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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 17, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Cigarette beetles tobacco Moths tobacco men Start offensive on bugs candidates rap Point system High Point Enterprise monday july 17, 1972 5a some natural Gas found Raleigh apr major sheets offer an Ideal Breeding . Tobacco manufacturers and Independent tobacco dealers have pledged their support for an Effort to control infestations of cigarette beetles and tobacco Moths in the flue place f o r the Beetle and the Moth a he said. A thus the tobacco then can become infested when it is marketed from contaminated Hicks warned growers that be a con Mooresville . Apr two republicans and one democratic candidate have launched attacks on North Carolinas insurance Point sys i i l i pack houses and carry Over tobacco. Six . Manufacturers and nominee to Independent dealers have agreed to support the program. Results Small in . Oil search sin in the Continental United states with a potential for Oil production a Conrad for he said Hicks who is president cured states. Infested tobacco a a could the president of tobacco spotted by graders but growers information conscientious efforts by Farmers services a wholly owned sub urday. Mittee inc., Carl t. Hicks said could result in higher Cash re Sidary of the corporation sunday a the cooperating buy turns ranging from to to 15 would also cooperate in the fun ing representatives for our do cents per negation program. Mystic and overseas Bright tobacco customers have pledged to repair and clean their Burlap sheets free of insects before they Are distributed throughout Southern Hicks added a a i am told that the major buying forces on the he suggested that Farmers a a avoid putting new crop tobacco in the same building housing Holdover old Leaf. Where possible the new crop should be placed in an auxiliary storage space. We know the scientists say the longer governor Nick far More than 100 exploratory Smith Republican nominee for of. Have produced on a a attorney general and John in Agram democratic nominee for on i ? a As. Of the flue cured tobacco co insurance commissioner All no a a be commercially operative stabilization corp., spoke before the North Carolina it Hwy Hile nos been found. Said that tobacco growers truck Drivers association sat c. So Stop geologist Steve Conrad is n o t ready to give up. And neither apparent Smith declared that the Point by Are the Oil companies. System is a a upside Conrad director of the office. Of Earth resources in the state a a truck divers who travel rement of Naura and Many More Miles than the a guano Mac resources pointed rage Driver Are subjected to a fan interview half East. Point system which takes no no Ern North Caro j where by Noel Yancey associated press writer Raleigh a millions3nd amp As of dollars have been spent in s a a Over the next few years a significant increase in Oil exploration activity will be much the search for Oil and natural Jim Holshouser Republican flue cured markets Are in one keeps any tobacco the agreement that proper co opera chances increase to Breed More Tive efforts this year can re Duce the Beetle and Moth a a Small particles of flue cured tobacco clinging to the heat Beer cause Rock tossing next few years. Simply be Ning for additional drilling cause no one has the authority to do any drilling in the offshore area right now and its a tremendously expensive action athe�?~nli1as11li re possible for ii or natural Gas sedimentary in evidence a he predicted. Conrad expects exploration of Oil and Gas to begin in the so called Cape fear Arch off the North Carolina coast once the . Supreme court decides on the ownership of offshore Oil deposits and once the government completes a study of the environmental Impact of offshore drilling. A a statistically a he said the chances Are better to discover Oil off Shore because there we will be dealing with a thicker was the first of a series of in addition to the Oil exploration on state owned sub oper merged lands Conrad noted that r. R. Dekay or. Has just he noted that ifs possible to drilled an exploratory Well near Drill on land and make project qum neck Conrad said the Oil searches in North Carolina has resulted Only in a one or two Wells where tons into the offshore areas. Right now the colonial Oil co. And cities service Oil co. Have leases to explore for Oil and Gas on state owned water. ,. Ways in Eastern North Caro a tally s 1 show of As has Lina. They Are required to do been 20,000 feet of drilling every two a a a t remember the old say years to keep their leases alive., a. ,. V i c u a c i my that a where there s smoke Earl Schmidt of san a. Tex., has started drilling a Well there 8 re be stated near Peletier in Carteret county for colonial. Conrad said this Terestea a a that a what keeps them in he qaid a drunk Drivers Arp two a a Quot 1v,�?~ w a a Quot i j Sci us. I Wells colonial proposes to Drill a Given the Chance to receive re to 0ccur�?T is so vast that a weve a a but us possible that Oil principally in Carteret county Hhd arc i Ancock a he just barely scratched the sur and Gas May occur Inland for St noted Drivers licenses at he face a so for in the search sore distance a Conrad added. 