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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 14, 1976, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randall b Terry president co publisher A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p Rawley Gen mgr. Joe Brown editor a conservative View 4a wednesday july 14, 1976 thoughts for today were you a slave when called never mind but if you can gain your Freedom Avail yourself of the Opportunity. A i Cor 7 21 a Opportunity rarely Knock until you Arr really. And Feu people have Ever been really ready Temh tut receiving Opportunity la a Channing Motlach american playwright. A better solve it now the quadrennial olympic games Are Calendared to begin in Montreal Canada on saturday. They May or May not Start. A team of athletes from Taiwan where Generalissimo Chiang Kai Shek set up a new nation when he and his followers were chased by the communists from Mainland China has come Halfway around the world to participate. They May or May not be allowed to do so. Several african nations have said they will Boycott the games because of the presence of new zealand athletes who have been known to compete in racially segregated South Africa. They May or May not show up. As this is being written More efforts Are being made to Iron out the myriad disagreements and difficulties. It is probably a reasonable bet that the games will somehow proceed strewn summer s weather vane St with my a Day if thou Dost rain for 40 Days it will remain St Swithin s Day if thou be fair for 40 Days a twill rain a Mair. And tomorrow. July 15, will be observed As the anniversary of the first St. Swithin s Day. Like groundhog Day it is supposed to determine the course of the weather for the rest of the summer. St Swithin was an English Bishop who lived Back in the 9th Century. He was buried at his request not within his Church but outside in a a vile and unworthy his relics were removed a Century later to the new Cathedral at Winchester where he had become Patron projecting the news Saint. Legend held that it rained for 40 Days thereafter As a sign of Swithin a displeasure setting Forth the Assumption that the same Date in succeeding years would provide a proper basis for weather anticipation. June of this year was dreary enough with More threat of rain than rain itself. July has followed with a Dukes mixture so we were hoping for an Ideal late july and August before tackling the real world of autumn. Stories of severe drought in Many parts of Europe would Lead us to Hope that if the saints Day brings on prolonged moisture he will be Good enough to Transfer the Blessing to that Quarter. Mars in closeup tins country s attempt to make an unmanned Landing on Mars is an exploit so daring As to impress even those people who have grown Blase about space Hight after a number of plan changes the Landing vehicle of the Viking i spacecraft now orbiting Mars will touch Down on the red planet s surface before the month is Over. Minutes later the Lander is to transmit its first two closeup pictures of Mars to the Mission control Center on Earth but the principal aim of the Viking project is to determine if possible whether life exists on Mars eight Days after the Landing a scoop attached to a 10-foot Boom will scrape up a Sample of Martian soil and Deposit it in three separate Chambers inside the Lander for different biological experiments a negative result will not prove that Mars is lifeless a Only that life is absent from the area within the scoop s limited Range the Region of Mars originally chosen for the touchdown n is called Chryse which is near the Confluence of four channels thought to have been carved Long ago by running water. For this reason Chryse was first considered one of the most promising areas in which to search for living or dormant organisms moreover Chryse satisfies the other criteria for an Ideal Landing site it is Lowling not excessively Windy not too close to either planetary pole and has a surface that was first believed to be neither too hard nor too soft photos from the spacecraft have resulted in revisions of site selection space officials Are confident that the Landing will occur no More than 50 Kilometres 31 Miles from the target site since the first successful flight to Mars by Mariner 4 in 1964. The accuracy of interplanetary travel has improved by a Factor of too a William g. Melbourne explained in scientific american. A it is realistic today to design planetary missions with a delivery accuracy of a few tens of Kilometres for the terrestrial planets Mercury Venus and Mars and a few Hundred Kilometres for Jupiter and Saturn nevertheless the Viking i Landing could easily fall for any one of a number of reasons. The capsule could for example make a crash Landing or come to rest on an outcropping or Boulder that would cause it to topple Over and become useless. Some such Fate befell a pair of soviet missions to Mars in 1971, the Mars 3 spacecraft made what appeared to be a successful descent to the planet s surface. But it stopped functioning after it sent a 20-second fragment of a television picture in 1973, the Mars 6 a hander ceased transmitting within a second of touchdown. Various explanations have been offered for these mysterious failures but All Are based on conjecture. Perhaps it is True As astronomer Carl Sagan recently suggested that a there is something dangerous about the Martian whether it ends As planned or not the Viking i Mission is a convincing demonstration of the great strides that have been made in space exploration in less than two decades the technology involved in tracking spacecraft and in receiving and processing signals from them is vastly More sophisticated today than at the Dawn of the space age finding life on Mars would be a fitting Reward for All the years of scientific Effort this time bomb needs defusing by Jas. J. Kilpatrick Washington Star Syndicate Congress has Only eight weeks of constructive time remaining a something in the neighbourhood of 40 legislative Days a before it adjourns in october. Most of the pending Bills could be killed without regret we have plenty of Laws As it is. But one measure ought not to be abandoned. This is a Law to repeal the emergency Laws. Many americans May be unaware of the situation but the United states legally has been in a a state of National emergency for More than 43 years. In Point of fact As a special Senate committee discovered we Are in not one state of emergency but four. We Are still in the state of National