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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - July 18, 1976, High Point, North CarolinaS parents to get instruction in math by Ray Hubbard Enterprise sunday editor some High Point parents whose elementary school children Are having trouble learning math will learn directly next fall what in is the youngsters Are stumbling Over. They Are going to receive the same remedial instruction that the children Are called the innovative remedial instructional program the project is funded under the emergency school assistance act Esaa Esaa s goal is to alleviate the effects of past isolation of minority children and to overcome obstacles encountered in the racial desegregation of schools. With the exception of last year High Point has received Between and annually Over the past five or six years through the program the Grant for the coming school year is the primary objective of the program next year will be to provide remedial math instruction to Elemen tary school students who Are at least one year behind Grade level in math achievement. Or. Charles Haywood assistant superintendent for Federal programs said last week that at least 850 minority students must Benefit from the program. This stipulation is spelled out in the contract with the dept. Of health education and welfare which administers the Esaa program at the Federal level approximately an equal number of White students Are eligible for the remedial instruction in math because they Are at least a year behind their Grade level. Each of the elementary schools will have a remedial math lab next year staffed by a teacher and aide. This is a similar setup to the one previously operated during the years when Esaa funds were available. In addition this year one supervisor and three aides will be charged with providing remedial instruction in math to All parents of children in the program who Volunteer. Haywood said that two hour sessions the High Point Enterprise Clear skies Little cooler 1884 published every Alvernoon Ano sunday morning an Independent newspaper pud Hinoa by the High Point Enterprise. Inc 210 Chyr Cri Avenue High Point n c 3721.1 member of the associated press rates by mail m and Vance i or 6 to 3 to 1 to daily Ana sunday u700 s2i mho so s3 so sunday Only Sis m a 10 j4 55 ii 50 by Carrier Akin to a Tomaly 13 50 or t4j 00 mail in n c sub acct to 4s, the associated press is entitled to the use for reproduction of All local news printed m tvs newspaper As Well As All a news dispatches entered As second class Mailer m the Post Oldie. High Point. N c under act o March 3 1879 postage paid at High Point n c All earners dealers and distributors Are Independent contractors and the High Pool Enterprise inc is nol responsible Tor Advance subscription payments made to them or their representatives for Nome delivery rate Contact Yoor local earner Ward gift Lily company National advertising representatives no Relief for the current dry conditions is expected through tonight according i to the Weatherman at the regional Airport who said j the precipitation probability will be near Zero. Skies Are expected to be mostly Clear through tonight monday will bring partly Cloudy skies. Daytime highs both Days will be in the mid dle 80s. Tonight s Low will be m the Low 60s. By Forrest Gates for no apparent reason a Friend of mine the other Day started reflecting on How it used to be in a Barber shop. He recalled with a shudder the first time a Barber shaved your i did in fact remember those agonizing moments at the end of a hair Cut when you had to submissively albeit apprehensively allow a total stranger to assault your Nape with a straight razor after saying a silent prayer of thanks for whoever abolished the necessity for singling the backs of men s Heads i went on in my mind to other firsts in my past. R or in in nor there ii no the first time a Rayed i fool in one of Thoie Nickel Slot machines that lined to be around. Or Neil the hell out of me when the Skeleton of u Hal urn moved to he foot Nufi cared on the plate. The past generation been denied this delightful fright. Apparently discovered in addition to scaring hell out of people the Cerv firing people foot cancer. In the Back of my mind where 1 apparently had pushed it 1 found the dim recollection of the first time i kissed a girl. It seems there was this mixed crowd and a Billle was spinning and finally in slopped pointing at Ritford which happenstance i was required to kiss a girl Anutt tasted awful. It was a much happier occasion the first time i was allowed to Wear a pair of Long pants in lieu of knickers this was no mean feat considering what it took in those Days to overcome parental objections to growing up 1 managed in by refusing to keep my knickers buckled at the knee thus presenting a sorry spectacle when company was present. J confess thai even now i sometimes yearn Tor my Corduroy knickers especially when caught in a Chilly up draft. Reverie. Carried me in futile for the time of my cigarette. I am sure thai it occurred Mon Likely in the scrim Irondi hed inhere punishment n it Fri when Mother unit put me in mid Ding on n i recall very clearly my last cigarette it was consumed midst a severe coughing fit about five years ago my recollection of he first time i played Hooky from school is quite vivid. The first Lime was the last 1 was dissuaded irom Lurther indulgence in the tact that the Guy who tapped me on the shoulder while i was attempting to make the eight Ball in the Side pocket at the local Pool Emporium was none other than the school principal himself in subsequent negotiations 1 agreed not to play any More Hooky and he promised not to slip up on me in the Pool room and scare me out of any More six years growths As every Veteran of the armed services must. I remember my Lisl Saline i was less than a week in