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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 20, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather hot humid Moro data on Pago 3a 88th year a no. 202 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. a thursday afternoon july 20, 1972 44 pages Call us circulation .m2-1719 classified ads. Ms-2177 All other departments 185-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c a a for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every Many faces of unc q. I would like some information on where North Carolina University is As i keep hearing about Greensboro and Chapel Hill and All these things and would like to write for Catalon but Don t know where to write a. Since you Are apparently new to this area you May want to go first to the Public Library which has reference copies of Cata logs of most of the colleges. Another set of reference books. A the College Blue will give you a summary of the courses of study and degrees offered in All the colleges of the state. The greater University includes unc Chapel Hill unc Greensboro unc Charlotte . State University Raleigh and East Carolina University. Greenville. . As Well As la pending q. What is the Bast Way to obtain a Patent r a a. A Booklet entitled a general information concerning patents can be secured from he commissioner of patents Washington . 20231, a single copy is free on request. It contains general information about patents and Workings of the Patent office answering commonly asked questions and designed for the Layman. The Booklet lists additional publications sold by the superintendent of documents which would be helpful. Three titles you might want to write for Are a patents and inventions. An information Aid for inventors a for 15 cents a Patent Laws a 35 cents and a Patent attorneys and agents available to represent inventors before the United states Patent office a 70 cents. The address is superintendent of documents government printing office Washington . 20402. Also try a couple of books at the Public Library a the inventors Patent handbook a and a the successful inventors fighter q. It there a group that i could join to help fight pollution thank you j. W. A. Home is always a Good place to Start to make sure your own family does As much As possible for the cause of a clean environment no littering or open burning recycling what you can conserving electricity and the like. Your school May have an ecology club you can join. There is also the conservation Council of North Carolina which welcomes members. The $3 annual membership includes a monthly publication a the Carolina conservationist a which will keep you up to Date on legislation about the environment How legislators at the state and National level Are voting on these matters what Legal Battles Are being fought to protect the environment. Besides their concern for All types of pollution the Council also encourages the development of Parks Green belts wilderness areas hiking trails and general beautification. If you would like to join you May write James Wallace. President of the conservation Council of n. C., Box 1207, Chapel Hill . 27514.whither the Bra q. Where it the local office of Tho boy scouts a. Its right there in the Telephone directory boy scouts of America 216 Ward schedule q. How con i got Tho schedule for Tho Carolina cougars for this year girl. A. Write the Carolina cougars 1921 w. Lee Street ordinances q. Is Thoro a City ordinance of people parking trucks in front of their House on the Street and letting Oil and grease run All Over the Street where people have to walk in t that a City ordinance that they re supposed to get them off the Street i would like to have an answer real soon because this is somebody that s been walking through that Oil and grease. A. There Are so Many parking provisions in the City codes we suggest you Call the traffic division of the police department to see if the trucks Are violating any of them. It depends on the location the hours whether they Are loading or unloading and other off i thought Many people would like to know that we have a Supply of pow Mia bracelets. There is no profit in it for us As we Send the $2.50 donation for each one to Viva voices in vital american student organization connected with the pow Mia group in California. Bowman Oil company too n. Hamilton Lee and Bill plan of Nixon Defeated Washington a the Senate today rejected 47 to 46 president Nixon a proposal that the $1.60 an hour minimum wage be raised to $2 rather than the $2.20 supported by democrats. The Defeated Republican substitute for the democratic Bill also would have eliminated provisions extending coverage of the wages and hours Law to 8.4 million new workers. Sen. George Mcgovern the democratic presidential nominee flew Back to Washington from South Dakota to vote against the Nixon measure. His presence contributed to the one vote margin. Even though the substitute was rejected senators opposed to various sections of the Bill planned to offer individual amendments to eliminate them or Cut them Back. The test came on a Republican substitute for a democratic sponsored wage Bill. The democratic version approved by the Senate labor committee with some Republican liberals backing it would boost the $1.60 wage floor to $2.20 in a series of Steps. It also would bring 8.4 million additional employees under the act and repeal a series of exemptions which now Block overtime pay for various groups of workers. The other measure sponsored by Republican Sens. Peter h Dominick of Colorado and Robert Taft jr., of Ohio would have raised the minimum to $2 in two Steps but provide no new coverage. It also would establish a $1.60 differential for Many youths. The Dominick Taft Bill followed the lines of president Nixon recommendations to the Congress. Democrats contend the $220 minimum is essential to cover increases in the Cost of living since the $1.60 wage floor was approved in 1966 and to remove millions of Low wage workers from poverty. Republicans argue that $2.20 will be inflationary and destroy Job opportunities of some Young persons and Blacks because marginal employers cannot afford to pay it. Birthday party sen. George Mcgovern samples some of his birthday cake formed in the shape of the White House As his sister in Law mrs. Ila Pennington looks on. Mcgovern the democratic presidential nominee celebrated his 50th birthday wednesday while vacationing in the Lack Hills of South Dakota. He was Given a party at Sylvan Lake near Custer a wire