emergency declared by Franklin Delano Roosevelt when he closed the Banks on March 9, 1933 we Are in another emergency declared by Harry Truman in december 1950 we Are also in two emergencies declared by Richard Nixon one at the time of a postal strike in though they May be with bitterness. There May however be a much different Story four years from now if the sponsoring nations Don t find some Way to eliminate the political thorns. Canadas apparent reason for thwarting the aspirations of the taiwanese is that Canada has become a major trading party with the people s Republic of China a the Mainland. Mao tse Tung variety and it would be offensive to the latter to have the word a Chi Nav used As a Label by others. Four years from now the summer games Are scheduled to be held in Moscow. If the Canadian precedent stands and if there is no Progress in the meantime in letting Friendly Competition go on without concern for who likes whom the exclusions stand to be multiplied Many times Over. It s a Bleak Prospect. 2 the Mhz Fie ii n.-1 be journal pet in Emu it a Yoo boo everybody look at the startling new discovery i just made a Washington merry go round March 1970, and the other declared during a supposed foreign Trade and monetary crisis in August 1971. Plainly the conditions that prompted these formal declarations ended Long ago. The Banks Are flourishing the korean War is Over the mail is delivered after a fashion and the Dollar is doing Well but As a matter of Law the emergencies continue. More to the Point the Powers that come into existence with a proclamation of National emergency also continue. The Senate committee outlined some of these Powers in a final report a few weeks ago during the time of a a a declared National emergency a a president May dispatch our armed forces a to assist in military matters in any foreign country. A presi Dent May summon the militia to suppress what he regards As indeed under title 18, Section 1383, a president in time of emergency May declare any part or All of the United states a military zone persons in such zones who resist any a executive order of the president May be jailed for up to one year it is not Clear whether such prisoners would be entitled to judicial review. More still. Given a National emergency a president May virtually take Over All radio television and telegraphic communications. If a president finds the country a threatened by attack a he could find it impracticable to publish his proclamations and thus could Rule by secret decree. At least 470 special Powers Are known to exist. Several functioning Federal agencies never having been created by act of Congress owe their existence to the states of National emergency. We ought not to be paranoid no president is Likely to plunge the Republic into dictatorship overnight. But we ought to be prudent. If i have written it once i must have written it a Hundred times Power is the name of the game. It is what political life is All about. How you get Power How you use it. Abuse it lose it restrain it a these lie at the very Core of political theory. The founding fathers understood this truth with surpassing clarity. The great debates of 1787 and 1788 turned largely upon the delegation of Power and the restraints upon Power a Power ought to have such checks and limitations a said a Wise old virginian a was to prevent bad men from abusing it. It ought to be granted on a supposition that men will be bad for it May be eventually under the repeal Bill now pending in the Senate s government operations committee the emergency Powers made available to a president would be terminated. Obsolete emergency statutes would be abolished. New procedures for oversight and review would be created the Bill provides abundant time for careful statutory preservation of certain agencies and proper Powers. The Bill is the product of More than three years of patient labor by the special committee the measure has bipartisan sponsorship an almost Inden Tica Bill passed the House by a vote of 388-5 last september. It remains Only for the Senate to act upon the matter once before in october 1974, the Senate approved a termination Bill without dissent. Before the next president is sworn in a and it is immaterial whether his name is Carter Reagan or Ford a these time bomb Powers should be effectively defused democrats leaders Are a new Breed by Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate new York in the smoke filled Backrooms the hard bitten political veterans Don t quite know How to take the two evangelists who Are dominating the democratic convention. Jimmy Carter is an unabashed born again Southern Baptist who has brought piety to politics. His most outspoken critic California s governor Jerry Brown who studied to become a Jesuit priest would like to impose poverty vows upon the government the politicians in the Backrooms sceptical by nature find it hard to Swallow All this Sanctimony. But they Aren t quite sure where the pied piping ends and the Plain politicking begins. Those who have rubbed a Arter the wrong Way have noticed that the engaging smile quickly fades and a cold glint is detectable in his eyes. And those who have gained entree to his strategy sessions report that he drops the apostolic approach and gets Down to brass tacks politics. As one source close to Carter put it a when Jimmy Carter talks about the Catholic bloc or the jewish bloc he is interested in their votes not their sources who have sat in on Jerry Brown s strategy sessions describe him. Too. As a skillful sagacious politician Back in Sacramento they have heard him discuss his a a formula for wooing liberals and conservatives at the same time he would a appoint women and minorities to High governmental our sources recall his saying. A this should get excellent press play and win the support of women and minorities Quot simultaneously he would court the conservatives he said by implementing a a program of fiscal conservatism and cutting welfare expenditures it was a formula our sources pointed out that produced precisely the results he predicted Brown also has a reputation As a tax reformer and Champion of the poor but in the Backrooms sources remember his counselling a the people who would Benefit from tax reforms Don t understand or appreciate what you re giving them but the people who have their taxes raised know exactly what they re losing and will yet for every cynic there Are a dozen who will attest to the sincerity and idealism of both Carter and Brown declares an associate who knows