1 a the Atlantic coastal area is that a where he is expected discretion Drivers and others truck with inadvertent Speed violations May Boston apr police Ose their right to drive without Conrad said cities service has just completed a geophysical Survey in the Waters of the last major sedimentary Bali quite a bit of activity Over the Lico sound to assist it in plan state universities enrolment declines All growers he raid should s ,0rtbai blame Quot the heat and Tsoy much this tension specialist about possible. ,. U a a ,. Ways to clean infestation from Are drinking a Rock Smith said a giving drunk a i a throwing rampage involving an Drivers the Benefit of judicial estimated 2,000 which broke out leniency and subjecting Safe following a Spanish speaking Drivers to automatic adminis festival Here. Tractive loss of License for Speed Nineteen persons were re ing is turning the Public inter ported injured and at least 35 est upside persons were arrested in the sunday night disturbance to Holshouser told the Civ Anders Triciti lectured on Church Law lice said. Of the injured six if elected were policemen including one would distinguish new Bishops prepare for posts Lake Junaluska n. C. Rev. Edward Tullis of Ashland Roy h. Short of Louisville. Apr six newly elected Bish by. Goes to Columbia s. by. John Owen Smith of attle truck 0ps 0f a United methodist Abe be Joe Mcdavid Mobile Santa Paul Hardin or. Of co acted he i. wl11 be in Lakeland Ign Isle be Church were reminded of the the Rev. Carl j. Sanders of a Lumbia James w Henle it of first . Mosque the Cornerstone for the first mosque of importance in the United states was Laid Jan. La 1949, at Washington . It has a minaret 160 feet above Street level from which prayer May be announced through a Loudspeaker. Chew 1 who suffered a broken Arm denture invention tween Points assessed against supremacy of Church Law As Hington va., has been trans Lakeland Edward j. P. Peng ,.nii tick fun in a a i persons who drive for a living the Southeastern jurisdiction of feared to Birmingham Ala. Egrass of Jackson and Paul Raleigh i api North draft Lam that no longer mate a tire Iron. Cd those wh0 Are Only Occam the Church finished its Quad. And the Rev Mack Stokes of m Herrick of Dayton Ohio Karauna s state supported urn-1 col Ege a tend be m Etta inti. A signal Drivers. Tennial conference sunday. Atlanta will be in Jackson retired from Rihm. My in verifies report a decline in a avoid the draft growing doubt hospitalized in critical Condi 3 wuss a who retired from Richmond in plications for enrolment this about the value of a College de Tion. Police said numerous oth Ingram also said if elected he after the consecration Cere a 1970. Year and a number of openings Gree and the breaking of a locker persons suffered minor in would change the present Point monies sunday night the six among the senior Bishops for fall still available. Step school attendance. Juries mainly from thrown system. He added a no person prepared to return to their Bishop Earl g. Hunt of Char or. William Friday president a the economic fact and the rocks. Will receive insurance Points Homes and pull up stakes Lotte Bishop h. Ellis Finger of of the 16-Campus University of mobility of today s students Are the disturbance broke out in unless he has a conviction for Church Law forbids new Bishops Nashville and Bishop l. Scott North Carolina said a although e specially important con a wide area of the Roxbury and Bis record with the department fr0m serving in the areas from Allen of Knoxville will remain i Haven to checked the figures in Side rating a Friday said. A in South end sections following of motor which they were elected. In their present posts the past few weeks it is my greasing number of students the festival which was attend the Democrat said that a understanding that there Are Are getting out to work for a de by 8.000 to 10,000 persons. Der the present system some the Rev. Robert m Black it took the 500 delegates 25 available spaces in All in a police car and a cab were insurance companies Are sur Burn of Orlando Fla. Will move ballots from tuesday to Fri Sti Tutins with the exception of North Carolina state Ulver overturned and set on fire. A charging motorists who Are in to Raleigh the Rev. Frank l. Appalachian state and the uni sity admissions director Ken tavern and a Branch City Hall valved in accidents which Are Robertson of Valdosta a. Varsity Here at Chapel Neth i. Raab said other Rea were set on fire with fire the aul tolf the other 1 moves to Ky-1 the officials at both Duke and sons for the opening Are the bombs but the flames were Wake Forest University How growth of Junior colleges and brought under control quickly Ever said they have seen an in Trade schools and the rising police said crease in applications this year out of state tuition costs at police said the disturbance and have no More openings for state schools. Broke out about 7 . When fall. He said Nusl has openings two factions