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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 17, 1974, High Point, North Carolina 12d High Point Enterprise. Wednesday july 17, 1974 a s k a n d a Andy sends a Complete 20-volume set of the Merit students encyclopedia to Jonathan Martin age 13, of Pine Ridge so. Dakota for his question what is the elephant Bird from his name one would expect him to come in the Large Economy jumbo size. And so he did. But he was not As big As the arabian Roc reported by Marco Polo. This Bird was said to Fly off with elephants to feed to his Chicks. Of course the impossible Roc was a legendary Bird. He was not related to the real elephant Bird except in Peoples imaginations. So far As we know the real elephant Bird was the largest Bird that Ever lived on the planet Earth. The fact that he is extinct is no fault of modern Man. Nobody knows Why the last of his enormous Kinfolk perished for the tragedy occurred at the Dawn of human history perhaps 5,-000 years ago. In the Distant past several Over sized Birds developed on isolated islands where there were no predators to threaten them. The great Moa Birds of new zealand were enormous. The Bulky dodos and the elephant Birds had their heyday on the windswept Island of Madagascar in the mild Indian Ocean. A couple of thousand years ago seagoing Peoples from various parts of Indonesia began arriving and several groups stayed to Settle this Island. But the last of the native elephant Birds already had departed or so we think. We know that these giant Birds existed from their Fossil Bones and from their enormous eggs found in swampy bogs. The egg of the elephant Bird really was jumbo sized. It was at least a foot Long and weighed perhaps 18 pounds. The hollow Shell held two Gallons and had room enough for 30,-000 eggs of the tiny Bee Hummingbird. The Chick that hatched from this jumbo egg was destined to stand ten feet tall. Nobody knows How Long it took him to reach maturity but finally he weighed pounds. Its hard to imagine a Bird weighing half a ton and standing ten feet tall. But on the Island of Madagascar some 5,000 years ago there was such a Bird. Like the giant Moas of new zealand he resembled an oversized Ostrich a with a Bulky body Long neck and Small head. His Long Strong legs no doubt made him a fast sprinter though so far As we know there were no enemies around to Chase him. Even if there had been those mighty legs were powerful enough to Bash a Tiger to a pulp. Judging from modern Birds there is a weight limit to flight. Our heaviest flying Birds weigh about 14 pounds. Obviously the elephant Bird was grounded however his Fossil breast Bone is shaped like a ship s keel which suggests that maybe his ancestors were flying Birds a but no doubt very very much smaller. Marco Polo a fabulous Roc makes a wonderful tale. But let s face it such a Bird was downright impossible. Just suppose the feathered monster was big enough to capture and Dine on elephants. A Bird of such Carmichael dimensions certainly would be unable to Fly. And the fabulous Roc was reported to zoom aloft on enormous wings pounce Down on an. Elephant and carry it Back to his nest. Andy sends a seven volume set of the chronicles of narnia to Verenna Winn age to of Walnut Creek California for her question can a Bird see from both eyes at once human eyes Are set Side by Side and rather close together. They look out together and see the same View. But a Robins Bright eyes Are placed farther apart. Actually he has an Eye on each Side of his head. Obviously he cannot use them to look straight ahead and see the same View As we do. But he does see from both of them at once. His left Eye has a Fine View of the scenery on his left Side. The right Eye surveys the scenery on the right. Eyes of this sort show a Bird what goes on to the left to the right and also slightly ahead and behind. From the Corner of one Eye or the other he can spot trouble coming from almost any direction. This is Fine for the general picture. But when he wants a close up View of this or that he turns his head and observes it through one Eye a or the other. Andy sends a seven volume set of the chronicles of narnia to Barb Sass age to touted of St. Paul Minnesota for her question what causes hard water pure fresh rain is called soft water. It works with soap to form lots of Foamy bubbles and get out the dirt. But water is a chemical that tries to dissolve All sorts of other chemicals. When it dissolves Chalky Calcium Type chemicals it becomes hard water. And hard water refuses to work with soap As it should. Instead of Frothy foam it forms dirty scum that leaves a Nasty ring around the Bathtub. Our water supplies come from rain. But before we get this water it gathers in lakes and streams or sinks Down to collect underground. And All the while the gathering water tries to dissolve chemicals from the ground. When it seeps through Limestone it dissolves the Calcium Type chemicals that turn soft water into hard water. Then we have to add water softening chemicals. They sift out the hard chemicals so that the water can form soapy bubbles and get out the dirt. La Good Lowers revolution in savings is Back again with even greater values this month Long Sale event is designed to set you free for the summer. With air conditioners to Cool you off. Appliances to give you More Leisure time. And color televisions to help you enjoy those Leisure hours. So Start your summer out rights let Lowers set you free from household chores. Free to enjoy yourself More a by 19�?� Diagonal table Model color to family sized picture in a compact sized Cabinet. This color portable features the Titan 101 Chassis which is Over 90% solid state. Customized Fine tuning. And solid state super video Range tuning system. #54768. 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