the army and walking guard around some tents on a base in South Carolina which needed guarding Aboul As much As the City dump. 1 spied another military person approaching who i perceived to be an officer because he was dressed so much nicer than me 1 prepared myself mentally to execute my first highball loan officer and gentleman of the United states army. But. Alas. I was nol physically ready for such n High Pur pose. My Arm was in Lull swing before 1 realized that i had a Billy club attached by a throng to the wrist of my saluting Arm i shall not in further except to say that any officer and gentleman who laughs Ai a poor Soldier who has just knocked his dumb head off May be an officer bul he certainly Ain l no gentleman. Mike Ingram National award goes to youth for toy design Michael Ingram an eighth grader at Kern Dale or. High school has won a fifth place National award Lor designing .1 sate toy. Mike the 13-year-old son of Mack and Josephine Ingram youth taken to Hospital Michael Lynn Roberts 7. Of it. 3, Dillion. S c was taken to High Point memorial Hospital saturday being hit by a car about 1 to on Dorothy Street i More kid Point police said witnesses told them that the Donld role through a Stop sign and into the path of a car driven by Carolyn k. Hill of Holly Hills townhouses in Thomasville no charges were lodged Rufus w Culler. 70. Of Blu Fiield and Charlotte Yost Chapman of Greensboro escaped injury saturday at 12 08 in an Accident at n Mam Street and Oxford place even though both their vehicles were extensively damage police estimated damage to Culler s 1970-Inodel car at and damage to the lh72-Model Chapman vehicle at of Fairview Street also placed first in the Competition in North Carolina. He received a . Savings Bond an award Pla que and he will be sent an assortment of 12 toys made by cell Sable products inc. Of Palatine 111. Schoolchildren throughout the country participated in the create a toy contest Mike was in the gifted and talented program at Oak Hill school when he submitted the entry last year. His design is a toy resembling a Hal rack with Hooks onto which Derby a is Are thrown b a Spring mechanism the company sponsored the contest in order to get ideas Lor Safe toys. The first place Winner s entry is to be marketed and he will get five per cent royalties plus a 000 scholarship Mike enjoyed designing his toy and is proud of his achievement. But he is More interested in things like Dreek mythology and Hopes one Las to study journalism another High Point boy won third place in the Coniel in North Carolina he is stove boil Din. Son of Eugene and Lou Boulom of country club drive Steve is also an eighth grader at Ferndale on the scene cd. Miracle an Optimist is a father who expects More from his children than he can deliver himself. Pop meet Greensboro parents partners an inter National non profit non sectarian educational organization devoted to the welfare and interest of single parents and their children will hold a prospective member orientation Coffee on tuesday at 8 . At the unitarian 3010 Monterey St the Greensboro chapter of the pop is interested in expanding their membership into the High Point area. Further information on the organization is available from Allen Mackover or is. Marilyn Jarrell in High Point reunion the Beeson reunion will be held sunday july 25, at the Home of mrs. M a d i e Mckaughan on Highway 66. Behind Smith store and near Bunker Hill churches. Lunch will be eaten at l . Gop meeting the High Point Republican executive committee com posed of Republican precinct i chairmen in High Point township will meet july 27. In room 208 of die Guilford co my building on s Hamilton Street at 7 . Fred Yoder. Chairman said that All precinct officers Are expected to attend. Bicycle course the High Point Parks and recreation dept. Will Spon Sor a bicycle obstacle Rodeo course monday. July 26, at 2 the event will be held at Washington Terrace Park. Ribbons and certificates will be awarded. Deadline for registration is Friday july 23. At 6 . Chef c lass an outdoor coed chef class will be held at Washington Terrace Park july 19-aug. 2. Additional information May be obtained from the City Parks and recreation department. Will be conducted twice weekly after school hours for parents. These sessions will cover the same material the children of the parents Are getting during the school Haywood said. The idea behind the classes for the parents is that they will be Able to rein Force the work of the teacher miss Jac Queline Garner supervisor of instruction for elementary schools said last week. And just the fact that the parents Are interested enough in what their child is doing to attend the instruction will mean a lot to the she added. Haywood said that the location of the sessions for parents and exact Lime will be determined later after it is Learned How Many parents Are interested in participating and where they live. It May be that All of the sessions will be centralized in one or two locations or they May be conducted at each of the schools he said. At any rate transportation will be provided for parents to attend the sessions. Haywood conceded that convincing the parents that the sessions will Benefit them and their children will re quire a Selling Job but he believes the response will be Good. Haywood also concedes that if All the eligible parents take advantage of the offer some scrambling would have to be done to find instructors and to sup port the project. But we re not going to turn anyone away. Well find some Way to serve them if they Are he Saiof. In addition to the sessions at school the parental assistance will involve Home visits in some cases Haywood said. U is hoped that m addition to the children already in school that younger Brothers and Sisters will become belter prepared for formal school training he said impetus for the parental