the o Brien named to Campaign Post Washington a democratic presidential nominee George s. Mcgovern today named former democratic National chairman Lawrence f. Of Brien to be his National Campaign chairman a Post in addition to Mcgovern s existing Campaign Structure. The nominee said o Brien will be Given a role concerned with unifying the support of democrats and other a concerned Mcgovern said of Brien will be his a National Campaign chairman and in that role a will be a Foremost consultant on the Over Riding goal which will be to unify the support of key democrats across the at a news conference. Mcgovern and o Brien emphasized several times that the former National chairman a new role will not preempt that of other members of the Mcgovern Campaign. Mcgovern said Frank Man Kiewicz will travel with him As his political director and that Campaign manager Gary Hart will generally remain in Washington to run the Day to Day strategy and tactics of the Campaign. Of Brien said he will establish a separate Headquarters for his operation in Washington within the next 48 hours. The senator said of Brien will be his Liaison with governors. Mayors and state legislative leaders. He said of Brien will also be his chief Contact with officials of the democratic party and organized labor. Tass says soviet Job done by Roger Leddington associated press writer Moscow a the soviet government says the military personnel it sent to Egypt have done their Job and now they re coming Home. A statement by the government news Agency Tass wednesday night was the first disclosure to the soviet people of something president Anwar Sadat of Egypt announced 24 hours before. But while Sadat made Clear that he had told Moscow to get its military advisers out of Egypt because the Kremlin Hadnot Given him More advanced offensive weapons to use against Israel the soviet statement gave no hint of this. Tass said a a number of soviet military personnel had been in Egypt at the request of the Cairo government and they have finished teaching the egyptians How to a master soviet military a now the soviet military personnel in the Arab Republic of Egypt have completed their the news Agency said. A with the awareness of this after an Exchange of opinions the sides deemed it expedient to bring Back to the soviet Union the military personnel that had been sent to the Arab Republic of Egypt for a limited Tass said the advisers had been on temporary assignments to help ensure Egypt so defense potential in the face of israeli a both sides have Many times expressed their satisfaction with the effectiveness of such measures a Tass said adding that Moscow a plans to continue developing and strengthening in every Way its relations with Egypt. Like Sadat s announcement the soviet statement gave no indication of the number of russian personnel who Are leaving Egypt and the number who will remain. Sources in Cairo estimated that 10,000 to 20.000 military advisers would go but nearly As Many civilian advisers and experts would remain. In Beirut a key observation Post for the Arab world Sadat s expulsion of the russians was generally regarded As a blow to soviet prestige. At the United nations the most common reaction was that Sadat a action gave the United states a big Chance to regain lost influence in Egypt. Some diplomats predicted a joint reduction of . Arms shipments to Israel and soviet arms shipments to Egypt. British authorities reported in London that Egypt is already checking prospects of buying offensive As Well As defensive arms from Britain including aircraft and warships. Optimism expressed Kissinger planning More secret talks by Frank Cormier associated press writer Washington a Henry a. Kissinger Back from his 14th private session in Paris with Hanoi negotiators apparently feels encouraged to hold More talks. Kissinger who met with the North vietnamese in the French capital for six and one half hours returned wednesday night to Andrews air Force base and drove straight to the White House to report to president Nixon. That Kissinger found some grounds for at least modest optimism was suggested by White House press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler. A further meetings will be announced As they Are held a said Ziegler indicating Kissinger envisioned further Paris sessions. The presidents assistant for National Security affairs left for Paris tuesday but his Mission was announced a Day later. Wednesdays meeting was a Long one perhaps further evidence that the negotiations were taking a serious turn. Sitting Down with Kissinger were be due Tho a leading member of North Vietnam so Only known Liger Dies in Utah zoo Salt Lake City a the world s Only known Liger a half lion half Tiger a died Here wednesday. Shasta the rare female feline apparently was the victim of kidney problems and arthritis. A she helped build the zoo into a popular attraction because visitors would come from All parts of the United states and foreign countries to see this rare animal a said Lamar Farnsworth director of Hogle zoo. He said that since Lions and tigers usually live to be Only about 13-15 years old Shasta Sage was the equivalent of 120 years in humans. Shasta had been the key attraction at the zoo since her birth May 6. 1948, Farnsworth said the offspring of a male african lion and a Bengal tigress had recently been taken off display because of poor health. Shasta who had weighed More than 300 pounds weighed 90 when she died. Farnsworth said the University of Utah will receive the Carcas have it stuffed and display it in its natural history museum. Lit buro and Xuan Thuy Hanoi a chief negotiator at the More formal peace talks that were resumed last thursday after having been suspended More than two months. Kissinger a meeting with the North vietnamese was his first since the United states broke off formal talks in Early May. Within Days the United states mined the harbours of North Vietnam. Before going to Paris Kissinger told reporters he saw some reason to believe that Hanoi might be willing to take a new approach to the peace negotiations. Kissinger said at the time the United states would prefer to reach an agreement that would halt military activities in Indochina leaving ultimate political solutions to be negotiated by the vietnamese themselves. Control of Saigon splits peace talks by David Mason associated pros writer Paris a the United states and North Vietnam remained split today on the Issue of a cease fire and political settlement for Vietnam despite a new round of secret talks. There was