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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - July 18, 1976, High Point, North Carolina12a High Point Enterprise. Sunday july 18, 1976 set for tuesday Viking Landing harder than trips to Moon by Richard Saltus a science writer Pasadena. Calif a with Little of the hoopla that attended America s Moon Landing just seven years ago the United states will attempt on tuesday a feat of space exploration in Many ways More difficult and less assured of Success Karly in the morning. Vik ing 1 will attempt to land its Small biology Laboratory safely on the surface of Mars to conduct its automated tests and see whether there is life on the red planet. More than 200 million Miles away hundreds of space engineers and scientists will wait in suspense As the unmanned probe Falls toward the surface hopefully for a sate gentle Landing. As valuable As the probe is More than eight years of planning and the country s most advanced technology direct control of its Landing is not possible because Mars is so Distant that radio Waves take 18 minutes to travel there from Earth once released by the or biting Mother ship the 2.000 Pound Lander will be guided by a computer As it Falls toward its target area switching on Small rockets in the last few seconds to Cushion its Landing because of the radio lag. No one will know until 18 minutes after its touchdown whether it landed or crashed. The of the billion Dollar Mission reminds one Viking official of the myth of Daedalus and icarus that father and son fixed feathered wings to their arms with Wax in attempting to Fly. But the bolder icarus hew Tco High and the Sun melted his wings All along we be designed this Mission More like icarus than said or. Gentry Lee. Director for science final Sis and Mission planning. We May have tried to go too near the Sun. But if we succeed the Jackpot will be the Mission is being carried out in the Shadow of several past soviet tries All unsuccessful three rus Sian probes made it to the surface but one crashed and the other two mysteriously fell silent just after touchdown. Scientists Don t know whether the problem was the vicious Martian winds that can gust up to 600 Miles per hour a Hazard such As a Boulder or pothole or something else Viking 1 blasted off from Earth on aug. 20. 1975. It is a two part Craft consisting of the orbiting Mother ship and the squat three legged Lander the orbiter began circling Mars june 19. Taking pictures in greater detail Fly by missions so the technicians on Earth could choose a Landing site a dry Moon like Plain that May once have been a Lake or Inland sea will be Viking s Home Lor once it lands it cannot move the area is called the Western slope of Chryse Basin and is about 23 2 degrees above the mar Tian Equator equivalent to the latitude of Northern mex Ico on Earth in september a second Vik my is scheduled to land. It May be commanded to go farther North where scientists believe a Little water might be found or South of the Equator to the Edge of an awesome rugged Canyon. Shortly after Viking 1 touches Down within seconds in fact a camera will take the first of Many photographs of the sur rounding terrain. These will be beamed Back to Earth for study on the eighth Day a telescoping with a Small shovel will dig into the sur face scoop up a Sample of soil and dump it into a funnel that leads to the three biology experiments. The search for living organisms will be on. The answer won t come immediately though and probably will arrive in bits and pieces. Olympics reflections Jefferson Ketchel 4, of Seattle wash., holding an american hag. Regards his image in a Large rain puddle outside the olym Pic stadium in Montreal saturday shortly before the opening of the 2lst olympic games. A heavy rainfall Friday night threatened to Dampen the games saturday. The curved building in the background is the olym Pic forum where the pools Are located. Lebanese attack palestinian refugees by Nick Ludington associated press writer Beirut. Lebanon a lebanese cd Kristians launched another assault saturday on Tal Zlatar. The palestinian refugee Camp in Southeast Beirut which has Wiki stood 27 Days of pounding by the christians. The palestinian and lebanese moslem leftist defenders said they beat Back the assault with suicide Panicky rumours of a pending Christian takeover swept moslem held Western Beirut which includes the embassy following the announcement Friday that the embassy would be nearly shut Down and another american evacuation staged on tuesday. . Officials in Washington warned that the christians appeared to be readying for a heavy attack on the moslem half of the capital. The new attack on Tal Zlatar was mounted behind a i5hour barrage of mortar and incendiary shells that set Many i a Christian communique said reinforcements from Christian Reserve forces supported by dozens of tanks and armoured cars mounted the assault the palestinian news Agency Wafa issued an Appeal from the moslem medical staff in Tal Zealar asking the red Cross and the red Crescent the equivalent in the moslem to save the 1.000 wounded trapped in the Camp Many of them women children and old peo ple who Are dying slowly because of Lack of Medicine or bandages a pregnant swedish nurse in the Camp who lost an in earlier attacks pleaded by radio thursday for the red Cross to arrange an Eva culion. But red Cross of Licals said then it could not be done an earlier attempt to Call a Hall in the fighting broke Down when both sides began shooting again before any wounded could be gotten out o the Camp. Tal Zealar which originally held 30.000 persons was a leftist stronghold in Christian held East Beirut it controlled key roads from the capital to the Christian enclave to the North. The christians have said Only a Central Complex of bunkers tunnels and a few buildings remain in leftist hands the Headquarters in the Camp of the popular officers seek Leader of teen age burglars front for the liberation of Palestine pulp was Cap tured by the attackers Satur Day according to a Christian communique christians claimed to Zlatar was the main training ground for the pulp. An us tra Radical palestinian group. The joint palestinian leftist command said syrian forces were still attacking moslem refugee Camp strongholds near Tripoli. Security Force and Hospital of facials said More than 