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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 15, 1972, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randall b. Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David t. Rutledge Gen. Mgr. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley . David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Joe Brown editor Page 4-a saturday july 15, 1972 from the Winston Salem journal the triad s future the Piedmont triad today is just a Skeleton reaching beyond the Yadkin the Dan the Haw and the Wharrie Rivers. But its just a matter of time before people and their metropolitan accoutrements flesh the triad out to a full blown megalopolis. That is unless we decide right now exactly what shape we want the super City to take. The Piedmont triad Council of governments is on the right track when it proposes to develop some regional goals to guide our Public officials toward regional cooperation for the control of growth. There Are Noble ideas to project Green spaces around the major cities to Channel new industries and neighbourhoods toward the smaller towns and to develop a strategy to limit growth. But we wonder just How Long Chambers of Commerce and elected officials will allow this sort of talk to continue. After All. Chambers of Commerce Are comprised of businessmen. And businessmen thrive on growth. So do governments which depend on property taxes. Maybe before we go much further to plan the triads future our planners should build a Case against the megalopolis it could become. They could look at things like governments that grow More costly while they become less effective at widespread from the Charlotte observer violence and crime including crimes like burglary robbery and shoplifting that directly damage business and the Wear and tear on the nerves of citizens who Are confronted daily with the fear inconveniences and harshness that Are so much a part of life in these megalopolis is. The nations major cities have shown us that Large populations tend to get out of control and that their problems seem to get worse no matter what is done. Yet every Small and Middle sized City has As its objective to grow larger. Winston Salem must be like Charlotte. Charlotte must be like Atlanta. And attitudes will continue this Way until its proved to our business and government leaders that bigger is not necessarily better. The triad Council suggests that the triads major cities can be prevented from growing together by controlling just 125 Square Miles 214 per cent of the total area of the triad. The Council suggests that growth can be controlled by granting or denying water and sewer service to certain areas. These Are worthy goals. But they Are bound to crumble unless our planners can build a convincing Case to cause our business and government leaders to reverse their time honoured attitudes. Merchandising political assassinations or attempts at them have become commonplace in America. Bizarre Public shootings seem to be taking place almost daily and the practice of ending family or personal squabbles with bullets is working at its usual clip. Instead of growing More fearful of guns society seems to be growing More fascinated with them. The political Campaign to restrict arms use by citizens is getting nowhere. Tile gun Industry of course plans to give the Public what it wants a Connecticut company recently came out with a new Model Rifle which it Calls the a article that a named for the Section of the Constitution which guarantees a the right of the people to keep and Bear perhaps what is needed is a new kind of gun. It would be Beautiful. It might have the most lavish of equipment sights Scopes Stock and barrel. It would satisfy every lust of the gun Lover except one it would not shoot. A company could Call it the a exodus 20 13.�?� that a the Bible verse that commands. A thou Shalt not from the Christian science Monitor comeback there a a romantic lilt to the Story of the return of the ospreys to Scotland. The Osprey or sea Eagle had Long been considered extinct in Britain. Up until 1959 no Osprey had been sighted there for 50 years. Then a pair of the Birds turned up in Scotland and tins year eight or nine pairs Are estimated to have mated there. Special precautions have been taken to protect the nest of a pair whose eggs were stolen last year. A corps of 150 volunteers keeps a Day and night watch Over the nest from the Tulsa doily world which straddles the top of a 40-foot tree in a Bird Sanctuary on Loch Garten. Electronic devices pick up the sound of any intruder intrigued by the Story hundreds of Bird lovers Are trekking to the Sanctuary to View the comings and goings of the ospreys from a concealed Vantage Point. The Public interest and share in protecting the Birds is a source of encouragement for the conservationists. It Points to the underlying fact that there is an unlimited fund of Goodwill to be tapped in the fight to save endangered