attending the Sec Friday agreed with the re in every area except design Day g two Day festival Lolff Toung fas Teeth pow do a k Tatos the worry out of wearing Dan Turas. A Allicino n Day to select the six new Bishops who replace six retirees. The retirees Are for popu with a up parse and a a Lowers the new rest thing to having your own Teeth i possible now with a plastic Cream discovery that actually holds both a a uppers and Quot Lowers Quot As never before possible. It s a discovery called fix ohm for daily Home use . Pat. J3,003,9aa> and it has revolutionised denture wearing fix oct forms an elastic membrane that helps absorb the shocks of biting and chewing. With fix Hunt Many denture wearers May eat. Speak laugh with Little worry of dentures coming Loose. One application May last for hours. Dentures that fit Are essential to health. See your dentist regularly Iet easy to use Fiaoo it denture adhesive Cream. Suits of a Survey conducted and psychology. Recently by the National association of College admissions Counselor which showed that 87 p e r cent of u. S. Colleges and universities still had openings this month for All. The Survey also estimated that there Are 300,000 to 500,000 current student openings in . Universities and colleges. The report attributed the Large number of openings to economic conditions changes in Pioneer to nears Belt of asteroids marking puerto rican Independence Day engaged in a fist fight. Approximately 75 police officers some with dogs were called to quell the disturbance but the outbreaks of Rock throwing looting and fire bombing continued out of control until about 10 30 ., police said. Scattered incidents were re ported into the Early morning Cam hours. Media chief leaves Post after charge new York api a former president of lbs news has announced that he is resigning his Post As a director of the american Institute for political communication in a dispute Mountain View apr hurtling through space at 56,000 Miles per hour America s Pioneer to space probe has begun a risky journey through the asteroid Belt on its Way to Jupiter. It was the first time an object launched from Earth had entered the Belt a spinning Pua pct hot Fapio a Circle of dust and Mammoth j11&Quot a Quot a a a rocks which orbit the Sun be unit Eastty of North Carol a student Dies from fall tween Mars and Jupiter. Student from Greensboro despite the fact that a a tiny rec4ekived when speck could damage the space a 5 feet from the Sun roof Craft officials at the National 8 Frater rut it a House to a aeronautics and space admin peking lot. Is ration Sames research Cen Chapel Hill police identified Over the release of an Institute ter at Moffett Field were opt by student As John Francis Over the release of an most Stine Pioneer 10�?Ts Tunnermann jr., a rising Jun press report charging Bias in a Stylc 30 Pioneer Lus visiting the i network television newscast chances for a Safe passage. No 3s via Ling the n network television newscasts they estimated the space. Kappa Alpha House for the Sig Mickelson made Public Craft As a 90 pm. Cent weekend. Sunday his resignation from the Chance 0f making the seven police said the youth appear organization in a letter to de Rno nth trip through the asteroid Entov was sitting on a railing Ward i Click the a pc s a it without serious damage. Around the roof talking to managing director. He said he Pioneer to is expected to friends when the railing gave was unaware of the study a reach Jupiter on . 3, 1973. Way methods or the base of the Bias the spacecraft is now 115 the incident took place Short charge though the report was million Miles away the great before 2 a m. Saturday and issued on stationery bearing his est distance every travelled by Tunnermann died a Little after name along with those of other an object launched from Earth. I pm. That Day. Death was at the asteroid Belt contains tribute to head injuries millions of particles ranging in i size from Sand pebbles to rocks As big As the state of Alaska j the Belt is 1.8 billion Miles around 175 million Miles wide and 50 million Miles thick. Launched March 2, Pioneer to reached the Belt sunday. Gleaner world it the garment Cari professionals Send you on vocation in style with the proper Core for Oil your torments by their guaranteed methods. Plus free Eisenhower members of the Board of directors. The report said the institutes study had found a a significant degree of Bias against the Vietnam War and in favor of sen. George Mcgovern in the programs monitored during the first half of june. You can sell your Home faster if you Plant something in your front Yard. Mem Hail it tic 20 Church Aji get i free $ for each $3.00 Worth of dry cleaning brought in on tue., wed., or thur. For More fun no limit bring s3 Worth got ii >6 Worth a get >2 $9 Worth get ?3 Etc. I Parson lip music 224 North Elm Greensboro fit Leleh 4 phone 885 5323 Stort your trip in our driveway Quot Well de the rest Quot 5 locations in High Point to serve you e 1530 n. Main St. E 906 n. Main St e 1310 n. Centennial e 247 s. Main St. #2517 s. Main St in

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