Carter Well a Jimmy is basically a simple Man a Man of character who believes in god and in t ashamed to say other intimates agree that Carter is acutely conscious of the need to revive the old american values and to restore Public Confidence in the government he sees himself As an instrument they say for lifting the spirits and bolstering the Faith of the american people. Those who know Brown contend that he too is a Man of character and conviction. He sleeps on a mattress on the floor of a $250-a-month apartment and rides around in a lowly Plymouth. This is no political gimmick they say. A when Jerry took vows of poverty a insists one intimate a the meant Brown is equally sincere say others about imposing his own Thrift Ness on the government. A file really believes that the american people must become less profligate Quot says an associate. At the same time Brown s supporters can tick off the programs he has pushed to improve the lot of the underprivileged sums up his father. Pat Brown himself a former California governor a life to Jerry is very interesting and very stimulating he in t like his father who was driving and pushing All the Lime in Pursuit of his ambitions forgotten Man shunted into the shadows of Madison Square Garden is the hero of the 1972 convention and the victim of the Raff i -4-1.,. Omi clock la an watergate tactics Lour years ago. Sen. George Mcgovern. d., who won the democratic nomination last time has had four years to reflect Why he lost the election. He set Down some of his private thoughts the other Day in a letter to a Friend. A when i read about the current display of Unity around governor Jimmy Carter Quot wrote Mcgovern. A i think How deeply we wanted to achieve the same attitude four years ago. Having won the nomination fairly and squarely it was my fervent Hope that we would have a few weeks time prior to the National convention to heal the wounds opened in that nomination Effort. A regrettably All the other candidates and some of the nation s top labor leaders joined in an Effort to Block my nomination in Miami a Challenge was mounted to deny the Winner take All California primary results which we had won this meant that instead of a month of unifying efforts on my part when i could visit with the Defeated candidates labor leaders and others we had to fight for our lives right up until the moment of my nomination in Miami. It was during this time of bitterness and reflected Mcgovern a that we were denied the Opportunity for the kind of Healing that is now going on in the democratic party. It also deprived us of an Opportunity to think quietly about the vice presidential selection to interview the various candidates in Advance and to Check carefully on their backgrounds and acceptability he singled out sen de Muskie a two Days alter the California primary. Wrote Mcgovern. I met with senator Muskie who had been the Early front runner for the democratic nomination and urged him to support me for the nomination i also asked him if he would be available to be my running mate. A the seemed to lean in the direction of an endorsement at that time and did not reject the vice presidential inquiry. But to my Surprise the next Day he joined in the California Challenge and became an Active participant in the move to Block to the Art Buchwald column garage Sale Washington a the democratic party is holding its super garage Sale at Madison Square Garden this week and there Are Many items of interest for the collector As Well As bargain Hunter. Some of the bargains include sen Hubert Humphreys acceptance speech As the presidential candidate the speech written in february 1976. Is an emotional one. Promising to bring All the elements of the party together and telling Why the senator has decided to reluctantly accept the draft of the democrats to avoid a stalemate in new York it is 200 pages Long and typed double spaced on White paper it is Brand new and never been used a press release from sen. Teddy Kennedy saying although he had vowed he would never be candidate for president in 1976. He has never committed himself on being Hubert Humphreys Vic presidential candidate he agreed to accept president elect Humphrey s invitation to serve on the ticket Only to prevent a Republican Victory and for the Good of the party the press release goes on to state that no deals have been made with president elect Humphrey for Teddy to be the presidential candidate in 1980, if he agrees to run As vice president this time. One Hundred thousand copies of a the wit of Henry Jackson these paperbacks. Which the publisher printed in january Are available at to cents a copy and Are All autographed by sen. Jackson. They make marvelous gifts for birthdays and other Joyful events the garage Sale is also offering Campaign buttons from the primary. There Are 700,000 a Fred Harris the Peoples choices on Sale 200.000 a Milton Shapp everyone s favorite son a and a go to Church for your president buttons in various barrels. Other items of interest Are photographs of to Udall in front of the Lincoln memorial and Sarge Shriver standing outside a factory Gate shaking hands with a worker in Massachusetts. Because of the heavy demand for them Only one photograph can be sold to each customer. Another item which could go for a big Price is the Straw mat gov. Jerry Brown slept on when he campaigned in Maryland and new Jersey. And still another interesting bit of Memorabilia is the China plate with the governor of Maryland s Seal on it. This is the very plate that gov Marvin Mandel ate Crow from before he stood up to endorse Jimmy Carter for president last week in Hershey a. Sen Birch Bayh s to commercials Are on Sale for $1.50 a minute he is also offering his endorsements from various labor unions for 50 cents each which he has now concluded was exactly what they were Worth. Another highlight of the garage Sale has been contributed by democratic congressmen they Are the various Reform packages submitted in the House after the recent sex scandals nobody knows what is in the packages and people will bid on them blindly. The reason they have been put on Sale a congressman told me is that is the Only Way they could get them out of the committee. A final item that has created a tremendous amount of interest is the typewriter that Elizabeth Ray actually used when she worked for Wayne Hays the machine an electric one is Brand new and experts who have examined it say the ribbon has Only seven letters imprinted on it

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