wildlife. What s honesty Worth it would be interesting to take a poll and find out How much the Man on the Street feels american airlines a a owes the Indiana Farmer who returned $500,000 in Ransom Money after he found it in his Field. The airline offered him $10,000 As a Reward a purely arbitrary amount. The Farmer Lowell Elliott refused the Check with the comment a i won t get any More if i take he indicated 5 per cent of the Ransom which would amount to $25,000. Would be acceptable but a Rio per cent would be it appears that Elliott would prefer the Reward be determined by his avarice rather than by his honesty. What is honesty Worth anyway who a to say is it measured by a percentage of the value of whatever is recovered or saved is it a matter of negotiation or arbitration should it be taken to court and submitted to a jury from the Asheville citizen at one time it might have been the fashion to believe that honesty was its own Reward but perhaps that idea is Long gone out of style. Nowadays it May be More appropriate to say its Worth whatever one can get out of it. Note. Too. Farmer Elliott a reasoning a after All. They gave that Guy the skyjacker $500,000.�?� see How easy it is to lose sight of Small details like the fact that the skyjacker was threatening an Airliner and about 90 lives the comparison seems hardly fitting. But we come Back to the Basic question. Elliott says he feels his action a bought to be Worth More than what was offered for being honest Quot just think How Many people Are cheating themselves by being honest for nothing we Hope Elliott will recover in time from his acute attack of human nature. It s a bargain Price when prime residential real estate is bringing upwards of $15,000 for a fair sized lot in Many cities the size of Asheville and land even in Remote parts of the Countryside is sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. A Price tag of $1.10 per acre sounds like a joke. It in to though and even if everybody s smiling nobody is laughing. A Dollar and ten cents per acre is what the u. S. Governments Indian claims commission has just agreed to pay the Eastern band of the Cherokee indians for 1,686,595 acres the indians claim were ceded to the government in various treaties since the invaders began trespassing on the indians property. The payment comes to $1,855,245 and fifty cent Sand its at least the biggest bargain since Secretary William Seward got Alaska in 1867 for $7.2 million. Of course the Cherokee settlement was after the fact the uninvited guests were already in Possession of the territory which makes it More than a Nice gesture everything considered. But anybody would have to say the Price is right. That Young Jerk May be around for a Long time a two key rulings Miami Beach a George Mcgovern won the presidential nomination in the Fontainebleau suite of democratic National chairman Larry o Brien before the convention opened. Mcgovern needed a favourable ruling from of Brien on two key procedural questions. If of Brien had ruled against him Mcgovern would have been Short of the votes he needed to win the crucial California credentials fight. He was accompanied to of Brien s suite by Connecticut a astute sen. Abraham Ribicoff a key member of Mcgovern a political brain Trust. They urged the beleaguered chairman for the Sake of party Unity to Rule for Mcgovern. Choosing their words carefully they reminded of Brien that Mcgovern a supporters were essentially the same people who had been shut out by the 1968 democratic convention. They had worked Long and hard for the nomination in 1972. If they should feel that they had been cheated again by a parliamentary ruling they might split the party apart. Mcgovern and Ribicoff were careful to make no threats but merely to describe the mood of their zealous followers. Of Brien said he did no to intend to continue As party chairman. He has served without salary and he must get Back to earning a living he said. Mcgovern and Ribicoff suggested pointedly that o Brien want to leave a splintered party As his legacy. The chairman got the message and later ruled Mcgovern a Way. One ruling gave Mcgovern 120 California delegates but denied his opponents the remaining Isi delegates for the crucial vote on seating the California delegation. The other ruling permitted the Issue to be settled by a majority of delegates eligible to vote rather than a majority of the full convention. This was Worth another 70 votes for Mcgovern. Representatives of All the presidential candidates were summoned to a secret meeting where party counsel Joseph Cali Fano and parliamentarian James of Hara announced of Brien s decision. Max Kampelman representing Hubert Humphrey blurted angrily a i just want you to communicate a message to the chairman from the Humphrey Campaign committee. His rulings Are appalling. We can see no Legal basis for them. We must consider them to be acts of hostility a Kampe Man suggested that of Brien had favored Mcgovern