involvement Cornes from the growing realization that at least a major part of the problem of children who do poorly in school Sterns from the Lack of ability of parents to help their children both irom a motivation standpoint and from a Lack of skills in assisting with lessons High Point Enterprise sunday morning july 18, 1976 Page 2a City area monday last Day registration of voters shows election interest by Lee Mortimer Enterprise staff writer workers at the county Board of elections office in High Point have been very Busy but extremely pleased at the interest shown among local voters in the upcoming primary elections. The office will be open All Day monday from Bam including the lunch hour for anyone wanting to Register to vote in the August 17 primaries. But monday is the last Day and the registration books will be closed at 5 . According to figures provided by Frankie Spainhour chief clerk Lor the Board of elections 24.651 voters were registered in High Point As of March 23. That was the Dale of the presidential preference primary the last statewide elec Tion in North Carolina the figure includes precinct 20 which lies outside the City limits but inside High Point township the upcoming vote will decide candidates for each party a More Complete accounting reflecting registration since March will be ready in about a week. Registration Date nears. There has been a steady increase in the number of people coming in to Register. Workers described thursday As hectic but other Days slowed Down to a More manageable steady Pace. Most people were coming in in groups of 3s, 4s and 5s though 1976 would appear to be a very Strong year for the democrats there was no particular pattern of registration discernible to registrars. If people were making any changes it was from Independent or no party to either Democrat or Republican. There have also been the usual number of changes of address and Many Telephone Calls inquiring about hours of operation of the elections Board office. A number of new registrations have also been listed. High Point has a total population of about 65.000 the por Tion who Aie eligible to Vole those Over 18 could be estimated at roughly 50.000 thai Means Aboul Naif the eligible voters in he City Are registered. And Only about half of those registered Ever Vole though interest varies widely reaching a High Point during presidential elections. Women outnumber men on the registration lists by 13.947 to 11.920 ii we voted As a Block could really do something quipped one female registrar and the number of Blacks on the voter Rolls Are 4.122 com pared with 21.745 White that is below the proportion of backs in the City which is about 25 per cent until recently All voters not listed As muck were i Ien As White but beginning soon registrars will Lurther cute size voters into Indian and Spanish surname ski Jake Freedle has 4o years just trucking for Asheboro Jake free die could have invented the Slang expression keep on trucking he s been a truck drive Man for 40 years now. And All of those years have been with the same company. In terms of service Jake s the senior employee with Klopman transportation which is based Here but Over the Hilt he s not i feel up to driving 40 More years if they d let me. Jake grew up in Lexington and went into the service Sta Tion business there until lie sold out in 1936 to join Burlington industries which was called Burlington Mills Back then. I had a intend named w c. Coins who was driving for the company at the old Lexington silk Jake recalls. His Boss told him to find a partner so. I went into the general manager s office and who s sitting there but j. Spencer love. Burlington s founder. He said can you drive a truck and i told him i d sure try. Or. Love put me on the payroll for a week. Back in those Days a Driver was on Call 24 hours a Day. Whenever the Plant needed something delivered or picked up they d Call and i d hop in my Rig and Jake said. In 1938. Jake and his truck were transferred to the com Pany s High Point Plant where he served until 1959 when he was transferred to Asheboro with Burlington s Klopman division. Currently he s assigned to local runs pickups and deliveries for Klopman in Greensboro Jamestown High Point and Thomasville mostly. It s not unusual for Jake to make More than 60 stops a Day. Looking Back on his driving career. Jake says a couple stories immediately come 10 mind i had to carry the first Lead of Warp beams into a new company Plant in Shan non. A. You know Warp beams Are used in weaving and the yarn is already arranged in the proper pattern if you re not careful the yarns can get out of sequence and then the work s got to be done All Over again. Well i had 57 Warp beams in the Back and when i got in none of them was torn up. Later 1 found a s25 Bonus in paycheck and that was big Money. Then my worst experience was before 1 came with Klopman in the Early 40s, coming Down the mountains near fancy Gap when my bikes gave oui Lucky for me. The truck m front of me saw i was in trouble i got it in Low gear and pulled up against his rear bumper. He managed to find a place to pull off and bring us 10 a a former wrestler and weight alter Jake says he tries to stay in Good physical shape by working out. I also like to think of myself As a company he said i did t put any Money into these Bucks but it i Don t Lake cars of equipment. I just might nol Nunci and Money on my hip come folks Aak me Why i slaved with one company for 4fj years and i just Tell them ii s because 1 be really enjoyed it Jake and his Wile the former Kathryn Graver of Lexington live in High Point they have four grown children. Retirement for Jake will be coming up in 1977 Haven t really thought about Jake said. I be got a Loi More runs to make Between now and Jake Freedle ready to Roll on another trip

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