mower 96, television set 70, clothes Washer 78 and a Rock band from 108 to 114. Snails Are among the strongest creatures on Earth a Snail weighing 1/3 of an ounce can pull 8 pounds or nearly 400 times its own weight a the equivalent of a to pounds baby hauling an automobile Domestic questions despite demands of work. Cancer june 21-july 22 personal needs take Early priority. Then gather those close by for a group Effort. Get a lot done on the work at hand before moving to expansive plans. Leo july 23-aug. 22 impatience upsets your Progress if you indulge yourself. Easy does it give people a Chance to respond. Don t put out Cash for any More than you really need to buy. Virgo aug. 23-sept. 22 get into step with the world. Obtain what you want without spoiling anybody a enjoyment of life. Spending impresses nobody certainly not those who know you. Libra sept. 23-oct. 22 what you be been doing begins to bring results. Act according to what you see for yourself. Group concerns offer food for thought Little Chance to solve problems. Scorpio oct. 23-nov. 21 differences easily arise the North of e Vosque Kelty the pack Kelty is the Standard against which other backpacks have been measured for Over 20 years. The top of the line Tioga and serac packs represent the excellence of materials and thoughtfulness of design characteristic of All Kelty packs. Important features found on the Tioga and serac Are a fully padded suspension system a larger capacity pack bags a Quick release Waist strap buckle a adjustable Frame Extension a flip up Flap covered zippers we offer the full line of Kelty s including the new Basic. Prices Start at 35. Of you re interested in the outdoors you la be interested in us. In open Mon. Wed to to 6, . Til 9, Sot. 9 to 6 1507 Spring Garden St pm. 275-8115 Greensboro . Also stores in Charlottesville and Norfolk a. I bumps deface Baldwin Street if Beale Street could talk. By James Baldwin. Dial. 197 pages. $6.95. This is a love Story. It is touching a without being sentimental a and to a Large extent Well realized. Unfortunately it also is marred by patches of vitriolic rhetoric and scabrous language. If James Baldwin had stuck to his Story line instead of interrupting it with periodic angry cries against certain flaws in contemporary society he probably would have come up with a Good novel. As it stands a if Beale Street could talk is a flawed Book. Flawed but yet Well Worth the Reading for there is More Good than bad in it. Tish Rivers is 19. Her Lover Fonny is a 22-year-old sculptor. The two have known each other since childhood but it is Only recently that they have loved each other. Now Tish discovers that she is pregnant and the two plan to marry. Then Fonny a Black Man is accused by a puerto rican woman of having criminally assaulted her. Khrushchev Felt leninism Strong Over Money. Social affairs Are fun but Apt to run Over your budget. Keeping with the Joneses is expensive just now done to try. 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Since there can be scarcely a doubt of the authenticity of the Khrushchev memoirs this volume along with its 1970 predecessor is absolutely must Reading for any serious student of contemporary history. In this Day of detente and Moscow Washington summits the careful Reader of a Khrushchev remembers is Likely to draw a disturbing picture of the mind of a soviet Leader at work. The late Nikita Serg Yevich Khrushchev deposed As Premier and party Boss at the height of his Power in 1964, reminds one of those old bolshevik stalwarts who facing torture and Stalin a executioners in the 1930s, still vowed deathless loyalty to the system. Khrushchev made Clear that everything he said in 180 hours of taped recollections that formed the two volumes was said As a True and unbending believer in the notion that the soviet system must eventually be embraced by the entire world and he noted that a we communists must hasten the his advice was to use whatever Means were necessary but to Stop Short of the total War that could destroy both sides. This volume is subtitled a the last testament a and if there is a bequest to the Western world it can Likely be found in the final chapter Khrushchev a epilogue. It is there that he expounded at great length the notion that ideological War must continue until one Side defeats the other. He made Clear he meant until leninism engulfs the world. There is no reason to doubt that his successors most of them aging men who were reared in the same stalinist school feel any differently about that goal which clearly is Central to the communist philosophy. 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Armstrong to insight 12 Herald of truth 12 30 . 2 survival 3 Fred Kirby a rascals 8 help yourself 8 to 12 meet the press 1 00 . 2 3 Putty putt 8 accent a fishing to no cd a legacy 12 b. Gordon theatre 1 30 . 2 High Speed living 3 movie 8 issues amp answers a Tarzan 2 00 . 2 caravan to Mexico 8 of troop to movie 2 30 . 2 lbs Tennis 8 country place 9 movie 3 00 . 3 Daniel Boone 8 Wilburn Brothers 3 30 . 2 lbs sports 8 Nashville music 4 00 . 3 other people. 8 Porter Wagoner 8 movie 4 30 . 3 Elizabeth r. I Antiques 8 women s open 12 Abc religious special a 5 00 . 4 summer sounds 5 30 . 2 nil action �?T74 4 Wall Street 12 Sale of the Century 8 00 . 2 3 lbs news i Book beat 8 family classic it Iova. Tech 12 news 8 30 . 1 the naturalists a i0 i2 news 7 00 . 2 3 news i zoom b 9 wild kingdom to Lassie 12 Hollywood squares 6 00 summer storybook a Robinson Crusoe a Johnny Appleseed Quot 7 30 . 2 3 apples Way 4 journey to Japan 8 the Fri 9 18 12 Disney 8 00 . 4 evening at pops 8 38 . 2 3 Mannix 8 movie 9 to 12 mystery movie 9 00 . 4 masterpiece 0 30 . 2 3 60 minutes to . 9 10 12 Abc news special 10 30 . 2 news maker 3 Lester Strong i firing line 8 accent 11 00 . 2 3 news 8 9 to news 12 Twilight zone 11 30 . 2 movie 3 it takes a thief 8 movie 9 to tonight 12 speakeasy a Gap tvs nil my 6 00 %.m. 2 Good morning 12 news 8 30 pm. 3 Art Linkletter 8 romper room 9 Arthur Smith 10 on the farm 12 Arthur Smith 7 00 . 3 lbs morning news 8 new zoo revue 9 to 12 today show 7 30 . 8 Garner ted Armstrong 8 00 . 2 3 capt. 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Erskine investigates threats which resulted in a Hung jury during the trial of an organized crime figure. 12 a Disney the first half of a bristle face a a Story about a wandering orphan lad who is determined to turn his bristle faced stray dog into a Fox Hunter. The boy is befriended and employed by an easygoing country storekeeper. 8 30 . 2 a Mannix a the dark hours a with Elizabeth Ashley As guest Star. A female photographers incriminating photo of an underworld King figures in a murder Frame up scheme. 8 movie a project a a with Christopher George. Startling new film techniques highlight the futuristic drama of a Man of the 21st Century who is tricked into believing he lives in the 1960s. 12 mystery movie Mcmillan amp wife a reunion in Mcmillan attends his 20-year College football reunion which ends in tragedy when a former player is found slain. 10 . 12 Abc news presents a heart an in depth look at the dramatic advances in diagnosis prevention and treatment of heart attack a the largest single cause of death in this country. 11 . 12 Twilight zone a time enough at last a with Burgess Meredith As the Only survivor of an a bomb attack who rejoices because he can now pursue his sole interest in life a Reading. 11 30 . 2 late movie a wild season a with to Stewardson. A fishing boat captains mistaken idea of his oldest songs death causes serious conflict with his remaining son. 8 Cinema eight a Battle of the sexes a with Peter Sellers Constance Cummings and Robert Morley. A girl efficiency expert a from the . A take on an old scottish firm and starts modernizing its staid offices. But she finds she is no match for the old retainer

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