because he knew the Humphrey forces would remain Loyal to the party but feared the Mcgovern forces might Bolt. The Only explanation for o Brien s rulings snapped Kampelman was a that the chairman has submitted to acts of Califano denied that there had been any a intimidation a a the use of that word is charitable a shot Back Kampelman. The final Roll Call on the California seating confirmed that of Briens rulings had been essential to Mcgovern. Without them he would have been la votes Short. Then the Stop Mcgovern forces would have won and merry go round by Jack Anderson the Mcgovern bandwagon would have started to break Down. The four democratic senators who were the prime contenders for their party a presidential nomination a Mcgovern Humphrey Muskie and Jackson a Are now in debt to the taxpayers for More than $50,000. This is the amount of senatorial salary which they have improperly collected while they were away from the Senate campaigning in presidential primaries. Federal Law provides that a the Secretary of the Senate. Shall deduct from the monthly payments of each member. The amount of his salary for each Day that he has been absent from the Senate. Unless such member assigns As the reason. The sickness of himself or some member of his based on information supplied by aides to the four men Mcgovern was absent for 90 Days Humphrey 85, Muskie 69 and Jackson 65. Yet during the periods of their absenteeism they collected about $50,400 from the u. S. Treasury. The taxpayers Are not Likely to get it Back however. The Secretary of the Senate is elected by the Senate and is about As rough on absentees As a truant officer would be if he were appointed by school children. The present Secretary. Francis Valeo says he has been getting a number of letters demanding to know Why he does no to enforce the Law. Valeo has a ready explanation a the he says a has no to been enforced for Over a besides he adds just How a senator should a pursue his responsibility to the Constitution and the people. Is be get judged by the senator and the Graffiti a i \ c 1972 syr wlm inc. Imi a Iii Villi i t i 1 11 a fat a a a after Ndini by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus two former High pointers or. And mrs. Mal f. Cerney of Cincinnati were passengers on the luxury liner Queen Elizabeth la when a team of four British frogman parachuted in the mid Atlantic to search for six bombs an extortionist said would be exploded unless $350,000 Ransom was paid. It was an exciting moment naturally but when no bombs were found it merely added another exciting chapter to being aboard her. A the Queen is a wonderful ship a writes Mal. A it is a floating City a Leviathan of the seas. It has everything one could wish for night clubs swimming pools Sauna Baths casinos libraries Post offices Banks shops of High Quality three wonderful dining rooms All full most of the tim several snack shops for the in Between eaters lounges everywhere on open decks or on inside sheltered areas. Night clubs feature performers of world renown. In other words there a no need for a Dull moves along if 28 to 30 knots per hour. A soon that thursday came and although we had made six ship to Shore phone Calls to relatives in the Carolinas and Florida and to Cincinnati and still were unaware of the bomb threat although our loved ones already knew about it from the newspapers. It was about two hours before the Captain informed us of the possibility of bombs aboard. Meanwhile i walked out toward the Stern to see How much those 6-ton Bronze propellers were churning the briny. I was somewhat set Aback when i saw nothing churning. The water was quiet. I then began to sense something wrong. I looked about and could see we were not moving at All. Now the question was Why i strolled Back to our stateroom and then the Captain announced that in 45 minutes he expected a Royal air Force plane to locate us at Anchor and that was Why we were stopping 1.300 Miles from the shores of England. The ceiling for flight was awfully Low visibility quite poor. And the a Frog men had to be dropped not by a Jet plane but by a propeller driven plane which could come lower and slower to add to safety of the drop. The plane soared across our Bow about 8 times before they finally opened the doors and dropped the four along with their detection devices. Our launch no. 9 lowered and with its Crew went out to gather those Brave boys one of whom had never before jumped and brought them aboard. Within 30 minutes they were going through the vessel in quest of the supposed bombs. A Captain William Law did an excellent Job of applying psychology to the entire ship to avoid panic. I think the entire passenger and Crew group should be grateful to him for his calmness and the Way he executed his sovereignty. I know we were. When i was asked How i Felt about it All. My reply was a apprehensive As i May have been naturally i walked out on the port Side looked at that expansiveness of sea out there