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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 15, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather scattered showers More Date on Page a 88th year a no. 197 the High Point Enterprise High Point n.c., saturday afternoon july 15, 1972 14 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads. Ms-2177 ail Othar departments m5-2hi daily 10c, sunday 25c judge hits wage level of controls by John Kamps associated press writer Washington apr a Federal judge in the first successful court Challenge of president Nixon a economic stabilization program has ordered a relaxation of wage controls that could Benefit 14 million workers. Union leaders had sought the decision. . District judge William b. Jones ruled Friday that the Cost of living Council cold was a in excess of Agency authority when it limited exemptions from wage controls to persons earning less than $1.90 an hour. The ruling meant the Council could no longer use $1.90 As the figure beyond which wage raises have been limited to 5.5 per cent. In granting a summary judgment in a suit brought by several labor unions including the Al Cio Jones did not set a new exemption figure. However he cited a $3.35-an-hour figure based on a Bureau of labor statistics study which said this wage would provide the $6,960 considered adequate annual income for an Urban family of four. The Al Cio estimated about 14 million workers Are making Between $1.90 and $3.95 an hour and thus will be granted exemption from wage controls. The Cost of living Council had no immediate comment on the decision but is expected to Appeal the Case. Paul Jennings president of the International Union of electrical radio and machine workers hailed the decision As a a direct rebuttal to those who would deny the working poor a Chance for equitable wage increases while food and other prices go unchecked. A this decision clearly exposes the Nixon administrations intent to subvert the will of Congress a Jennings added. The lawsuit was based on amendments to the economic stabilization act of 1970, which provide that a any individual whose earnings Are substandard or who is amongst the working poor should be exempt from wage controls. Jones said the $1.90-an-hour figure is a without rational basis and frustrates the intent of he said Congress had decided that wage exemptions should be based on a salary of $7,000 a year instead of the $3,000 figure used by the Council. Millions of Low wage earners however have been denied the exemption from wage controls to which they Are entitled because of the administrative difficulties in recognizing such exemptions a Jones said in his 20-Page decision and order. A yet Gou in the interest of administrative convenience has exempted millions of workers in Small businesses regardless of their annual or hourly quoting from a congressional report Jones said Congress intended that wage control exemptions be Given to a fall persons whose earnings Are at or below Levels established by the Bureau of labor statistics in determining an income necessary to afford adequate food clothing and shelter and similar Jones said the Council s a alarm at the Prospect of an exemption. For Over 50 per cent of the non supervisory working Force is less convincing in the Light of its recent ruling exempting Small businesses from both Price and wage but Fischer May also bombs raining at Quang tri Mcgovern and mrs. Jean Westwood democratic chairman Choice a wire photo Mcgovern gearing for rough Battle by Jim Adams associated press writer Washington a democratic presidential candidate George s. Mcgovern has tried out the presidents Landing strip at Andrews air Force base and says he likes it. A a we be got to get used to that a Mcgovern said stepping off his chartered Jet Friday night. But he said he knows he has a Long Way to go before he will be using Hie two presidential jets parked near his aircraft. A a we re not under any illusions that the Battle is won a he said. A we know its an Uphill Effort. A but i have much the same feeling i had in new Hampshire at the beginning of the year its an Uphill Effort but i think we re going to go Over the meanwhile Mcgovern a running mate. Sen. Thomas Eagleton was welcomed Back to his Home state by 400 cheering supporters at Kansas City municipal Airport Friday night. After the flight in from Miami Beach the 42-year-old senator said he Felt somewhere a Between euphoria and terribly he plans to Fly to Washington immediately after a speaking engagement before the National audio visual association at Kansas City today. Mcgovern brought a sizable portion of the Washington press corps and the District of Columbia delegation Home with him Friday night from Miami Beach. He moved up and Down the aisle during the flight obviously in a Good mood. A it was a hectic crazy week a he told one Delegate. A but it came out All before leaving Miami Beach Mcgovern spent most of the Day in consultations with party leaders and attended a meeting of the democratic National committee meeting at which Lawrence f. Of Brien resigned As National chairman. Mcgovern announced the new chairman is mrs. Jean Westwood of West Jordan Utah who was a Utah democratic committee woman and an ardent Mcgovern supporter. Mcgovern received something of a setback in his Choice for party vice chairman. He nominated Pierre Salinger a Campaign adviser and former White House press Secretary but Blacks on the committee nominated Basil Paterson of new York a Black former state senator. An awkward moment followed. And Salinger apparently noting the vigorous applause for Paterson withdrew from Contention saying a i think i sense the feeling of this Paterson was elected. Mrs. Westwood is the first woman of either major party to head a National committee. Friends described the 48-year-old grandmother As a dedicated organizer who knew sen. Mcgovern would get the nomination when others considered him a Long shot. Aides said Mcgovern plans to relax at Home in Washington All weekend with no Public appearances and no meetings and then leave monday morning for a two week vacation at Sylvan Lake Lodge near Custer . Saigon a . B52 bombers killed nearly 300 North vietnamese troops and