no indication at the 151st session of the peace conference that the secret rendezvous in Paris wednesday Between Henry a. Kissinger presidential adviser and North vietnamese leaders had made Progress in settling the Basic Issue of who should control Power in Saigon. Debate on the Issue of a cease fire marked much of the argument in the plenary session. . Ambassador William j. Porter asked the communists to say a what is wrong with president Nixon a May 8 proposal for an internationally supervised cease fire throughout Indochina. In another mild speech similar to his new style of last week Porter asked the North vietnamese and Viet Cong a Why not Tell us frankly Why it is difficult for you to entertain this proposal which would end the killing promptly. A we would also like to hear More from you on the subject of the four month period we have proposed for the withdrawal of All our forces from South Vietnam once such a cease fire has begun and the prisoners of War Are released. It appears logical to us to create an atmosphere which would facilitate not hinder political discussions among the communists held fast to their position that a political settlement must come with the ceasefire. Mrs. Nguyen Thi Binh Leader of the Viet Cong delegation said the political and military settlements a should be settled she declared a the . Side pretends to desire an end to its military a participation without dealing with the political aspect. This simply Means that the United states still wants to maintain in South Vietnam the administration it has set up to implement the policy of a Vietnam in Ationo of the War. If so the United states will never be Able to put an end to its military Kissinger returned to Washington wednesday night and reported to president Nixon on the session the 14th he has held with North vietnamese officials. Subcommittee okays Nixon anti using Bill what s inside amusements Bridge classified ads comics crossword editorials financial obituaries sports television women s news weather 3d 120 3d a 12b. A 2a 79c c 9a in 3a Washington a a House education subcommittee has approved president Nixon s anti using Bill after knocking out the $2 5 billion he asked to improve the Quality of ghetto schools. As originally sent to Congress. The Bill would have authorized the funds for compensatory education most of which would have been concentrated in inner City schools As an alternative to de segregating them. But the subcommittee on wednesday stripped the Money from the measure by approving a substitute measure by rep. Albert h. Quier min which had no provision for the funds. Then the panel sent the stripped Down measure to the full education and labor committee by a voice vote. The committee is expected to take it up next tuesday. The Bill a main purpose now is to limit the remedies the courts can apply to overcome segregation. Busing could be used Only above the elementary school level and then Only after other remedies have been tried. The Bill would allow school districts now under court busing orders to bring them into line with the proposed remedies. The Bill contains seven remedies that must be considered by the courts in the order listed in the legislation before any busing can be required. They include assigning pupils to schools closest to their Homes permitting them to Transfer to schools where their race is in the minority revising attendance zones building new schools and establishing schools that attract pupils from All Over a District. Union declines presidential endorsement Al Cio stance reveals Meany s Power by Neil Gilbride associated Prats writer Washington a George Meany steering the Al Cio to a Fence sitting position of neutrality in the presidential Campaign showed he is still firmly in command of the nations House of labor and a Power to be reckoned with in National politics. A a he a invincible a grumbled one Union opponent after the 77-year-old Meany led the 35-Man Al Cio executive Council to a 27-3 vote wednesday against endorsing either democratic nominee George Mcgovern or president Nixon. A i will not vote for either one of them a Meany told a news conference. A Meany was Calm Cool responsible effective and Well prepared a said another reluctant admirer on the labor Council who had urged endorsement of Mcgovern As the Falcio has done with every previous democratic presidential nominee. Meany has sharply attacked Nixon on economic policies while reportedly disagreeing with Mcgovern a views on the Vietnam War. Meany who said Mcgovern was not a Good material for a president shrewdly avoided a direct vote on whether to endorse Mcgovern and made it Clear the Al Cio s 117 affiliated unions and their 13.6 million members were free to do As they wished. This blunted opposition from several Mcgovern supporters on the labor Council. Typical was president Floyd Smith of the 900,000-member machinists Union who endorsed Mcgovern but voted with Means a a position of neutrality for the Al Cio. A let them do As they like a Meany told a news conference. Al Cio sources said that had the vote been directly on whether to endorse Mcgovern the vote would have been virtually split Down the Middle. Despite his Victory in bending the labor Council to his wishes the Issue produced More division in labors ranks than any in recent memory and raised the possibility of a later stronger Challenge to Meany a dominance of the labor federation. A the vote reflects personal localities that exist within the Al Cio rather than a True Index of support for tile democratic ticket by american Trade unionists a said president Jerry Wurf of the american federation of state county and municipal employees. Wurf a member of the Al Cio Council and a Mcgovern supporter was one of the three votes against the position of neutrality the other two were presidents Paul Jennings of the International Union of electrical workers and Al Grospiron of the Oil chemical and atomic workers. But Many More Union presidents have endorsed or Are leaning toward Mcgovern. Meany and other labor leaders have never claimed to be Able to deliver labor Union votes in a bloc but their influence is believed to be considerable. More importantly the position of neutrality deprives Mcgovern of the support of the Al Cion a committee on political education which raises some $3 million in voluntary Union members contributions and provides thousands of Volunteer political Campaign workers for labors friends in congressional and presidential elections. George Meany

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