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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 14, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Don t you miss out on tuesday july 20th the High Point Enterprise wednesday july 14. 1976 7e Washington soldiers heard declaration read the classified ads editor s note two Hundred years ago Friday july 9. The declaration of Independence was Lead to George Washington troops on Manhattan and to the worried citizens of the besieged Island by Earleen f. Tatro associated press writer new Vork a fora week now his majesty a warships have been sailing into new York Harbor the British guns their ability to destroy fearsome indeed Are pointed at the heroes of new yorkers. The biggest Fleet of men o War Ever gathered in one spot in the new world is anchored just a few Miles South of Manhattan nearly 20.000 new yorkers have abandoned their Homes in the past to months. Some were royalists seeking Haven in Canada and the West indies others were patriots fleeing to safety before their Homes became a Battleground of the 5,000 or so remaining loyalties Are still divided anxieties had run High As the Continental Congress met in Philadelphia and voted july 2 to declare the 13 colonies free from the Rule of King George 111 of Britain on that same Day the first British troops c4ime ashore on Staten Island five Miles off the Southern tip of Manhattan. It is now july 9, and the British Are still pouring into the Harbor. Soon there will be Losurdo so ttys to in for fizz a a pasta heroes Quot family restaurants in local communities introducing the Saud bar supreme $1 75 All you want with a meal 95 a 407 i. Complin log bore 274 s42t a mi2 w work g Bor us my a Iaia n main . U7-17i4 More than 32,000 troops under the British Flag on Staten Island a including grenadiers dragoons artillery Light infantry and 8.-000 hessians the German mercenaries George Washington the commander in chief of the Continental army has barely been Able to Muster 10,000 men. At most he will have Only 19,000 to throw against the British War machine. A copy of the declaration of Independence has just reached new York City on Washington s order it has been copied in longhand for each of his brigades tonight. At 6 p.m., it will be read to the soldiers and to the townspeople who have stayed behind. A this important event Washington wrote a will serve As a fresh incentive to every officer and Soldier to act with Fidelity and courage As knowing that now the peace and safety of his Unerv depends solely on the Sucre of our arms and that he is now in the service of a state Quot possessed of sufficient Power to Reward his Merit. And Advance him to the highest honors of a free on Parade grounds throughout tile City the cont Merit a1 brigades have gathered to hear the declaration Washington himself proceeds to the com Moas. To the spot where 20 1 years later politicians and bureaucrats will hold Forth in div Hall the people of lower Manhattan the1 merchants the Farmers the ships a handlers Are Here too As one of Washington s aides begin to read when in the course of he s t a r t s r r i 0 a i Burt Reynolds a Gator Quot co a a Cator Greensboro a own Lauren Hutton Martin twin How West Chester or /88b 009/ malt events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another. A decent respect requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation we hold these truths to be sell evident that All men Are created equal that they Are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable hights that among these Are life Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness Che history of the present King of Greaf Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpation we. Therefore the representatives of the United states of America do solemnly publish and declare. That these United colonies Are and of right ought to be free and Independent states those words had already been read to the Peoples of Philadelphia and Baltimore where they were met with great jubilation and riotous Celebration the people of new York Are subdued after the Reading in the past in times of Celebration they had lit great bonfires fired artillery salutes and rung the Church Bells but now. They will soon be under siege a Bonfire a Cannon