100 persons were killed in Beirut and the North in the previous 24 hours Al tet recent Christian and syrian advances the leftist palestinian Alliance has been left with an area around Tripoli and part of Southern Lebanon around the port of Sidon both of which Are under heavy syrian pressure and the West half of Beirut. The christians have pushed northward out of their 800square-mile enclave North of Beirut in addition to the at tack on Tal Zlatar. While the More than 13.000 syrian troops sent into Lebanon to Force a halt to the 15-month old War now control most of East and North Lebanon u s officials strongly urged All americans in Beirut to leave in the evacuation planned for tuesday in a statement broadcast Over the voice of America the embassy said after monday it will no longer have the capability to effectively fort Lauderdale Fla. A police in three states Are searching for a Man described saturday As a modern Day Fagin who ordered a ring of 14 teen agers to Rob hundreds of Homes and to try to murder a police officer Robert Varone. 44. Has been charged with conspiracy to commit felonies receiving stolen property and solicitation to commit murder police said Friday. They said Varone had fled and was believed to be in California or Nebraska the charges were filed in april but had been kept secret until Friday "1 Call him the big Kahuna said detective Michael Sullivan of the Broward county sheriff s of Tice. All the Little kids in the neighbourhood looked up to him he supplied them with drugs and Money officials said the youths who worked for Varone Dur ing the three year operation ranged in age from 12 to 17. They stole hundreds of thousands of dollars Worth of television sets. Furs radios and jewelry from 200 Homes police said. They said he recruited youngsters through his son Robert Varone jr., 16. And from a youth Center near his Home. He went there 10, maybe 15 times a police said. He paid in grass pills Quaal Udes a depressant drug and Coke cocaine at times officers said the younger Varone pleaded guilty to a burglary charge earlier this month and is awaiting sentencing. At least eight teen agers received immunity from prosecution in return for their testimony police said. Police said the elder Varone often pinpointed the Homes he wanted burglarized and rarely held the merchandise for longer than a few hours he often had the youngsters deliver the foods directly to buyers officers said. Varone also offered two youths s2.000 each to murder detective b Edward Madge of the suburban Lauderhill police Force officers said. But the scheme was not carried out because on the night of the supposed killing another officer replaced Madge on a stakeout asst. Stale ally. John King said Varone regularly cheated his corps of Youthful burglars he would take a tube from a color television and Tell the kids it would t King said. He would then give them s10 for in a deposition one teen Ager said Varone would offer the youngsters ?30 for Mink Coats and would Tell them hat jewelry they had stolen was worthless. But he kept the worthless jewelry the youth said police said Varone was arrested three times in Boston Between 1951 and 1958 for breaking and entering he received a 10-Day suspended sentence in 1963 in fort Lauderdale for assault and Battery. He also was charged in Lauderhill last january with assault and Battery of liners said. Town of Raynham enacts first tax Raynham. . A this newly incorporated Robeson county town has set its first property tax rate but the Raynham mayor says the taxes May not be necessary. For a while there we were operating without any funds when we needed furniture for the town office we passed around the hat and got several Hundred said Elbert Britt. Some folks told us we d probably be better off passing the hat than setting a tax but the town has pushed ahead with the tax setting the rate at 30 cents per valuation. The town fathers expect that to create a budget of about a year and intend to proceed with a number of municipal improvements. By late next week the town of 162 citizens Hopes to have Street lights installed for the first time and Britt says there Are plans to Purchase land adjoining the City owned softball Field to set up a playground for children. We be had a lot of people Tell us they d like to come out to the bail games but they Don t have anyone to stay with their Raynham s first mayor said. We figure we can put in the playground Fence it and get a couple of women to sort of look after them so the parents can go watch the Ball game despite the Small operating budget Britt expects Raynham s town ser vices to grow. We re hoping to get water in Here soon. We re Only three Miles from water lines and if we get the water we know we can get Industrial growth Brill said. We d already have had industries if we d had the provide services for the american Community officials in Washington said it had not been decided if the evacuation would be by land or by ship if we can do it by land we re going to do it by one source said. If that s too dangerous they 11 have to go the other route like they did last time in the previous evacuation june 20. A Navy Landing Craft picked up 110 americans and 157 other foreigners. The embassy staff will be Cut from 36 to 10 or 15 and ambassador Talcott seelye May be withdrawn officials in Washington said. The iraqi news Agency reported that a syrian Pilot defected saturday to Iraq with his soviet mig21 Jet to protest Syria s intervention in Lebanon. It was the second such defection in five weeks. The news Agency also reported nine syrian pilots were executed july 6 for rely Sig to Fly strikes against lebanese leftists and palestinians. Syria and Iraq have been at Odds recently because of the syrian military action in Lebanon strategy in the conflict and use of the euphrates River which runs through both countries. Don t get teed off donate blood next tues. July 20th 11 . Til . I Westchester mall band sunday. Dance to your favorite music Tveith medium Cool til doors open 7.-30 . Bagging your favorite ice cold beverage game room Happy hour ,.el Conquistador y lounge u 2225 s. Main St. 882-3811 High 1 Oil s Home of the slur Young Man Young lady if you Are thinking of marriage you certainly have every right to want to save Money on your Dia mond engagement ring or wedding ring. 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