and said a a hmm i cannot get out and walk a so i reconciled myself to whatever it after All the nearest we were to land was straight Down. What a horrible thought without a submarine a after some two hours of searching for the bomb or bombs we got under Way again and soon the propellers or screws As the term be in Marine language were churning the briny again. I would say that the ship stood at Anchor for some two to three hours. Quot at Cherbourg. France we docked Only for a few hours and we were besieged by reports of the news Media from All Over the world. They had us on to radio and for the newspapers. Next morning we docked at Southampton England where More newsmen were digging for stories about the bomb scare. However by then i had concluded that a All is Well that ends Well and this had ended a they had quite a trip through Europe including aligned Telephone conversation directly with Princess Grace at Monaco and telling her of meeting her Uncle George aboard the qe2. Henry Shavitz has supplied us with a pamphlet shewing the floor plan of the new $700,000 Wren com furniture building at the Northwest Comer of Commerce and Wrenn streets from which it takes its name. Steel is going up for completion in time for the april furniture Market next year. He reports As leasing agent the five floors with 40,000 Square feet already Are so per cent contracted although it won t be ready for showing of lines until Spring. A documentary in words and photographs reporting on a single Day in the life of a Thomasville general practitioner by the saturday evening Post establishes or. C. O. Plyler As representative of that vital phase of medical practice that needs encouragement in these times. It is a telling Story of How specialities have reduced general practitioners from 30 specialists to 70 practitioners in 1930. Compared with six practising family physicians now to 23 practising physicians. Lacking a family doctor people Are turning increasingly to the emergency room of the nearest Hospital for treatment of everyday kinds of illnesses everything from baby a hacking cough to irritated mole on the face. But emergency rooms cannot respond fully to the role of the family physician for the emergency room attendant Isnit Likely to know the background and medical history of those he treats. The Story of or. Plyler. Endorsed by the North Carolina Academy of family physicians makes it Clear that the family doctor in an age of specialists is something special and very much needed. Or. Plyler a ministers son chose family practice intentionally for he recognized the Challenge and the Opportunity in a Field which works him Long hours at times around the clock. Don Sturkey the former Star Enterprise photographer who since has won National honors in his Field did the splendid photography that accentuates the Story of one whose tribe should be encouraged to increase the nations Well being depends upon it. In the above connection Quot private practice Quot Magazine notes doctors Are considered the most trustworthy of citizens by the american people according to a team of psychologists from the University of Connecticut who conducted a comprehensive study of Public attitudes toward 20 occupations. Most people think politicians Are More dishonest than used car salesmen but not by much. When it comes to telling the truth they would sooner believe a plumber. According to the study Only used car salesmen who finished 20th in the ratings ranked lower than politicians in terms of Public Trust while plumbers were listed 12th, ahead of business executives army generals television repairmen newspaper columnists Auto repairmen and labor Union officials. On the basis of competence and altruism the politician and the used car Salesman also finished at the Bottom o the ratings the team said. Heading the list were medical doctors followed by Clergyman dentists judges psychologists College professors psychiatrists High school teachers lawyers and Law enforcement officials. Did you know or even suspect that from Assembly line to junkyard it will Cost you $13,522.95 or 13 55 cents a mile to drive and maintain a 1972 Standard size automobile the monthly newsletter on consumer financial behaviour published by the National consumer finance association reports that the Purchase Price is the first Cost in a Long line of operating expenses which must be paid in operating your car during its approximate 100,-000-mile, 10-year life. The combined costs of gasoline maintenance and repairs insurance Garaging parking and tolls Over to years will Cost you $8,084. A Standard size car will use 7.350 Gallons of gasoline costing $2,787 Over to years. Maintenance and repairs will run $2,147 insurance $1,350 and Garaging parking and tolls $1,800. Original vehicle Cost depreciation is the greatest single Cost. Lets see $13,522.95 in to years comes to approximately $1,352.30 a year�?$112.69 a month or $3.76 a Day

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