Boom the peal of a Church Bell might be interpreted As a signal As an alarm that the Battle has begun instead they stroll South to Bowling Green the Grassy Park at the southernmost tip of Manhattan Here is the statue of King George himself a two ton tribute commissioned by the colonial Assembly to years earlier a Leaden statue covered with Gilt it depicts George Iii the third generation German in the dress of a roman emperor seated astride a horse Rem Cine ii Luff snapping Cantar Waif tatar or Phon 885-995 i Quot a Oriental sh0sf,f0m1 i Kittens a easy woman starring John Helmat 3 _ a. J i a. Batad xxx pm or Tad ladies it. C. T a a a a sex Sassy t Norra or rom xxx a sit Nrman nor. O a o yes we re proud of Quot lip inc Quot. The Quot Low Price chomp Quot of the Carolinas us a Choice beef Buado Cut Chuck us a Choice chucks a pork loin sliced into Tater boy Frozen shoestring potatoes 4 is to Why Ray $1.56 or Chuck Steak or Bone in shoulder roast sliced free Quot i mgt Ivy a. A a 1 Jim a t. Tate1 fj0> no of Fries Why pay $1 39 banquet Frozen assorted Cookin bag a Chick in a Bim a Turbit a Sali a tax a Chib ii 4> is pros. I Why Ray 1.40 tender lean Bonus Pax cubed Steak 37 fresh 80% lean ground Chuck 97 tender lean steaks chopped sirloin ii17 All meat beef jumbo Beel Kahn s Franks a regular or beef Willshire farms sausage Damn s Hickory Boneless cooked Ham Damn s giant thick s1 89 Bologna Damn s sliced chop. Ham Damn s Silicio Bacon frosty morn Franks 1 lot pkg 12 or pkg i or pkg $1.09 $179 $1.89 79 11 ver Loa beef i Loc a deluxe Cius Bologna thick of Gna Kahn s lunch meats Kahn s Pickle loaf or spiced lunch meats Kahn s dutch Damn s giant sat Avi Pickle loaf or a of. Pig. 69 a v a a t a ii., Mem i Lister Imbi _ Damn s new England or Honey loaf $119 Damn s Turkev Chicken hav Heep wafer meats Jcj 49 k Ahn s lunch meats Snak Pak a a $1.69 Kahn s sliced beef eater a $1 39 quart size or. Pepper or 7-up 6 extra strength tylenol-�79< bottle Carton $119 Why pay $1.69 disposable baby pampers 24 it. In. Absorbing or to or. Oay Timi $2� Why pay $2.4f Gal. Jug Sot off Label liquid Wisk i Why Ray $5.09 somehow these american patriots deprived of their bonfires their artillery salutes and their Church Bells determine to pull Down the statue of King George with ropes and crowbars they climb aboard the Marble Pedestal Lasso the statue and topple it to the ground someone bashes off the head the rest of the statue is broken into Small pieces to by melted into bullets a bullets which in a few Short Days time will be fired at his majesty a soldiers. Later the mutilated head will be recovered by a brutish Captain. John Montressor. Who will Send it Back to London with the message in order to convince them at Home of the infamous disposition of the ungrateful people of this distressed Solzhenitsyn feared arrest Over citation Hays. Kan map it a Alexander Solzhenitsyn the exiled soviet author thought he was headed for a u s jail when his wife was stopped for speeding in Central Kansas. A Highway patrolman says. Highway patrolman Keith Denchfield said he stopped a Van driven by Solzhenitsyn a wife on interstate 70 in Trego county movie ratings for parents Ano Young people a a the 7���� a i pfc of fat to a 4�m#?--t tot Fey fkr it mow a Ages admitted a re Ray Aud to i o a Ages admitted no fun i of it Dan svf9�t�k a Sam Matonti May n#4 in �<had4� a of a a a fort r restricted a Ltd i 7 re War it accompanying Faithf a adm gv�r4�n no oni under 17 admitted a9# urn it May vary m cocain a a ult a Evajo a fms receive the Seal of the Motton i Cruz cow of Seif regulation the above is published As a Public service by the High Point Enterprise held Over Center j the were not forgotten by history they it re left out on purpose Lee Oliver Marvin Reed Robert. Elizabeth thunderbird to Orin 7 30 show 9 00 c enjoy our fun play-1 grown. Visit our conc. Stano for Many tasty treats Are you Gonna laugh �?~1/ v it s a crazy absurd rollicking comedy about camels in the cavalry in a Short subject a Bernys Ute Story i tonight Livi 1luegrass band concert Wun Purchase of regular admission ticket 4 j open 8 00am to 10 00pm at these two locations in High Point a 2625 South main Street a 2300 North main Street beside k Mart a

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