smashed their equipment in massive strikes on two sides of Quang tri City the . Command announced today. The bombers flew More than too strikes across South Vietnam from noon Friday until noon today unleashing More than 2,500 tons of explosives on North vietnamese troop concentrations in All four military regions of South Vietnam. Two thirds of the strikes were concentrated in the northernmost sector that includes Quang tri and thua Thien provinces South Vietnam a two northernmost provinces below the demilitarized zone. Most of the b52 raids were in support of a 20,000-Man South vietnamese counteroffensive in Quang tri province which fell to the North vietnamese May i. The command said that South vietnamese paratroopers searching one area eight Miles South of Quang tri City where the b52s had hit found 60 test r o y e d North vietnamese bunkers containing approximately 250 enemy dead and their equipment. The b52s also destroyed two 37mm antiaircraft guns one 85mm gun and two trucks in the same target area the command said. Two Miles to the Northeast of Quang tri City South vietnamese marines probing another area hit by b52 bombers found six Graves that contained the bodies of 48 North vietnamese the command said. Meanwhile military sources said that a South vietnamese paratrooper battalion had moved to within 700 Yards East of the Quang tri Citadel. Theng said this was the closest unit to the City limits. On Friday South vietnamese paratroopers reported engaging the enemy 500 Yards from the City limits. The . 7th Fleet announced that attack planes of the Carrier America had joined the Battle for Quang tri City. The Carrier recently returned to the War zone for its third tour. Field reports said 150 North vietnamese troops were killed in fighting on the edges of Quang tri City on Friday while South vietnamese forces suffered 20 men killed and 50 wounded. Thirty Miles to the South of the Northern counteroffensive More fighting was reported on the Western flanks of Hue and the old Imperial capital was shelled again. North vietnamese gunners poured 1,300 rounds of shells into a Hilltop outpost called checkmate on the Western flanks of Hue then assaulted the position which has changed hands four times in the last two weeks. Talks overture made by Hanoi Paris a Hanoi politburo member be due Tho returned to Paris today and said he is prepared to hold new secret talks with or. Henry Kissinger if Kissinger has a something new to discuss. Tho returning from Hanoi by Way of peking and Moscow after an absence of about two months spoke briefly with newsmen at Lebourget Airport. Tho has held a series of private talks with Kissinger in the past. He was asked if he is ready to meet with president Nixon a National Security advisor again. He replied a Elf or. Kissinger has something new to say and shows an interest in seeing me i am ready to see him to discuss a Correct solution to the Vietnam pressed by newsmen As to whether there have been any developments on the Vietnam areas of attack pinpointed democrats drawing plans by Carl p. Leubsdorf a political writer Miami Beach. Fla. A a new coalition has Given new leadership to the democratic party _ and George Mcgovern and Thomas f. Eagleton have less than four months to shape it into a winning Campaign. Already its shape seems Clear despite the pledge of a National Campaign the emphasis will be on the Industrial Londonderry hit cameras to go by Stephens Broening associated Pross writer Reykjavik Iceland api a organizers of the world chess championship have made a new Concession to Bobby Fischer but the Competition still appears to be on the Brink of collapse Gudmundur Thorarinson president of the icelandic chess federation said late Friday the hidden film cameras would be removed from the Reykjavik sports Hall As demanded by the . Challenger. But Thorarinson also said the ruling would stand that Fischer forfeited thursdays second game to russian defender Boris Spassky by refusing to appear because of the cameras. The third game is scheduled for sunday afternoon. Fischer announced he would play Only if the cameras were removed and if the forfeit were erased and the sunday game was considered the second. With the loss of tuesdays opener Fischer trails 0-2 in the 24-game Competition. Spassky needs to More Points to retain his world title Fischer 12 to take it. A win counts one Point a draw half a Point. A four member International committee presiding Over the championship voted 3 to i Friday to reject Fischer a Appeal of the referees decision that the american had forfeited the second match. Pressing for the decision to stand the russians said a written medical excuse was the Only valid reason for Post poning a match and no such excuse had been provided. Fischer a lawyer Andrew Davis of new York argued in vain to the committee that if a player objected to conditions it should be enough to halt the play. Fischer a attitude complicated anew the financial arrangements for the Competition and threatened to Cost him much of the Money he had pried from the organizers in drawn out negotiations preceding the match. Thorarinson said the organizers do not intend to pay the losers share of the purse if Fischer a no appearance thursday causes his disqualification. The loser has been scheduled to get $46,875 from the chess federation $45,000 from a $120,-000 purse offered by London investment banker James Slater and $27,500 from television and movie rights. Removal of the cameras could eliminate the television and movie Cash. Charles Fox a new York promoter who bought the film rights said a the whole financial Structure of the match depended on the filming. Fox said he had told Fischer in new York last month that the Competition would be filmed and Fischer at the time seemed interested Only in How much Money he would get. In his Appeal Fischer said he was told that the cameras would be silent and invisible been but a nothing could have farther from the a the bungling unknowns who claimed to be professional cameramen were Clumsy rude and deceitful a he said. A the Only thing invisible silent and out of sight was the fairness on the part of the organizers. It seemed to me that the organizers deliberately tried to upset and provoke me by the Way they coddled and Kow towed to that camera a City Engineer summoned to the Hall made noise studies and announced that the noise level was about the same with or without the cameras running. The Reykjavik Public meanwhile. Appeared to be losing patience. More than half the 2.500 seats in the Areana were empty f o r thursdays scheduled match. One of the participants on a radio talk show proposed that a Fischer and All the foreign reporters be Given eight hours to get out of Iceland or be what s inside amusements a Bridge 3b classified ads 3 4b comics a crossword 3b editorials 4a obituaries 3a sports 1-2b tote vision 3b woo Thor a Ira keeping up pressure Belfast Northern Ireland apr a British Soldier and a guerrilla gunman were shot dead in Belfast Early today and shooting broke out in Londonderry As the Irish Republican army continued its offensive across Northern Ireland. Troops in Londonderry were fired on by snipers and claimed hitting two of their attackers. A we think one of them May have been killed Quot an army spokesman said. Eleven persons a five soldiers and six civilians a were killed during the past 24 hours raising the death toll in three years of communal fighting to 438 with the British government now fighting to Salvage some Prospect for its four month old peace initiative hundreds of catholics were heading for the Irish Republican Border and scores of families in the capital were leaving their Homes to seek Refuge in Belfast a strongly guarded a no go strongholds. After a week of violence following the collapse of the Irish Republican army a 13-Day cease fire last sunday Many persons both Catholic and protestant feared the violence would hit a new Peak this weekend. The Soldier was killed by a sniper shortly after Midnight As an army patrol scouted Lena Doon Avenue already the scene of bitter confrontations this week. At Ligoniel on the outskirts of Belfast four gunmen attacked a Royal Marine position. An army Marksman killed one of the attackers As the group fled. Troops believed that another Man had also been hit after finding a Trail of blood leading away from the area. In Astrid police stopped a car being used to transport a gel ignite bomb and arrested a Man. Security forces sealed off the shopping Center of Omagh in a Midnight operation aimed at foiling guerrilla bombers. Their barricades left a single Entrance to the downtown area. Eastern and midwestern heartland and the Pacific coast. Funds will be plentiful and the organization that carried Mcgovern to the nomination is being geared up for the fall election. In addition the democrats plan what promises to be the most massive Effort in history to Register new voters hoping to take advantage of relaxed registration procedures and the 18-year-old vote to enlist an additional 18 million by november a primarily the Young the poor and the racial minorities. The Choice of a woman and a Black Man to head the democratic National committee symbolizes the new teams Hopes for breaking traditional patterns. But significant gaps remain in the Unity displayed by the nominees and the Defeated presidential rivals. Big labor is unreconciled to the candidate who humbled its Powers in Many states. I. W. Abel president of the powerful United steelworkers has vowed to sit out the Campaign and the course taken next week by the afr clog a executive Council will influence the labor leadership of Many states. But other unions a the United Auto workers the electrical workers and the government employees a already have embraced Mcgovern and the attitude of Many Union members toward their leaders is one of distrust and Independence. Among organizational democrats the major problems appear to be cities and the South. Where local leaders believing the National ticket is doomed snub it to work on state and local elections the Mcgovern Campaign will set up its own machinery. As for the South Many democrats feel that the Mcgovern Eagleton ticket can to carry any Dixie states. But the candidate seems willing to give it a try. Most democratic governors will give at least lip service support to him waiting to see his support and Campaign plans before vowing More. Question Tho told them to a wait several Tho said he had no other statements to make beyond what was said earlier this week by Xuan Thuy head of the North vietnamese delegation to the peace talks. Thuy has reiterated that the communist seven Point plan is the a Correct basis for settlement of the conflict. The plan Calls for the United states to announce a total troop withdrawal Date the immediate resignation of South vietnamese president Nguyen Van Thieu and the setting up of a coalition government in Saigon. The sem Public plenary sessions of the Vietnam peace talks resumed thursday after a 10-week break and will continue next thursday. The communists have always insisted that the plenary sessions must go on before any secret talks can be held Tho and Kissinger met for the last time May 2 in Paris with no apparent results. Siler City to be Home of aunt bed Siler City no. A aunt be a has bought a Home in this Central North Carolina City and plans to Settle Down to the comfortable Small town life she has been playing on the a Andy Griffith show and a Mayberry of do on television. Aunt Bea is miss Frances Bavier who has retired after 50 years in show business. She said in a Telephone interview from Hollywood that she plans to come to this agricultural and manufacturing City of 5,000 before this month is out. She went Over to Siler City to shop Many times in the television series. But she never saw the real place until she went to Duke Hospital in Durham several years ago to take the Rice diet for weight reduction and lowering of blood pressure aunt Bea should feel right at Home. Raleigh is 50 minutes away by automobile mount airy a skip and a jump and mount Pilot just Down the Road apiece. All have been referred to in her television shows. At the barricades members of the women a Section of the protestant Ulster defense association Uda line up at the barricades in the Shank Hill Road Belfast Fri Day. They Are deployed to search other women entering the protestant area. A w r a it a

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